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Part 2 of The Evolution.......The Backpack Trip an

The Evolution Part 2

The Backpack Trip and Cumming Clean

I was playing with fire but I didn't care. My trips to the glory hole booth had freed me from a dull, unsatisfying sex life. I was too young and too attractive to do without Cock any longer. The fact that all the Cock I was getting was anonymous allowed me some piece of mind about getting caught. Even when I met Cocks from the hole at my rent by the hour motel, I felt secure about not being caught in my secret identity as slut wife/ Cock whore. Richard started seeing a change in my behavior and questioned me about it. He said I seemed unnaturally happy and asked if I was taking any meds to lift my spirits. He also asked why I was dressing so provocatively when I'd run errands. I didn't even realize I was dressing so nasty to get the k**s from school or stop at the store but as I looked at what I was wearing I took notice. The tight Lycra work out short shorts and snug work out top with no bra did look a bit slutty but I was so into sex again it felt normal to dress like this. I liked the way the men would check me out when I was out and about. Richard told me to tone down my look as we had a reputation to uphold. If he only knew what kind of reputation I had at the porn shop! Of course I was happy! I was getting thirty to forty, Cocks of all colors, off each week. I told him I was just feeling good about life and that I wasn't taking any meds what so ever. I promised to tone down my appearance and thought to myself that I better be careful or trouble was going to smack me in the face.

When summer hit and the k**s were out of school I had a big problem. How could I go to my glory hole duties now? I called Kevin and told him of my problem saying I'd try to get there when I could but it might be only once a week. He was very understanding and told me to let him know when I was Cumming so he could tell my favorite Cocks. Luckily I was approached by another mom on the last day of school and she asked if on one day a week I could watch her two k**s so she could shop and run errands and she would do the same. We set it up so on Monday I'd watch the k**s and on Wednesday she'd watch them. So on Wednesdays I'd be at the glory hole and seedy motel from 8am until 5pm with no break. I would service as many as 22 Cocks each Wednesday and Cumm home with a big smile on my face. But by Friday I was itching to Fuck and suck and Richard was of no use. He was getting old, not interested in sex, losing his hair, and his body wasn't as toned as it once was. I felt sorry for him, as he worked so hard, and the stress of his career was hurting him. I tried to get him to take a lower paying job with less responsibility but he'd have none of it. By Monday I was fit to be tied, I needed Cock. This once week shit was not enough. I was real bitchy on Mondays and Tuesdays but Wednesdays I was in Heaven. Something had to change.

Richard had been thinking about my concerns for his health and decided to take a leave of absence. I was still watching my friend's k**s and ours on Mondays and she watched them on Wednesdays, as Richard would go golfing, and I told him I would be shopping in Santa Barbara. He asked if we could go on a backpacking trip in our local mountains on one of our favorite streams and I was delighted! I just made sure we went after Wednesday! On Thursday we sent the k**s to stay with his parents and took off for the trip. We arrived at the trail head at dawn and began our trek. Our plan was to hike to a deep swimming hole on the creek six miles downstream on day one. On day two we were to hike another six miles to his favorite fishing spot on the creek. Day three was the final stretch, six more miles to the famous hot springs. I really enjoy backpacking and finally I had my mind off the glory hole booth as carrying a 40 lb pack six miles will make you focus on the task at hand. The trail skirted the creek and was a rugged, hard hike. The scenery was amazing, beautiful turquoise pools lined with giant sandstone boulders, big mountains, and stands of oak and sycamores on flat areas where the camps were.

It was a hot day, it gets up to 100 degrees on the creek in the summer, and Richard was laboring with his 60lb pack. He was out of shape after years of corporate stress and I now could out ski him and out hike him. We stripped down for comfort and I added some of his gear to my pack to help him out. I was just in my thong bikini and felt so free hiking in the wilderness in the hot sun. We arrived at the first camp without seeing a soul on the hike and had our secret lagoon to ourselves. It had giant sandstone boulders surrounding it that allowed us to dive into the twenty foot deep pool. It had a upwelling of cool spring water feeding it from the bottom which made it heavenly compared to the heat of the day. We set up camp, got naked, and swam in the lagoon together. Richard finally seemed interested in having sex with me and had a nice, big hard on. We laid our towels down on a sandy beach area and had passionate sex. We Fucked in all positions, gave each other oral pleasure, and finally I took his load of hot Cumm down my throat. God this was great! I loved seeing Richard smiling and satisfied. We nude sunbathed together until dinner time, my completely bronze, hairless body soaking in the suns rays
making me incredibly horny. But alas, all Richard was focused on was getting up at dawn and fishing some pools back upstream before we took off to camp two the next day. He spent the evening getting his gear ready and smoking cigars as my hungry pussy twitched. I fell asl**p under the stars dreaming of big, hard Cocks.

The next morning Richard was up at dawn, kissed me goodbye telling me he'd be back around 10am and would like to have sex before we took off. That made me soooo happy to hear. I got up soon after he left, had some breakfast, gathered up the gear and went down to the pool to nude sunbath as I waited for Richards return. I carried my Walkman (remember those) with me on the trip and was sunbathing in the wilderness as I listened to my favorite music. It was just 8am so I had a couple of hours to bask in the sun, as I oiled my body up with baby oil. I was spread out on a big sandstone boulder and was dozing off from time to time.

