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Loving Daughters 2

Sue smiled, she had to have the last word, "Wait until you've felt his cock in your pussy."

It seemed surreal, Sue's hand cupped Jane's breast and toyed with her nipple while I could see Paul's cum dribbling down her leg. Amy held Paul's wet cock, smiling, "And I get to feel Paul's cock in my pussy this time."

And Jane, it was more than just a smile as I saw what she was looking at, her b*****rs cum, "And I get a second dessert." as she rolled off me. "When ever you're ready..... daddy."
And opened her legs, lifting her knees. " Ficken mich."

I think that was the moment for me, the moment I really looked at Sue, her budding breasts and over sized nipples, her hand holding Jane's full breasts, the cum running down her leg that I knew. I was a father with more than the usual father daughter commitments. I had a job to do and it hit me like a ton of bricks. This was their life, not mine, not my fantasy. I was in charge of them becoming adults. Both Sue and Amy had somehow switched roles, they were responsible adults that wanted me as their sex partner. Still my daughters but now they were also my lovers. Sexy lovers that shared everything. Demanded nothing.

I wasn't even worried as I saw Paul hover over Amy, her legs spread wide, her hand reaching for his cock ready to guide it home. It was an easy switch back to the girls in front of me, with one eye on Sue, the other on Jane I asked the question, "Do you want Jane to clean your pussy?"

"Of course daddy, just as soon as you stuff her full with your cock."

Suddenly there where three conversations going on;

"Harder Paul, fuck me."

"Yes daddy, Ficken mich daddy."

"Suck me, clean my pussy Jane,... fuck her daddy while she licks me."

It really turned me on, Jane and her roll playing, when had I become 'daddy', as soon as I sucked her, before, what the hell. My cock slipped into her moist pussy about the same time her tongue entered Sue. It was a match made in heaven. Then Sue turned up the heat.

"It's your b*****rs cum, taste that sweet juice, lick me...... suck your b*****rs cum...... oh god YES..... FUCK HER DADDY, get your hard cock right up her CUNT.... FUCK......."

Amy wasn't far behind, "Fuck me Paul, hard, get your cock deep, YESSSSS"

"Meine Liebhaber, so eng, so süß." I heard Paul sigh

Jane had a mouth full of pussy and couldn't say anything, her pussy however did speak volumes, for me. OMG was it tight and I knew Paul was using the same words. I felt the strain of her muscles, the suction. I knew from before she was also süß, sweet. Sue bounced up as I surged forward, pounding my cock inside Jane. I was lost in a fucking frenzy, pounding her cunt.

Sue rolled off Jane and began sucking her breasts, urging her on. "Doesn't daddy have a lovely cock, it really fills my cunt and he has lots of cum. When he's finished I'm going to suck you clean, I just love the taste." Sue finished with Jane and started on me. "Push your cock deep daddy, shoot into her womb so I really have to suck hard to clean her pussy. Fuck her daddy, fuck your new daughter."

That did it for Jane, she arched her back and pushed hard against me. "Deeper daddy, flood my womb............ lots of cummmm..... ja, Ficken mich... fuck meeeeee"
And that did it for me, that plus the squeeze of her pussy and the feeling of my cockhead pressing against her cervix. I really was going to cum in her womb..... and did. I held her hips tight against my crotch as my balls emptied themselves. I didn't have to pump, her stomach was sucking.

Once again Jane was teaching me something new. I had heard but never seen it, how a woman could suck water into their pussy then squirt it out. Jane was certainly completing one part of the trick and it felt so good I held still until she was finished.

Sue however, wasn't finished. "Amy, come over here, Jane needs to suck you clean. Lick up her b*****r's cum."

I was amazed by what Sue had said and done before, I didn't have time to analyze this new part of my daughter as Amy followed her s****rs direction but before she could get ready Jane left me speechless, again.

