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Me, the hunk, my Dad and the massage

I could feel my cock harden. The sight of his bulging swimwear was breathtaking. I watched him as he walked around the pool and found a sun lounge. He spread his towel, bending over to display his tight rounded ass and muscular thighs. His legs were perfect, well shaped muscular with a mist of dark hair down their length. I imagined licking up them towards his bulging package. Damn my cock was getting hard, so I put my magazine over myself.

Then, like he was trying to tease me, he faced me and stretched his arms back over his head, arching backwards. His whole glorious chest was displayed, with sexy arm pits that I yearned to lick and rub, a sparse hairy chest and a fine snail trail of hair from his belly button to his bulge, and his muscular arms bent backwards highlighting his biceps. God , he was gorgeous.

I moved my magazine and could see that I was nearly fully erect and had a wet spot of precum on my bathers. Only one place to go and that was in the pool. Moments later my God like creature followed me and dived in surfacing just nearby.
“Hola: I said in case he was Spanish.
“Hi” he returned in accented English, his eyes sparkling and his dark hair glistening with wetness.

He was so fucking handsome, I couldn’t take my eyes off him and then I realised I had stared at him for a long time.
“Do I know you?” he said presumably wondering why I was staring.
“No, I think you remind me of someone and I cant remember who”
“Really? I think I have seen you before, maybe at a bar here the other night, you were clearly getting on well with another gentleman” he said.

I couldn’t believe it, was he hitting on me ? He had seen us at the bar a couple of nights earlier with Enrique, Quim and my Dad.
“Ok yeah probably was me” I laughed nervously.
He stretched his arm behind his head and revealed his arm pit to me, again I felt my cock stiffen. He reached around and rubbed his shoulder blade.
“You don’t know where they do a good massage here in Barcelona do you?
“No I don’t . . . . . but . . I am good at giving massage myself” I stammered.
“Oh really” he smiled.
His white teeth teased me as I wanted that mouth there and then.
“I could give you one in my room if you want”
“that would be great” he said.

That was now 10 minutes ago and I was waiting in my room for Carlo, I had music on and my heart beating, not knowing whether he would turn up and not really knowing yet where this would lead. Was he gay? Was he bi? Was he just after a massage only? Then he knocked on the door. Adrenalin surged as my heart pounded more as I let him in.

He was in shorts and tailored casual shirt that highlighted his perfect physique. The top button was open revealing his chest hair against tanned skin. He kicked his sandals off and began undoing his shirt, revealing his exquisite chest and abs. The hair from his navel downwards beckoned, I could have fallen there and then and said let me help you. He continued, dropped his shorts and there again was that package in his underwear. I could see he was circumcised, the outline of his cock head was clearly visible. My own cock pulsed at the sight. Then he faced away towards the bed, dropped his underwear and lay on the bed.
“I am ready when you are” he said.
I quickly removed my clothes and grabbed the oil and began massaging his muscular back and shoulders. He moaned slightly with appreciation. I concentrated briefly on his neck and was able to rub my hands into his hair which was quite erotic. I could see a smile on his face so assumed he was enjoying it. I moved my hands down his back, massaging him firmly down to his gluts and gave his ass a firm rub before heading down his legs. I gently massaged his calves and then his feet which had him moaning with delight, making my own cock swell and begin oozing precum again.

I worked back up both legs at the same time, positioning myself between his legs, giving long strokes from foot to ass, each hand circling around his firm butt cheeks. I then dragged one finger down his crack and he moaned appreciatively. I repositioned myself, straddling one leg, with one knee pressed against his balls, my other at his side. His hand gently held and rubbed my knee sending electricity in all directions, my precum oozing like tap running down my hard cock.

I slid my hand down his ass crack gently stroking the sensitive regions inside and tickling the dark hairs within. At the base, he lifted his ass and allowed me to reach under and pull his hard cock downwards, allowing me to stroke his full shaft and cock head. He groaned with delight as his hand moved to try and get me my cock. I repositioned at his side, so that he had easy access and I could bend down and suck his cock from behind. The taste of his precum was delicious and it pulsed into my mouth as I took him as far as I could, my chin grazing his balls which sent him wild. He massaged my cock delicately with his hand, slick with my own precum. The sensations radiated around my body, as I gently milked as much precum from him as possible. He had the sweetest tasting nectar I have ever tasted. I could have sucked that cock all day long.

I repositioned and he rolled over on to his back smiling with his stiff cock beckoning for more attention. I crawled over him first sucking his balls and then cock, then I licked up his snail trail to his belly button, rubbing my chin in his pubes and against his hard cock beside my face. I then headed north, holding and stroking his cock with one hand and then licking my way up his abs and chest taking in the left nipple then the right. As I got to his neck, his hands embraced me, gently encircling my ass and sliding down into my crack to gently caress my hole sending shivers all over me.

