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Step Father 2

I was sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. It was like I was in a trance, my mind stuck on last night. What happened? What did I do? What was I thinking?

After that kiss I had a hard time falling asl**p. When I did my dreams were so hot that I woke up from them. I was dripping wet from them and started touching myself. Imagining it was Darius's hand, tongue and cock on me made me cum faster than I ever had before. And as intensly as when I had another guys cock inside me before.

I heard steps on the stairs and emediately focussed on the here and now. Darius turned the corner and walked into the kitchen. My breathe caught in my throat and my cheeks heated. Was he trying to seduce me? He wasn't wearing a shirt. Just jeans with the button unsnapped, letting me see that he wore no underpants. I realize that he's done the same thing dozens of times before but this was the first time I noticed how sexy he looked. He was only seven years older than me and was very much in shape.

My blush deepened when our eyes met. I looked down to my cereal suddenly not hungry, my stomach doing flip flops. "Morning Darius," I said quietly.

He walked up behind me and put his hands on the back of my chair. "Good morning," he replied.

I could barely breath. Feeling him so close to me, I felt light headed again. My mind travelled to the night before. That kiss, the feel of him under me, his long hard thick cock against my thigh through our pants. I almost moaned from the memory, getting wet all over again.

He sat down next to me. "We need to talk about last night."

I bit my lip, "What about it? Do you think that's a good idea?"

"Yes. I want to tell you... it was amazing. You're amazing. I couldn't get you out of my head all night." He said it with such feeling that I was shocked.

"You.. You're married Darius. To my mom. We can't do anything with eachother, it won't work." I knew how disappointed I sounded.

He reached out and grabbed my hand. "I don't love your mom, not romantically at least, not anymore. I think about you more. I've never cheated but I will with you."

I swallowed hard. My thoughts turning inward, thinking of how I look physically. I had long black thick hair, dark brown eyes, I wore glasses, pale skin with the slightest touch of tan. My breasts weren't ginormous, size 38C, I had a little padding around my stomach but I wasn't huge and my butt was a nice size too. And I was short, barely 5'2'.

I stood up and walked to the sink, putting my hands on the edge and turning my back to him. "We can't Darius. I am attracted to you and I want you but it just can't happen."

I didn't hear him get up but suddenly I felt his hand on my hips, then him pressing against me. I felt his erection pressing against my ass. Then he turned me around to look at him. He tangled his hand in my hair and kisses me.

This kiss wasn't like last night. Harder, more demanding, like he was forcing me to see that he was right. And I definately knew he had a great point. The feel of him kissing me, his tongue thrusting into my mouth, made me moan. I felt his hands on my ass.

Then he was lifting me onto the counter. He pressed against me hard, rubbing his cock against my pussy through our clothes. I couldn't help myself, I had to rub harder against him, feel him closer. I could feel my pussy get slick. I looked down and noticed his hard cock peeking out through the top of his pants. I was about to slide my hand down to his cock but then he started kissing my neck. I don't know how he knew it would but that just made me hotter and wetter. He started rubbing against me faster, his cock hitting my clit through my pants, teasing me and blasting pleasure through me at the same time.

I heard him groan over my fast paced little cries. He ground into me so hard that I came from it. I could hardly believe how intense it was. Then he was cumming. Since the tip of his cock was out his sperm flew all over us, on my pants, my shirt, on his chest and some going on the floor.

He pulled back to look at me. He bent and kissed me so softly. "Darius," I whispered.

He kissed me jaw. "Don't. I couldn't help myself. Please don't tell me if you regret it. I need to go to work. We'll talk when I get home."

He pulled away and went upstairs to changed. I followed a very minutes later and jumped into the showe. I couldn't believe what had happened. But he was wrong, I didn't regret it. Not even a little. That was the problem.

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