She smiled at Sue, "No, I have daddy's cock in me therefore I'm mommy and I need to clean up my son's cum," with another smile, this time for Amy, "He is a naughty son for making such a mess, and I think daddy made a mess in me. Would you like to help your s****r?"

Sue and Amy were acting as the responsible adults I had thought about earlier although I didn't know just when they had grown up. Now it was Amy's turn to shock me. "Daddy has to leave his cock in your pussy while you clean me and Sue can clean your naughty son. Then we'll clean daddy's cum out of your pussy."

Silence, not a word was said but everybody got busy, except me. Paul held up his cock and Sue bent to lick it clean. Amy squatted over Jane and held her lips open. Jane smiled and got her second cream pie as Amy smiled at me.

Daughters, lovers, adults, they were that and more. There was no jealousy, in fact it was so sexy I was still hard. I gave Jane a little pump, she in turn must have given Amy a little bite. Amy gave a little squeal and Sue lifted her head and laughed.

"Jane bit you didn't she?"

The adult was gone in the blink of an eye as Amy lifted and looked down at Jane, ''Naughty mommy.'' Then all was forgiven as she pushed on my hips, ''Come on s*s, it's our turn.''

I sat back on my heels and watched. So new, so sexy, a two way cream pie with a three way cum share. After everything that had happened tonight it didn't surprise me at all when Sue dribbled some of my cum into Paul's open mouth then turned and kissed me.

I could say that we banked up the fire and retired to our own beds for a good nights sl**p, we didn't. I could say I was feeling my age and couldn't get hard again, I did. Sometime during the night the girls played musical beds and I was first woken to somebody riding my cock. Later it was a warm mouth that woke me although neither time was for serious sex, just fun. In the end it was the sun and a real need to pee that woke me fully. Sort of. Jane was tucked under my arm and it was very hard to get out of bed.

I was still in auto mode as I made my way to the bathroom naked. Even meeting Sue there didn't faze me, we did it all the time now, it was what she said. ''That was awesome last night, you didn't mind did you daddy? We just had to fuck. Jane talked to us while you were out, she's so sexy. Can they stay with us?.... Please.''

''No, I didn't mind, in fact I was surprised at you and Amy. You're growing up so fast and I'm really proud of you both, how you acted. So tell me, just which sex act you enjoyed the most?'' I asked as I sat on the toilet.

I was k**ding but the blush on Sue's face made me think. Her answer didn't shock me at all, not now.

''All of it daddy, out in the open, even with Jane..... you know.... it's.... do you think that's why mommy got pregnant, do you think she sl**ps with Mary?''

''I don't know, I don't suppose I'll ever know but she wasn't like that before. I'm sorry honey, she's still your mother but I could never trust her again.''

''Don't worry daddy, we don't need her either...'' then a smile lit up Sue face, ''All we need is for Jane and Paul to stay.''

''Stay where?'' a sl**py Jane asked as she walked into the room and sat on my lap, ''Just open your legs daddy, I won't pee on you.''

It was the same surreal feeling as yesterday. I opened my legs as Jane balanced herself then I heard her go. Just as naturally Sue got some paper to clean her. Then it changed. Jane giggled as Sue wiped her pussy. ''I remember you licked me clean before........ ''

Sue grabbed my cock and wiped it between Jane's legs, “And I remember you had something big in there, something that made a mess.“

Jane leaned back, “Ah yes, daddy's nice big cock. You were right, it did feel wunderbar ...”

I still had work to do and thought it better to stop now before the whole day turned into an orgy. '' Hey you two, breakfast first then we need to check the Bison.''

“Spoilsport, I'm in America so I was going to have breakfast at the Y.“ Jane said smiling.

I couldn't help but smile as I headed back to my room. Both girls had a hand in each others crotch, both were giggling. I wondered where Paul and Amy were, it was very quiet.

