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Loving Daughters

One Snowy Weekend

i****t, such a small word but, my god, how it could stir the lust in my mind, the bl**d in my cock when I looked at my young daughters, fresh from the shower. Amy was teasing Sue, telling me how wet her pussy was, "Just ready for your cock daddy”.

I was propped up in bed and I must admit I was already hard after hearing their giggles in the bathroom, I knew they were setting me up for something. I wasn't sure what but I knew I would like it. It was Sue that explained, "Daddy, I'm going to sit on your cock but you have to hold back and suck Amy's titties until you cum, she wants them to grow bigger”.

Poor Amy, she was always going to play catch up with Sue. Over the last year Sue had put on a growth spurt, gone was the little girl, stick thin, all arms and legs. Sue was heading to be tall like me and had started filling in the bits between, her body shape would match her grandmother. Amy on the other hand was tending more on Mom's side, I didn't think she would top six feet. They certainly weren't going to follow their mother, thank god.

Most of my f****y had been big, I don't mean fat, but I had topped them all, six foot four and 250 lbs, most of that muscle. I didn't work out, I just worked.

And eat, damn my girls could eat, mind you we did work that food into energy and that energy into work. You try walking five miles in powder snow, even with the latest lightweight snowshoes and that didn't count the energy we expended in bed.

I smiled as I figured the energy count was going to go up again tonight, I didn't mind and the girls seemed to have a secret store hidden away somewhere. Mind you, there were two of them to my one, what the hell, we enjoyed the antics in bed and I could and would keep them both happy while the snow gently fell outside.

Amy may have been younger and smaller but she somehow always got to me first, suddenly I had a mouth full of sweet young p*****n breast. She had found out, and liked, that by kneeling over me she could move so I could suck first one then the other breast. While leaving enough room for her s****r to straddle my hips, she could also play with my balls.

Sue was taking her time, doing her part in helping her s****r. I felt a warm breath on my cock-head and waited for the next part, the part I loved as Sue got even better with her playing/teasing. We had had lots of time to practice. The tip of her tongue touched the slit and licked. I closed my eyes and went to heaven.

It had only been six months ago that they had piled into bed with me and told me how things were going to change, how they were now the 'women' of the house and how they were going to take care of me. I was still daddy but, a daddy with a difference and my cock belonged to them.

Now the warm wet mouth enclosed the head of my cock as I sucked Amy's nipple, my tongue flicking it. I could feel Sue's tongue circle the gland and rub underneath. It had been strange back then, a conversation between daughters and their father, it was the subject that made the difference, "How do you like your cock sucked daddy?”

Amy caught my attention by changing breasts just as Sue sucked hard, lifting her mouth. I waited for the pop and remembered the first time it happened, it had sent the girls into a fit of giggles then they both wanted to do it again. It was also the signal for Amy to start with my balls.

One hand caressed Amy's back as I stroked Sue's leg, we worked so well as a team now and I thought back to the first time. Silly me, the fact that I was committing i****t was the second thing on my mind. The first, if you can believe it, was more about three people in bed together, six knees, six elbows, someone could get hurt. It had never happened.

The weight of my balls was gently lifted as Sue moved into position. Her fitness had surprised me along with her skill and maturity. The work on the farm had probably helped . Both Sue and Amy had seen the bulls being 'milked', living on a stud farm had helped their Sex Ed. What their mother had done probably set that in concrete.

It was another thing I thought about a lot, the tactile touch was as good if not better than sight, Sue gently rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. I could see in my mind the movement as well as feel it. The head popped out then slid over her clit, a little pressure, her hips moving, then back. The mixture of my pre-cum and her juice getting ready for the next part. Amy also changed breasts, I kept sucking, it wasn't my time to move just yet.

There was another thought that had been creeping into my mind lately, what would have happened if their mother, my ex, hadn't been so stupid. Would she have joined in.
My cock was being engulfed by my daughters sweet pussy, slowly, oh so slowly. We had fucked in the beginning, and still did once in a while, until I had shown the girls what joy it was to make love. The acts where still the same but, add the love we felt for each other just took it to another level. I added a bite to Amy's nipple as Sue sank fully onto my cock.

I am not the worlds largest when it comes to size but big enough to let my partner know and enjoy, we even had a laugh when I showed the girls a porn site where a man with a long dick was having trouble stuffing his cock in her cunt. They liked my cock just as it was, it certainly filled their needs.

When it came to filling needs I had thought I had filled my wife's, but no, she had to have an affair. Stupid bitch. We had what I thought was everything, two beautiful daughters, the stud farm and a successful business in town. I had done a lot of traveling with Uncle Sam and had even figured we could all go overseas later with a bit of planning but she couldn't wait.