I suddenly was awakened by hands groping me and smiled thinking Richard was back early. As I opened my eyes I saw two young men kneeling next to me with their hands all over me. One guy was white, had a shaved head, tattoos covering his arms, was about 6'2", muscular and looked threatening. The other was a tall, handsome Hispanic guy with a big grin on his face. I tried to stand and cover myself with my towel but they pulled me back down telling me they just wanted to nude sunbath with me. I knew what they wanted and I knew that they were going to take it whether I cooperated or not. I looked at my watch and it was 8:45am, so I wasn't going to be interrupted with Richards return. The Hispanic guy told me they had seen me in action with my old man yesterday from up on the trail and liked what they saw. They camped upstream from us and thought they'd come keep me company as they saw my old man moving upstream fishing away. The white guy was forcibly holding me down as the Hispanic guy slid his fingers in my wet pussy. I moaned in pleasure and told them to please join me, and that I was more than willing to play. They stood up, slapped hands, with the white guy telling his buddy, I told you so, b*o, I told you she's the one from the porn shop. Oh my, This was the first time I had been spotted out! Then they dropped their shorts to reveal two huge Cocks! They each stroked them as they got bigger and bigger as I knelt before them. I held my mouth open and fluttered my tongue in each Cocks direction as they each slapped my cheeks with their massive tools. I began sucking one and then the other. I couldn't get either one all the way down my throat and was gagging and drooling saliva all over with my effort. They kept telling me to suck them all the way down glory hole slut, and I went wild. I asked if we could get down on the sand so they could use me in a more comfortable spot. They agreed and began telling me what they were going to do to me as my hot pussy gushed juices. They commented on my hairless pussy and asshole as they each spread my cheeks fingering each hole saying what a hot little slut I was. I was grinning from ear to ear holding each 10" rock hard Cock as we made our way down the boulder to the little beach. They said they were going to Fuck all my holes and Cumm in each one and I replied please do, I need Cock, Fuck me hard and Fuck me deep.

I knelt doggy style, head down, ass pointed up exposing both holes, as I lubed them up with some baby oil. The white Cock entered my pussy first and filled me to the brim. It was huge and felt wonderful slamming in and out as I came all over it, screaming in joy. The Hispanic guy grabbed my hair pulling my open mouth to his massive tool as the white Cock entered my ass. It hurt at first but as I relaxed and took it like a true whore it felt great! My ass was now getting slammed as I got most of the brown Cock down my throat sucking like a wild a****l. They switched positions as I eagerly licked my ass juice off the white Cock. The big, brown Cock Fucked my juicy pussy first and then filled my ass. I was having multiple orgasms and had no control, I wanted Cock, and I was so aroused I would have done a football team. I asked them to Fuck my holes at the same time and the white Cock slid under me without the Cock in my ass missing a beat. I dropped my sloppy, wet pussy on the pole below it and had an immediate, explosive orgasm. They fucked my holes like the studs they were as I lost count of how often I came. I asked them to Cumm in me at the same time as they laughed, telling me I was sex crazy. I couldn't tell when they were going to Cumm because their massive Cocks had my holes stretched to the limit. The brown Cock in my ass said he was close as he pulled out, and I focused on the Cock in my pussy, slamming up and down at warp speed until he started grunting he was going to Cumm. The brown Cock entered my ass again and they fucked me hard until both Cocks exploded in my gaping holes. God, that put me over the top as I screamed so loud it echoed down the canyon. I just luv the feeling of big, hard Cocks, spasming and spurting deep in my holes at the same time. Spurt after spurt shot out of their Cocks into my well used holes as we all moaned in pleasure. When they were done I pulled off the Cocks and sucked and licked them clean as my holes dripped Cumm down my legs. They both told me I was the best piece of ass they ever had and asked to meet me at the glory hole. I told them I'd be happy to do that but could offer a better time for those big, hunks of manhood at my seedy, rent by the hour motel. So we arranged to meet next Wednesday at 9am as I scooped the dripping Cumm from my holes on my fingers licking them clean.

It was 9:45 and Richard would be back soon so we all took a dip as they sandwiched me between them sucking on my big, heaving breasts and erect nipples in the cool water. I had 15 minutes and wanted those two Cocks again. I stroked their tools to erection and pulled them to shore, kneeling down and alternating licking and sucking them like a true slut. I told them I wanted to make them Cumm again before my old man got back as they laughed, slapping hands as they stood there with both their Cock heads in my mouth. I slurped and sucked like a wild woman as they fucked my mouth and they moaned in pleasure. I stroked and sucked, sucked and stroked, saliva was all over my face, and I was gagging as I tried in vain to swallow them to the root.
The brown Cock was close so I worked it like a real professional Cocksucker. I held it halfway down my throat, swirled my tongue around it and sucked hard enough to suck a bowling ball through a garden hose. It started seeping Cumm and spasmed as I moaned encouraging the Cock to Cumm. It stiffened and shot spurt after spurt of hot, tasty Cumm in my mouth that I eagerly swallowed as the white Cock furiously was being stroked watching the action. Before the Cock in my mouth finished filling my mouth with Cumm the other sprayed my face with ropes of Cock juice. I sucked every drop out of those beautiful love muscles and then wiped the Cumm off my face into my slut mouth. They both patted me on the head telling me what a great Cocksucker I was as I proudly smiled with my accomplishment of blowing two huge Cocks in ten minutes! It was 9:55 and Richard is very punctual and sure enough we saw him coming our way as we dove in the lagoon.

I didn't know what to do and asked the Cocks to be cool and not let my old man know what we had done. They both laughed hysterically at my plight, saying not to worry, but they may have a hard time not laughing at the man that couldn't take care of such a hot, nasty wife. As Richard made his way to the lagoon he was all excited to show me the 20" trout he had caught, but his excitement turned to anger as he saw us swimming together in the nude. He ordered me out of the pool and wrapped me in a towel asking when the two guys showed up. My brown Cock told him they just wanted to take a quick swim and had surprised me as I was swimming. He added they'd be leaving soon and what a hot wife you have, and what a lucky man he was, as the white Cock tried to suppress his laughter. Richard scooted me back to camp and I got dressed, sort of. It was blazing hot so I once again just wore my thong bikini. I waved good by to those two gorgeous Cocks that had their way with me as Richard shook his head asking what had gotten into me lately, dressing the way I was and once again I seemed overly happy. I told him I WAS happy, and my body should be shown off, I worked hard on it. He asked why I was swimming with two naked men and I told him there wasn't much I could do about it except get out of the water and give them a real show. So we got into a argument before we started out and he screamed vulgar names at me as he slapped my face. I grimaced in pain and fell to the ground crying with Richard still yelling at me with rage filled eyes. I gathered myself to prepare for the hike as Richard took off down the trail ahead as we started out on our hike to the second camp. He had never hit me or ever called me names until this day and his anger level was off the charts.I couldn't go on with this joke of a marriage.

