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Groping on the train

I was travelling to work on teh underground and we were packed in as usual. There was a woman right next to me and facing me so there was no way I was going to get a feel of her I thought. It was so packed I couldn’t strap hang and my hands were by my side. The train jolted once and this woman was pushed against me, her tits against my arm and her crotch against my hand. But as the train continued she didn’t move away and then began pushing her crotch against my hand. I looked her in the eye and she winked at me. I thought I’d try my luck and turned my hand and gave her cunt a quick squeeze. That really brought a smile to her face and she pressed it against me. That was good enough for me I started having a good feel of it, squeezing and rubbing.
Then the train stopped, in the tunnel. The groans went up all around me but for once I was quite happy about it. She had a loose skirt on so I gradually eased it up a bit at a time till I got to her knickers. We were so tightly packed no one could see what I was doing and I got a good feel like that. Feeling ever bolder I eased the leg of her panties aside and got to the real thing and it felt good. Plenty of hair to play with and feeling moist. She opened her legs a bit and I got my middle finger stroking her slit, up and down slowly getting to the lips through the hair. Once there I got the tip of my finger in and moved it as much as I could. Within a few minutes of this she suddenly grabbed my hand and held it tight against her. I could feel her pussy muscles working on my finger and then she came. Her eyes were closed and I thought she was going to faint but she just slumped against me until she recovered. The train started off again and as we pulled into the station I got my hand out before it stopped.
“Follow me” she said as we got off. I did, and she headed for the fire exit stairs. Instead of going up the stairs she went to the side of them. She obviously knew where she was going and I realised she’d done this before. As we got round the stairs we were in a dead end, totally out of the way. “You must need some relief, and I’d like to thank you for the wank”. With that she reached for my trousers and undid the zip, reached in and pulled out my cock, not rock solid, but very firm. “Mmmm, nice” she said, squatted down in front of me and took it in her mouth. She was good, knew how to use her tongue and lips, when to suck and when to nibble. Seeing her down there and feeling her tongue soon got me hard and she knew it. I just stood there and she moved her head back and forth taking the whole lot. “Keep it up babe” I said and very soon I was ready. “Here it comes babe, suck and swallow”. To my surprise she did just that, moved her head faster and as I came she took it all, not a drop came out of her mouth, she swallowed it all and kept sucking till every last drop was done. I told her we should do this again sometime; she smiled and we went our separate ways. I never did see her again, but I often have a wank thinking about her and wondering if she’s still doing it.

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