Sue started moving and again, the tactile feeling, the muscles of her pussy squeezing my shaft. Rippling like fingers then gripping the head, afraid to let it go, drawing it back into her warmth. Her hand touching my hand as we rubbed Amy's back before she went back between her s****rs butt to tease her slit.

They say the cheated spouse is the last to know and I was, the way it all came out shocked the town as well as us. My wife was cheating with a man ten years younger, the son of a fellow worker at the bank, not only cheating but got pregnant. Right now she was seven months pregnant...... with twins.

It still wasn't my time to move, Sue was slowly lifting up and down on my cock, working herself closer to her pleasure point, occasionally moving back and forwards. She now knew just how to use my cock to rub her G spot and put more pressure on her clit. Amy also swapped breasts. Making sure I was giving equal time to both.

Amy was also getting close so I moved my hand south. I wished with all my heart she didn't grow up to fast. Her smooth skin felt so nice, covering little muscles that twitched as I covered her butt. She moved her knees wider as my questing fingers headed towards her pussy. If I timed everything right both girls would cum together, then it was my turn. Sue started moving faster.

It was a no brain-er, the bitch had to go. We had talked about it, got professional advice when Amy had turned five and I had been 'fixed'. Two c***dren would be enough and even then I could see they were going to be beautiful, given time to grow there would still be time enough for her to get back into the workf***e. Now, at thirty two, she was going back to the start. I didn't think it funny at the time but now the girls and I laughed about it.

She had to move in with her boyfriend and he was living at home with his mother. What I learned from Sue through one of her friends was that it was rumoured the mother and son were also lovers. This was what had turned out to be the beginning of our i****tuous relationship. Both Sue and Amy had asked about i****t and I had told them, visited several sites on the internet. Two weeks later they were in my bed. Our local doctor, an ex service woman and who was also a friend put Sue on the pill. Amy was still to young.

She also shared a bit of barracks humour with me that couldn't be taken two ways, "If you can't be good, be careful” She also gave me her unlisted number with a wink, "Just in case”

Back in the bed things were getting close and I needed to concentrate, there had been a couple of times I had missed my cue and fired off to early, who wouldn't with two beautiful girls practically r****g you. And if you're wondering why all the little bits about my past life are included, you try holding back after slipping your cock in the smoothest pussy in town, your daughters pussy. If I didn't think of other things I would have shot my load already and spoiled their fun.

As it turned out, I was on time. I slipped another finger in Amy's tight little hole and worked my thumb over her clit while lifting my hips for Sue. Their cries of pleasure joined one another as the climax neared, Amy pushed back against my questing fingers and I rubbed her clit harder. Sue slam dunked her hips on mine sending my cock even deeper.

"Now daddy, oh fuck yes..... harder please.... FUCK.....”

"Fuck me daddy... deeper, oh god get deeper, oh god.... god...YES.....”

My darling daughters collapsed on top of me and I kissed them. After a relaxing moment they moved. This was another thing we had perfected with practice, remember those six elbows and knees, right, add a super king sized bed and problems disappear.

Amy rolled onto her back as Sue lifted off me, I rolled over then she dropped and rolled. Like a well oiled machine we got ready for the next part.

How can I describe heaven, easy. My sexy daughters on their backs, leg spread and lifted, wet pussy on display and ready for my/their cock. There wasn't even a fight about who went first although it was hard for me, damn hard.

I sat back on my heels and looked, just looked and felt my heart just about burst, it happened every time and every time it brought tears to my eyes. The whole town knew about my wife and her sordid little affair but nobody knew about us, all they saw was the love and attention I had for my daughters. The love that brought me to tears.

I think Sue knew what was going through my mind, "Come on daddy, Amy's waiting” as she reached for my cock. And like every other time it snapped me back. Amy was waiting. Sue had a firm/gentle grip on my cock and guided me home, I paused as she rubbed the head up and down Amy's slit. Amy was wet enough already but the feeling was intense.

Once again I let my daughters have their way with their/my cock. Sue was using the slick juice to lubricate Amy's opening, not that either of us needed it, she was just having fun. Then the squeeze, my grown up young daughter was using the tricks of the trade. The head of my cock swelled from the trapped bl**d, the nerves tingled as the feeling of Amy's pussy lips stroked the glands, then the warm/hot feeling as I slipped inside.

Once again my cock was engulfed in a tight wet pussy, my other daughters pussy.

