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Date With a Rock star

I've been rockin the club scene since the 80's and still have fun from
time to time still meeting alot of chicks along the way although my time has
pretty much come and gone the band is still popular enough to score with the
ladies I was playin a series of shows on the Vegas strip and one of the local
Radio stations asked if I would do a dinner date for a lucky contestant and
take her out and have fun "The chance to meet a Rockstar".

So I agreed it was time to meet the winner and she was smokin HOT I must say
I think she was in her late 30's with one hot ass we sat down in the resterant
and hit it off big time and she was Flirtin hard.
As we were chatting and having some drinkd I noticed she had a wedding ring
so I asked "I see you are married she replied "yes" Im in town on business
and too have a little fun also she said I heard about the contest and I have always liked you since I was a Teenager so I entered why not and "I won"
"well we are in Vegas" I replied as I felt her hand on my leg I knew this would be fun.
So we enjoed dinner had several more drinks and I asked wanna go to my
hotel room and have some fun? To my surprise she said "I always wanted to be a groupie" "I have fantasies too" this was gonna be great.
We played strip poker and drank more till we were both naked then began to makeout with her she was so into it I began to play with her pussy and she was so wet it was intense I licked her nipples as she got more and more into it I asked if she would regret this all she did was smile as she began to suck me off
she was incredible we 69'd each other which seemed like a dream I did not want to end.
she tasted so amazing I did not want to stop she was sucking me so hard I think I got off 3 times and she did not stop we began to have some of the most
incredible and kinky sex I had ever had and I"ve had alot .. I fucked her as hard as I could she screamed out in pure pleasure and told me not to stop she wanted it in every corner of the room it was crazy!it was passion at its best!
She came to my show later that night and wanted to come back for a night cap so I said awsome!
We got back to my room and her phone rang it was here husband she told him the business confrence was going well and she would be there for another day yet
she told him she went to my show and he replied "I hope you had fun" she replied it was "amazing" she said she was going back stage and hump the band
he laughed and said "Have fun " little did he know... SO she hung up as I began to undress her and her beautiful body from her face down to her beautiful painted toe nails I DID NOT leave a piece of her untouched....Vegas is great!
Rock star part 1

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