Finally as my tongue and lips licked up his throat and chin, our lips finally locked and
we began exploring each others mouths as our thoughts and sensations mingled as one, each lost in our own pleasure sensations. I hooked my hands under his armpits and cradled his head with both hands, tussling his hair with my fingers. He had his arms tightly around me caressing my back with is hands. Our hard cocks and bodies were grinding together in a delicious slippery mess of precum and oil.

All of a sudden there were voices and we looked up to see Dad, Quim and Luis, a friend of Quim, looking at us.
“Well I don’t mind if we do join in “ said Dad.

The sight of these three gents, getting their gear off to join in was even more of a turn on. We sat upright on the bed, Carlo stroking me from behind, his cock gently nuzzling into my ass crack, gliding up and down with each of our gyrations. Quim removed his clothes first and stood naked, his cock semi erect as he helped get Dad’s pants down. Luis was enthralled and didn’t quite know where to focus his attentions, to us on the bed or Quim and my Dad, who now had his cock buried into Quim’s face. Luis quickly removed his tented underwear, his hot hard cock already bursting out. He stood next to my Dad as Quim took both the heads of their cocks in his mouth at once. Dad and Luis began kissing, Carlo also began kissing my neck and working his way to my lips. His cock was rubbing at my entrance and I was desperate for a visit inside.

I repositioned on all fours so that Carlo could fuck me from behind. My head was at the prefect height to take my Dad’s cock. Luis and Quim stood either side of him so that he could expertly slide his hands over each of their juicy hard meat rods that was all just inches from my face. The sight of all this was extraordinary. My Dad expertly glided in and out of my velvet lips, sometimes rubbing his cock on my face, sometimes just going in and out. Quim repositioned and slid underneath me, lying face up from the bed and pushed his way back so that he could suck my cock as Marco continued fucking me. When Quim’s lips encircled my cock, I nearly exploded. The pleasure of Marco’s hot cock gliding in and out of my ass, Quim focussing attention on my cock and my Dad’s cock buried in my mouth was all too amazing. Quims hard cock danced in my face below me. My Dad pulled away and I was about to engulf Quim’s man meat when Luis got down on all fours and began slurping and worshipping Quims hard tool. Luis’ head grazed my chin everytime he went up and down, the smell of his hair turning me on even more. My Dad licked his fingers behind Luis and began stroking his own hard cock at the sight of all 4 of us intertwined in front of him. He reach down and rubbed Luis’s ass crack sending him wild as he continued to feast on Quim’s juicy cock.

The tingling was coming over me. I could feel it in my shoulders my ass and my cock. I could not surrender and my body pulsed as I injected all my cum down Quim’s expectant throat. He lapped it up and milked every last bit out. The warmth of orgasm and radiating sensations were heightened as Marco blew his load and I could feel warmth of his pulsations inside me. As Marco withdrew his cock, Quim too got him in his mouth and milked the last remaining drops of cum from him.

Marco got off the bed and went to my Dad and took his cock into his mouth and began slurping and sliding up and down to bring him to completion. I sat back, cradling Quim’s head in my lap, stroking his hair as Luis expertly sucked him dry. When Quim finally erupted, the jolt from his body and his head rubbing my cock got me hard again. Luis kissed his way up Quim’s torso and gave him a delicious creamy surprise of his own cum as their mouths embraced each other. I slid off the bed and got hold of Luis’s cock from behind him as he was still focussing attention on Quim’s upper body. Luis began moaning with delight as he neared that moment where you must surrender. I slid a finger over his hole and then inside to maximise his stimulation. The sliding and gliding of my hands over his cock while the other was massaging his prostate was too much. I could feel he was about to blow. I quickly wrapped my mouth around his pulsating cock and slurped every last drop of cum from him as his body jolted from the sensations of orgasm. I savoured the taste of his cum and planted a kiss on my Dad’s mouth. He instantly went over the edge and shot his load down Marco’s waiting throat. His body quivering with every contraction. Marco stood up and kissed me, sharing my Dad’s cum with me as I shared the remainder of Luis’s with him. Then it was only fair for each us to share with Quim and give him a delicious creamy surprise as we had a slurpy 3-way kiss.

We then all lay on the bed exhausted, a delicious tangle of male bodies and cocks. Marco and myself still horny as we gently tickled and stroked each other to attention, we kissed and embraced each other as I slid on top of him and nuzzled my cock to his ass. He was hard also and I slipped in with ease from the remaining oils. I held my hands on his chest as I pummelled him front to front, with his legs in the air, the sensation of his tight hole encircling my cock were sublime. Quim, Dad and Luis each did their bit for Marco. Quim on his cock, and Dad and Luis on his nipples. The sight of it, me fucking this gorgeous man I’d met at the pool and the sea of masculine men, my Dad, Quim and Luis all pleasuring him to the point of explosion was surreal. We both climaxed within seconds of each other, Marco first as he blew his second load, this time into Quim’s mouth. The contractions of his body and ass around my own cock finished me off as I blew and thrust deep inside him.

We all collapsed on the bed. It was time for siesta and then maybe more fun.

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