In the end we had a 'power' breakfast, the works. Bacon and eggs, sausages and hash browns with a pile of waffles and a gallon of coffee. I explained to Paul and Jane my plan to see and check the Bison and this time it was Paul that surprised me when he asked what the terrain was like, whether the sk**oo could tow them on skis. How it was common in Switzerland to tow rescue workers to a site behind a ski unit.

Sue jumped at the idea, so did Jane, then it was who was going to do what.
Then it was a tickling match again. I left them to it and went to load the trailor. I really liked the idea of my girls having fun, and Paul and Jane were definitely FUN. It didn't worry me in the slightest that Paul had fucked both of my daughters. Jane was right, he did know how to please them and had done so.

Once again I stepped into our home and thought I was somewhere else. All of them dressed for the outdoors, a thermos of coffee, the fire banked and skis at the ready. I didn't have to say anything, didn't want to say anything that would be second guessing. My daughters were growing up and I was so proud.

I got the tractor and trailer, Jane was going to drive the sk**oo with Amy riding shotgun, and Paul teaching Sue about tow skiing. I would drive the track while Amy showed Jane the river run. Both radios were there and Sue had checked the weather channel. Perfect.

And it was, I listened as Amy talked to me and gave Jane directions until we both crested the valley with the Bison. Then, there was silence as Paul and Jane got up close and personal with our herd of Bison. Everybody climbed onto the trailor and got busy with the work of feeding out, up and down the valley, turning out the hay. The Bison following our slow progress.

Did I say perfect, Sue had included the snowshoes. Jane and Paul walked back and s**ttered some hay until a cow butted Jane into a snowangel. Paul was beside her in a heartbeat, standing over her as she laughed but the Bison were more interested in eating. Thank god.

Then the quiet, the peaceful setting gave everybody a pause. The blue sky, the breath of the Bison clouding around them. The fresh snow on the trees, the beauty of nature, just everything..... was broken by the radio.

A driver had tried the lodge road.... and failed the first curve. It was like somebody had hit a switch. Jane looked at Paul, again the unspoken, the knowledge of what was needed, they looked at me. I had never had people look at me like this before. Then it happened.

I thought about where, “Amy, you and Sue take the tractor, I'll take the sk**oo with Jane and Paul, we'll call Jane, she can get to the house faster and you can bring her up the river.“

Then Paul added, ''Can we fit a bail of hay on the sk**oo, it'll help keep them warm.“

Jane was a breath away, “Have you got an emergency first aid kit?, just in case.“

Now my own background came into play. I called the Mayor and got things sorted. We would be the first response with backup from the State, ie Jane, our doctor, providing backup along with George leading the ambulance.

It took all of one minute and we were moving. I didn't know I was moving towards another first.

In the end it turned out to be a non event. The car had slid down to the river bank but was still the right way up. The people, 'shaken not stirred' appreciated our early arrival.
Doctor Jane arrived driving the tractor and checked everybody out. George arrived and towed the car back up to the road. Everybody was happy.

It was par for the course that Jane, the doctor Jane stayed for dinner.

Sue and Amy had cooked for a crowd, they didn't know any better and I didn't know that Doctor Jane had talked to them, I really didn't know just what they had talked about. I would find out. Later.

To me, when I arrived home, it was just another day, a day with a few surprises but the last one was a beaut. Doctor Jane asked me for a quiet word. I had no idea of what she was going to say. If I had I might not have led her to my bedroom.

All was not good in Mary's household. My ex was okay but Mary had been to see Jane when her period was late. Jane didn't say much more about that, what she did ask me to do tossed me into next week. Jane explained how it would be a good idea for her to collect a sperm sample from me and get it tested again, just to make sure I was still firing blanks.

Jane was looking out for me if the shit hit the fan like she thought it would. There were some jealousies in that f****y home and the son was the subject of choice.

