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It could happen to you

I was driving back from cork after a long day and started to feel tired so i decided it would be better if i pulled over for a 20 min rest i found a little carpark and stopped I dozed off for about 15 mins when i opened my eyes i noticed another car very close beside me with a couple inside just as i was about to pull away when their internal light came on and i could see the womans blouse was wide open and her beautiful tits where on view the guy was playing with her tits and nipples i just stayed put my eyes locked on her tits my cock starting to grow hard she opened her door and i could see she had a very short skirt and i could see her white knickers as she opened her legs i also noticed a damp stop getting bigger and bigger she had reached across and had his cock out and was wanking him i pulled out my cock which was rock hard by now and started to wank keeping in strock with her hand he reached across had pulled her knickers off and she opening her legs wider showing me how wet her pussy was he started to push his fingers into her pussy finger fucking her as she wanked his cock she waved at me to come over i got out of my car with my hard cock in my hand and walked over to her she grabbed my cock and started to wank me she got out of the car and got on her knees and started to lick and suck my cock the guy came around and she grabbed his cock wanking and sucking both of us the guy handed me a condom and winked at me she bent over and started sucking him she looked behind and said to me to fuck her hard opening her legs wider i slide my cock into her wet pussy it felt so good so hot i started fucking her hard and fast everytime i pushed my cock deep into her i could her her moan the guy was playing with her tits as she sucked him i was fucking her hard and teasing her clit with my fingers she pushed back hard against me and i could feel her cumming on my cock the guy pulled his cock out and started to cum all over her face she got back on her knees ripped off the condom and started wanking and sucking me like crazy all the time she was fingering her pussy i started to cum and she push my cock between her tits so i could shoot all over them i had just zipped up as another car pulled in she just smiled said thak you and got back into her car handing me her wet knickers and her mobile number i got into my car and headed home felling like a king you never know it could happen to you too

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