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A Personal Porn Show Comes to Life

{This is the story of the one time my then-boyfriend and I brought a woman into the bedroom with us. A few names and minor details were changed, but this is just about exactly how I remember it.}

Shortly after I turned 23, I had my first sort-of boyfriend. I had been with a lot of different guys (and a few women) but nothing too stable. Then I met Mark, a hot Latin guy who was 24. We hooked up a few times, and then it became a lot more frequently and pretty soon, we were boyfriends. We were never monogamous with each other, and that was known because we both had regular or semi-regular hookups that neither of us really wanted to give up. But we got together every weekend and the sex was hot.

Mark was one of those guys who often wore white t-shirts (which he liked to take off every chance he got), a necklace and jeans. He had a lot of gel in his hair and he shaved his chest. He also had a big cock and knew how to use it. He was, like me, horny all the time and he liked to be the top. He was also sexually adventurous and almost always up for something to spice up our sex life (as if fucking every chance we got needed spicing up).

One thing Mark liked to do, was go to gay dance clubs every so often. I liked them too because there was always so much sexual energy in the room. I liked watching people dirty dance on the dance floor and imagine them fucking when they got home (or to the restroom). Mark liked dancing and hearing the loud music.

One Saturday night we went to a popular dance club for the night to have some fun, before going home to have some more fun. After dancing for a little while in the hot club, I needed a drink. I told Mark I'd go to the bar and get us each some beers, but the line was long so don't expect me back for a while.

While in line, there was a woman who was in front of me who started talking to me. She was cute, but sort of a plain girl. She had a miniskirt and a nice sweater on, and was probably an A cup. She complimented me and Mark on our dancing and asked if we were a couple. I said we got together from time to time and she told me that she thought we looked sexy together. I thanked her and asked for her name, which was Michelle.

Michelle said that she was with the bachelorette party and I asked if it was for the loud gal with the tiara. She said yeah, that's her coworker Dawn. She said that she's nice at the office, but can be obnoxious when she's d***k. I said uh-huh. Then Michelle told me, "actually, Dawn can be a real cunt; the only reason I'm here is because her best friend Karen, who also works with us, begged me to show up because she was afraid no one else would show up. Plus, it gives me the chance to ogle sexy, gay boys like you and your boyfriend." I liked her already.

She told me that after dancing, the group was headed to the male strip club in town. Michelle said she didn't want to go at all, then asked me if I had been to it before. I said, "it's not really my scene. Plus, if I want to see someone's cock, I'll just ask them, rather than shoving dollar bills down their pants." Awkward pause.

I apologize, and Michelle says not to, it actually turned her on. She was flirting with me, but she was sort of socially awkward and I'm very clearly with my boyfriend who I'm going to go home and fuck very soon. She was cute and fun to chat with in a long line, and that's all I thought about it.

Finally we get to the front of the line, she went first and ordered a fruity drink and then a shot of tequila. She downed the tequila quickly, now I see for confidence boost, and then asked me if she could go home with me and Mark. I was taken aback, but asked what she meant. She pleaded with me that she wanted desperately to ditch her work friends and it would be such a turn on for her and she just wanted to watch us.

I was all for it, because I'm more bi than Mark is. I love fucking women, but I've been with more men because it's a lot less work getting them into bed. Mark was a harder sell, but he went along with it. The clincher was when Michelle told Mark that he looked like Enrique Iglesias, only sexier. Plus, I agreed to help fulfill one of his fantasies, no questions asked. It turned out to be that he wanted me to tape him fucking one of the guys from his gym. The guy looked like a buffer Ryan Reynolds. It was no problem for me, and I ended up fucking him myself about a month later.

She told us that she watches a lot of gay porn and it has been her fantasy to watch two guys fuck in person, right in front of her. I asked her about ditching her group and what they would say, and she said, "they all think my life is a 'Cathy' cartoon, where I go home to a pint of ice cream and my cats every night. Let them think something else."

We agreed to go back to my place because I had the bigger bed and bedroom and we could find a chair for Michelle to sit in while she watched us. She said that she wanted to spread her legs out and put them on each chair arm and rub her pussy. Maybe she'd use her Pocket Rocket.