I was still sitting there, mouth open with a blank look on my face when Jane laughed. What she said next made me laugh as well. “I have to be here, you know, witness the act. Make sure the sample is yours.... and while I'm here I'd better check Sue, it's been six months after all. Tell you what, I'll make it a package deal and check Amy as well. The drivers insurance is picking up the bill for my time today, so...“ And handed me a sample bottle with a smile.

“By the way, Sue and I had a little talk, she said you've been very good.........“

The blank look changed to a stupid look as I glanced at Jane..... then the sample bottle. “Here?... now?... What?“

“You heard me, I have to witness the act..... and Sue really does love your.... you. Don't worry, Doctor/patient thing, nothing will be said but I needed to know. So.... do you need some help?“

Things started to fall into place as Jane started unbuttoning her shirt. As my jeans dropped to the floor her T shirt hit the bed. I wasn't wearing underwear and she wasn't wearing a bra. OMG.

Amy was just starting her growth, more than just nipples, Sue had breasts, just. Jane had well formed breasts, still tight with some growing to finish them. Doctor Jane..... shit, they were just beautiful with nipples that begged to be sucked.

Jane brought me back to earth. “Oh My, oh dear.... the sample can't be contaminated but next time.... oh god Sue was right, this cock IS going in my pussy as soon as it's hard again.“

I smiled at Jane, “We could always get the sample later......“ This time it was Jane's jeans that headed south as my shirt joined hers on the bed, she didn't even have time to step out of them before I picked her up, lifted her in my arms and sucked a nipple. Heaven.

Jane blew in my ear to get my attention. “Fuck me, get that beautiful cock deep. I've been so horny thinking of you out here with your girls, I've dreamt about all sorts of nasty things to do with you, with them. So get busy, we can be nice later, right now I need a good hard fucking.“

I figured I could do both and lowered Jane to the bed. I didn't let her go to lie flat, I rolled her over, “Doggie style.“ I whispered.

“Yes Master.“

Yesterday I was a daddy, then a new 'daddy' for Jane. Now I was 'Master' for Doctor Jane. WTF. As soon as Jane was on her hands and knees I was rubbing my cock up and down her slit. Damn she was wet and I slipped in, then rammed it home. Now I was going to be busy.

With a breast in one hand and the other cupping her mound I went hunting for her clit. I knew I had found it or at least something that Jane liked when she slammed her hips back into mine.... and screamed.

I think it was the shock of the scream that made me worry. I knew what had happened. Once again I was experiencing something new. My cockhead had opened her cervix. It was in her womb.

One worry was replaced by another. Jane was yelling at me to fuck her harder as Sue flew into the room asking me what was wrong. Hard on Sue's heels was the other Jane and Amy. I didn't have time to think of Paul as Sue and Jane became skittles to Amy's bowling ball.

I didn't think Doctor Jane even knew they were there, she was really going for it, making up for lost time. Lost experience's. Then my hands were moved, first the breast. I felt two hands take my place. Another took my place from Jane's clit. With both hands free I held Jane's hips and pumped as deep as I could.

Doctor Jane had time for one more scream before Jane clasped her head and pulled it down to her breast. By Amy's position she was sucking a breast as well and Sue, she had wriggled under Jane's body and I could feel her hand cup my balls. A finger tracing my cock as it moved

And as calm as anything, Paul walked around the bed and entered his s****r's open and inviting pussy. Inches from Jane's face.

The feelings, the sight and sound, even the smell were pushing me closer to the edge. Both Jane's were locked in their positions, even Amy and Sue were motionless. Only Paul and I could really move, and I was. This was so fucking fantastic. The tightness of Jane's cunt then the even tighter cervix squeezing the head of my cock gave me a new high. I thought about a woman having a climax, then an orgasm. That's what this was. My first orgasm.
I was still aiming for something more when Paul started the chain reaction.

“Mein Gott...“

From beneath Doctor Jane “ Ficken mich Bruder ...“

“Harder Paul, I'm nearly there.... YESSSS“ Paul had a finger in Amy and was using his thumb on her clit.

