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Mmmmm eating cum out wifes pussyø

Im just a dirty guy who likes dirty things and one of my favorite things to do is eating my wifes pussy after its been fucked by other guys and filled with hot cum. Here is just one night in the life of a cum hungry husband. I always like for my wife to tell me about old sex partners she had and what they would do. She was always telling about one of her ex bisexual boyfriend named Ron. About how he had a big 8inch cock that was nice and fat with a set of huge balls that would cum loads and loads of cum and make her pussy overflow. One day on facebook Ron contacted her and we ended up meeting him out for a few drinks . He ended up coming back to our house for some fun. My wife told me and Ron to take a seat on the couch and take our pants off. She said she was gonna take a quick shower and when she got out she wanted some hard dick to fuck. She leaves and I say to Ron that I quads we better get our pants off and get ready. I stand up to take all my cloths off and Ron asked me if I could help him. So I sit down beside him and reach over and undo his pants and I can already fill his fat cock getting hard. I pull down his pants and when I take off his boxers out springs his big fat dick. He takes his shirt off and we both sit back on the couch . I grab his dick and give it a squeeze its rock solid and I move my hand down and rub on his big ass right. I told him Amanda was right his cock nice and think and he has some big balls. He then gets up and straddles me rubbing osome dickur cocks together .then he leans in to me and starts kissing my neck and starts telling me I have nice lips and how he wants them around his dick . I get up and sit him back down on the couch and get on my knees and get ready to enjoy some dick. I start licking his head tasting his precum. About that time my wife shows up fresh out the shower and joins me on the floor to suck Rons dick. She starts sucking it and telling me how she to suck this cock so good and that she couldn't wait to have it inside her. She then let me suck it somemore while telling me that I need to suck his dick good and kept telling how she was gonna make that dick exsplode inside her so I could eat it all up. She then got on couch and straddled him and sat down on that big dick and took it all the way inside. Then she got up off of it for a second so I could take his dick .licking my wifes pussy juice off another mans cock is the best. She then sits back down on his dick and started rideing it. It was hot watching his dick gap open her pussy. I then turned my attention to those big balls of his and liked and put them in my mouth. We then went to the bed room and my wife and I got in the 69 position with her ass up in the air. RON then comes up behind her and slides his dick back into her pussy as I lick her clit. Everynow on then his dick would slip out her pussy and land on my face and I would suck it a bit and he would start banging her pussy again. Then he asked me if I was ready to for him to fill my wifes pussy full of his hot cum. He'll yeah I said and then he slowed his stroke buryed his dick as deep as he could and started pumping her full of cum. Then slowly pulled out and let me get the last few spurts right in my mouth it was alot and I savored everydrop. He then gets up and that's is when tons of his cum started running out her pussy all into my mouth and all over my chin. I couldn't believe how much cum there was,fucking unbelievable and I loved it. I must have eating that creampie for 10 min. I wanted everydrop and by now it was all over my face. My wife them got up and layed beside me and started to kiss me and lick up all the cum. And just when I thoult things couldn't get anybetter it did. Ron comes over to the bed and kisses me and my wife and then sticks his toung in my mouth and tells me that he wanted to taste my cum now and crawls between my legs and gives me one of the best blowjobs I ever had and I blow a hot load in his mouth. He then comes back up and kisses me again with his mouth full of my cum and swap it back and forth and then he swallows it all. It was a great night, one of many. Will tell more about our fun later.

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