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The discovery

I come from a big f****y, and I have lots of cousins. I have none my own age, they are all either older or younger than me. So growing up I had two choices, I could try and be mature and hang out with the older k**s, or I could get in touch with my inner c***d and hang out with the younger k**s. My grandparents had a large house out in the country, twenty-five hundred square feet, five bedrooms, and over eighty acres of land. So naturally, whenever we had any reason to get the whole f****y together, we went there. We were all there for some reason or another, I don’t remember why.

I had four cousins; Ansley, Megan, Sarah, and Rebecca. At this time, Ansley was twelve, Megan was eleven, Sarah was eight, and Rebecca was four. I have a younger b*****r that was Ansley’s age, so naturally the two were basically inseparable. Megan however didn’t get along with Ruffin, my little b*****r, much. So she mostly ended up hanging out with me. I didn’t mind though, as she was a cool little k**. At the time she was probably 5’0”. She wasn’t anorexic, but neither was she by any means fat. She had just entered puberty so she wasn’t super developed, but she wasn’t flat either. I’m not going to say I never noticed her, at the time I was fifteen, and I had just got done with puberty myself. But I definitely never meant to act upon my attraction. That changed this particular night.

Most of the time my grandparents split us up by sex, the girls in one or two rooms, the boys in another. Well at this time I had been two years without sl**ping in the same bed as my little b*****r, because he snored and kicked, so I refused to share a bed with him. Due to this I ended up with a bedroom to myself and Megan was put in a room with Ruffin.

I was reading at around eleven when I heard a knock on my door. “Come in” I said, figuring it was my grandma checking in me. I was surprised when the door opened to reveal Megan. She was in a white cami that was too small, and green fake silk pajama bottoms with frogs on them. Her strawberry blonde hair was disheveled, and her striking green eyes were sl**py. “I can’t sl**p” she said. I asked her why. “Ruffin snores and he was kicking me.” She answered, walking farther into the room. “I guess you can sl**p in here.” I said, scooting over to make room. She thanked me and climbed into the bed. I was shirtless and wearing gym shorts, so when she slid right up next to me I could feel the heat coming off her body. She got comfortable and I started reading again. After a few moments of silence she asked me “Remember that thing you did to me when I was nine?”

I thought back on the event fondly. Back when she was nine she had just started feeling the first effects of puberty, and her boobs were beginning to come in. We were in the same situation, in the same bed. With no preamble she said “There’s something weird going on with my boobies.” “What do you mean?” I asked her, swallowing hard at the sudden reference to her boobs. She pulled up her shirt and showed me her two little bumps. “They hurt when I touch them.” She said, poking one and saying ouch. I asked her if I could feel one and she said sure. I felt them softly. She had a small tender lump under each nipple, and they were hot to the touch. As I felt them she moaned a little and turned red. “That feels nice.” She said, closing her eyes. I removed my hand and said “That’s a common sign of puberty.” Drawing upon my vast reserves of knowledge about the female body. By this time I was thinking to myself “How the hell did I get into this situation?” and I had a raging boner.

“Puberty?” she asked. “What’s that?” “It’s the process you go through to become a woman.” I said, figuring that was the easiest way to describe it to a nine year old. “That’s weird.” She said, wrinkling her nose in a very cute way. “Yeah” I said, suddenly fearful that someone was going to walk in to find my shirtless cousin in my bed. I reached and tried to pull her shirt down. She stopped me and said “Can you keep touching them? It feels nice.” I swallowed hard and said “Okay”

What could I say? I mean, here I was, a ragingly hormonal thirteen year old, who was just asked by my very cute cousin to play with her albeit small boobs. So I did just that. For around four hours. Eventually I got so tired I had to go to sl**p. So I said, “Maybe we can do this again sometime, but for now, I have to sl**p.” She seemed a little sad, but said okay. So I turned out the light and said goodnight.

Basically, we never got the chance to do it again.

Now back to the story.

“Yeah” I said, already semi-hard from the memory. “Do you think you could do it again?” she asked, blushing slightly. “Sure” I said, turning toward her. She pulled her arms out of the straps of her cami and pulled it to her waist. Her light blush spread to the rest of her face when she saw my reaction. There lying before me were two perfectly formed breasts. They were much bigger now, now on par with many of the girls my age. “Wow” I said. She asked me what the matter was. “They’re just bigger than I remember.” I said. I reached over and cupped one in my hand. They were perfect little handfuls. I pinched the nipple and watched as it grew hard. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly under her breath. I swear I haven’t yet heard a more sexy sound. I was rock solid at this point, my dick creating quite a lump in my gym shorts. I pinched on them for a few minutes, and then said in a quiet voice, “Hey Megan, I wanna try something that might seem weird but will feel really good.” She gave me a look then said, “Okay.” I slowly lowered my mouth to one of her breasts and lightly sucked the nipple into my mouth. This time the moan wasn’t under her breath. I swirled my tongue around the tight nipple and switched boobs periodically. As I did this I slowly slid a shaking hand up her thigh. I barely rubbed her lips through her pajamas, and slowly started applying more pressure. She got to the point where she was moving her hips in relation to my finger. “Megan?” I said. She opened her eyes and looked down at me. “Do you want me to get inside your pants?” She nodded. I slid my hand up to her waist band and put my hand underneath. I rubbed her clit through her panties, eliciting a moan from her. I continued sucking on her breasts as I rubbed, making her squirm on the bed. After a few minutes of this I said in a low voice, “Megan, I’m going to put my hand in your panties okay?” She managed to whimper out, “P-p-please.” That made my dick jump in my shorts. I slid my hand into her panties and was more than a little surprised at the amount of hair I found on her mount. As I moved lower I was again surprised at the amount of moisture leaking out of her slit. I slid my hand to the bottom of her slit then back up, lubricating my finger and her clit. I began rubbing harder that before, sliding my finger horizontally across her clit. She started squirming more than before and had to pull a pillow across her face to avoid waking the others. At this point I slid my middle finger in between her lips and found her little hole. I slid my finger in slowly, surprised to find no hymen. She ended up taking my middle finger to the hilt, about four inches. I started sliding it in and out, rubbing her clit at the same time with my thumb.