We had gone about halfway when I slipped on a wet rock and sprained my right ankle. Luckily Richard was within yelling distance as I called out for help. He turned around and came back to me. His anger had subsided as he wrapped my ankle telling me he loved me and needed me to not act like a slut. I told him I'd try, but he was acting like a prude. We were miles from his corporate world and no one would know how I dressed out here. That didn't go over well, and as I tried to limp to our next camp, he would walk well ahead of me and wait, then when I reached him he'd take off again leaving me behind. I finally just took my sweet time going at the pace I was comfortable with having a painful sprained ankle, as I lost sight of Richard.

As I rested in a shady spot on the trail a group on horseback was heading my way on the trail. I was in my nasty, thong bikini and hoped they were guys, as I thought maybe they'd give me a lift. When they reached me I was glad to see four burly horsemen with a couple of pack a****ls carrying their gear. They all looked about 50ish with handsome, rugged good looks and salt and pepper hair. They all whistled at me as they stopped to check me out. I held out my thumb as if hitchhiking as one of them noticed my wrapped up ankle. He asked how bad it was and what a pretty girl like me was doing out here all alone. I told him I was with my Husband and was to meet him at Sycamore Flat camp. One of the other men asked in amazement why my man had left me behind and I told him he was mad at me for hiking practically nude, asking the men if I looked OK to them. They all laughed, as two of them got off their mounts helping me on a horse and tying my pack to one of the mules. They remounted with me riding with a good natured guy right behind me on his saddle. His body was pressing all over my bare back and ass, making me wet as my big tits bounced up and down.I was totally aroused again as we all introduced ourselves. The guy I was riding with was Jim and the others were Hank, Fred and Robert. They were ranchers from the valley below the wilderness area we were in and I noticed them all watching my every move. My long red hair was flowing, as I bounced up and down in the saddle, my pussy about to explode in orgasm from the stimulation on the saddle. My bronze skin glistened with sweat from the heat of the day and I knew I looked ready to Fuck.

Jim had been a total gentleman but he finally broke down and started copping some feels to no objection from me. I whispered to him that I'd love to Fuck them all but we were sure to reach my Husband soon.I asked if they were all married or spoken for and he told me they were but liked the company of wild women as long as their wives didn't find out. He told his buddy's what I said and they all grinned telling me to join them in their camp tonight. They couldn't stop now as they had to make it to the hot springs by dusk. I replied I'd love to but I had to figure a way to keep my Husband in the dark. They all said he didn't deserve me having left me behind to fend for myself and would take care of it when they met up with him. This could be the beginning of the end for Richard and I but I was tired of hiding my true self and didn't care any more.

We saw Richard up ahead and Robert and Hank galloped ahead and confronted him. A loud argument ensued as I heard Hank telling Richard they were taking me to the hot springs to soak my ankle and he could meet up with me when he got there. As I passed with Jim holding me tight I just smiled and told him not to worry I was in good hands as Jim grabbed my bouncing tits. Richard tried to pull me off as Jim kicked him and Robert ran his horse into him, knocking him down. He screamed at me that if I went with them we were done as I waved goodbye. Off we went and I felt totally free, my ankle no longer hurt and I knew I was in for a wild night with these rough, tough men.

I pulled my top off to give my new lovers a look at what they owned to hoots and hollers as we continued up the trail. I reached back to cop a feel of Jim's Cock and felt a nice hard on, telling him I couldn't wait to suck on it. He whispered in my ear that I was going to get the Fucking of my life as I laughed saying I would be the judge of that. He yelled out to the guys that I had challenged them to give me the Fucking of my life and I blurted out I like it in the ass, needed to be Fucked hard in the ass, and loved to service multiple cocks at the same time.This kind of talk went on and on until we finally made it to the beautiful hot springs. A whole stream of boiling hot water pours out of a mountainside and fills a series of deep pools that are cooler and cooler as you head downstream. Big oak trees provide shade and my horsemen had all the comforts of home on their pack mules.

We chose a camp and dismounted, Jim said they had to take care of the a****ls and would get to me shortly. He instructed me to go to a pool and soak and they'd come to me when they were done. I took my thong off to show them my hairless,wet pussy, as they all said what they'd like to do to it. I strolled down to a series of pools and chose one that wasn't too hot and relaxed anticipating my evening of sex. It was heavenly, I totally had Richard out of my mind as I recalled the Fucking I took this morning from the strangers on the trail.