After getting back to my place, we had a drink before we moved into the bedroom, and we made some conversation. Mark had a bunch of questions because he was still confused why she was even with us. It turned out she was a bit of a freak. You'd never know it from her polite demeanor and modest dress, but she says she's been a secret nymphomaniac for years. Mark asked about why she watches gay porn, and she said, "if you were me, who would you rather watch fuck, you guys or Ron Jeremy?" Point taken. When Mark said something about thinking it was odd that she was so sexual, and that he thought she'd be after a romance, she said, "that's just so patronizing. You think that when you see me, I want to be swept off my feet, like story in a Harlequin novel, but what I really want is a dumb jock who looks like Ashton Kutcher to the fuck my brains out." She went on, "the problem is when you're the 'nice girl' in the office, everyone wants to set you up with their cousins or sons who are accountants or lawyers, and they all have small dicks and can't fuck worth a damn."

Mark then asked why she chose us to ask us to be a part of her fantasy. She said that she saw me in the drink line and was desperate to get away from her coworkers, plus she tried to make it happen a few times by placing ads on Craig's List. That didn't warrant any serious offers, she said. "One couple wrote back and said that I was welcome to join them, then when I asked for a photo, they looked like Ron Jeremy and Danny Aiello. It would would ruin the fantasy. Now that I'm here, I get to watch a sexier Enrique Iglesias and a sexier Brad Pitt fuck right in front of me. That's more to my liking."

By that time, we had finished our beers and I suggested we move to the bedroom. On the way in there, Mark whispers to me, "Dude, she's got a filthy mouth. I'm really turned on now. She's not at all like I thought, she's a real freak. Like us."

I set up a chair in the corner for Michelle and she made herself comfortable quickly. She took off her panties and hiked up her shirt. You could see her pussy, neatly trimmed, as she spread her legs in the chair. She had one hand in her cunt and the other rubbing her tits.

Meanwhile, Mark and I quickly got undressed and started French kissing, while I moved down to his nipples, teasing them with my tongue, before taking his dick in my mouth. It was our usual routine, but Mark's dick was harder than it usually was. He was really turned on by our special guest. I didn't suck him too hard because I didn't want him to shoot yet. I wanted him to fuck me good in my ass before he came. He didn't disappoint, and he fucked me as hard as he ever has. It was one of his best performances with me. First he shot a big load in my ass, then he stayed hard and kept fucking me. After he came a second time (!!), he finally got exhausted and we collapsed on my bed.

Michelle also had an orgasm while she watched us fuck like rabbits. She asked if we were done, then added that it was hotter than she could ever have imagined. We said no, we were just taking a break. She then asked us if she could join us on the bed because she was so turned on. She first asked if she could just give us blowjobs, but then Mark said, "she's your guest, you should give her the fuck she's been craving all night." Then she chimed in with, "all year."

So she got on her back and spread her legs and I started to put my hard cock in her tight pussy. I got it in and started fucking her. Mark put his cock near her mouth and she started sucking it hard. When I got up to full speed, she started to scream so loud that I bet the neighbors could hear her. "Oh god yes, fuck my slutty cunt!" she shouted over and over again, or something like that. The neighbors probably weren't surprised by the ecstatic sounds of fucking coming from my apartment, but that you could clearly hear a woman.

Michelle had one intense orgasm after another and I was about beat. So was Mark, who also took a turn fucking her pussy, but he did it doggy style. We all collapsed after that orgasm. Michelle said it wasn't just the best fuck of her life, but the best night of her life, too. She said, "I've been fantasizing and finger-fucking myself dreaming of a night like this." Then she asked us, if we could find the energy to do one more thing: a DP. She said we could relax for a few more minutes and she could blow us to get us hard again, but that would be the cherry on the top for her.

We both agreed and got hard in a few moments, with only minimal help from her. We laid down on the bed in sort of a sandwich. Mark used some lube to slide into her tight ass and I got into her pussy very easily. We both fucked her as hard as we could and she was moaning as loud as I have ever heard. Finally, she asked us both to cum inside of her. First Mark, then I, shot hot loads inside of her. We kept our cocks in for a few moments while we saw our cum spill out of her ass and pussy. After Mark and I pulled out of her, we all fell asl**p in each other's arms.

When we all woke up, Michelle gave us both thank you blowjobs and said we could do that again, whenever we wanted. She left her number for us and told us not to hesitate to call her again. I hooked up with her a few more times over the next year, until a job took her out of town. Mark said he loved it, but said it was only a one-time thing. He was glad he did it, he told me, but cock is what he really craves all the time.

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