“Cum in her daddy I want to drink your cum NOW.....“ Sue was rubbing her own clit and plunging a finger... or two inside herself.

Then it was my turn. I couldn't hold back anymore and hoped Jane was with me. Once more I felt the tightness on the head of my cock, I was in her womb and my cock erupted. I had never felt the release so clearly before. Unfuckingbelieveable.

“I'm cumming Master..... FUCKKKK....“ Doctor Jane screamed. She was there as well.


“Anhalten....... stop....... nobody move...... Bitte, please...“

It was a bit muffled but it was clearly Jane and she wanted something. I didn't think I could move anyway. Jane did, she locked her legs around her b*****r, holding him tight then wriggled out from underneath Doctor Jane. Sue emerged on the other side as Amy sat up.

Jane smiled at Doctor Jane and winked. What came next had me stumped.

“Mommy's little boy has made mess, would you like to clean him up while Sue licks me clean. She's so good at it and so am I. Amy can clean daddy's cock.“

With out a pause, our good Doctor, an upstanding member of the town, answered.

“Yes Mistress, please lick me clean but the Master was in my womb. I don't think you'll get much of his cream.“

This had gone past surreal. It was like I was dreaming, watching actors on a stage. Amy holding my cock and licking it. Doctor Jane doing the same with Paul while having her pussy sucked. Sue busy licking and sucking as well then cum sharing with her s****r. Jane, at last, with a smile on her face dripping my cum onto her b*****rs tongue then kissing the older Jane.

Then Doctor Jane turning to me, her eyes downcast, looking so damn sexy. “I am sooo fucked Master.... when can we do it again?“

I looked at where she was looking. Surprise surprise, I wasn't fully hard but I certainly wasn't soft. “Maybe we could eat first....“ And Sue wasn't finished either as she kissed her. I saw Jane's eyes open and guessed. Then I knew for sure as she kissed me.
Being a gentleman, I helped Jane stand. She was a bit shaky so it turned into a hug, then Sue and Amy joined in. Paul had his arm around his s****r, one hand cupping her breast, the other was between Doctor Jane's legs and she was smiling. Paul had fitted in just right, so natural, all together. There was more coming, I just knew it.

“Master, if you let me hold your cock when you make love to Amy could you ask Mistress Jane to guide her son's cock into my cunt.... please.“

I was too shocked to reply, didn't know what to say anyway. Sue on the other hand. “Don't be silly, of course Paul can fuck you. We'll all help.... won't we Jane. Come on, we've got to finish the sauce.“

I saw the wink Sue gave Jane as well as the smile on Jane's face. What else had these two cooked up? Doctor Jane and Amy just smiled, they knew what they were getting.

Half an hour later things had changed. The weather forecasters had been correct for once, snow was falling and there was no way I was going to let our Doctor drive home on her own. Jane wasn't going anywhere anyway. She hadn't planned it but she did have an overnight bag with her. Going out to get it gave me a picture of things to come.

Paul and I had dressed to bring in some more wood, then, after checking the temperature I decided on even more wood. That was when Jane flashed us. She had her snow boots, a cap and one of my overshirts, and that was all.

The Chilli Con Carne really hit the spot, warmed you from the inside and the fire finished the job on the outside because once again we were naked in front of the fire with a couple of bottles of wine. We were going over the things that had happened last night.

Doctor Jane filled a couple of the blanks I had about her 'sub' side. She always had to be 'incharge' as a Doctor but liked the submissive role when making love... then dropped the bomb. It had been an female Army Drill Sergeant that had taught her. The other Jane smiled.

The other Jane also filled in a few holes. How she and her b*****r played different roles when having sex with their mother even though their father never had joined them. Jane giggled when Paul explained their father was afraid of their mother.