It was getting dark and cooler, so I moved up to a hotter pool as Fred came over to me holding lantern and bedroll, telling me the campsite and a****ls were all set and now I had their full attention. They had drawn straws and he won the first Fuck. I asked him to tell them all to come Fuck me at the same time and he replied, that they don't roll that way, we don't want to be naked together but you'll get Fucked all night and tomorrow if that's what you want. I thought to myself, I already was DPd this morning so that should hold me and a night of getting used by four rough men sounded great, and squealed in excitement as Fred set the lantern and bedroll down. He had changed into swim trunks and flip flops to reveal an awesome body as I licked my lips telling him he had too many clothes on. I slid two fingers in my pussy, pulled them out and licked them clean asking him if he wanted a taste while it was fresh. He nodded in agreement as he dropped his swim trunks to reveal a rock, hard Cock. Not that big but plenty nice. I slid my fingers in again and pulled them out putting them in his waiting mouth. He moaned in pleasure as he opened the bedroll, laying it on a big round rock, and pulled me over to him, bending me over it. His tongue entered my waiting pussy and swirled around, lapping up my oozing juices. I grabbed his Cock telling him to Fuck me, Fuck me now! He slid it in and I was in heaven! He pounded away as I came over and over again. I wanted him to fuck my ass but we had no lube or so I thought. He pulled out of my sloppy, wet pussy and pulled my baby oil out of his trunks, telling me to get ready for a good ass Fucking. He oiled up my ass and his Cock as he slid his stiff rod in my waiting asshole. He Fucked me like a rag doll as I rubbed my clit and pussy to multiple orgasms. He said he was going to Cumm and I yelled out to Cumm in my mouth! I want it in my mouth! After his first squirt in my asshole he pulled out and sprayed my face and open mouth with streams of hot Cumm.Then he pointed it directly at my open mouth and squirted stream after stream of hot, Cock juice that I eagerly drank down. I licked and sucked his Cock clean of all my ass juice and sent him back to get my next Cock.

Robert strolled over in the same attire as Fred and immediately dropped his trunks revealing a big, hard Cock.I was standing in the hot spring staring at the treat dangling at mouth level. I told him how nice and big his Cock was and asked him to bring it to my mouth. I licked the whole shaft up and down repeatedly and sucked his big balls. My mouth swallowed the whole thing in one gulp as he started to Cumm. I must of made him extra excited and he blew a huge load down my throat. God I wanted his Big Cock in my ass or pussy but he'd have to wait until his next turn. He told me how hot I was and thanked me, returning up to camp to send down my next Cock.

It was pitch dark now as the lantern flickered, illuminating the pool and rocks around it. I soaked in the hot water as Hank walked up in just a swimsuit, showing his muscular build and bulging Cock. He brought a bottle of Merlot, a couple of real wine glasses, and some crackers with cheese. He asked if I was hungry and if I'd like a glass of wine, as I nodded yes. He told me they had steaks cooking on the fire with pasta salad, green salad and beans as sides, and they should be ready once he Fucked me. He handed me a full glass of Merlot as I nibbled on some crackers and cheese. The wine was a real treat way back here, and seemed extra tasty, and to have a nice steak dinner instead of freeze dried backpacking food was going to be a added bonus to this wonderful evening! He climbed in the pool and sat next to me but had left his trunks on, remarking on how beautiful I was. He went on and on about my toned, bronze body as I giggled and stood in front of him, my erect nipples staring him in the face. I pressed my lips to his and we kissed deeply as I pulled his trunks off.I grabbed his erect manhood and was pleasantly surprised with a giant Cock and gently stroked it as we continued kissing. He moved his mouth to my breasts and worked his tongue expertly around the nipples, as I moaned in pleasure. His cock grew and grew as I stroked harder and harder until the top 4" or so popped out of the water. It must of been a foot long and I wanted it in me. I moved my mouth down to it and sucked it down to the water, swirling my tongue all around it to his encouraging words. He lifted his ass up to expose the whole stiff rod as I tried to swallow it all, gagging and choking on it. I kept at it until I could almost lick his big ,solid balls as it throbbed in my throat. I had never had so much Cock, this deep down my throat before, and felt a sense of pride as Hank congratulated me. He told me the only other woman to take it that deep down her throat before me was a Mexican whore he had in Cabo. I laughed saying now he had a American whore and I bet I'd make him forget his little senorita and got down to the root flicking my tongue on his balls. I squeezed my tits around it as he began tittie Fucking me with the head of his Cock entering my mouth on each thrust. I told him I needed it me as I sat on his lap facing him in the steaming water. Our tongues met again as I lowered my hungry pussy down on it, screaming in joy. It was huge and filled me like no other Cock ever had and I told him so, increasing the tempo and depth of my Fucking. I Fucked that Cock like it was a God, cumming all over it as I held it deep. I asked him to Fuck my ass and he chuckled, saying no woman has ever taken his Cock in their ass, it was just to big. I got out of the pool and moved over to the big, round rock with the bedroll. I asked again telling him to slam it all the way in as I lay on my back on the bedroll, lifting my long legs up to expose my well used asshole.I grabbed the baby oil and lubed up my ass and the monster about to Fuck it. He slowly pushed the head in my gaping ass as I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure, slipping three fingers in my sloppy, wet pussy. Deeper and deeper he went as I gasped for air. He was laughing, saying I really was a whore and couldn't believe I took his Cock in my ass. I grunted like an a****l telling him to Fuck my ass, Fuck it hard and deep, as I continued sliding my fingers in and out of my other hole. He started pounding my ass just like I asked and I had more multiple orgasms, screaming out in the open air for more.

Next thing I knew another Big Cock was pressed to my lips as Jim had come over. I opened wide and sucked it down, screaming through it as my ass got slammed. Jim said I was incredible, so gorgeous yet such a slut as I sucked his Cock, balls deep. He had come over to tell us the steaks were ready and saw us in action so he thought he'd get a little before dinner like all the other guys. Hank moaned as his massive tool exploded deep in my ass. Spurt after spurt filled my asshole and leaked all over as I continued sucking Jim. They traded places as Jim said he was ready for sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fourths as we all laughed. I licked and sucked Hank's spent Cock clean as Jim slid his Cock in my stretched out asshole with ease. He pounded away as Hank put his trunks on telling me he wanted more after dinner. I purred that I wanted it all night long, Fuck me all night. Hank and Jim both replied that I still had a lot of Fucking to do and not to worry.