Sue moved on, "Oh yes, Daddy wants to give you so much pleasure Amy, Daddy's big cock is going to make you feel so good, daddy's cock in your sweet little pussy and when he shoots his cum you will feel it filling you up”.

" Oh yes Daddy, fuck me, put your cock deep inside me, fuck me daddy, please”

We had all agreed that the talking, the words helped us reach the sexual high, better than just the act of sexual joining. The words helped lift our high to a new level and I for one liked it. We had even brought my ex into our talking, the girls couldn't stop with just the fact she was pregnant, she was pregnant to a toy boy, a motherfucker toyboy. They joked about how their mother and his mother might argue over who would get his cock first. I did think it was a little weird but reasoned it was their way of coping. Shit, it was a shock to me.

And right now Amy's pussy was talking to me, loudly. She squeezed her muscles and gave me so much pleasure. Like I said, we talked, Sue had been first with the simple question, well for some, "How do you like your cock sucked Daddy?” and after that it was so simple. I explained to them how, in the heat of the moment it was okay to use certain words, live the moment, add spice to the act. The spice wasn't hot, Amy's pussy was.

Sue let go my cock as it slid smoothly home, oh god it was so good. "Oh honey, your cunt is so nice, so tight, just right for your daddy, how hard do you want it?”

"Hard Daddy, fuck me hard please, give me all your cock”

Damn I loved my daughters, Sue cupped my balls as Amy opened her legs, her pussy, even wider, "Fuck me Daddy, give me all your cock, it feels so good, fuck me hard”

Could I, would I, bet your socks I would. Amy's hot tight pussy hugged my cock. She closed her eyes and panted as her legs wrapped my waist. Looking down at our joined hips inflamed my passion even more "Honey your pussy is so nice, do you want my cum?”

"Of course Daddy, it's so sweet, shoot in me now, cum in me NOW”

Was I a perverted lecherous old bastard, a p*******e of the worst kind, fucking my own c***dren, I didn't think so. Yes, I enjoyed the sexual act with my daughters, what normal red bl**ded man wouldn't and there was no f***e, well, in the beginning when Sue sat her pussy on my face, I suppose that was f***e. At first I had thought it was my daughters making up for what their mother had done to all of us until Jane, our doctor had talked to me.

She was uniquely placed to give me the best advice. We had both served 'under fire', we both knew what happened in the after action. Things happened, words were said, it all stayed on the battlefield. Her one piece of advice, "Love your daughters” stayed in my mind.

And that was what I was doing, loving my daughters, was I ever. My cock was leading my head, the big head. I watched as I entered Amy's pussy again, the sight and feeling were at an all time high. I wanted it, the girls wanted it, the high I felt as my cock slid into my youngest daughter.
Sue put it into words for Amy, "Fuck daddy, take his cock deep and fuck him, remember we are daddy's fuck toys”

At first I had denied it, then I had embraced it, Jane was right, it was their way of coping. God I loved the new age of teenagers. I watched as my youngest daughter took my cock.

"Sweet Amy, do you like daddy fucking you, do you like daddy's cock in your pussy?”

"Oh yes daddy, your cock feels so nice, filling my pussy, fuck me daddy, fill my cunt please, fill me with your baby seed, make me pregnant with your seed, fuck me daddy, OH Fuck Meeee”

That was all it took, Amy and Sue took me to the edge then f***ed me over. Damn, if I died right now I would die a happy man. My cum shot deep into my daughters cunt and then she helped, her pussy sucking, drawing even more from my balls. Even Sue helped, squeezing them, pushing my sperm deep in my daughter, her s****rs pussy.

And if that was not enough, Sue was ready to eat my cum from her s****rs overfilled cunt.
These girls had taken to the internet porn site's like a duck to water. I had not known about a cream pie before, they did. I had never heard about cum sharing, they not only knew but practiced it. I had known about a 69, they took it to another level. Some times I really felt my 34 years, old before my time.

Sue was stroking Amy's face as I slowed my strokes, my cock still deep in her cunt, her happy smiling face glowed. A well fucked girl looked at me. "Was it nice daddy, did you like my pussy?”

"Of course honey, you and Sue have the sweetest, tightest pussies ever, just right for daddy's cock. Now, who do you want to suck all that sperm out?”

"Let Sue, then we can share it, in the morning we can swap places daddy.... please”

In the end I just collapsed, I swear these girls could wear out a man. Amy got on her knees to clean my cock while Sue burrowed between her legs to suck her s****r clean. Happy, shit, I was a pig in a new hay pile. I smiled down at Amy, licking my cock clean as her s****r did the same for her. Could life get any better? I was about to find out it could, from a most unexpected quarter.