Sue and Amy also got a laugh about something Doctor Jane told them. She was very careful about how she told them which pleased me. It turned out Richard, Mary's son, had a problem a while back and had seen Jane. The good Doctor had of course been very professional about it.... sort of.... and had told him he needed an anal 'prostrate' exam.

Jane was trying to keep a straight face as she explained to the girls how this exam happened but lost the plot when she described the size of Richard's cock. Laughing and holding up her little finger. Asking us to keep the secret.

Paul and Jane joined in the laughter and even I smiled although I didn't know why. Why my ex would prefer someone with a small cock. I wasn't going to worry about it.

In fact I didn't have time to worry. I saw the little smile on Jane's face just before Sue told us it was time for our fun.

But it was Amy that moved first, knee walking over to Doctor Jane and sucking her nipple like a baby. Jane looked down at Amy and smiled. Then I got the smile.... and something else. My ex hadn't gone for a small cock, she'd gone for a young cock.... and Doctor Jane...

“Oh Master..... it's so nice, so right. Just what I thought it would be like. So young and beautiful.... my fantasy. Yes Amy, suck mommies nipple then I'll put daddies cock into your sweet young pussy.... daddies got so much love to share.“

I think it took some time for Sue to grasp what was going on, long enough for Jane to push me flat on my back. By then Sue had caught up and was moving Paul so he was laying next to me.

“Okay Amy, enough, get on top of daddy and you get on top of Paul Jane. As soon as Mommy has her son's cock in your pussy you can help Amy with Daddy's cock.... then Jane and I are going to sit on their face and get our pussies licked. And don't forget our breasts, one each.“

I couldn't figure when Sue had got so bossy but nobody argued, there was even a quiet 'Yes Mistress' from both Jane's and a louder 'about time' from Amy. I thought Paul was like me, stunned into silence as his s****r licked his cock to get it even harder while rubbing her hand between Doctor Jane's legs. Sue was doing a number on me as well.

Amy was getting inpatient but Sue slapped her hand and told her to wait, it was Doctor Jane that would hold my cock. In the other camp it was the younger Jane that had taken charge and for a moment I thought she had gone to far with her role playing. Until, it made sense, what she was doing, saying.

Jane knew exactly what was going on. Playing with words. We had to play catch up.
“Naughty girl, you're so wet, have you been thinking about Master's cock slipping into that sweet young pussy or have you been thinking of my son's young cock. I bet you know all the young boys in town, all their little cocks..... I bet you know which of them are Ficken their mothers. Now take the Master's cock and hold it straight up, let little Amy feel every inch as she sits on it.“

My daughter's and I had been together while making love, an erotic threesome. This, this was exotic. A new level. Jane leaned over Paul, her breast above his head, a nipple just ready to be sucked, and took my cock from Sue's hand.

At first it was a loving stroke, then a squeeze and holding it straight told Amy, “Daddies ready baby, just let it slide in your sweet pussy slowly. His cock is so big and your pussy is so small but it will feel so good.“

Amy didn't have the patience of the other three and I didn't think she knew what was going on but she was ready. She just sat, her pussy swallowed my cock until she was happy. She couldn't take all my cock and I couldn't enter her womb, what she could take filled her and she smiled. I thought we would have to do it again so Jane could watch but a sigh told me she was busy.

I saw Sue straddle Paul's face then Jane covered mine and I got busy. This Jane was wet as well. Dripping wet.

I think Doctor Jane had been right before, that was a fuck. This was making love. The feel of Amy riding my cock, just right, the taste of Jane's pussy, beautiful, but the difference. The girls were whispering to each other, saying naughty things to each other while rubbing our hands over their breasts. Like girls at a sl**pover, sharing secrets and not wanting to be heard by the parents, a giggle could be heard as someone said something nasty.

I was so happy and relaxed I could have gone to sl**p. Don't get me wrong, I was still working on sucking Jane's clit, probing her vagina as Amy bounced on my cock, it was just....

Damn. Jane climaxed. Just like that. No crying out, just more pressure on my face and cum.. I was drinking it.