Jim continued pounding my ass as Hank told us to have fun and for me to be a good girl, with a snicker, as he headed up to camp. I was in a daze, my body went limp, and I was at his mercy as he pounded away.I WAS getting the Fucking of my life! He said he was ready to Cumm and asked where I wanted it as he gave me a deep thrust.I yelled out to shove his man meat in my mouth and let me drink his hot Cumm. He gave me some more deep thrusts, pulled out, and shot a stream of hot Cumm on my stomach and tits as I quickly put my open mouth over it to get the next spurt. My mouth quickly filled as ropes of Cumm continued spraying in it and on my face. I swallowed and swallowed until it finally went limp and licked it clean. Jim pulled me up and embraced me saying I was the best he ever had and wanted more of my attention tonight to my moans of pleasure.

Jim led me up to the camp and the guys all surrounded me and applauded. I was still naked and felt wonderful as I continued having orgasms. Robert brought me a big rib eye with all the sides and a big glass of Merlot to wash it down. I sat down at a table with Jim and Hank and we ate our dinners together as they stared at my nakedness, commenting on each part of my body and how beautiful it was. I needed this so bad and was so happy to be moving to a new chapter in my life.

After dinner we all sat around the roaring fire drinking in the wilderness and having some more wine. I sat on each guys lap and wiggled around to get them nice and hard and they asked me to dance for them like a stripper. I'm a good dancer but had no idea what a stripper does so I just moved my hips, fondled my breasts and bent over to give them a good view of my hungry holes, as they cheered to my every move.They had blown up a king sized air mattress for me and placed it in the middle of all their bedrolls. A nice blanket covered the mattress and my sl**ping bag was neatly unrolled on it. As I stared into the fire I began groping the four Cocks I so adored, asking if I could suck them. Fred picked me up and carried me to the mattress rubbing my clit until he lay me down. He said it was his turn, dropped his trunks, and stuffed his hard Cock in my open mouth. He was thrusting his delicious member down my throat as I grunted like an a****l, taking it all the way down.He soon flipped me over and slammed my pussy deep and hard as I cried out in joy. Then I heard a bunch of commotion over by the fire and Fred pulled out, standing up to see what was going on. There was a fight going on as two guys were rolling around in the dirt. It was Richard! He had hiked all this way and Jim, Hank and Robert finally subdued him, hog tied him and strapped him to a tree near my mattress. They told him he was under citizens arrest and to calm down. He saw me on the mattress and asked, "what had I done!", as Fred walked up to me again with his nice, hard Cock. Richard told me he was sorry and wanted to take me home, just stop this now! I replied I had enough of our fake, corporate lifestyle and wanted to live again. I needed to have sex and passion in my life and he couldn't provide that, just money and possessions. I told I didn't want anything from him when we divorce, just my car and clothes, but if he would let me have a secret,slutty life I'd stay as his trophy wife to help his career.He was cursing up a storm calling me names as I lay there stroking Fred's Hard Cock. Fred went and got a dirty sock and shoved it in his mouth to quiet him down, telling him to watch how to take care of your hot wife. Richard was going to see what real men do to their women as I swallowed Fred's Cock looking directly at Richard. He started to look away but I told him to watch and see what he'd been missing. I sucked and licked Fred until he flipped me over again, grabbed the baby oil, and told Richard to watch him Fuck my ass, as I purred,come on baby Fuck my ass again, just like before. Jim, Hank and Robert stood and watched the action next to Richard telling him what they had done to me earlier. I called out for more Cocks as Fred entered my ass and we both looked back at Richard,squirming to get free with bulging, rage filled eyes, and laughed loudly. Fred called out to his buddies that this wild slut needs more than one Cock in her! He whispered that for me, he'd take part in group sex for the first time as I screamed for more Cocks again.

All the guys came over to the mattress and took turns Fucking my holes as I'd alternate sucking the other three Cocks with wild abandon. I asked to be DPed but they all declined saying that was closer than they wished to get to each other.Cocks were spurting and I was cumming and cumming. I had pulled the sock out of Richard's mouth to let him breath better and told him to keep quiet as I showed him the latest load of Cock juice in my mouth, letting some drip out on his face to roars of laughter, and swallowed it with a big yuummm. I wiped his face with my index finger and sucked the fresh Cumm of it saying how good it tastes and described what I did to the two guys he saw earlier swimming with me as he squirmed in discomfort.Richard stayed quiet as instructed as Cock after Cock used my sloppy holes, and before Cumming would holler out to Richard, watch me blow a big load of my Cumm in you're slut wife Tara's mouth, pussy, asshole, or wherever the Cock might be. I lost count on how many loads I extracted from my four love tools but each Cock made sure they came at least once in each of my sloppy holes. Richard saw it all and never looked away, in fact I think he got into watching me getting gang banged. It was late and I was covered from head to toe with sticky Cock juice as Jim, Fred and Robert said they were spent, telling Richard they couldn't believe he rarely Fucked such a gorgeous, hot slut, and that if he had calmed down in the morning they'd release him or else he could lay there tied up until they left with me in a couple of days. They let me kiss the tips of their Cocks goodnight and went off to their bedrolls. Hank carried me back down to the Hot Spring to soak, clean up and Fuck. I was alone again with his giant Cock and he Fucked me like a rag doll in the pool of steaming water. I drank another tasty load of Cock juice and told Hank I had had enough and needed to rest up for tomorrow. He shook his head in amazement saying he could not believe such a beautiful woman just did the nasty things I'd just done and was so happy I did.I told him my pleasure, and that I was in love with his foot long love muscle and hoped to meet him after our journey for some nasty, adulterous sex. He told me that was on his list of things to do with a big laugh. He carried me back to my sticky mattress and laid with me as we spooned ourselves to sl**p in front of a wide awake Richard.