Like most early storms, this one blew it's self out early the next day. A fair amount of snow had fallen but I knew it would turn to mush and that meant I had a job to do. As the owner of the local garage with a truck fitted out with a snowplough I was the unofficial town snow clearer. The State boys did the highway and I or George, my winter helper, did the town roads. I also had a plough ready to clip to my own truck. Living at the end of the road meant if I didn't clear the road, nobody did.

The girls also knew I needed to get to work so it was just a quick kiss and cuddle before we were all up and dressed. Again we were like a well oiled machine, Sue and Amy in the kitchen as I went outside to get more firewood.
Sue was in charge of the bacon and eggs, Amy, the coffee and toast while I hauled in the firewood. We would need it tonight.

Once again I felt the bursting pride in my chest, unlike my ex, the girls knew what was needed and did it. The Bitch never did and always complained. We, on the other hand, joked and enjoyed the extra work even if I had to catch a piece of toast thrown at me.

All to soon I was in the shed clipping the hydraulic lines to the truck but even that was not a problem. With the shed doors open and the view of fresh snow on the trees I felt happy. Sue came out just as I finished with a Thermos of coffee with Amy followed carrying a bag of sandwiches, just in case. A few more kisses and cuddles, Amy didn't have any panties on and wanted to warm my hands between her legs, I was on my way.

Just then things were happening, things that were going to make a difference in our lives.

Two sweeps of the yard got everything settled and I headed toward town. On the other side of town a car missed the curve and ploughed into a snow bank. The occupants weren't hurt but the tie bar was. Luckily another car saw them and stopped to help. That was why I missed George. He took the main plough to clear the road and tow them in.

When I got to the the garage the mayor was waiting, the State snow plough was already on it's way and if I could link up with them we could open the main road through town, then work on the side roads. It was another three hours until I could take a break back at the garage.

That was when my life changed. George had towed the unfortunate couple back to the garage before cleaning the other side of town and I found them sitting next to the fire in the office with Bob, my manager. When I said unfortunate I had half the story. One look told me the tie rod had bent beyond straightening and they told me all the rooms in town were full. They were stuck here with no where to go.

They weren't 'snow bunnies', they were here to work at the ski lodge and there was no way up to the lodge just now. Again it was a no brain-er, I called the girls and asked them to open the cabin, start the fire and get it ready for guests. I often rented the cabin for guests when the town was full in the ski season.

Great granddaddy had built the cabin after he had been trapped on the wrong side of the river one year and both Dad and I had added to it over the years. It had all the mod cons but was still 'rustic', a real log cabin. It was also on the State road and that had been cleared already where the road to the lodge would have to wait. While I waited for George to finish and return I had a good look at my guests.

They had introduced themselves as Paul and Jane with a last name I couldn't pronounce without practice, German. b*****r and s****r on a six month work/study visa. i.e., no spare money. They were also strikingly beautiful, apart from Jane's breasts it was hard to tell them apart. The same European features, blond hair and blue eyes and to me, small. All five foot two or three but the smiles, the way their faces lit up when I told them they could stay as my guests told me they were 'good' people.

It would only take another day to find out just how 'good' they were.

George arrived and after loading the grit for tomorrow and organizing the work for the next day, including ordering a new tie rod we piled into my truck and headed for home. From town to my place was twenty five miles while from town to the cabin was closer to thirty. From my place to the cabin was only five minutes by sk**oo through the old river bed. It made sense to drive straight home.

It was on the drive that Jane told me about their home, close to the border with Switzerland. Paul added how the both were experienced skiers with a lot of knowledge on mountain rescue. The talk seemed to flow from one to the other. Jane told me about an American couple they had become friends with last year and how this job had come up.

With my time in the services I had heard a lot of people murder the language so I was surprised how soothing it was to hear them speak English with just a hint of a German accent, the odd German word. In fact I hardly said anything, I knew Sue and Amy would make up any short fall, they loved new things, new people.

As it turned out we all arrived home at the same time to a welcome that couldn't have been better if we had planed it. I had just begun backing into the shed when Sue and Amy got airborne over the snow I had moved earlier. They weren't showing off, just having fun thinking dad wasn't home yet. I couldn't help but smile as they came to a halt, inches from the truck. The look on their faces was priceless.

"My daughters, the one in front is Sue, my eldest and the hellcat behind, that probably dared her to do that stunt is Amy”

Jane smiled while Paul, closer to the window, had his mouth open looking down, "Oh My”, I finished backing the truck as Sue turned the sk**oo then Amy helped push it into the shed. By the time I had got out of the truck the smile was gone, not that I was angry, shit, I had done sillier things as a boy, I just needed to be dad. It all went west as Sue jumped into my arms.

