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Dad & Son working out in the basement

Well, Its been awhile since I posted on here. This happened when I move from apartment and into a house. nice little ranch , but had a open large basement area and plumbed for a bath. So that was my first project. Putting in a large shower area. I like to work out in the basement had bought some equipment and bench presses and crap. Got some of the mirrors for the large walls to check myself out. Anyway compelted the shower install. It was pretty sweat if I dont mind saying so. All glass around, with slate walls, large enough for 4 if needed. but that will be later.

I was working out this one late evening and just getting ready to hit the shower, I heard the door upstairs n foot steps, Son must of just gotten in, So I turned the water on so he could hear I was in basement, I stayed in maybe a little longer hoping he would come downstairs to check out his old man or work out. Sure enough in time I saw a shadow thru the steamed fill glass doors and he just had on his tight nylon shorts and no shirt and was bench pressing.

I usually tell him to let me spot him so he doesnt do something stupid. But I was giving him a extra time to work up, and get warmed up. He had finished and was sitting on the side of the bench kinda watching me rinse off, I shut off the water. and opened the door and acted a little surprised like I didnt here him come down. lol yea right. anyway I walked out and my cock was swinging a bit and went down to grab a towel out of basket, Toweled off my chest and head and back, saving my legs and cock for last.

I watched my son watching me. I asked him if he was done working out. He said no wanted to do a few more reps but wanted to increase the weights more but wanted me to spot him. I was like yeaaa, perfect timing I thought. He had put 2 more weights on and increased the level to one of his higher ranges. So with me and my towel wrapped around my waist, perfect, I walked over to spot him. He was starting on his press and making sure he did good position and not hurting, and dropping and watching his breathing, A few more he said, All the time I'm also watching his crotch and his cocks outline. My cock started to get a semi, which I noticed him looking at my when he was pressing up. He dropped another 2 sets and finished.

I said nice job and you can see how much this is helping your upper body. He stood up and posed in the mirrors. and admiring himself and how he looked. I asked him are you going to do a shower down here or upstairs. He said might as well down here, and stripped out his shorts and out sprang his beautiful semi hard hairy cock. Dam its been awhile since I seen his cock and ass, dam was hard not to drop and take the 7" he had right thenand there. But my towel was moving and my hard on was impossible to keep down now.

He jumped in the shower, So I kinda lingered around and tidy up things still in my towel. I could tell he was washing his ass real good and started to soap up that cock and clean it up and down, my stroking than cleaning, lol, he finished and walked out dripping wet and looking for a towel. I had just threw the last one in the wash, So gave him mine to dry off, and he could check out his old mans hard on real good now.

It didnt take long we were grabbing each others cock and stroking and grabbing ass and finally I told him to lay on thebench so I could view his bod and play with his ass some more, I grab his legs and raised them high over so he could grab them and then ate the boys ass out like there was no tomorrow. He was going fucking crazy. We never got into this, So this was a first for him. He was dad yea, more dad, you are driving me crazy dad, wow , it feels so good dad, do more dad , come on dad, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love that tongue dad, so finally he was good and juiced up and lubed, and pushed my finger in his ass and grabbed his cock with my other hand, He was like holy shit dad, yessss, thats it, I like that , it feels so fucking good dad. I want more, come on dad , please give it to me,

I knew what he and I both wanted, to drive this daddy cock deep deep into his ass and spread that boys ass wide. I hovered over him and made him suck on dads cock more to get it real wet and ready. He was a pro and so ready to be fucked by his dad. Legs spread wide and ass just a winking at me. I got over him and the bench and teased his ass seeing how he would react. He was squirming so hard to push his ass towards me, I said I guess you are ready. I pushed in ever so slowly and all he could say was oooooooooo dad thats it, more deeper deeper and I plunged all the way in one move, He was thats it, FUCK DAD, that is so tight, but dam I want more, fuck me now, and I started to pull out and let him close up, and push in deep again, which almost took his breath away on this stroke. He was gasping for air, but kept pushing that ass towards me , I fucked away and fucked, I was so horned up, this wasnt gonna take as long to blow this nut off. Just then he grab his cock and started stroking and I was like bending over like I was gonna suck it , instead he lifted his head and kissed me full on the lips and wrapped his arms around my neck as I fucked my son harder and harder, I could tell he was about to come now without even stroking that hairy young mans cock now. A few more I was grunting and he was yelling yes dad, dad more , more, more, yes, yes and blew his wad on his stomach and chest. He grabs some to put on my lips which was not bad from him, he kissed me and I started to cum, and was trying to pull away and shoot on his chest and he said no, no , I want it inside of me and want to feel you fill my ass up dad with you cum. FUCK that was it, I blew my nut off but good. Load after load after load. It was so huge. I was exhausted and felt so good to empty out my balls. I fell on top of him and eventually my cock went soft and fell out of his ass, I then looked and watch my cum empty out of his hairy ass. What a site for this cream pie coming out. He didnt say much other than thanks, that was awesome and I really needed that dad. We jumped back in the shower to clean up and wash each other off. Nothing like a dad and son working out and working it off. mmmmmmmm

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