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Omg waht a good friend i have

a few nights a go a round 2am i was going to the gas staon to get some chips and pop as a late night snack when i see a friend of mine i call her jen wont say real name any way she was buying some cigs to smoke i can tell she been crying face was red i ask her if she had been and she said yes i ask y and she told me a bout a fight she had with bf she cheated and she dumped his ass i said aww iam sorry she said can u walk me home be cause these guys a hit on me as i was walking here so i said ya and did she only lives 1 street over from me we walked to her place we talked for a few minutes siting on her couch she ask me to come in and rest a minute be for i went home as we talked a bout how he did her worng she started crying told me just because they had not fucked in 3 months he cheats i ask her y not she said she been working and was to tired to fuck so he cheated on her i said what u need to do is have a payback fuck she said a what i said a payback fuck where u just go out and do a friend she said idk iam a little but i dont want to get noing iam clean and cant get peg iam on the shot and bearback feels so much beter i like the feel of his cum in me but i squrit a lot and its easy to make me cum just eating my pussy does it i said iam clean said idk she was wereing a short black skrit and pink tank top as she say back on the couch i said well its up to u she closed eyes and said idk just looking at her legs made me horny so i made my move iam a big guy so i dont get pussy a lot but this night i knew i was geting it from her with out say a other word i moved off on 2 the flour i reaced up and grabed her thoung she had on a green 1 she opened eyes said omg what in the hell u think u doing i pulled them off i said u need a payback fuck and r horny and u wereing green it means u r horny she said i never knew that i said ya so just take easy and i do my thing she said idk a bout this be for she could stop me or say 1 more word i pulled up skrit and steated eating she had a little bit of hair there i could she she had shave a few days be for she says omg omg yes yes yes omg omg yes yes yes she cumed in mouth she teasted so good she said u were right i needed that i said were not done now ian small but can use it i took off shorts and pulled her on flour and said suck it she did after a minute or to i stoped her and said turn a round she said i cant beleave this is happing i said beleave it baby i had her open legs and ass checks for me i put it in and started drilling her like mad she was screaming omg harder omg yes fuck me iam so horny she was so wet i said omg baby jen u r so wet baby she said i told u i was horny i cant beleave iam leting u fuck me daniel i never looked at u like this omg i can feel all of u in me deep shit its so fat i said small but fat baby ever have a fat 1 like this she said no after a few more minutes i had her rede me then i got on her soon i was close to cuming she cumed on me as i fucked her 2 more times then i said omg jen iam going to cum in or on baby she said in so i did we kissed after thet and spent the next two hours fucking she has such a tight pussy the bf is so dumd and she is only 19 yeard old after we were done she said from time to time i need to come over and do her i said i will baby it was so hot i said i will put it on here in joy

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