"Sorry daddy, we just wanted to get back in time to finish dinner, it's too cold in the cabin so your friends will have to sl**p here with us tonight”, a breath, "Hi, I'm Sue and this is Amy, where are your bags? Lets get inside where it's warm”

Paul looked absolutely flustered but Jane took it in her stride, "Guten Tag Sue, Amy, I am Jane and this is my b*****r Paul, we only brought our personal things, the rest are still in the car. Paul can get them”.

Deja Vu, it was only a second and it was because I was on the other side of the truck where I could see everybody but it had been there. It might be excused by Sue's use of the words 'sl**p together' or it might be that I was really turning into a dirty old man but my gut told me Paul and Jane were already sl**ping together. You know what I mean.

Now I was back at being dad, with a bit of fun, "Hold up you two, forgetting something, rule number one......”
"Sorry daddy”, Sue smiled, "You do the crime, you do the time, come on Amy, push.”

I grabbed my tote bag and gave the truck a quick check as Paul and Jane watched me, I could see the question, "The sk**oo stays fully tanked at all times, with a full tank I can get to town and back with some fuel to spare, just in case, also the next front will arrive tomorrow with more heavy snow, I'll use it to check the bulls later but the rule stands. Come on we'll freeze just standing here.”

The tank would only need topping up so the girls wouldn't be far behind us as I opened the door and was hit with a wall of heat. They must have banked the fire before they left, all three foot of the fire place was glowing.

A gasp from behind made me smile. Back in Germany, especially where they came from, a fire like this would be found in a one hundred bed hotel and would probably be gas anyway. What the hell, we had a forest out back and even if I only used the dead or trimmed trees we could keep the fire going for a while. A long while.

The second thing that hit me, made my mouth water, the smell of fresh bread. It was times like this that made me love my girls even more. My ex would have never thought of going the extra yard for guests, she had only thought about the extra money they brought in, ready cash money she could spend.

Sue and Amy had covered both bases, the cabin would be ready tomorrow and the house was ready now. Which reminded me, guests, "Well, welcome to our home, top floor, we have a guest bedroom with it's own bathroom, it has two beds or Jane can bunk with Sue, second floor, our bedrooms with another bathroom and down here, the kitchen, dinning and lounge. There is another bathroom toward the back.

This time it was Paul who spoke, Jane just stood there with her mouth open, looking around. "Mein Gott, so big, so....”

The rest was lost in a fit of laughter, giggles and a couple of swear words. Amy had Sue's jacket trapped over her head which meant Sue couldn't see and because they were running they crashed into a stationary Jane. Down they all went in a pile. Again I thought about six elbows and knees and smiled. Sue had her hand firmly against Jane's crotch.

Then, just as if somebody said 'go' it turned into a tickling match. Amid all of this were giggles, squeals and cries of enough until Amy called out for me to help her. She had ended up on the bottom.

Just as I bent over to help Amy I saw Paul move, I thought he was going to help his s****r get up. Wrong, Jane grabbed one arm and Sue the other. Down he went into the pile only this time the pile focused on him. I could have held off the three girls, Paul didn't stand a chance. Even Amy was back into it, riding his back like a cowboy, her hands under his jacket.

I stood back and watched, a warm happy feeling flowing through my mind. This was the first time in a long time the girls had had fun, just good old fashioned fun.
I decided to just leave them to it. I still had to check the bulls and their feed and quietly slipped out the door.

I was still smiling when I parked the sk**oo and topped up the tank, mainly the sight of Sue's hand between Jane's legs, partly because I had seen Paul going back inside with an arm load of wood but on the whole, I was happy, happy the girls were happy. I was also thinking about reorganizing my work day tomorrow.

I needed to check on our herd of Bison and take up another load of hay for them. We were one of a few ranchers that had enough land to breed the wild Bison and after the herd had become viable the extra cows and a few calves went back to the main herd at Yellowstone.

I could load a few extra bails of hay and everybody could ride on the trailer. It might be the only chance for Jane and Paul to get up close to a Bison, we could do that in the morning and I would still have time for a run into town later. I was thinking about how the cabin was stocked for food when I entered and...... stopped.

This had to be another's house. Jane and Sue were in the kitchen, Jane was stirring something in the big soup pot and singing along to a German song playing on the stereo. Paul and Amy were in front of the computer with what looked like a map of Germany. Paul was pointing at something and Amy was leaning close, real close and watching. The tang of tomato soup caught my nose, everything looked so.... normal.

