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Swinger fun

I am a member of a swing site and organised a little party at my place with some friends from the site one of the woman arrived and asked if there was space to park in the underground car park so i said i would pop down and see and buzz her in

when she parked i was beside her door and she looked up at me smiled and pulled her coat open to show me she was nearly naked she pulled her tits out and started to play with her nipples I just had to get my cock out at such a beautiful sight

She opened the door and grabbed my cock sucking me deep into her mouth my hands playing with her tits pinching her nipples I got here out of the car and pushed her over the bonnet of her car pulling her legs open to discover no panties my face went to her pussy my tongue pushing her pussy lips open to lick her clit my fingers starting to work their way inside

She was moaning and grabbing her tits her pussy getting wetter and wetter my tongue working faster and faster on her clit we heard a noise and I realised we where in a car park and could see cars coming in

We reluctantly had to stop and cover up and made or way to the lift for my apartment all the time she hand my cock out and was wanking me as we walked when we got into the lift I hit the button for my floor and bent her over and buried my face between her legs I just love to lick pussy

The lift door open and to our surprise it was not my floor but the lobby and a couple where waiting to enter so there I was with a near naked woman bent over my face between her legs and my cock out wanking away
Well as luck had it they where a couple from the swing site coming to my party so we all laughed and I just kept on licking the other woman grabbed my cock to help me out

That was the start of one of my best swinger parties yet

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