Then the need hit me.... about the same time as someone squeezed my balls, slid a finger up my butt and pushed on my prostrate. It was like the first time with Jane, the cum was being f***ed/sucked straight out of my balls.

Amy must have felt me shoot, she squealed.... then Doctor Jane followed. They both sounded like little girls. Surprised little girls given the key to the candy store.

This time it was Sue, the Boss, who organized the clean up. Paul and I had to roll over so Jane and Amy were on their backs, our cocks still in position. Then we were to crawl over our partners to get our cocks cleaned while Jane and Sue got their cream pie. When we were clean we had to get out of the way so the girls could cum share.
I was a bit worried about this new assertive part of Sue but.... she smiled at me. All was forgiven as the warm mouth of my youngest daughter closed over my cock.


Doctor Jane was tucked close beside me, her leg d****d over my thigh and kissing my ear, whispering to me and stroking my cock. “You naughty boy, aren't they so nice when they are young and innocent. Do you mind? Amy is so sweet and young, and Sue, I want to teach her, show her what love can mean, with you of course. It just gets me so horny thinking about young cunts and small cocks.... and big cocks. Oh master, can we fuck them again.... please, I really want to suck them, taste their sweet young cum with your cum dripping from them. Be naughty with me.“

Amy and Jane were being naughty already, engaged in a sideways 69 while Sue was doing a good impression of a mother cat, licking Paul's cock. I wondered how thing could get naughtier. i****t, u******e sex, been there, done that, brought the T shirt. I watched as Amy and Jane parted. Amy went to join her s****r while Jane crawled behind Doctor Jane's open pussy. A low moan of pleasure from Doctor Jane told me Jane had found something naughty.

“OOOOO, Master, Mistress has her finger in my bottom, I think she's getting it ready for your cock. Are you going to put your big cock in my ass? Fuck me doggie style in the wrong hole.... please?“

Mistress Jane had taken her new role very well. “Not yet, later. I'm just getting you ready and you will do it on your back, that way you can suck Amy's little cunny while the master fucks you... then... you will suck Sue, lick her bare slit as I get my little boy to fuck your bum and I can have daddy all to myself.“

Once again it looked as if I was a prize of some sort without words. Fuck it, I didn't want to say anything anyway, I didn't want to break the mood. I certainly didn't know how to take this Master role. Jane was doing a good job, come to think about, so was Sue. And Doctor Jane didn't mind at all. I think she really liked her new position.

“Yes Mistress, can I Master? Please. Can I suck your young Daughters..... our young Daughters sweet little slits?“

I didn't think that was a 'Freudian Slip', more a folie a' deux. Doctor Jane was certainly in charge of herself, knew what she was doing. A 'sub' not a slave. It would also explain why she wanted to help prove the twins were Richard's. I remembered the Sergeant, how he had transferred feelings, ownership. Not a problem. In fact it was probably a safe way for Jane to find an outlet for her feelings if she did like young cocks. Both Jane's were on the same playing field

“Yes Momma, you can suck our Daughters and I'll let our Son fuck you first, we wouldn't want Daddy to stretch your bum with his big cock first. Now, can you tell us about the other Mother that is fucking her Son.“
It must be a female thing, although I had suspected Jane and Paul were lovers, Jane had caught something from Doctor Jane. And she was right. I was going to have trouble at the next Parent/Teacher meeting.

“Yes Mistress, it's Debbie, a teacher, Sue's teacher. She's still taking the pill and I know she doesn't date. She told me she didn't like the feel of a rubber, liked sex bareback and I know her son is getting old enough to get her pregnant. Later she was talking about Sue and she was saying how lucky Sue was to have a parent who loved her. Debbie didn't say it out loud but I knew she was taking Robbie, her son, to bed.“

The word 'bed' worked like a catalyst for Jane, she sounded just like my grandmother, rounding up the f****y.