Well, not everything. Jane's butt for one as she turned away. Low slung hipster jeans with the top of a thong showing and I was sure Sue had one of Amy's T shirts on, her budding breasts clearly showing she wasn't wearing a bra and Amy. I had never seen that top before, not here, not on her. I had seen one just like it, in a beer garden in Germany and the female wearing it had all the parts needed to show it of with the best effects. Amy's breasts couldn't push it out so it hung low, low enough for me to see her nipples while I was standing. I wondered what Paul could see?

Sue squealed when she saw me, "Daddy, we didn't just add water to the stew, Jane made home-made tomato soup to go with the bread and she's going to teach me how to make black bread. It's nearly ready so hurry up. Amy, set the table.”

Mom had panicked once when a whole bunch of lumberjacks had turned up and there wasn't enough food to go around, grandma took it all in her stride, 'Add another couple of cups of beans and a gallon of water to the stew and make some bread. There'll be enough' I hoped Sue had explained the joke to Jane.

The meal was great even if the tomato's were last seasons and out of the freezer and the deer, melt in your mouth tender. It did help the food bill that I could shoot extra deer to help the Bison's grazing area. What did surprise me was both Paul and Jane liked wine and not beer although we had both. Paul grinned when he tried to explain, diplomatically that we hadn't learnt how to make a good beer but our Californian wine was as good as the French.

Must have been good, in the end we went through three bottles, mind you we, sorry, Paul, Jane, Sue and Amy talked. Mainly I listened.

Sue and Amy talked about our life and the farm, the town and our little part of America while Paul and Jane talked about their life in Germany, how this was their first trip and how it had been either America or Italy. Their parents had come up with the extra cash to get them here when they got the job at the Lodge. Then it was my turn.

Although it had been thirteen years ago I had been to a few places, I had told the girls about most of them when they were younger, now I filled in some of the bits I had left out, especially about Amy's top. Amy blushed when Jane told her why the girls in the beer gardens were picked and turned red when I added the 'Hooter's' girls were the same. I saw and was surprised when Jane's eyes followed Amy's hands as she pulled out the top to gaze down at her nearly there tits. Paul's eyes weren't far behind.

Sue giggled until I told her how the girls in Tahiti just used coconut husks to cover their breasts when they danced the 'welcome'. All in all it was a great night with the promise of more. Much more as Jane leaned over to kiss my cheek, her breast pushing into my arm as she thanked us for putting them up at such short notice. She wasn't in a hurry to pull away either.

Paul was trying to be the gentleman, kissing the girls on their cheeks until Amy put him in his place, "Not like that, you've got to give us a hug.” He really wasn't ready as Amy jumped onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, tucking her head under his chin.

Once again I saw something, just the slightest nod from Jane as Paul looked at his s****r then pulled Amy closer. I knew how much Amy liked her hugs and smiled as Sue slid into my lap. It got even better as Jane wrapped both of us in her arms and squeezed, her head very close to Sue's breast.

There was a moment, a fraction of time that reinf***ed what I had been thinking. Jane put her hand on Sue's leg, right at the crotch when she stood and I saw her fingers flex. She was feeling my daughter and Sue knew it. I heard her intake of breath and felt her stiffen, shift her weight and open her legs. What the hell had happened when I had gone out earlier?

The next shock was from Sue. As Jane bent over to pick up some dishes, flashing her thong at me, Sue moved. She straddled my leg and grabbed Jane by the hips, pulling her back so she also straddled my leg and sat her firmly on it. "No, that's daddy's job, he washes and we dry. You're a guest.”

I was trying to get my head around one thing when the next one bit me. Jane could have stood up, could have done a number of things. What she did came out of left field. She slid backwards up my leg, pressing Sue against me, her hand rubbing up Sue's leg and down to my crotch. Now her fingers were flexing..... on my cock.

"Of course Fräulein , we must do as daddy commands.” The last was the sexiest whisper that I had ever heard finished with a not so subtle squeeze on my cock

It was only because Sue was so close to me that I heard her whispered reply, "Daddy doesn't command us, we tell him what to do and that's our cock you're holding, say please.”

I couldn't believe my daughter had just said that, no fucking way, and then Jane's response left me speechless, "Please, I'll share my b*****r.” If that wasn't bad enough I looked over at Paul and Amy. Paul was the fish out of water, his mouth open and gasping for air. Amy's hand was doing a number on his cock. I mean out in the open, his meat was firmly in her hand. When the fuck had that happened. And where was her top?

And my sweet angel, my darling daughter looked at me with her drop dead smile and so innocent face then asked me if she could play with her new toy.

