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A story written for my lover

The builder was here again to give me a quote for my new bedroom. It was a hot sunny day again and id been lazing in front of the telly just in my shorts and t shirt. the door bell rang i went to answer it and there stood peter. he'd been to my house to do other work for me and He liked talking to me when he had his breaks and when finished for the day we'd share a bottle or two of wine. there seemed to be a spark between ius we went to the bedroom and i told him what i wanted. he wrote the notes down and nodded his head agreeing with my choices of colours and type of floorings. He then suggested that he could build me a new four poster style bed for me to go in my new room. Thoughts running through my head on what he could do to me on the bed right now.Stirred familiar feelings in my body i could feel my nipples hardenig under my bra and my heart rate had quickened slightly. Pete finished the measuring so i offered him something to drink and left him in my room to open a bottle of wine. and told him to join me when he was finished.

Into the kitchen i walked and opened a bottle of red wine because i know thats what he liked.we sat in the back garden and chatted for a while enjoying the sun shine on our skin. My eyes looking over his body from behind my sun glasses the khaki coloured shorts ending and showing of his mucular thighs then down to his heavy concrete covered boots lifting my eyes higher taking in his slim waist to his toned shoulders covered by a cut off t shirt showing his tattooed fore arms oh what would it feel like to have his arms wrapped around me i thought.Pete seemed different today so i asked him how his home life was, looking at me he answered fine apart from being single for too long and working too much. We finished the bottle peter drained his glass stood up and handed me the quote and said he was free in a couple of weeks to do the work. Writing it on my calendar i wondered could i get the time off so i could be around to see him do the work.

I showed pete to the door and went to my bedroom to have a shower i had badminton tonight. Loooking round my room my top drawer was open and i thinking i closed it and wondering if pete had been looking through it. At my underwear i pushed the thought aside and laid on my bed my tingling body craved for his touch i stripped of my t shirt and my shorts and caressed my body wishing it was petes hand s touching my body playing with my nipples through my bra my other hand sliding down over my stomach over my pierced belly button then lower into the top of my thong the heat in my body and the need i felt i slipped my finger into my wet folds and slid slowly over my engorged clit my body shook with the pleasure i slid my hand lower and pushed a finger into my hole i needed more and added another finger and thrust them inside my wet ness coating my fingers and building up the tension. thoughts of peter flashing through my mind i kept a steady pace but the need in me grew to strong slowly removing my fingers i reached for my trusty friend brought him to my lips and sucking it hard into my mouth coating it with saliva. I pulled my thong aside and slid the head over my slit then thrust it into my tight hole pushing slowly growing accustomed to its size once use to it i pulled it out and thrust it back in, my hand hitting my clit with each thrust a moan escaping my lips. i kept up the furious pace wanting to come and wishing that i wasnt alone my release came quickly and my body shook me biting my lip and squeesing my nipple too through my own orgasm and then just laying there my toy still inside me and my heart thumping in my chest.

Two weeks later

Peter was at the door right on time i'd been up for hours making sure the house was spotless and also getting my self ready for his arrival id had a shower and done my hair chosen my out fit carefully for today not two sexy or dressed up jusjust right for spending a day in the house. I opened the door and there he was shorts and t shirt and tool box in hand. A smile on his face as he looked me up and down. he went upstairs to start work shouting down to tell me he wanted to move the furniture into the bathroom so he had more space to move about. He worked for hours only stopping for a drink and a chat or was it to flirt? We ate lunch together and just chatted he went back to work and i wondered would i have to make a move or would peter make the first move.

He called me upstairs saying he wanted me to help him for a minute.He was laid on his back fiddling with the radiator he asked for his spanner and i saw it on the window sill and handed it to him i was stood over his body and if he wanted to he could see straight up my skirt. i stood there looking out the window wondring what mould happen when i felt both of his hands touch my ankles and slide slowly up my calves and onto my thighs, stopping when he got to my stocking tops and the bare skin above squeesing gently then moving higher onto my curvy rear which was encased in a pair of delicate fuchsia pink satin french knickers. A moan escaped my lips he carresed my curves with a gently pressure.

his hands moved to the front and across my thighs slolwy inching higher till he was caressing my panty covered sex my warmth showing my arousel he rubbed me gently i pushed onto his fingers wanting more one hand slipped round to cup my bum and the other slowly crept inside the leg of my panties and found my trimmed crotch his finger rubbed the full length exploring my skin his finger slipped into my slit spreading the wet ness along the its lengh playing with my clit till i needed more he pushed a thick finger into me his thumb keeping pressure on my clit . my body bucked against his hand he kept his fingers still and i rocked my body against his hand slowly briging my self closer to the pinnacle of my pleasure i wanted to come i wanted him to make me come my tempo increased my body trembling and convulsing gripping his fingers tighter the pleasure wracked my body as i came on his fingers a deep moan escaping my lips.

I sat down on his chest my legs too week to hold my body my skirt covering his face i pulled it back and saw his smiling face looking deep into my eyes. pulling my skirt back over his face i felt his hot breath on my my body as he kissed my thighs moving higher my body shifted so he we could both get what we needed pressing my soaked panties onto his mouth i felt his tongue licking at me his tongue stood contrasing with the soft mate riallicking all my juices from me i reached down and pulled my knickers to the side showing him what i wanted. he licked me enjoying my taste caressing my sex with his tongue sucking my clit into his mouth then thrusting his tongue into me. reaching back finding his hard member in his shorts. God he was big i wanted it where his face was now.

Removing him from his shorts i caressed his length a glisten of pre cum on the head, rubbing my finger into it and brought it to my lipsand tasted his seed. lifting off his face i moved my body lower needed him now sliding my self along his length coating him i raised my body and positioned him against my hole and slowly enveloped him till are pubic hair was joined together. settled there enjoying the feeling of being so filled.peter sat up and and reached up to pull me close for a kiss ''oh what a kiss'' petes hands moved to my shirt and pulled the material apart buttons ripping exposing my chest to his eyes i pulled my bra cups down showing him all my body. i moved on his cock causing him to groan his arms wrapped around me and his mouth kissing my breasts i slowly slid up his cock and thrust down hard i bounced again and again an orgasm building inside me his ahands caressing my back and tweaking my nipples i came with all the pleasure his body was giving me.

Laying there our sweaty bodies sticking together him still deep inside me my pussy slowly gripping him.He rolled me over and laid me on the floor my body pinned under him . He slowly pulled out then thrust hard into me causing me to moan again he thrust again and again he kept this pace his own orgasm approaching he pounded me hard and our orgasms built at the same rate each thrust bringing us closer my legs wrapped around his waist. he came moaning into my shoulder and gently biting my neck this set me off aswell and i came and came again.He calapsed on my body and brought his lips to mine for a kiss.

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