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Girls Weekend Out

This is something that happened last summer on what was supposed to be a weekend away with some girlfriends at the beach. It turned into something much different than that and I am still paying for it. My name is Kathy, I am a married mother, your typical white middle class suburban soccer mom, and this is what happened to me.
It was finally here. The weekend that the four of us, me and three other girlfriends, had planned for months. It was a girls weekend away from home , k**s, and husbands. It had been a very hot July in Alabama last year the hottest since we had moved there from NY 5 years ago. I needed a break. The four of us were going to the beach to have some sun and “fun” and the timing was perfect. I was pretty stressed at that point. Since Jack got the promotion he seemed to be constantly traveling and preoccupied. Oh we had a good relationship but there was something that I suppose because of various factors led to my state of mind. The k**s were at that obnoxious age and I was feeling a little neglected to be honest, so when my friend Monica asked if I’d like to join her and two other women she knew I was all for it.
The group consisted of my friend Monica and two friends she knew. I was a transplant from up north, a “Yankee” but Monica and the other two were all local southern girls and frankly a little on the crazy side by my standards. Now I can’t profess to be a saint but this group was what I would describe as wild and crazy but they were fun and I was in the mood for that. I knew Monica from the gym where I worked part time. She went there and was real friendly and I got to know her. I didn’t know Mickey and Joann as well although we had met at a house party that Monica had once. But we all had similar situations; married for over 10 years with young k**s and husbands that busied themselves with careers. This group had done these trips before so I was a new comer. That didn’t seem to matter though because they were more than willing to help show me how they like to have fun.
Most of my time was dedicated at home but I am also a personal trainer and have a part time job at the local gym. That severs three purposes. One it gives me some extra spending money, two allows me to stay in shape, and three gives me an outlet. To be honest at the gym I also enjoy the fact that I often am mistaken for 10 years younger than my 36 years and also I get a lot of looks from the men that work out there. I’ve always been conscious of my looks, especially my body, so that is a much appreciated validation that “I still have it”. Since becoming a mother especially and passing the magic “35 mark” I have been particularly aware of my age and appearance and work hard at it. I’m on the petite side mostly because of my Italian decent which also accounts for my dark hair, brown eyes and short stature. I’m only 5-4 but have a 30 inseam which makes my legs, my best feature, and make them look a lot longer than they are. My lineage also accounts for my big breasts. I’ve always had mixes feelings about having big boobs but I guess if I had to choose having “big ones” is better than not.
Another thing my training has given me is a good understanding of how to maintain my 115 pounds and firm 34c 27 35 figure. Even at 36 I sport a pretty nice set of abs. I am told that my best feature is my legs and at this point in the summer they are nicely tanned as well.
So we left in Monica’s SUV together that Thursday evening. I had a neighbor woman that was more than willing to watch the k**s until Jack was able to take over the rest of the weekend. It was only a 4 hour drive from north Alabama to the gulf coast where we had reserervations at a condo that we were all sharing. It was big enough for each of us to have our own rooms. We shared the common areas like the living room and eating areas and it also had a nice balcony that faced the ocean. So arriving T meant we would have all day Friday and Saturday before we had to drive back Sunday. The basic plan was beach by day and clubbing by night. It sounded like a good plan.
We got in late Thursday night meant we were up the next day ready to hit the beach. The rule was there was to be no calling home or reminding ourselves of our “other life”. Our husbands and families understood that too. Also Monica added another stipulation. “Like the expression says- whatever happens at the beach stays at the beach”. That would turn out to be somewhat of a prophetic statement.
Like I said I knew these girls were a little wild but I got a good idea of how wild right away when we were getting ready to go to the beach. We all got on our suits. All of us were in pretty good shape for our ages so everyone was showing some skin and I thought I was too. I was at first a little surprised at how skimpy their bathing suits were. I had brought a couple of nice two piece suits that I thought were pretty daring.
