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School Daze part 1

It was a Friday afternoon,and as my class lined up in the hall,getting ready to go home,I heard Mr.Wilkins call my name.
"Stevie? Stevie Cochran. Would You come here,please?"
"What's He want with You?" Amy whispered. "You're not in trouble,are You?"
I glanced over at my best friend's wide,blue eyes,and shrugged my shoulders.
"How should I know? I don't think so." I whispered back.

"Stevie,I asked You to come here. Please." He repeated a little more fo rcefully.

"Well. Bye!" Amy gave me a worried look then yelled over her shoulder "Good Luck! Come by when You get home. O.K.?" and she ran off to catch up with everyone else,before the buses left.

I stood there,in front of Mr.Wilkins' desk,looking up at him. "Yes,Sir?" I asked.

"Stevie." He said very politely. "I noticed that You were drawing pictures,instead of taking notes during Science period,today. May I see your notebook please?"

"Oh,Crap!" I thought to myself. "I'm a Dead Man! After He looks at it,He's gonna call Mom,She's gonna call Dad,and when Dad gets home,I'm gonna get my ass whipped! Dude,you'd better think of something quick!"

"Um,I don't have it." I laughed. "I,um,I gave it Amy. So She could copy Her notes over for me. She takes way better notes than I do." I lied through my teeth.

"Really? Then what's that?" He asked,and pointed to the bright blue folder,I had stashed in the stack of books. "Hand it over,Stevie. Now!"

I thought about making a run for it,but I knew it was useless. He would just call the office and they would hold the bus. Then Everybody would know my secret!

Putting my books on top of his desk,I stared at the floor when He pulled the folder out and opened it up.

"Hmmm. Quite nice." He said. "These are very well done,Stevie."
Shocked,I looked up at him and noticed that he was smiling!
"Yes,Very well done,indeed! I must say,Stevie,that I am surprised. I didn't think a boy your age would be so interested in such subject material. Usually,it's the girls that start first. I must say that the detail is quite impressive! Now, Let-me-see-here. Ah! I take it that this is Amy?" he said,pointing at one of the illustrations. "And who is this? Sheila or Gretchen? Oh,I see! I can tell by her birth mark that This One is Gretchen. So the other one must be Sheila. May I ask why you haven't drawn any pictures of Tammy's vagina,as well?"

I almost fainted when He said the word "Vagina" out loud,and then began flipping through the notebook's pages.

"Sit down,Stevie. Please. Before You fall down. Well,at least one thing is true. You didn't lie to Me about letting Amy copy her notes over for You. So,I take it She knows all about Your 'Little Hobby'?" He was laughing at me. "And,She must not mind,either! May I ask if She models for you too,or are all of these done by memory?"

"I-I...Both. Please,Sir. Please don't tell on Me,Mr.Wilkins!" I begged. "It was Gretchen's idea in the first place!" I blurted out. "We were playing 'Truth or Dare' and..."
He waved my explanation away. "And was it also Gretchen's idea for You to draw all of those pictures of Penises as well?"

Mr.Wilkins was leaning his elbows on the desk's top,and breathing a little heavier than before,while bouncing his knees together. I was about to answer when Miss.Terry,the Sixth Grade teacher,stepped into the room and said "Jerry! The buses just left. Are You going to be much longer? Hi,Stevie! I hope You're not in too much trouble." and She smiled at me.

"That remains to be seen,Wilma. I am trying to impress the importance of "Paying Attention In Class",to our young 'Mr.Rembrandt' here. That way,hopefully,when He is in Your charge next year,his note books won't be full of pictures of 'Cowboys and Indians'!" he remarked and gestured towards the folder.

"Well..." and her laughter filled the room "There could be worse things! As You well know." She giggled. "Would You do me the favor of locking up then? I really can't stay any longer. I know it's my turn,but..." When He nodded his assent She tossed him the keys and left with a wave.