It was then that her very first orgasm rolled through her body. She screamed a very girlish scream into the pillow. Her whole body was taut. Her hips here lifted from the bed by the f***e of it. Her eyes were closed and her breath came in ragged gasps.
I wasn’t expecting her to come at all, let alone that hard, so I was surprised. I slid my hand out of her pants and observed the girl cum coating it. I wiped it on the bed sheets and turned back to Megan. She was laying on her back staring at the ceiling. After she caught her breath she asked me, “What was that?” “That” I answered, “was an orgasm.” “I liked that.” She said with a sigh. “I can tell.” I said, smiling and wishing I could get rid of my raging hard-on. “Can we do it again?” she asked. “I guess.” I replied. “Come over here thought, my right hand’s tired” She crawled over me to the other side of the bed. “Stay on your knees like that.” I said, sitting up. I pulled the waistband of her pajama bottoms and panties down exposing her slit. It was tiny and covered with a light down of blonde hair. I slid my hand into her pants palm up. I curled my middle finger and slipped it inside of her, still amazed at how wet she was. This time instead of sliding my finger in and out, I simple wiggled it inside her, stimulating her g-spot. The moment I started moving my finger, she let out a to-loud moan. “Shh, you’ll make up someone.” I hissed. “Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting that.” She whispered. I began moving my finger slowly, but building speed as I went. With my free hand I squeezed and played with her breasts. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

Her orgasm came fast. Her legs started shaking and she moaned as quietly as she could. I was surprised to feel a rush of fluid come rushing out of her vagina and coat my hand. She finished shaking and heaved a big sigh. “I think this is my new favorite thing to do.” She said. I laughed softly and said “I know what you mean.” She laid back down, seemingly ignoring the fact that her boobs were still open to the world. “Can boys get orgasms?” she asked me. “Yeah, ours are messy though.” I said, my heart hammering at the sudden change in direction. “What do you mean?” she asked. I asked her if she knew where babies came from. She said she read in a book somewhere that the boy put something called sperm into the girl and it made a baby, but that she didn’t know how the boy put the sperm into the girl. “Well, It comes out of our private.” She wrinkled her nose and said, “Like pee?” I laughed and said, “No, not pee, its white stuff.” She grew thoughtful at this. “Can I see it?” she asked me. “I don’t know, like I said, it’s kinda messy.” I said.

I wanted to be able to say to myself I resisted this situation at least a little bit. “I’ll clean it up.” She said, suddenly pleading. I finally relented and ran to the bathroom to grab some tissue paper. I was as quite as I could be, because I had to go through the room my little b*****r was in to get to the bathroom. He’s a heavy sl**per though, so I had no problem sneaking past.
I returned to the bedroom to find Megan had completely removed her shirt and pants, and was lying on the bed in naught but her underwear. At this sight my already hard dick became almost painfully erect. I climbed into the bed and faced her cross legged. I pulled down my shorts and underwear to expose my fully erect manhood. “Woah,” she said, “I’ve seen my dad’s before, but never hard like that.” She reached her hand towards it, then thought better of it and asked, “Can I touch it?” I nodded, swallowing hard. She reached forward and wrapped her hand around it. She squeezed it. I showed her how to stroke it while gently applying pressure. She eventually got quite good at it, and soon my balls were boiling with cum. “Okay,” I said shakily, “The white stuff is going to come out soon.” I grabbed the tissue just in time. Ropes of cum shot out of my dick into the balled up tissue, some of it missing and hitting Megan in the stomach. I groaned involuntarily as my dick twitched after my orgasm had subsided.

Megan released my dick and wiped the cum off her stomach with a single finger. She inspected the drop of cum closely. She said, “This is what makes babies?” “Yeah” I replied, regaining my strength. “Weird.” I agreed with her. “Can you make me get one more orgasm?” she said, a pleading look in her eyes. “Okay, one more then I have to go to sl**p.” I said. She made a small sound of happiness then laid on her back. I told her to spread her legs. She put her feet together and brought them toward her body, causing her legs to spread wide open. I pulled her panties to the side and rubbed from her hole to her clit. She wasn’t quite as wet as before, so I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. She made a small sound of pleasure and closed her eyes. I licked my finger and began rubbing her clit, causing her to squirm with delight. After she became sufficiently wet, I slipped my middle finger into her tight little hole, eliciting a moan. I began sliding my finger in and out at a rapid pace whilst rubbing her clit with my other hand. She squirmed and bucked against my hand, moving her hips in time with my thrusts. She began shaking as the third orgasm of her young life racked her tiny frame. She squeaked and put her hands over her mouth to stifle a scream. She lifted her hips off the bed in an attempt to get my finger farther into her dripping vagina. I could feel the muscles of her vaginal walls grip my finger rhythmically. Each spasm a squeak. Eventually she relaxed, panting. “I think you’re my new favorite person.” She said, giggling. I laughed softly. I dropped onto the bed next to her, sighing with contentedness. “I love you.” See said, before kissing me on the cheek and putting her clothes back on. “I love you to Megan.” I said, playfully pinching her butt. She giggled and swatted my hand away.
I wrapped my hand around her and kissed her on the neck. “Good night.” I whispered in her ear. But she was already asl**p.

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