But Monica spoke up saying, “Girl you call that a bikini? Looks like your momma’s.” She chided.
She went to her room and came back and gave me this extra one she brought and demanded I try it on.
“You try that one on “she insisted.
I was almost too embarrassed to come out and show everyone when I finally put it on. Now Because of what I do for a part time job I had the best body by far. I guess I was right based on the mock hoots and hollers I got from all of them.
“Now that’s showing off that body of yours sweetheart!” Mickey said.
It was this string bikini that just barely covered my boobs and had these skinny straps holding just them up. The bottom was a complete thong. My entire ass was completely exposed. It was a good thing I was totally shaved too. The triangle that was supposed to cover my crotch area almost didn’t do that completely.
“I can’t go out in public like this!” I protested.
They all laughed and encouraged me by reminding me of our rule. Monica comforted me by suggesting that I wear a small cover down to the beach at first and if I felt comfortable could take it off there. That’s what I did. In a way I was excited and terrified. I mean they were right, we were here to do things we wouldn’t normally. And after all I work hard to look like this. The beach we went to was only singles and younger couples too. We avoided the f****y areas. To be honest there were many other women with actually less on although they were much younger.
“Go ahead Kathy” Monica and the others encouraged. “Let it fly”.
“Now strut it girl!” Monica demanded.
It was crazy but I did it. I guess the couple of Margaritas that we had before we came down and the joint that Joann had and we smoked helped erase any inhibitions. It was scary and exciting at the same time. They made me walk up and down the beach to the concession stand to see what happened. I have to admit it was a thrill and I did get a lot of heads to turn. Even the young college age guys that were all hanging out in groups. At the time I didn’t realize just how much attention I had attracted.
We spent most of the day at the beach and the pool area. I got used to the idea of the skimpy suit and started to really enjoy the attention. But we eventually returned to the condo. After relaxing a little which included drinking and smoking more. We showered and started to get ready dressing and putting on make-up. We were going to go get something to eat first and then hit this dance club they all had been before and said it was really incredible. Monica had warned me to bring something “hot to wear” because this place was “loaded”. I wasn’t sure what that meant until we got there.
I had this little dress I brought that I wore last time Jack and I had gone to this club downtown on our anniversary. It was pretty short and sexy I thought. That’s until the others decided again that I had to change to something better. Mickey was the closest to my size and this time she gave me something to try on. I thought the bikini was risqué’. This was a little black one piece dress that looked more like a stripper would wear. It was real short barely covering my ass. The feature to this dress was it had holes strategically cut all the way up both sides from the hem to the armpit of the dress. This showed my thighs, hips, mid section, and all the way up in little round cut outs. It was tight fitting too and the way it was I could wear a bra. I did insist that I wear a little thong that based on the way the dress was cut I could hide although it gave the illusion that I didn’t have anything one. I already had a pair of 5 inch black patent leather stilettos. I was bare legged of course but that was ok since my legs looked quite nice with how tan they were. I must have looked pretty good based on the initial silence I got when I walked out.
“My my, don’t we look like it all!” complimented Monica. The others agreed with her too.
Joann is a hair dresser as well so she did all our hair and make-up including mine. I have relatively short shoulder length hair that tends to be a little on the curly side especially under these humid conditions. She did a great job teasing me out for a real dramatic look. Some might call it slutty. That included what she called “club make-up” which was characterized by an extra heavy application. After she was done she said I was her “masterpiece”. At the time I wasn’t sure that was a compliment but it looked real hot.
After a quick bite at the hotel restaurant we went out into the night. They were right; this place we went was incredible. It was huge with three different rooms catering to different styles and tastes. It ranged from country, rock, and what I’d call disco / dance music. These girls had been there before and there was no question in their minds that we were going to the disco /dance side. “
“That’s where all the cute guys are.” suggested Monica.
She was right. The place was wall to wall people and lots of guys and younger too.
