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A surprise

Just another quick swinger story I would like to share
There was a couple on the swing site that I chatted to now and then he wanted to see his wife getting fucked and she always wanted to try some bi fun and lick a pussy but she was very nervous and had cancelled a few meets due to this
Well I organised a friend of mine from the site to meet up with me she was very bi and loved to lick pussy and I invited the couple to attend after much e-mails and text messages they turned up
She was really nervous and when I said for all of us to sit down she was holding her legs so close together you think they where glued
My friend well she was just in a very short skirt no knickers and a net top which showed her wonderful tits and hard nipples
The guy called me to one side and said he did not think she would go trough with it she was just too nervous and had never even seen another cock in real life as they had married young so I said no problem we will see how it goes I then told him to go back inside and I would follow I got naked gave my cock a quick wank so it was rock hard and walked back inside
Well her eyes never left my cock the guy said he had to go to the bathroom and my friend also slipped out of the room so there I was naked stroking my cock while this woman could not take her eyes off it
I moved beside her and just kept on stroking my cock she moved her hand over mine and started wanking me I did not move as I was afraid if I touched her she would freeze up and stop she now pushed my had away and started playing with my cock and balls she looked up and asked if she could suck me and before I had a chance to answer her mouth was on my cock I pulled her top off and was playing with her tits and I noticed she had pulled her skirt up and was fingering herself
The guy and my friend returned both naked with grins on their faces my friend sat beside me opened her legs wide and started to play with herself even though I did not want to I pulled the guys wife’s mouth off my cock and moved her face to within inches of my friends pussy she just looked into my friends eyes and buried her face between her legs I got behind her and with condom in place slide my cock into her she was so wet and let out an a****l groan as I entered her
She licked pussy like she had done it for years and my friend was Cumming and Cumming the guy was just wanking his cock enjoying the show and by the end of the evening his wife had fucked both of us dry she had taking my cum and her husbands in her mouth she had been licked by all 3 of us she had fingered licked and sucked my friends pussy till she could take no more
When they where leaving the guy said he never believed his wife was such a horny woman and thanked me for organising it his wife has since been fucked outdoors by her husband and me she has gone dogging and goes to all my swing parties

I think I may have created a monster

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