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Anna 1 Anna and the Firemen

---- Anna 1: Anna and the Firemen ----

Trying to ignore the pain in my back, I gently squeezed Anna's firm buttocks. Such a sweet ass she had, a great handful to hold on to, to pull her against my penetrating cock as she rode me to an orgasm.

She'd collapsed on my body now, her heavy breathing still puffing against my neck as she cuddled in post-orgasmic satisfaction. I squeezed her buttocks again. Let her get her breath back, and then maybe I could roll her over, throw her legs over my shoulders, and fuck her hard and fast for my own climax!

I heard a faint noise and open my eyes. Looking down over Anna's naked back, a figure standing by the open bedroom door. It was Allan, my stepson, staring at me and his almost naked wife, frowning! Oh god, how damned long has he been there? Damn it, my cock's still buried in her cunt! Can he see that? Think fast, can't deny everything, maybe I can deny the worst of it.

I pushed Anna's limp body to one side and felt her roll away as my cock, hopefully out of Allan's sight, pulled out of her cunt. I turned in the other direction, sat on the edge of the bed, and looked back at Allan. Anna stirred, "Ohhh .. that was so good ..." Shut up, shut up woman! I thought to myself. She suddenly gasped as she saw her husband standing at the door. "Oh! Oh, Allan!"

"So," Allan said in a surprisingly calm voice. "What's been going on here?"

Anna started to say something in a quavering voice, but I interrupted. "I'll explain. It's my fault, I guess."

I related a fairly truthful, fairly accurate description of what brought the two of us to that somewhat compromising position. Well, the true story up to a point, the point where I had sex with her.

Anna had called me over to her house in the middle of the day to show me something. She was evasive over the phone, but insistent. She seemed upset and strained, and I was concerned, so I hurried right over. When the door opened, I saw my attractive young daughter-in-law, dressed in a regular houserobe, some makeup, her hair looking nice .. and wearing what looked to be black stockings and high heels! This caught my attention: it's the middle of a weekday, that's a strange sort of outfit. She's usually in casual clothing, a sweat suit, maybe even shorts and a T-shirt if the weather's warm enough. She's a very attractive young woman, in excellent form, a thirty'ish stay at home mom who keeps fit, a great figure, has a fine sense of style, and the exotic looks and slight accent of her Swedish upbringing.

"What can I do for you, Anna?" I said as she closed the door. I noticed her turn the deadlock, another oddity. "You seemed, I don't know, worried? Upset? Is something wrong?"

She turned back to me, avoiding my eyes, her hands fiddling with her robe's securing belt. I saw her blushing now and wonder what is going on! Then, unexpectedly, to my total surprise, she pulled her robe open and dropped it to the floor!

I stared at the young woman standing before me. She was virtually naked! Well, not quite: she was wearing a very revealing gauzy flesh-colored brassiere, but not just any brassiere: its nipple area was cut away and her pert pink nipples and aurolae were jutting through the center of each cup! My eyes roamed down: skin, skin, skin, what a wonderful flat belly and small waist .. and there, over swelling naked hips, a black garter belt (totally crotchless) holding up long black stockings! I couldn't tear my eyes off her body: my god, her cunt was cleanly shaven, her swollen labia absolutely perfectly formed and beautiful! Great slim thighs and legs inside those black stockings, sexy strap-on high heels, and my eyes were dragged back to that wonderful naked cunt.

I took a deep breath and somehow focused back on Anna's face, wondering what was going on. She'd never come on to me before, and this blatant sexual display was surprising.

Trying not to stutter, I decided to say something. "Anna, my dear, you're absolutely beautiful. I've never seen a sexier woman! Your body, that great outfit: wonderful! But .. why ...?"

She finally looked at me, blushing furiously, and then burst into tears and threw her arms around me. "Oh Fritz, I'm so unhappy! Allan doesn't pay any attention to me, he doesn't think I'm sexy any more! I just want to feel like I can still excite him but he just doesn't care! I was hoping this new underwear might make a difference, but I just know it won't! But I had to show it to someone, I had to ask someone what to do! And I could always talk with you, and I knew you were very wise with .. you know, sex things?"

