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The First Quim I Ever Touched

In the mid 1970s, when I was k**, I despised getting my haircut as my parents f***ed me to get a crew-cut. If you recall this was definitely an unpopular style back then. To make matters worse my dad took me to the cheapest place he could find, a nasty hole-in-the-wall barber shop that was run by old unpleasant men. The only thing that made the experience bearable was the chance that I could look at one of the Playboy or Penthouse magazines that were usually available at barbershops in those days.

Despite my best efforts to avoid being hauled off for a buzz cut, I found myself walking into the barbershop with my dad one Saturday morning. Fortunately I was stunned to find that the only barber on staff that day was a young twenty year old girl. She had a nice full body and was wearing thin lose fitting clothes. She and I and my father were the only persons there that morning.

My dad got his haircut first. During his haircut I remember that she noticed me staring at her breasts when she bent over to get something out of a drawer. I also remember that she was really struggling because she was sick and told us that the only reason she was working was because she couldn't afford not to work. I wonder now if this was code and she was propositioning him. After finishing with my dad, he went and sat down to read the Playboys and Penthouse magazines. Soon after starting with my haircut she leaned her body against my arm which happened to be at the exact level of her pussy. At first I thought that she was just supporting herself because she was sick. I just sat there and thought to myself, it’s cool to have her pussy against my arm.

I was even more surprised when she moved down my arm and leaned her full weight onto my hand. My whole fist, which was over the end of the armrest, was buried deep into her crotch. Having my hand wedged between her thighs and pussy was wonderful and I was relieved that my boner was concealed by the blanket over my lap.

She then proceeded to move into the same position on my other hand and not only leaned on my hand but began to hump my hand. I tried to return the massage as best I could without alerting my dad and I was thrilled to feel the warmth of her mound and the feeling of her pubic hair. When she stopped humping my hand I could feel her pressing her breasts into my shoulders and my head.

Ever since that day I have always searched for hairdressers that are very sensual and erotic.

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