I mean, WHAT THE FUCK, this morning they were unknown, sure, Sue Amy and I had engaged in a i****tuous relationship, not a problem, now. Jane smiled at Sue, "We could stay really warm tonight in the same bed if it's big enough. Paul really knows how to use his cock to please me. I know you would be happy while I took care of your daddy.... please.”

I could just about see the gears turning in Sue's head, setting up a night to remember. The answer, when it came, scared me. "It takes the two of us to keep daddy happy, you'll have to share and my pussy likes a female tongue, Paul will have to do double duty as well, have you taught him well?”

I was a bystander, a lump of meat to be bartered about with no concern. A plaything. Fuck was I happy. I loved my daughters like no other father and now, shit, I had another ready and willing to fuck me, share me. Once again I became Dad.

"Okay folks, this is how it happens. Sue, show Paul the air mattress and bring it down here then get some more fire wood. Amy, you and Jane clear the dishes and I'll wash. When everything's cleared away we'll play a game of truth or dare. No rules.”

It was one of those times that every parent loves, their c***dren doing exactly what they were told, without arguments. It was funny though, Sue wouldn't let Paul do up his jeans while Jane insisted I let my cock out, Amy agreed. Washing dishes had a whole different meaning as the girls had fun trying to play with my cock. Nipples kept getting in the way as well as everybody got topless and the suds flew.

Once again I had a warm feeling as the girls laughed, Sue took time out from drying dishes to help Amy chase Paul. Both of them trying to catch his cock rather than his body. Jane was no slouch when it came to playing with me. She had a very direct approach as I stood by the bench, that and her throaty whisper really turned me on. Telling me just what she was going to do to my cock.

It was really hard for me to smack her butt and tell her to behave when she turned to me and wiped her nipples across my chest. With a little girls voice she added, "Yes daddy.”


It started with Sue. Straight forward and to the point, "When did you fuck your b*****r?”

Jane had no problem answering, "Five years ago, right after Momma fucked him.”

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I had been prepared for just about anything but that was beyond anything, WTF. I waited, this was getting interesting.

Jane continued like it was an everyday thing, "Momma caught Paul showing his cock to me, I was sitting on the toilet as Paul got out of the shower, poor boy wasn't even hard but Momma grabbed his cock and waved it in front of me. It didn't take long until his cock was hard and Momma asked if I wanted it in my pussy. She said this is how you take a dick and shoved his cock into her cunt. Poor Paul, he didn't stand a chance Mommas such a control bitch. It was after Momma left that I asked if he wanted to do it with me. We've been having sex ever since and every now and then Momma joins us.”

Jane only took a moment to catch her breath then turned to Amy, "An when did you start playing naughty with your daddy?”

Amy was quiet for a minute, I was thinking this was just too much until she launched into her story. Once again I was put firmly in my place when it came out that both of my daughters had been thinking about playing with me for over a year. It had started with a 'milking' session and then they had seen me naked at the river last summer and compared my cock to the Bulls.

At the mention of a 'milking', Paul jumped in and asked what they meant. Amy tried to explain but Sue decided it would be easier to show him.

I just about laughed out loud thinking how this might strain international relations. A young German boy on his hands and knees being 'milked by a young American girl. Jane joined in the fun and the three of them tried different ways of masturbating his cock. Paul joined their fun by throwing his head back and letting out a loud 'MOOOOO'.

They stopped before things got 'out of hand' and we got comfortable again. Paul was kneeling with Sue and Amy sitting Indian fashion either side of him while Jane sat between my legs opposite them, lots of pussy on display. Amy continued with her story.

Once again I was impressed at how well the girls had adjusted, Jane giggled when the part about the toyboy came up and his relationship with his mother and I saw Paul nod his head and smile at his s****r. I got the feeling he wasn't impressed with his mothers use of his cock. His s****r however.... and my girls, he was stroking their breasts with his fingertips.

There was a silence when Amy finished so I leaned back to grab the bottle of wine, did it without thinking until the other two empty bottles caught my eye. Then I looked at the clock. I had opened the first bottle at five o'clock when we sat down to eat and now, nearly three hours later we had just about finished three bottles. Nobody was d***k. The heat from the roaring fire plus the heat from the conversation was helping the wine go down.

In a flash my mind went back, quite a few years, another night. Friends had come over and we had sat like this, sort of, we were dressed, but the warmth, the conversation. All so familiar. I didn't feel sad or even angry at my ex, I felt happy as I watched my daughters. They were starting memories of their own and I hoped they would be happy ones. Strange but good.
Yet again I saw or thought I saw the silent communication between b*****r and s****r, the slight nod, the smile, the increase of pressure as Jane leaned back against me pulling my hands to her breasts. It was Paul who spoke. "Your game of truth or dare is a little different than what we know but if I may, I dare my s****r to schlucken seine glied, to suck your dad's cock.”