As the sun rose all my men were busy tending to things as I moved over to a sl**ping Richard, slipping my tongue in his ear to wake him.I continued to stay in the nude and loved the feeling it gave me.As he woke, I whispered in his ear, did you like the show, how was it watching me get used like a cheap whore? Don't they all have nice Cocks? Did you think about what I asked you last night? He shook his head and quietly said he couldn't have a marriage just for show, and I quickly responded that was what we had been doing for the last four years, the only difference would be that I would be happy and sexually satisfied. He hung his head and I felt sorry for him and added, I will let you Fuck me any time, any where, but you totally neglected me and I'm too young and good looking to just use sex toys for my needs, that's why I had to get back to what I do best, being a total slut! He lashed out at me saying he had fucked a couple of the secretarys at the office and they were better Fucks than me! He told me to get a lawyer because he was, and for us to end this farce now. I was relieved he said he had some affairs because now with him tied up and unable to hit me I could Cumm clean of my sordid past and present escapades at the glory hole and cheap motel, without feeling any guilt!

I started out telling him of my days as a truck stop whore ( as I describe in detail in my first story ), and then as the town tramp, and slut at work, until we met. I made it clear once we started dating all that nasty behavior stopped, to loads of disappointment from the many Cocks in town and at work that used me, because I had fallen in love with him. I continued to tell him that for the first four or five years I was happy but as he got more and more focused on his career he began neglecting my demanding sexual needs. I still stayed faithful even though my only sexual enjoyment came from the selection of sex toys I had hidden away. He was muttering obscenities, squirming to get loose, and glaring at me with rage filled eyes. I continued on, saying, I was so lonely, so about six months ago, when my sex toys were all worn out and I had to get new ones, I discovered a sex shop that provided much more than just toys and videos! After I dropped the k**s at school I'd go visit the porn shop.I enjoyed Sucking and Fucking hundreds of anonymous Cocks through holes in the wall of a viewing booth and taking their loads of Cumm down my throat, in my pussy, or deep in my asshole. I got off as many as 22 Cocks in one sitting, and loved it! I also frequented a cheap motel that rents by the hour next to the porn shop, and had many a gang bang there.In fact those two studs that DPed me back at our camp while you went fishing are going to meet me at the motel and hopefully bring some more Cocks to ravage me. I'm glad you were able to get your limp dick up to Fuck your secretarys while I was having the time of my life.

Richard started screaming obscenities at me and thrashing about, as my big Cocked horsemen hustled over to see what was going on. He demanded to be untied saying he was going to get the authorities involved after this was over if he wasn't released now. My Cocks just laughed at him as Jim told him his b*****r was a Sheriff in the valley twenty miles from here and after Richard had attacked them in their camp last night was considering riding out to have him arrested at the trail head, but decided to just put him under citizens arrest and when he calmed down send him on his way. Richard started to calm down and said he had to pee so bad he might wet himself unless they untied him. Hank told him to go ahead and wet himself because anybody who leaves an injured person on the trail like he did to me, doesn't deserve any compassion at all. He moved over to me and massaged my naked breasts and continued berating poor Richard, saying, She could of been seriously injured or killed back here, there are all kinds of big cats looking for easy prey, and look at this perfect piece of ass, as he moved two fingers into my steamy, wet pussy. I moaned in joy and grabbed his stiffening foot long pole through his swim trunks and massaged it until it stuck out like a baseball bat! Richard just groaned and wet himself as everyone laughed at him. I pulled Hank's trunks down and out popped the most beautiful Cock I'd ever seen! In the daylight it looked magnificent! I dropped to my knees and started to try to deep throat that foot long b**st. In between deep swallows I would turn and look at Richard and said, that wasn't this the most gorgeous Cock you have ever seen? Can your secretary do this,as I swallowed Hank's Cock to the balls, holding it in my throat as long as I could while licking his balls. I added, I bet they can't, but I guess that's not a fair question as your little dick is half this size! Hank started thrusting his Cock down my throat as the other Cocks clapped and cheered. Hank and I moved to the mattress and I continued my Cock sucking.

We hadn't even had breakfast yet and I was getting my mouth and throat Fucked. It was looking like it was going to be a great day! My ankle still was swollen and sore but was the furthest thing from my mind. Richard was staring at me with rage again so I went over and slapped his face, saying that was payback for when you slapped me and knocked me down. God that pissed him off and he went crazy. I quickly went back to sucking Hank's monster Cock as Jim, Fred and Robert berated him for hitting a woman, calling him an uncaring coward. They told him the only kind of hitting a woman should get is what they were going to do to his wife's ass, pussy and mouth with their Cocks, before breakfast, out in the open and in broad daylight! They all dropped their swim trunks and brought their Cocks to my mouth to suck with Hanks, as Richard stared in disbelief. I went from one to the other like a wild, crazy whore telling Richard that this was what I needed, I loved lots of Cocks using me, and then I grabbed Hank's huge pole with both hands, which barely covered the width and length, and added that this is going all the way up my asshole right now, why didn't you Fuck my ass? I asked you many times to Fuck my ass and you never did, I need to be Fucked in my ass, I love it, as I grabbed my ass cheeks, opening up for Hank to shove his tool in. Hank grabbed the baby oil and lubed his Cock up as well as my asshole and eased his monster in my hungry asshole as Richards jaw dropped. Inch by Inch it stretched my asshole open until it was balls deep while I screamed filthy things. I slammed my ass back and forth on it as Hank just knelt behind me letting me do all the work. I wildly Sucked the other three Cocks and Fucked my pussy with three fingers, as I kept slamming my ass on the b**st. My Cocks laughed and told my husband to look at your wife, look at her Fuck that Cock with her ass, watch her suck our Cocks, what a dirty slut she is, as I yelled out in agreement!