She buried her face in my neck and hugged me closer. I was very aware of the feel of her breasts pressing against me, her naked groin pressing against mine, and I could feel an erection building in my trousers. I was pretty sure she could too, but that didn't keep her from pressing even closer.

"So I was hoping .. you could tell me if this sort of thing would maybe .. maybe get Allan's attention, maybe get him interested in me?"

Collecting myself, I put my arms around my almost naked young daughter-in-law. "Dear, you would get a dead man's attention! I absolutely guarantee no one could look better, look sexier, look hotter than you do right now! That brassiere, the garter belt, the stockings ..." I didn't mention the wonderfully sexy nipples and shaven cunt.

Sniffing, she peered up at me. "Do you think so? Do you think it looks good on me? Do you .. do you think I'm sexy?"

I reassured her and kissed her full lips gently, trying to be fatherly. To my surprise she kissed me back passionately, pressing her body even tighter against mine. "Oh, I'm SO glad! I've just been feeling like I'm getting old and fat and Allan doesn't love me any more!" Then she starts to cry again. "But .. even if you think I look good, that's just because .. just because you haven't been married to me for so long. You haven't been having plain old boring sex with me until you don't even want to go to bed with me any more!"

I assured her I'd gladly go to bed with her in an instant, she was amazingly sexy and erotic and attractive. I rubbed my groin against hers to ensure she felt my erection. "Can't you tell? You are very very exciting!"

"Really? You'd .. you'd have sex with me? Right now?"

Okay, there was a question. Might as well be honest.

"Yes .. right now. I'd have sex with you any time, any where! But especially right now."

She looked up into my face and then kissed me passionately. Reaching down between us, she used both hands to grasp and fondle my cock and testicles inside my trousers. Then her hands came up and fumbled as she found and unbuckled my belt.

"Prove it!" she whispered as she pulled at my pants buttons. "Do what you say!"

I looked around: we were standing right inside the front door, the couch didn't look very inviting, and there were the stairs up to the bedrooms.

"Not here!" I responded. "Upstairs! Take me to your bed if that's what you want me to do!"

Anna nodded. "All right, I will take you to my bed, and you will take your pants off, and you will fuck me!" She looked up at me, took a deep breath, and then said "No, I will fuck you! This is my idea. If you think I am sexy, I will do all the work. Yes!"

She grabbed my hand and, turning, led me up the stairs. I enjoyed the great view of her firm rounded naked buttocks beneath the sexy black garter belt as she excitedly climbed the steps, with the bottom tips of her labia peeping between her thighs at every step.

We entered her bedroom and walked over to the big double bed, where she turned and stood, obviously waiting for me. I finished unbuttoning and dropped my pants, and I saw her eyes drop to my groin. I'm only an average size, not particularly impressive; but I was excited, fully erect, and the jutting cock apparently was exactly what she wanted to see! I saw her pink tongue dart out to lick her full lips; yes, that was what she wanted!

I kicked off my Topsider shoes and didn't even bother with removing my polo shirt. I lay down on the bed and reached out a hand for her. I saw she had turned to the bed and her eyes were still on my cock. A moment's hesitation, and then she climbed onto the bed and straddled my hips. Committed now, she reached down, grasped my cock with one hand, and slid me up to her crotch as she moved slightly forward to center her cunt over me. Then she slowly lowered herself, pushing my cockhead against and then between those wonderful bulging labia. I watched avidly as my cockhead slid inside her cunt, deeper, deeper. She gasped with pleasure as she finally lowered herself completely down on me, my cock completely buried inside her, her labia spread tight around its shaft and now pressing against my groin hair.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh ..." she sighed with pleasure. "Oh Fritz, your cock feels so good! I want that so much!" Then she began a slow pelvic rocking, moving my cock inside her, more groans and sighs of pleasure. I reached down with one hand and found her clitoris with my fingertip, and began gently stroking and rubbing it. That brought even louder groans of pleasure from the now thoroughly excited Anna.

