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Sid and the big breasted celebs pt.1- Neha Dhupia

Note:- All the stories of this series are fictional but the celebrities are real. 

It was a hot summer day and I was on a film set featuring the actress Neha Dhupia. She was a hot lady of around 5 feet 6 inches height. She was a little tan and had a great body of dimensions 36C-27-34. My attention was caught by her big firm breasts. After shoot got over at 12:00 PM I went to meet her. I asked for her autograph. She asked for whom is this autograph for. I said it was for me Sid. She scribbled something and handed me the paper. I read what it said and was surprised to see this written on it ' Hey Sid. I haven't got fucked nicely in a long time. Meet me in my room at Taj at 2:00 and we can have a nice time together.' She had also left her number.  Reading this I was excited that I would get to fuck a real celebrity. I went to my house ate lunch and left for taj hotel. I reached the lobby and called her. She said Sid the door of my room 1202 is unlocked do come inside. I went to the tweltfth floor and located room 1202 in no time. I did not bother to knock. I opened the door and put the do not disturb sign on the door and went in. I went into the bedroom and was not at all surprised to see Neha sitting there wearing nothing but a bra and panty. As soon as she saw me she came near me and said ," you know Sid I have fucked so many stars but none have been able to satisfy me". I replied Neha once you have sex with me you will not be complaining about not being satisfied anymore". Saying this I kissed her on the lips and she too returned the kiss enthusiastically using her tongue skillfully. I reached behind her back and took off her bra in one swipe with my fingers and out toppled her big firm tits. I took her tits in my hand and started sucking them making her nipples hard in just a few seconds. I went downstairs and took off her panties revealing her hot and wet pussy I put my tongue on her pussy to taste her sweet womanly juices. Then I took my finger and started inserting it in her tight pussy. She took my finger out licked it and put my whole hand in her pussy and told me to fist-fuck her. I obliged and started continuously inserting and removing my hand from her pussy. She was moaning loudly and to pleasure her further started rubbing her pussy hard. She was moaning more loudly and after a few minutes orgasmed hard squirting all over my face while screaming. I wasted no time to lay her on the bed took off all my clothes and taking my 12 inch cock put it in her pussy in one swift motion making her scream as her pussy was expanded beyond anything it had ever been. She closed her eyes as I started fucking her while shouting and moaning and saying things like " fuck me fuck me fuck me make me cum all over your big cock. Come on fuck me harder !harder! Harder yeah.......". Within 10 minutes she was leaking like a faucet. Even a slight movement would make her cum. I took out my penis and stuffed it into her mouth. She started choking a little but after a while got used to my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob licking away all of her cum and then she encased my rod in between her tits and started giving me a tittyfuck. She started jerking her globes up and down and kissing my penis when it poked it's head from in between her huge globes. Then with my penis still in between her tits she swallowed my penis into her mouth all 12 inches of it   But she was surprised I did not cum then she sat me on a chair and stood in front of me and then she took my cock in her hand straddling it and directed it towards her pussy as she sat on me. The head of my cock was just resting on her pussy lips. She then put my cock in her pussy moaning and whimpering as it went in. She was afraid therefore she took only 4 inches into her pussy. But I pushed the rest of my cock in her pussy making her scream with pain. She was biting my neck and scratching my back but as soon as my cock was inside she adjusted to it and then started work. She raised her ass 11 inches in the air drawing my cock through 11 inches of her tight vagina and then bringing it down on my cock. I screamed," Oh Shit!!! " She kept barraging my cock with her vagina. She was riding my cock hard and fast screaming all the while. Then I took her legs, my cock still in her pussy put them over my shoulder and stood up took her near the wall sized mirror, taking support from it started fucking her. While fucking I saw our reflection. I saw my huge cock plowing into her wet pussy. Then I took out my cock from her pussy used my hands to expand her ass hole and plowed my cock into it making her scream at the top of her voice making my ears ring. I quietened her down with a kiss while continuously plowing her ass and in 10 minutes she came all over my cock with a loud scream. I then put her in doggy position and went behind her, grabbed her ass and in one swift motion put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her with all my strength. She was moaning and saying," Oh my God! that fucking cock of yours is going to make me cum again. Put it in me. Plow my pussy harder. Make me cum again and make me your bitch." I plowed harder and harder and in 15 minutes she was writhing as an orgasm hit her again. I did not stop and continued making her orgasm in every 5-10 minutes. After about 4 orgasms I was about to reach my orgasm. I took out my penis from her pussy. Flipped her over and started jerking it madly and in 10 minutes I shot thread after thread of my white thick juice. I put the first thread in her mouth. And the remaining on rest of her body. After 2 minutes when my orgasm ended I lay beside her and kissed her. She said," That was amazing Sid. I have never orgasmed so much in the past. I will return the favor by recommending you to some of my bollywood buddies."

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