Once again Robert started Cumming early, but I didn't care because I had three more to go, and actually it was a good thing because I could get a face and mouth full of hot Cumm nice and early in our sex session. He started spurting thick streams of Cock juice on my face after I had held him deep down my throat sucking like a crazy slut. Spurt after spurt laced my face and open mouth as I yelled to Richard to watch me drink some more Cumm. Hank was Fucking my ass with deep thrusts and I was Cumming like I need to, to start the day right. I drained Robert of all his hot Cumm and asked Richard what he thought of my Cock sucking abilities. He just asked to be set free so he could leave as Robert put his trunks back on and said he'd get breakfast going. I begged to get air tight,saying, show Richard what I look like with a Cock in every hole, I luv Cocks filling all my holes! My Cocks whispered to me that they'd see if they could stay hard as I replied I'd take care of that. I had finally relieved them of their inhibitions to nasty, group sex.

Hank pulled his foot long Cock out of my asshole and shoved it in my mouth . I swallowed it again to the root as Jim slid under me so I could ride his stiff rod with my sloppy, wet pussy. Hank started Fucking my throat like it was my gaping asshole as I slammed my pussy up and down on Jim's wonderful man meat.Fred was furiously stroking his stiffening member as I begged again for a Cock in my ass to make me airtight. Fred pushed the head of his nice hard Cock to my gaping, empty asshole as I stopped Fucking Jim's Cock to allow the penetration to happen. Since Fred wasn't a huge Cock it slid all the way in immediately and I entered heaven. I was going wild as all the Cocks slammed my holes as they asked Richard how he liked the view, laughing and slapping hands.

I asked my Cocks to all Cumm on my face at the same time so Richard could watch. I tasted Hot Cumm leaking out of Hank's massive tool and pulled my mouth off it as I increased the pace of the Fucking my ass and pussy were taking. Jim told me he was ready so I pulled him out and had Fred slam my ass with all his might. Fred Fucked my gaping asshole for a while and finally told me he was ready so they all stood and I knelt with my mouth wide open, flicking my tongue on the heads of the stiff poles in front of me. I told Richard to check out the scene in front of him as I stroked two Cocks and Sucked the other.They all moaned and shot streams of Cock juice on my face and in my mouth as Richard groaned and grimaced.I lapped up as much as I could and then sucked each Cock dry, purring, Yuuuummmm!

As the men put their trunks back on Robert called out to us that breakfast was ready. I leaned over Richard as Cumm dripped on him as I wiped my face with my fingers, licking them clean. He cursed at me as I told him how great those Cocks were and that I was going to be their camp whore until they took me out of the wilderness. Then I hoped to meet them all again somewhere and let them use me as they wished. I told him to behave and maybe they'd let him go as my Cocks and I left Richard and his tree to go eat.

During breakfast we all discussed whether or not to let Richard go, my Cocks had concerns about him attacking us on the trail on the way out so they decided to let him go when they were done with me and we were heading out as he wouldn't be able to keep up. I agreed with the decision but asked them to give him some water and food, and they agreed. We all agreed it was a real turn on to have nasty gang bang sex in front of him though and went back to the mattress after breakfast and gave him a show again. After I had taken loads in my mouth, pussy, and ass (twice), Richard said he needed to go shit and we told him, tough, just shit yourself that's what you deserve.Soon after that's what he did, to heavy laughter as I was sucking and stroking all four Cocks to orgasm, slurping down four huge loads.

This went on and on as I never put a stitch of clothing on for three days. I finally had Robert relaxed enough to Fuck me for a good spell before he came and he thanked me for training him to Fuck correctly, added maybe his wife would treat him better now. Jim was the best, such a nice guy, and I adored him and his big stiff Cock. Fred was a dynamo and Fucked me more than anyone. He asked to meet me sometime to continue our nasty ways. But the star was Hank and his foot long Cock. I adored it and when I thought of him , his Cock is what I thought of and saw in my mind. He told me to call him and we'd meet anywhere and anytime as I had been such a great Fuck and so unbelievably beautiful, as I ran around nude for three days, sucking, Fucking and soaking in the hot springs. Richard stayed tied to his tree in his soiled pants the entire time watching his newly evolved slut wife servicing four Cocks in all different ways and combination's.

My favorite show for him was when on the last day,as we were packing up camp, Hank and I moved right next to him and I swallowed, licked and sucked Hank's giant man meat inches from Richards face as he squirmed trying to move his face away from the action. I then knelt, spread my ass cheeks, and pushed my well used holes on Richard's squirming face telling him to taste them one last time. Hank stuffed his Cock back in my mouth and unbelievably Richards tongue started licking my pussy! I ground my wet hole harder and harder on his mouth totally blown away with Richards behavior. He had never had his tongue in my asshole before and I thought this would be a good time to introduce his tongue to my ass.I positioned my asshole squarely on his tongue and spread my cheeks wide as he continued licking away. I was going wild on Hank's big pole as Richard's tongue entered my asshole. In and out it went, lubing it up nicely, and when I wanted my pussy licked I simply lifted up a bit to have him service it. This continued on for a good ten minutes of complete pleasure until I asked Hank to Fuck the holes Richard had prepared for him. Inches from Richards face, Hank slid his love muscle in my wet pussy as I purred, That's it Hank, show him how it's done. Fuck my holes, Fuck the holes he just had his tongue in, Fuck the holes that were his a couple days ago. I looked back to see that big Cock pounding my pussy an inch or two from Richards face, and he never tried to move it away. After Hank had slammed my pussy a while I began Cumming and my pussy juice dripped all over Richards open mouth and tongue.I moaned in ecstasy and asked Hank to Fuck my ass as I grinded my dripping pussy on Richard's eager mouth and tongue. Hank slowly pushed his love tool in my ass as I continued resting my sloppy pussy on Richard's mouth.

