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Fucked the store clerk

True story!

I have been stopping by a particular nutrition store (the sell General Nutrition items) to get some vitamins about once a month. The store clerk always seems a bit bored but perks up everytime I walk in the door. I think the store is slow during the weekdays. It sits in a quiet shopping center.

Anywho, the third time I went in, she was rather flirty and I figured...why not flirt right back? I'm a 42 year old divorced male. I work a lot and don't date often with having teenage k**s active in all sorts of stuff, I'm doing the Dad thing. So she is flirting...and says "you keep looking at my want to see them?" Oh yeah, I want to alright! She has big DD tits with brown hair, brown eyes and a curvy waist and hips.

She walked to the front door, locked it and said.. I'm closing early! It was about ten till five and guess she had every right. I followed her to the back room where she pulls out her tits, right out of the top of her low cut spandex top. And I can't help but suck and caress her perky nipples.

She drops down and grabs at my cock and she says, I'm gonna bend over this desk...fuck me! I drop my shorts and go right to her hairy wet cunt and drive home my solid all the excitement, I didn't last long. Maybe 3-4 minutes before I blew a full load deep inside her hot snatch.

My knees were weak and she just pulls up her pants, tucks her tits back in her shirt and says, you can wash up in the though I just needed to wash my hands or something.

I've never been giving a quickie fuck like that by a nearly total stranger. A few weeks later I stopped by again and learned she was gone :( that day I fucked her was her last day. She left for college the next week and I hardly knew her...damn what a fool for not getting a number or last name. Oh well, at least I have lived a fantasy that few men my age ever get to try.

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