There it was, out in the open. Sue let out a small gasp and Amy covered her mouth but couldn't cover her smile as Jane turned and knelt between my legs. Her hand cupped my balls as she looked up at me, her blue eyes seemed even brighter.


I didn't speak, couldn't speak. Just nodded. That was it. From a get together in front of the fire to a full orgy in a matter of seconds. Jane lowered her head and I remembered a little of the German I knew, mainly from the beer garden. Paul had said 'schlucken', translated that meant swallow not suck and Jane did just that. She swallowed my cock.

I had never experienced deep throat before, this was like comparing corde en bleu to slapping a steak on the BBQ, just a blowjob. Wow, I hoped Paul was not disappointed by what I knew and liked from my daughters. Looking at the tangle they made it didn't seem like it. Sue was sucking his cock while Amy had a breast stuck in his face.

Meanwhile, Jane was giving me lessons in sex and I was not to proud to not learn. I could feel her breasts swell as she took a deep breath then swallowed my cock again. The feeling of her throat as I slipped down was incredible. One more, I promised myself, just once more then I would show her I had a fairly good mouth as well.

In the end it was Jane that moved first, I got the last trip to heaven before she was heading for a 69, I couldn't wait but took a quick look at my daughters. Paul was flat on his back and Sue was guiding the last of his cock into her pussy, Amy hadn't wasted any time either. She was sitting on his face and by the smile, she was enjoying what he was doing.

Just before Jane lowered her pussy over my face she saw what I was looking at and smiled. "Aren't they beautiful, so young yet so open to pleasure. I do believe I will enjoy sucking Sue's pussy.... and Amy's of course. Now, what about my dessert?"

Jane's pussy was just like Sue's, no real lips although I believed she shaved to get the same bald look. The other difference was she was dripping and I couldn't wait to taste her juice. I inhaled the scent then drove my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. I heard her gasp before I felt my cock going back into her warm mouth.

It was no longer a deep throat, this was a sucking match and her clit came out to play. The vacuum of her mouth and the action of her tongue told me not to hold back, so I didn't. I cheated, I could take everything she had in my open mouth, my chin was putting pressure on her mound and my tongue was flicking her clit before driving between her lips and entering her vagina. Jane's juice coated my tongue, mouth and chin. I felt her thighs quiver as I sucked harder on her clit.

Then Jane cheated, I felt my balls being lifted, squeezed gently. Two could play at that game, I reached for her breasts, her nipples and squeezed them with the same pressure. I had found her magic button but she wasn't finished. My cock slid down her throat again as I sucked her clit hard.

It was like I had seen with her and Paul, the silent communication, her hand tightened on my balls, I squeezed harder on her nipples. Her tongue flicked the head of my cock and I pushed deeper into her vagina. I could feel my load building and I could see her thigh muscles shaking. We were both so close, so near.... then it happened.

This wasn't a lead and follow, we both moved at the same time. Jane plunged her head over my cock until her nose hit my balls as I sucked everything, clit and lips into my mouth until my nose hit her ass..... and we climaxed. I could feel her swallowing and I had to join her. Damn did she cum. This was another first as I swallowed again.

I was in Valhalla and I had a Valkyrie guiding me, a maiden of the Gods leading me home. I know it was silly but I felt so good, I also thought about something else. If she was a Maiden of the Gods would once be enough. I kept my tongue busy inside that sweet tunnel and waited.

I didn't have to wait long, about as long as Jane took to clean my cock then she lifted. I was still gently licking her as she propped herself up then really sat on my face. Again I used a mix of sucking her clit and probing her vagina. This time she was getting closer faster as again her thighs shook. Then she was there and I knew this was an orgasm, I even thought it was her first. Jane scared the shit out of me.....

Mein Gott... mein Gott... verdammt... ficken mich.....

….. and collapsed. What did I do? I listened to Sue's squeal as she climaxed as well.

Sue got to her first followed quickly by her b*****r and Amy. I couldn't do much other than look up from between her ass cheeks. She was lying on top of me, so sue me. I was worried though. Then it was a mixture of noises, crying, sobbing and laughing as Sue helped lift Jane. She immediately collapsed again on top of me, the right way around and I noticed tears in her eyes although she was smiling. She looked at Paul then Sue. I wasn't ready for what came next that's for sure.

"Can I marry your daddy?"

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