Minutes of this exquisite sex passed as she became more and more excited. I remained rock hard but knew there wasn't enough friction and action in this sort of movement to get me to a climax. Well, that was all right too: I was never in a hurry for a climax, especially at my age. The longer I could last, the better it would be for the woman; I'd always known that. But it was unlikely I'd ever have more than one climax, one ejaculation, during a sex session any more, so I was in no hurry. I'd enjoy every moment of this wonderful fuck, every second of the view of this beautiful passionate woman pleasuring herself, fucking herself on top of me.

Anna was very excited now. I could hear her Swedish accent thicken as she began to plead, to herself as much as to me, "Ohhhh Fritz .. fuck me, oh yes, be hard in me, move your cock in me, oh I love your cock, oh fuck me fuck me fuck me!" She'd changed her posture now and was moving her entire pelvis up and down, no longer just rocking, as she took my cock in full deep strokes, moving its full length with every stroke, its bulging cockhead visible as it spread her labia even wider, and then it and the complete veined cock shaft burying completely inside her hot wet cunt!

Her voice trailed off into a long groan and her body arched and then convulsed. She pushed her groin hard against me, pushing my cock as deeply inside her as it could get. Then she shuddered, shivered, jerking again and again as she orgasmed, a long almost painful-sounding "Ahhhhhhhh!" with each hard jerk. I felt her vagina relaxing inside, opening, slackening around my cock, the obvious indication of a full orgasm.

A few last quivers, one long shaky gasp, and Anna collapsed down onto me, her face pressed against my neck, her gasping breath puffing against my skin.


"That's when I saw you standing there."

Allan was still looking at me, still frowning. "And what should I do, now that I've caught my own stepfather fucking my wife?"

I glanced at Anna, sitting up on the bed beside me, her hand over her mouth in shock and embarrassment. She'd made no attempt to hide her nakedness; I wouldn't have expected her to really: this was her husband looking at her after all. I had to admit she still looked great with that sexy brassiere and stockings, her face flushed from her excitement, her full lips even more swollen with passion.

"I wasn't fucking her," I told Allan, the first part of The Big Lie. "She wanted to show me this underwear, God knows why me, but it was going to be for you! She thought she wasn't sexy any more and needed some reassurance, I guess. And she was crying, you know I can't stand to see a woman cry! So what was I supposed to do?"

He looked at me, frowning dubiously. "You mean to tell me she's lying on top of you, you're both half-naked. I heard her moaning, I know what it sounds like when she's coming, and that's just what was happening! What do you mean, you weren't fucking her!"

"I wasn't! She was rubbing against me, that's what got her off." That was the rest of The Big Lie, but who knows, maybe he'd buy it if it was convincing enough. And maybe he hadn't seen my cock buried in her from where he was standing, the way we were laying.

"And she was as much upset as she was horny! I was just trying to stop her crying and make her feel better about herself. So she was feeling sorry for herself, and I guess she was horny, and so maybe she got a little excited ..." That was the understatement of the year, but hang in there, I told myself. Stick to the story.

I frowned at him, we needed a distraction here, a change of subject, something that did NOT include whether or not I was fucking his wife! "I didn't even know you two were having problems. This is a hell of a way to find out!" I figured what the hell, maybe I could turn this thing around, make it all HIS fault!

I saw Allan's expression change a little; was that guilt I saw? Embarrassment?

"We're not having any problems," he insisted. "There's nothing wrong with us." He looked over at his wife and I saw his eyes run up and down her body. "Hell, we just had sex last night!"