Richards tongue never left my sloppy, wet hole as Hank continued Fucking my well lubed asshole, slowly at first and then increased the tempo until I was getting a great ass Fucking. I felt soooo good and was cumming all over Richards mouth and face as Hank hollered out to my other Cocks to come look at Tara's Husband. They all rushed over and started laughing, with one of them saying, look at Hanks balls slap him in the face! I felt great as Hank's Cock was slamming deep in my asshole and Richards tongue was working my pussy over but when I looked back to check out what was going on I saw an unbelievable sight. Hank's big Cock was balls deep in my ass as his big, solid ball sack rested on Richards chin.Richard's tongue left my wet pussy and licked Hank's big, round balls as Hank quickly pulled out of my ass. He hollered out that he couldn't let some dude suck him as Richards tongue tried to lick his long shaft. My other Cocks were laughing hysterically and yelled out to Fuck his mouth, let Tara and him fight over your Cock! I turned around and grabbed his Cock, positioned it where Richard could lick it if he wanted to, and told Richard to suck it, that I knew he wanted to and I'd help him make it Cumm. I told Hank to close his eyes and just enjoy the blow job he was going to get.Hank smiled and my other Cocks were giggling like schoolgirls, as Richard had first one big ball in his mouth and then the other. I was licking the foot long shaft from top to bottom and then decided to shove it in Richards mouth. He opened wide as I pressed the head on his wet lips and he opened as wide as possible to receive his treat.

Richard swallowed about a third of the massive man meat we were sharing, sucking hard, swirling his tongue around the head and sensitive area just behind it, as I licked the other 8" up and down to moaning and laughter. Hank was taking a lot of ribbing from his manly buddies for having gay sex as I told Richard that this must be how you received so many promotions so quickly in your career. I went on to say that he was a pretty good Cocksucker but had he taken it up his ass? He moaned, started sucking harder and deeper, and got about half of Hank's big tool down his throat. Now I knew why he wasn't interested in sex with me , he liked Cock! Hank was getting lambasted with gay insults and pulled his Cock out of Richards mouth saying to me, straddle his face again so I can Fuck your ass, make him eat pussy, maybe he'll become a man. I did as instructed, resting my oozing, slick hole on Richards mouth as Hank slowly slid his Cock in my ass to hoots and hollers. Richard opened his Cock sucking mouth and worked my clit and wet hole over with his eager tongue while Hank started ramming my asshole yelling to Richard that he couldn't believe he preferred Cock to your hot, nasty wife. I was Cumming again as I felt the familiar tensing of Hank's big Cock in my ass as Richard sucked my clit. I felt a big spurt of Cumm and then Hank quickly pulled out telling me to move out of the way as he sprayed Richard's face and open mouth with a huge load of hot Cock juice. Streams of Cumm went in his mouth while Richard held out his fluttering tongue as all the men laughed hysterically. Richard's face was covered with Hank's Cumm as I sucked the last drops out of Hank's giant love tool. Hank asked why in the world I was with such a freak and I responded by saying I didn't know he liked Cock, but that I was a real freak too so I guess I got what I deserved. All the guys hollered out that I was their freak, telling Hank to get his sissy ass dressed and for me to get ready to go because we had a long ride out.

The Cumm on Richard's face was drying as the men told him they were going to release him but leave his hands tied to slow him down so we could get a head start. They said they weren't worried about themselves but their horses and mules, that if he should startle them on the trail they could get seriously hurt. He held his head down telling them not to worry he was done with his anger and just needed some time to find himself. We mounted our horses with Hank and I on his horse as I said good by, with Richard saying he'd see me later in the week to figure out our next step. I told him I'd be busy at the glory hole and cheap motel on Wednesday, and I may find Cocks to service on the other days if I could get a sitter so just call my cell telling me who your lawyer is so mine can contact yours. They released Richard as they said and he rushed to the hot springs to clean himself up as we rode off down the trail. I had on my little thong to kind of protect my pussy from the leather saddle but stayed topless for my Cocks enjoyment with my big tits bouncing up and down. I had the Cock of my dreams right behind me but I rode with my other lovers also on our ride out. About dusk we arrived at the trail head and headed to the corrals and my Cocks Trucks. Robert and Fred had a huge trailer to haul the horses in and said it would be too tough a drive to my house for them and the worn out horses. Jim and Hank had brought the mules in a smaller trailer and said they'd take me home. They were going to drop the trailer and mules at a friends ranch on the way down the mountain. I put on some slutty tight clothes to go back into civilization and told them I'd make their drive enjoyable.

As they drove me home they switched off driving so I could suck and Fuck the non driver in the back of the big crew cab truck. They said they had never met such a woman in all their days as I responded that I just love sex, I'm a freak and the only complaints I ever hear are from guys who want to possess me. I need lots of Cocks, it makes me happy, and when I'm happy my Cocks are happy so possessing me is not a feasible relationship. As we neared Richards beautiful home, that I was soon to leave, I asked Hank and Jim to keep in touch and to call me for any of their future pack trips into the mountains so I could be their camp slut. We arrived at the gated community where I now lived and my big Cocks laughed, saying Richard must of sucked a lot of Cock to live in here.

When they dropped me off I felt like a new, free woman, and it was only Tuesday night! I had to get all cleaned up for my appointment at the seedy motel and glory hole tomorrow! The k**s were with my soon to be ex in laws until Thursday and Richard wouldn't be back until tomorrow night at the earliest. I thought it might be a nice surprise for him if I could find a couple of bi-sexual Cocks to bring to his bed to Fuck me tomorrow night! Maybe a parting gift to enlist a truce could help in our pending divorce.

Next, Part Three................... A monster has been awakened, I become the biggest, nastiest slut in my old stomping grounds again.

Luv and blow jobs, Mrs Sancho

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