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Mommy's lesson 2

After that first fuck session I just couldn't get enough of my mothers body and took every opertunity to see,touch and taste her. Not that she complained mind you, all she ever said was "we must be careful darling, no one must ever find out", and I was fine with that.

One thing I did notice was the smell of her cunt after I'd fucked her, the smell of our mixed juices was soo delicious, but I couldn't bring myself to taste it as I seemed to switch off for a while as soon as I'd shot my spunk into her. How lovely it would be I thought if I could lick her out while I was still turned on. My opertunity came one evening a few months later.

Uncle Bill had paid us a visit from Glasgow for the day, he was divorced and younger than mom and I just knew he fancied her like mad. That didn't worry me really as I was getting all I wanted. Early in the evening I could see from their behaviour they wanted to fuck but I was in the way so I made up a story about going out the the cinema and left them. I managed to stay away for nearly thirty minutes before I could stand it no longer and crept back, I went in the back door as I'd heard mom slide the security chain on the front door as I left so that sort of confirmed it for me they were going to fuck.
I went quietly through the house and confirmed they were upstairs at it, I crept up the stairs and stood outside moms room listening to them sucking and fucking. "Oh yes Billy" she was saying "harder, get it up deep and fuck me, it feels so good and it's been so long" and Billy grunted and groaned as he pounded into her. I pushed gently on the door so I could see them at it and it was soo good to see his arse bouncing up and down and him pounding his dick into her. Her tits were wobbling like mad and her legs were spread so wide for him to get best access to her cunt. As I watched I saw him slide a hand under her arse and push a finger into her arsehole, "Oh god yes" she moaned "that's it ,harder push more in" and he obliged her by pushing three fingers deep into her arsehole as he pumped his dick into her cunt.
"Ah yes" she cried "that's it, harder you bastard harder,fuck me till I bleed" this sent uncle Bill over the top and he banged her so hard her head was banging against the headboard of the bed as he pounded his rampant dick into her and he shot his load deep into her.
I eased quietly away from the doorway with a raging hard-on but was determined not to wank it off as I had plans for later.
I crept out of the house and went for a walk around the block and then made my way back home.
I got home as uncle Bill was leaving which was just perfect and what I'd hoped for. As soon as the front door was closed I slipped the chain on and slipped my arms around my mothers waist and nuzzled into her neck and pushed my crotch into her. "Was he good" I said, and mom had the decency to turn red,"are you jealous" she said, "No mom not at all but I am turned on and I want you now"
"Let me go wash first darling I'm a bit hot and sweaty"
"No way" I said "You smell delicious and I want you now" and we went straight upstairs to her bedroom and we stripped each other in double quick time.
"Now lie back" I said "I want to lick you and taste his spunk in you" and she did just that pulling her cunt lips wide to give me free access to her pink inners.
"Oh yes darling" she said "Drink from mommy's wet cunt, swallow every drop of uncle Bill and then you can put your own load in there instead", and I did. It tasted so delicious too still hot from her and salty like mine tastes when I wank and drink it, I just kept going and soon she was moaning and pushing down on me and pulling my head into her by my hair, "Oh god yes that's soo good darling don't stop now" she cried "Oh god I'm coming" and with that she bucked her cunt into my face and orgasmed and as she did I was flooded with her juices which again I couldn't drink and let it run down her thighs onto the bedsheet.
"Hell mom that was amazing" I said, "You taste so good with spunk inside you. We'll have to do that again I just love the taste of your juices mixed with spunk"
She laughed gently at me and hugged me to her wonderous tits, "As often as you want my darling. That was so lovely, I've never been so well pleasured in my life"
"Mom" I said "any chance we could do a threesome sometime or at least let me watch"
"No darling we can't ever do a threesome as people know you're my son, but we'll try to arrange for you to somehow watch me fuck someone" she said.
but that's another story.

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