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Last weekend teen group fun

I had a trip planned over labor day weekend to see Kendra (my ex 19 yo gf) again...and of course Isaac (her 19 yo bf) would be joining us. The last couple times I'd gone, Kendra had left me a room key and I'd walked in on her and Isaac sucking and fucking. This time, I called Isaac and we agreed to meet in the hotel lobby and walk up together. We wanted to surprise her instead of walk in on her. Well, she had a surprise of her own waiting..when we walked in, she was already getting fucked and sucking on a big dick. They two guys were just switching when we walked in..Kendra loves pussy to mouth, and the taste of her own sweet pussy juice. She looked up at us and said "hah, gotcha...surprised?" Yes, and pleasantly :) We stripped and watched her getting fucked by some guy who looked barely 18, but his dick was even bigger than Isaac's...and he was 9". His cock was dripping with her saliva as he rammed her pussy doggy style while she sucked his buddy (who was not too shabby at 8 or 9 inches too). Apparently, she'd advertised on Craig's list for two big dicked guys to meet and fuck. Isaac and I were both stroking our cocks watching her get spit roasted, but the two guys knew that we were there to fuck her too. They were only too happy to let us in. Kendra loves group sex, and sucking and fucking multiple dicks. I went to her mouth and knelt down beside the dude there, and she sucked us both at the same time. She took his big dick all the way down, gagging, and then sucked us both at once. She crammed our cocks in her mouth, and a look of pure exstacy crossed her face. The guy who was fucking her pussy looked over and saw her mouth crammed with our cocks and moaned loudly. At that same moment, Isaac had mounted her above him, and rammed his cock in Kendra's pussy along with his. Four cocks....two in Kendra's pussy and two in her mouth. Just how she liked it! She sucked us furiously, sometimes taking one dick out and jacking it off while sucking on the other. Then she put our dicks together in her hand, and jacked us off as though we were one big cock....spitting on them and rubbing them. We had to stop or we would have cum right then....we all pulled our dicks out and took a rest.

Kendra made a call to Carly, her hot little 19 yo gf and asked her to join us. Carly arrived about a half hour later, and Isaac and I stripped her and bound her to the bed spread eagle with some ropes Kendra had bought with her. Kendra loved to whip Carly, it really got her pussy juices flowing. She took Isaac's belt of his pants, and smiled and went over to Carly. She whipped Carly's little tits really hard...while Isaac got between her legs and stuffed his 9" dick in her little hairless pussy. Her pussy was soaked...Kendra lashed her tits while Isaac pumped away....and the two other guys got on either side of her face and started to beat their cocks on her face and mouth. They tried cramming them in Carly's pouty little mouth, but she could only suck one at a time. Carly's tits were turning red, and everyone was really close to cumming from watching the lashing and Isaac fucking Carly. We untied Carly and her and Kendra started 69ing, licking each others swollen pussies until they were ready to squirt. then they got on their knees and each teen sucked two of our cocks. Isaac and I were in Kendra's mouth, and the other two guys in Carly's. They came first....we loved watching Carly gag as their big dicks exploded in her little mouth, and cum ran down her chin...she gobbled up all she could and sucked and rubbed the big dicks together. Isaac and I were next, and we thought Kendra would want to suck us off together, but she jammed our dicks in Carly's mouth and helped jack us off while Carly's cum covered lips sucked us. We both exploded all over Carly's face, and Kendra smiled as she hungrily licked up the cum....

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