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How It All Began......(True Story)

It was the day after mom revealed to me that they knew i had been watching her and gsgangrel (gs). For now it was just me and mom in the house. Silence hung over us like a storm cloud. I couldn't help but smirk any time i saw her now. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. My mom, possibly one of the biggest sluts i know. How many people get to say that?

She was in the living room relaxing on her day off. I figured now was as good a time as any to ask mom whats been going on.

"So....." ,I sat in the chair across from her, " like his dick too huh?" ,every word was punctuated by sarcasm.

"Oh shut up." She stopped to eat some ice cream she had. "I didn't go looking for it if that's what your wondering. As it so happens its kinda your fault"

"Well tell me dear mother how you came to be fucking my ex and current boy toy who you claimed to hate so much."

And so she did........

It was about a month before i had seen them in the shower that it had all started. Mom hadn't been getting any good sex for a long time now so her appetite for some hot and dirty fun was at an all time high. Guys at work started seeming more appealing. The young men in the neighborhood were more and more starting to look better and better.

She tried shaking these thoughts. But it was always there, a nagging itch, craving a hard cock to cure it. Playing with herself wasn't helping any more. If anything it was making her want to get fucked even more. When she thought about it though, she realized that she didn't want to be simply fucked, she wanted to be used. She wanted to be a fuck hole. She wanted to be objectified and lusted after again. She wanted a guy to just ram her full of his cock, and she wanted to be filled with warm cum again.

One day mom came home from work, tired and frustrated as usual. Walking up to the front door she heard something. It was faint at first but the closer to the door she went the more clear it became. Someone was having sex in her living room. Mom fumbled with the keys trying to get to the house key. The moans and pants only got louder. As quickly as she could, mom unlocked the front door and flung it open.

On the couch was gs, fucking my friend crystal. Crystals boyfriend had cheated on her so she wanted to get back at him. I had given her the house for the day and asked gs to take care of her that night. Gs had her on her hands and knees on the couch while he stood at the edge of it with his cock in her pussy while he held her hair pulling her head back. Crystal gasped and tried to hide her exposed tits and pussy.

"What the fuck is this?!" Mom yelled.

"Oh my god! Im so sorry!" Crystal said.

Gs let go of Crystal and pulled out. Without realizing, mom watched his cock slide out, still glistening from her wet pussy. He noticed her gaze and smiled a bit.

"You!" ,mom pointed at Crystal, "Leave!"

Still apologizing at trying to cover herself up, Crystal left. Mom shut the door behind her and turned back to the living room. Gs was sitting on the couch, naked, still a bit hard. He looked at mom.

"So i get to stay?", gs said with a smirk.

"Shut the fuck up.",mom snapped, "What are you doing here?"

"Well....i WAS fucking that girl but then you showed up. Now i dont know what im doing."

"Be a smart ass one more time and i WILL call the cops."

"Hey now...", gs got up and put his boxers on, "no need for that."

"Just sit down for a second." Moms tone had changed slightly, and gs noticed it.

He smiled a bit, "Alright then. But just so you know, i didn't cum yet so im still very horny. If you can, make this little chat brief."

"Ill take as long as i damn well want." Mom sat down next to gs and looked him in the eyes. "Why did you put your boxers back on?"

"I thought that's what you wanted, or did you wanna take a look at my cock?", gs said with a laugh.

"Look, i know you and kim are broken up but still fucking. Frankly, ive never thought much of you. But, maybe you can change my mind."

There they were again. The naughty thoughts. Mom thought about getting that girl she just kicked out back in here and just watch these two go at it. She thought about having a cock above her face as it expelled its load onto her face. She thought about the cum sliding down her face onto her lips. She thought about the taste of it on her tongue. She thought about the cum covered head of that cock easing into her throat. She looked up at the guy whose cock was in her mouth. And there stood Gs, steadily moving his cock in and out of her throat.

She realized what she had to do. She shook herself from the day dream and looked at Gs.

"Take out your cock....."

"Do what?"

Mom reached into his boxers or tried to at least. Her lust made her forget that most boxers have a button keeping the dick from just plopping out whenever. In her frenzied state, mom simply ripped open this boxers finally getting to what she wanted.

"Hey! Take it easy!"

His protests were quickly forgotten. His dick was still a bit hard. Mom shoved her head onto his dick all the way down to his balls. Gs groaned in pleasure.

"Well damn....", he started to slowly thrust up into moms throat, "......horny a bit?"

Mom kept his cock in her mouth for as long as she could before she had to come up for air. Gasping and panting, she wiped the drool from her lips and went back down. As she rubbed his balls and cock against her face she whispered, "Oh my god.....i need this......need this cock......fuck my pussy....please......"

Gs laughed a bit, "Oh momma. You dont get to make requests today." He slide her mouth back onto his cock.

For the next 20 mins, my moms mouth was a hole for his cock. After they were done they sat down in the living room and waited for the other to say something first. After a dull silence mom spoke up.

" gonna need your cock again....."

Gs chuckled a bit, "Alright. Im coming over to fuck kim tomorrow night. Just wait in your room and ill come in there after im done with her."


"After that evening me and Gs fucked a lot. Almost as much as you two did. He would come over before you got home or he would fuck me after he fucked you. I could still taste your pussy on his dick. Soon it became normal."

I was a little horny after hearing all that. A month they had been fucking. I wanted to ask all the details about every time but i figured they didn't matter since i was going to watch them fuck later that night.

"I thought you hated him though. Why all of a sudden were you wanting to fuck him?"

Mom shrugged. "I dont know Kim. Maybe i was just plain old horny. Maybe i only thought i hated him." Mom paused for a second. "He sure does know how to move that cock though. I've had bigger cocks than his Kim but damn could he work it. Ever since i was 17, when i first tried it, ive liked getting throat fucked. And so far he takes the cake in that department."

"Well mom.....", i got up, "thanks for the explanation. I guess ill see you tonight."

Moms face light up a bit. "So you're gonna watch?"

"I wouldn't miss it."

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