"Now. Where were we?" He gave me a big smile,and when we could no longer hear the sounds of her footsteps,he said "Ah,Yes. The Penises! Now,Stevie. Besides your own penis,who else's have you drawn? I saw one that looked like Clark's. It's his isn't it?"
"Y-yes. But..."
"And the other one looks like Freddy's. It even has the same weird little head on it. Tell Me,and be honest,Stevie."

"Yes,Sir. This one is mine" and I pointed in succession as he turned the pages and inquired about each one. "That one is Clark's and the other one is Freddy's. How do You know what their...?"

"We All have our secrets,Stevie. But I'll tell You something,except for Amy's, You're not the only one that gets to play with those girl's pretty little vaginae! And as for Freddy and Clark? Well,let's just say that they are both too stupid to add two plus two together,yet each year they have been promoted from one grade to the next. Do You know why that is,Stevie?"
I shook my head 'No'.
"It's because they have been,'Very,Good Little Boys'! Do You know what I mean by that?"

"Uh,because they show some of the Teachers their penises?" I guessed.
"Not just show,My Boy! Let me ask You two more questions. Have either of them asked to suck on your dick?"
"M-My dick? Oh! My penis?"
"Yes,Stevie. Your 'Dick'."
"That's all they really want to do when we go out and play in my fort. Well,that and stick marbles or magic markers up each others butts." I admitted.
"And have You let them? I mean,have you let them suck Your dick,and stick marbles or magic markers up Your butt?"
I could feel my face turning bright red,and nodded 'Yes'.
"And let me guess. You liked it. Didn't you?"
Again,I nodded 'Yes'.
"Good!" he grunted,then closed the book.

Mr.Wilkins got up from his chair,and when he did I saw a huge bulge in the front of his pants.
Walking around to stand in front of me,He held out his right hand and said "You need to come with Me,Stevie."
"But what about my stuff?" I asked.
"Never mind that. We'll come back and get it later. We have rounds to make." Taking me by the hand,we walked through the school checking each room to make sure that we were alone. When He was satisfied that it was indeed just the two of us,he locked the doors.

The bulge in the front of his pants had gone away while we were walking the halls,but I noticed it returning when He said "Let's go to the Library,Stevie. I want to show You something."

I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach,and I kept getting chills down my spine as I listened to the sound of our footsteps echoing throughout the empty building.

Taking my hand again,He e****ted me down the library stairs to the "Story Room",which would have been pitch black if not for the red glow of the 'Exit' sign.

"Stay right where You are,Stevie. You really should see this."

I sat on the floor,surrounded by a pile of cushions,shaking with anticipation.

Mr.Wilkins stepped behind Mrs.Rollins' desk,unlocked and opened a drawer,took out a tape,then crossed over to the T.V.. After turning it on,he slid the tape into the tape player.

The picture was blurry at first,then suddenly snapped into focus,and I couldn't stop myself from blurting out "Holy,Shit! That's Tammy and Coach Maples!"

"Keep watching,Stevie. I'm sure You know All the Stars of This Movie!" He said, then came over and stood behind me. "I guarantee that You're going to Love It!"

I leaned forward and watched in fascination,as Tammy licked and sucked on the tip of Mr.Maples dick while she stroked his erection with her hands. "That's right!" she whispered,after taking his dick out of her mouth. "Give it to Me,Coach! Come On! I'm Thirsty! Gimme a drink,why don't cha?!" she whined.

I gasped when the camera zoomed in close and showed Tammy sticking her tongue out just as a thick,white liquid shot out from the slit in the head of Coach Maples dick! Four big squirts of the stuff went into her open mouth and all over her cute little,freckled face,but the fifth and final one arched through the air and landed in her jet black hair.
"Fuck Me,That's Good! I Love It!" Tammy exclaimed and smacked her lips together. She looked at the camera and winked as she sucked on Coach's dick one final time,then used it to smear the cum all over face.

I sat there smiling back at Her image and watched as she stood up,rearranged the bright yellow summer dress she was wearing,and grabbed her Cinderella book bag then skipped out of the room.