The music was deafening and it was so crowded you could hardly move. There were all sorts of people but most were younger.
“Come on” I said.” We don’t belong in here.”
They all turned and looked at me like I was out of my mind.
“Girl -this is exactly where we belong.” Monica scolded. “Give us, and yourself, some credit. You’ll see. Let’s get some drinks now ladies!” she ordered.
Again she was right. After the first round we didn’t buy another drink all night. We all had no problems finding dance partners either. Especially me.
“See I told you so” Monica reminded me later.
I was having a great time and feeling no pain and getting plenty of attention. There was this one particular guy especially. He was one of the first that approached us and bought us all drinks but it became obvious he had a particular interest in me. As my other three friends made themselves busy Jon and I seemed to be engaged in a one on one discussion. Besides being interested in dancing he seemed very interested in everything about me. Although he was much younger he was very mature seeming, polite and quite charming. He was a real smooth operator. He said he was here this weekend too with some friends on a bachelor party weekend. They were staying at a house of a friend off the beach and were here basically doing the same thing we were- enjoying the beach and having some fun in the evening. He explained he was there by himself since the others didn’t like the dance scene. They were probably out at some strip club he speculated.
It was quite flattering having attention the attention of this college age guy who seemed very interested in everything about me. He was full of questions and compliments. The questions were along the lines of how long was I married? Did I have c***dren? Where I lived? What my husband did? He cleverly wove flattery and compliments into the conversation. Especially that I didn’t look 36 (although I had heard that before). How did I stay in such good shape and finally saying I was the hottest woman there. It was everything I wanted to hear. Especially coming from this younger cute guy.
The others disappeared and it was just him and I for the moment. Maybe it was the drinking and the environment and everything but I was being completely swept away. At that point I was very d***k. I didn’t usually drink like we had been, all day long and now here. And Mickey had some diet pills that are essentially speed so I was running on overtime. I also think in hindsight that I had some “extra help” and he slipped something else in my drink. All of a sudden I was feeling like I never had. But I didn’t pay it that much attention because I was having such a good time. He seemed to notice and asked if I was ok. Then he suggested that we go outside. He had some pot and said maybe that would make me feel better. I looked around half heartedly but the others were nowhere to be seen.
“Okay” I agreed.
We went out to his car and smoked. It didn’t seem to matter in that place. I think the police kept away for the most part because that would be bad for the tourist business. This stuff he had was real different from Mickey’s. I was so stoned after about 2 hits. And that compounded with the drinking. And then I wasn’t really paying attention but my little dress had hiked up all the way sitting in his car like that. He looked at my legs and said I had the most beautiful pair of legs he’d ever seen. The little dress also didn’t leave much to the imagination as far as everything else.
He then suggested that we go to his place to relax. He said his friends would probably be still out all night. I knew what that meant and didn’t hesitate to say yes.
We drove about 20 minutes I guess. I was so wasted I really wasn’t sure anyway. When we finally got there he literally had to help me into the house. He was a pretty good sized guy. About 6 feet and over 200 pounds. Said he was on the soccer team at school when he was in college, Very athletic looking and built so it was no problem for him to handle me.
At this point I was having trouble even balancing in my 5 inch heels. When we walked in I was expecting no one to be there. Instead there were three other guys sitting around a TV in a living area. Jon acted surprised to see them. They were all around his age and big like him as well.
“Oh, you guys are home?” he said. They all rose immediately to greet us. I couldn’t help but notice that they all took time to check me out.
“S o who is this?” the one asked continuing to look me up and down.
“This is Kathy” as he introduced me to the group.
“I met her at the Cove and she wanted to come back with me.” He explained. “She’s down from Alabama and was out with some fiends dancing.” He continued. “That’s where I met her.”
At that point I started to feel real nervous especially being dressed how I was. I was still quite d***k and high but was beginning to see that this might not be a good situation. I could feel Jon’s hand sliding down my bare back to my ass and then stopping squeezing my cheeks as he said, “She likes to party guys. Let’s show her one!”
