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My BBC gangbang

Hi everyone, my name is Alexis, and this is the story about how I became a slut for black cock. Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself at the time. It happened in High School, when I was 17 years old. I was your typical popular girl, with a body to match. I was about 5’5”, 112 lbs, with strawberry blonde hair to my mid back, and sparkling green eyes. I had a nice pair of breasts for my age, 34 C, with an ass and legs all the guys drooled over. I acquired this body through years of cheerleading and soccer. I could be quite a tease, but up until this point I hadn’t done more than give blowjobs.

The day of the story was Halloween, and I woke up feeling excited. For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is the only day of the year that a girl can dress like slut and get away with it. There was no way my parents would let me wear what I had planned, so I left the house wearing nothing out of the ordinary. My real costume was in my backpack. I parked my beetle in an out of the way parking lot and started to change quickly. My costume consisted of white platform heels and a pair of matching white stockings that came up to my thighs; they had these cute little bows at the tops. I also had a tiny, pink micro skirt that left little to the imagination, as anyone behind me if I bent over would get a free look at my ass. It left a small length of my thighs showing in between the tops of my stocking and the hem of my skirt.

To finish it off, I had on a tight white halter top that showed my great tits perfectly. Underneath it all I had on a pushup bra, and a skimpy white thong that rode up above my skirt at the hips.

Confident that all eyes were on me, I walked into school, my heels clicking on the tile floor. Watching the expressions of all the guys as they got a look at me got old quickly, as I just watched the clock all day, barely able to wait for the party that night. Finally, the last bell rang, and I ran out to the parking lot to meet David, the guy who was driving me to his friends party. David was a tall, muscular, black boy from the football team. There were only a few black k**s in our school, but the myth about black guys having bigger dicks was true as far as I could see. I had been planning to give him my virginity that night at the party.

He grinned when he saw me and opened up the door of his mustang. “Hey, Lexi, you should wear that outfit everyday,” He said as he eyed my legs hungrily.

I laughed, “Maybe if I could get away with it.” David pulled out of the parking lot, and we were on our way to the party. All I knew was that it was in the next town over, at a friend’s of David. But I started to get worried as we passed into a seedier part of the area. We finally stopped at a house that could stand some TLC, and he walked me up the steps to the door. It opened before David could knock, and a black boy even taller than him stood there smiling.

“What’s up, Dave?” He shot a quick look at me and she could tell he liked what he saw. “This must be your girl you’ve told me so much about”

“Lexi, this is Terrance, Terrance, Alexis.” He introduced us quickly and Terrance ushered us inside.

Instantly, I realized that not only was I the only girl, but I was the only white as well. All of the guys stopped whatever they were doing to take a good long look at my scantily clad body, and I started to feel a little uneasy. “Have a drink, sit down, get comfortable,” Terrance invited us, then disappeared into the crowd. We each grabbed a drink and took a seat on the couch. My uneasiness was soon forgotten as we began talking and drinking. The night wore on, and a few hours later I, and most everyone else, was d***k. At least the ones that were left were. Guys had been steadily leaving the house since we had arrived.

The alcohol was getting me really horny, and my pussy was getting wet just thinking about what I wanted to do with David. I leaned over and grabbed the bulge of his pants, whispering seductively in his ear, “Does this place have a bedroom or not?” He smiled and took my hand off his growing cock, getting up and leading me down a hallway and to a door on the other side of the house. David cracked the door open, then suddenly spun me around and kissed me hard, his hands getting a nice grab of my ass as we stumbled through the doorway. Our tongues danced together as he groped at my tits and ass, and I at his dick.
He pulled away, and I finally realized that we were not the only ones in the bedroom. There had to be at least 20 of the guys from the party, all naked and stroking quickly hardening cocks. Not one looked to be under 8 inches, and not even hard yet.

I was too shocked to even move or speak, I was mesmerized by all those dicks. Only when I was shoved to my knees and a circle of guys formed around me did I speak up. “Wait! I don’t want to do this David, not like this.”

I finally found his face behind and above me, except now he was sneering at me. “You should have thought about that before you started prancing around in that little outfit, slut. Any bitch that comes around here looking like that is asking for a rough fucking.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “No, please David, I-” I was cut off abruptly as one of the guys grabbed me by the hair and roughly shoved his big black cock into my mouth. I tried to fight, but more of them were on me, grabbing my tits and my ass, one fingering my dripping pussy. The guy in my mouth started thrusting in and out, going deeper down my throat each time, as now both of my holes were being fingered and licked.

And then everything changed. My arousal overcame my caution, and I began to suck on the dick in my mouth hungrily. My pussy and asshole were being bombarded with pleasure, as multiple guys took turns eating me out. I finally lost all control, and my inhibitions were gone. I artfully swirled my tongue around the cock, flicking the head with my piercing as my head bobbed up and down. My hands seemed to move of their own volition, and before I knew it, there were two more cocks in my hands.
“Oh shit, this slut sure knows how to suck some black dick. I’m gonna come!” And with that, he tightened his grip on my head, going balls deep in my mouth and unleashing his come. I tried to swallow all of it, but there was too much, and a load of it dribbled down my chin and onto my tits. Somewhere along the line they had gotten pulled out of my halter and bra.

I found myself quickly pulled to my feet and shoved forward onto the bed. I ended up straddling a naked David, his 10 inch cock stabbing up under my skirt. Before I could protest, he pulled my thong to the side, grabbed my waist and f***ed the head of his dick into my soaking tight pussy. I had lost my cherry years ago during soccer, but it still hurt. I cried out in mixed pain and pleasure as he worked his way deeper, sliding in and out. My body was wracked with ecstasy as I rode his big cock. I arched my back and moaned out loud, but my mouth was plugged with another cock. I began to give this one the same treatment without missing a beat. David came in my pussy hard, but I didn’t care, I was past caring. I was then lifted up and placed on another, larger cock. Something about my petite frame being manhandled turned me on even more, and I found myself saying things I’d never dreamed of.

“Oh shit! That’s it, fuck that tight little pussy! I can’t get enough of these big black cocks!”

“Don’t worry, slut, you’re gonna get plenty of cock before we’re done with you,” I heard Terrance say from behind me. And suddenly, I felt the tip of his swollen dick pressing against my puckered little asshole.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck my little ass! I need more!”

Not wasting any time, Terrance began to slowly push his way into my asshole, the guy in my pussy slowing down to give him time to adjust. Once he was all the way in, the real fucking began. They starting thrusting into my holes alternatively, picking up the pace and building a rhythm, eventually going balls deep with their foot long cocks.

“That’s it! Fuck my little virgin holes!”

“What a mouth on this little whore,” I heard David comment. My response was cut short as another big black dick was shoved into my mouth. I slurped on it, bobbing my head with gusto. Somehow, my hands found two more cocks, and starting pumping crazily. It went on this way for another minute before all five guys came in my holes and on my tits.

I swallowed all I could before giving all of them a slutty smirk. “Come on boys, only four more hours ‘till sunrise.”

The gangbang went on for a few more hours before I collapsed, exhausted, covered in come. When I awoke in the morning I found the place empty, except for David and Terrance.

“Well, bitch, it looks like your going to be our new slut. You’ll fuck who we say, when we say,” Terrance announced.

“As long as I get plenty of black cock,” I told them with a smile.
“That’s ALL you’ll get from now on. Now, how about an early morning DP?”

I just smiled, lay back on the bed, and spread my legs, exposing my pussy and ass for the taking.

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