"What the hell was that?" I croaked.

"He just 'Came' all over her,Stevie. That's what the 'white stuff' is. It's called 'Cum'. Oh,Tammy's a Proud One,she is. She Never wipes the cum off! She likes wearing the it,till it dries up and flakes off on it's own! What do You think about that?" He breathed in my ear,and it made my nipples hard! Then he reached down between my legs and rubbed my crotch till he felt my penis getting stiff.

"Mmmm,yes. Keep watching,Stevie!"

Next,there was a naked man laying on Mrs.Rollins' desk. I couldn't see who it was,because He was wearing a Zorro-mask,but I sure as hell recognized the girl. Gretchen was wearing her favorite pink,polka-dotted skirt,and she had pulled it up showing off her tiny,pale naked ass.

I watched in rapt silence as the camera got closer and she slowly sank her bottom down,engulfing the man's hard penis up her butt hole!

"Look at Her asshole eat that dick!" Mr.Wilkins moaned and groped at my crotch,again. Which,in turn,made Me moan with pleasure and press back against him.

I listened to Gretchen grunting and panting as she began to bounce up and down,faster and faster on the man's dick! It was obvious that she couldn't fit the entire thing up her ass,but that didn't stop the man from trying!

It seemed like only a couple of minutes had passed before I heard "I'm cuming! You Little Slut! You're making Me Cum,You Fucking Bitch!" The man yelled,then grabbed her hips and shoved his dick up into Her as far as He could,until Gretchen began screaming at the top of her lungs!

Mrs.Rollins ran over and slapped at the man's hands,demanding that He let go!

Gretchen was finally able to roll off of him,and she knelt on her hands and knees,calming herself while she caught her breath. Eventually she was able to get up and squat back on her heels. Once again the camera zoomed in and I watched as Gretchen's asshole began to pucker and unpucker. Mr.Wilkins laughed as Gretchen repeatedly farted out gobs,and long strands of white and tan liquid all over the desk's blotter.

"And I bet You always thought those were coffee stains,didn't you?" Mr.Wilkins asked. Even though I bit my lip,I still giggled when he pinched my nipples and twirled them between his fingertips.

Much to my despair,I could tell that Gretchen was crying when she looked at the camera. I felt bad for Her,and got choked up when she wiped the sweaty,blond hair away from her big brown eyes,and in a tremulous voice said "Well. I guess The Third Time Really Is The Charm!".

I knew that she was just an image on a T.V. screen,but I reached out to her just the same,as I watched Gretchen try to smooth the wrinkles from her stained and rumpled skirt. My own sobs burst forth when I realized she could hardly walk on legs that refused to hold her up!

"Why are You showing Me this?" I wailed.

"Dear,Boy. Didn't You ever wonder where Gretchen gets her ideas? She really is quite the filthy,little bitch,You know. Loves getting fucked up the ass! Just loves it! You think those tears are real? Don't fool Yourself! She's only play acting! Gretchen is one of the Nastiest Little Cunts,I have ever had the pleasure to meet! Now keep watching!"

I thought I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down,but I wasn't sure if it was in the room or on T.V..

Once more the scene changed,and I was shocked to find myself looking at the lunch table in the Teachers Lounge,and the image of Sheila's nude body sitting in a chair.

She sat there,totally nude,and My mouth watered at the sight of Her bright pink nipples,as each one stuck out like a pencil eraser from her puffy,plumb sized titties!
Sheila is my second best friend,and she likes it when I lick her vagina!
Just like Amy does!
Then She spread Her legs!

"Mr. Wilkins? Would You please put the tape on pause?" I asked,and began pulling my pants down when his back was turned.
"Anything You want,My Dear Boy! May I ask why?" He said.
"Well,if You don't do it now,You're just going to have to do it later,and let's be honest,You'll find it awfully hard to walk over there with My lips wrapped around Your dick!"

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