Before I had any opportunity to react their hands were all over me. In the condition I was in I had no chance to react or resist. There were four of them and they were all much bigger and stronger and not anywhere near as fucked up as I was. And now I believe that not only was I d***k and very stoned but I was slipped a roofie as well.
They made short work of my little sexy dress. It was quickly and expertly stripped off me leaving me in my thong and heels.
“Holy shit man! Check this out!” the one said and he groped both my naked breasts.
The others had their hands all over the rest of my body as well. Two of them held me by my arms while the other two felt me up all over. My thong was ripped off next revealing my shaved pussy. They enjoyed that mocking and taunting me. There were three small white triangles where the tiny bikini from earlier that day covered those spots and my freshly shaved crotch looked even more conspicuous.
“Shit man, you look better than what you were showing off at the beach today!” one of them exclaimed.
Apparently they had been at the beach earlier as well when I was putting on my “show”. It was no accident that they had picked me out and brought me here. I had advertised too much at the beach obviously.
“So you were looking for some fun?” the one asked. “You came to the right place. We’ve had stiff cocks for you all day. You horny older sluts think you can come down here and strut your married asses around and tease our cocks and get away with it.”
He pulled out his phone and showed me pictures he took of me on the beach earlier.
“You are a great looking piece of ass” he continued as he scrolled through about 30 pictures including a couple of videos. “I wonder if hubby would approve of the show you put on today.”
Oh my god I thought. They have all those pictures and it would be easy for them to send them to my husband. I felt so anxious.
But that wasn’t it. While the two continued to hold me the other two took more pictures of me nude. They made sure they covered every angle including lots of close ups showing my face.
“On your knees bitch” Jon ordered.
I was pushed down to my knees and Jon unzipped his pants.
“Open that slut mouth bitch” he demanded. Oh god not that. I didn’t dare disobey though. He shoved his cock in my mouth and f***ed me to suck it. One of the others recorded that as well. He eventually came mostly in my mouth and as I gagged on his cum he crammed his penis as far down my throat as he could as the others laughed.
After that I spent the next four hours being gang fucked every way possible. The four of them used every opening I had shoving their huge stiff cocks in and out of me. There was no use of any protection of course and they made sure they came inside me.
They knew they had me and they were going to take full advantage of that fact. I was completely helpless overpowered by the four of them. When one or even two of them wasn’t fucking me I was left tied in a humiliating position. They also did nasty things to my boobs and pussy.
After hours of abuse they finally stopped. Frankly I wasn’t sure what they were planning to do with me. I ever feared the worst. But they gave me what was left of my dress and drove me back and dropped me off about a block from my condo. They left me with this thought. If I said anything or tried to claim any wrong doing they would make sure my husband and everyone I knew would get copies of the pictures and videos they took. They said they could edit them to look like I was willing which I was sure they could. They suggested that I tell my friends that I had a one night stand. That’s exactly what I did.
As far as what happened at the beach stays at the beach didn’t exactly pan out either. About a month later at back at home I was coming out of the gym to get into my car. On the front seat was a DVD that said “watch me”. It was exactly the worst thing I could think of. It was an edited version of that night. It opened with me at the beach half naked and went on to footage of me at the club flirting with Jon. One of the others must have been there and recorded that too. The finale was of course a long session of me gang fucking and sucking the four of them. It was edited to look like I was willingly participating including a number of orgasms that they f***ed me to have. They also edited it so none of their faces showed but mine was clearly identifiable. It was completely incriminating. A note was attached that simply said “meet me at a particular motel not far away or else”.
It’s been a year and about once a month I have to go meet Jon at this motel where he fucks me for hours. Each time he makes me pose nude hold that day’s newspaper next to me to demonstrate that it is recent. He also takes new videos of us having sex. This is still continuing on today.

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