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The Adventures of Buck and Rachel - continued

After I had brought Rachel to multiple orgasms with my tongue, mouth and fingers, she told me it was my turn. I stood up from the bed - I still had my boxers on, and Rachel knelt down in front of me - kissing my belly and pulling my shorts off - I was already hard. She gazed up on me and then took my cock in her hand, jerking it and then leaned over to run her tongue on the knob, slowly licking her way down the shaft. I was in heaven. She took my cock in her mouth, her lips sliding over it and she looked up at me, what a sight - my cock looked great in her mouth. She sucked it and licked it, and then she reached around and put her hands on my buttocks, pulling my cock deeper into her mouth. I reached for her head and pushed her towards me, making her go deeper - she pulled away and told me she loved me pushing her head down on my cock. She worked my cock with her mouth, licking it up and down, swallowing it and then worked her way down to my balls, taking each one in her mouth, licking and sucking on them. I thought I would burst - but knew I wouldn't - not yet.

Rachel took her mouth off my cock and told me to lay on the bed. She crawled over me, positioning herself to impale herself on my hard cock. She eased her wet pussy over my cock, it felt unbelievable. She started to rock up and down on it - her tits swaying in front of my face - I reached up and grabbed them, hungrily sucking on her nipples as she rode my cock, up and down and then grinding on it. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her up and down on it, until I rolled her over. I grabbed her long legs and put them up around my shoulders, as I thrust deep into her wet pussy. My balls slapped against her ass as I pounded into her, she urging me to go faster and deeper. I grabbed her ankles and moved her back even more, allowing me to pile drive into her. We were both in a wild lust.

After a while, I told her I wanted to do her from behind, so Rachel got on her hands and knees and I positioned my self behind her - her beautiful white ass and legs contrasting with the black thigh highs. I grabbed her hips and stuck my cock back inside her pussy - fucking her hard doggy style, her ass rippling with each thrust. I reached around to grab her breasts, and then pushed her head down on the bed, grabbing her arms and pulling them back, as I continued to pound her. She started to cum again, shuddering as she had another orgasm as I kept fucking her. She looked back at me and said she wanted my cock back in her mouth, she wanted my drink my cum.

I pulled out and she went for my cock, sucking it hard, up and down, using her tongue and lips until I could tell I was ready to cum. I felt my load shooting out of my cock, as she kept her mouth glued to my cock, sucking and swallowing all that I could give her, finally moving off my cock as she swallowed my load. She licked my cock dry and we kissed deeply.

It was more than I had every dreamed of - and Rachel and I would start a long series of sexual adventures....

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