“Girls, don't let my son cum, Jane has a need for his cock. His hard cock and Amy, she has a need for you as well.... in the bedroom.“

Amy let out a squeal of delight and sounded like the young girl she was. “Me first.“ and smacked Sue hand. The same hand that was holding Paul's cock. Ouch.

In the end we all got there together and Jane took charge. We were actor without a script but she knew exactly who went where. Who did what. First it was Doctor Jane, the focus of the show. She had to lie just so, her ass at the edge of the bed and her knees up to her breasts. This was so Paul could stand next to it but still have room to move. Next was Sue. She had to stand next to Paul, the co-star and direct his cock. Then Amy, the star. Jane led her to the other side of the bed and told her what to do.

Then, like any good director, Jane stood back and looked at her production.

I had never been a spectator while a sexual act took part. I usually had a part to play and my part was standing proud as Jane explained what was going to happen. Sort of. Sue hadn't waited for 'Action', she was already stroking Paul's already hard cock. Amy was inches from Doctor Jane's face.

Once again I saw the slight nod from Jane and her b*****r moved forward. I wondered if they had played this before, with their Mother. Then, just before Sue could point Paul's cock to the inviting entrance of Jane's pussy. “No.... the other hole. Mommy wants her ass filled with my Son's cock. Put it in her ass and then you can suck her breasts.“

Doctor Jane couldn't say anything. As soon as Amy had seen Paul move she had lowered her body. Jane had a mouthful of pussy and was already lapping on it.

Although I was turned on like never before, watching, having Jane play with my cock, I saw there was something missing. Doctor Jane had one bare breast. The other Jane smiled when I pointed and gave her a gentle push. Paul followed my lead, playing with his s****r's nipple while I played with Sue's.

This was going to be special for Doctor Jane. I watched Paul, he seemed well in control so I timed my action to his strokes and slid a finger into Jane's vagina, my palm rubbing her clit.
All of us. We were like a wind up toy in the middle of the spring, not to fast, not to slow. I hoped everybody would last the distance with Jane.

Amy was like the first time Sue sat on my face, still. But her eyes were closed, her breath coming in short gasps. She was enjoying her part in the play. I felt Jane's pussy clasp my finger in time with Paul's strokes and increased the pressure on her clit. Both Jane and Sue were playing with themselves as they sucked the breasts below them.

I was amazed by how much I could see and take in as five people seemed to reach a climax at the same time. I knew when Doctor Jane started her climax, her pussy clamped my finger with some f***e. I knew when Amy started her's. She squeaked, something she had never done before. And Paul. He pushed in hard and held there. Jane and Sue must have been sucking hard. They lifted at about the same time, releasing them with a hollow pop and then, over Doctor Jane's body, starting kissing each other. Their breast's rubbing over Jane's.

But, Doctor Jane kept going. Her pussy trying to milk my finger. Paul was still standing like a statue so I put more pressure on her clit and rubbed harder.

Now I heard a muffled scream, it got louder as Amy lifted of her face.

“Stop, oh god please stop. I can't take any more...... oh fuck it's sooooo good.... YES....... “

I wasn't sure if Jane truly wanted to stop but I took the pressure off her clit, my finger drawing little circles in her pussy. Jane smiled at me as Paul slowly withdrew then reached out to Jane and Sue, stroking their breasts as Amy ploped down beside her.

“My daughter's, my lovely daughter's, my young son. So nice, so sweet.... I think I'll need a little time before Daddy. Maybe even until tomorrow.“

It was the break we all needed. Paul left to clean up. Amy left to get a drink. Jane and Sue were still holding hands and smiling at each other, heading towards Sue's bedroom and Jane. She moved to get comfortable and looked at me, those same downcast eyes as before.

“Master, thankyou, that was so good. Now I have been well and truly fucked but..... I've been naughty. You got me thinking about both your cocks..... at the same time..... Later?“

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