Anna interjected, almost crying again, "Yes, you fucked me! But you didn't make love to me, not like you used to. You didn't even care if I was having fun or getting excited, you just fucked me, just one time too! You came in me and rolled over and went to sl**p! And I lay there wanting more fucking, more play, I want to have orgasm too, not just you!" Her Swedish accent was coming back again. "But no, you just fuck and go to sl**p! That's all you ever do any more! Not like before, when you'd want to play games and do things and make me talk dirty and play with me and get me really excited so I'd just let you ..."

She glanced at me, blushed bright red, and covered her mouth again.

Her husband looked at her. Aggravation obvious in his voice, he responded, "That was, what ten, twelve years ago? How long did you expect the honeymoon to last, honey? I still love you, I still enjoy sex with you. But I'm not all that young any more either, and everyone knows the excitement always wears off after a while." He glanced at me, "Of course I guess age doesn't matter to a woman when it comes to a new cock, right?"

I ignored the shot and hung in with my defense, and a newly conceived counterattack. Time to get less vulnerable here, reduce the obvious evidence. There was nothing I could do about Anna's erotic exciting appearance, but I could look less guilty. Reaching down, I picked my trousers up from the floor and pulled them up my legs. Then, standing, I buttoned, zipped, buckleed. I felt more secure anyway, and a lot less guilty.

"Look, I was mostly cooperating just to stop Anna crying, and maybe to get her feeling a little better about herself. It just started out hugging, and okay, I'll admit things got a little out of hand." Again, working on the understatement of the year award. "But I was already wondering how I could maybe help. I certainly don't want to HURT your marriage! So I was just letting her work herself out and calm down a little, I didn't think she was so excited she was going to orgasm anyway. But that would've been okay; she would have relaxed and then I was going to talk to her about how to get some romance, some excitement back into the marriage." I looked at him again. "You wouldn't have minded me doing that, now would you? Trying to make your marriage better? Because Anna is obviously very unhappy!"

Allan looked at me seriously, his frown going away. "No, I guess not. That certainly wouldn't hurt."

He straightened up, glanced at his wife, and I saw his eyes run up and down her almost-naked body. Obviously she'd gotten his attention again, even if it was during sex with another man. He said to Anna, "You just stay right here. I want to talk with Fritz for a few minutes, in private." I saw Anna nod as she remained sitting quietly on the edge of the bed. She was particularly sexy in that pose, and I didn't regret for an instant my indiscretion. Damn it, if only we hadn't gotten caught!

Stepping back through the door into the hallway, Allan gestured for me to join him. We walked a few paces down the hall, and then he said in a low voice. "Look, you may not have such a bad idea there. I guess I have been getting careless with Anna, not paying attention to her as I should. It's easy to do after all these years, you know?" He looked at me, concern now obvious in his eyes. "I mean, I still love her, she's a wonderful mother, a GREAT wife! And she's still a good lay too! I mean, just look at her!" He gestured down the hall toward the bedroom. "She stays in shape, her body is still great, her tits aren't sagging a bit! And my god, she can fuck when she's in the mood! I mean, she can REALLY get turned on! But I guess you got a taste of that already, didn't you?" He gave me a manly sort of leer.

I blinked at this bluntly frank talk from my stepson, especially about his own wife. Obviously he wa trying to sell me on something here; there was no other reason he'd talk like that. He was pitching his wife to me like he'd be selling a car .. or pimping a whore!

"So, sure, talk with her," he continued. "Try to see what she's looking for, what ideas you can come up with that will get her feeling better, sexier, happier. Let me know, and I'll try to do more of what she expects. I don't want her unhappy either. I mean, I may fool around a little ..." Yeah, sure, a lot I'd bet, from what I've heard, but I kept paying attention. "But I really do want her to be happy."

He looked at me hard again. "And I certainly don't want her going around in sexy underwear fucking everybody she knows!"

He glanced back down the hallway to ensure we were alone, and then said even more quietly, "Look, I don't know if you were fucking her back there before I came in or not. And to be frank, I don't really care, okay? I don't even know if I'm the only guy to ever fuck her, I mean, she was young when I met her, but she just seemed awfully .. experienced, you know? I never asked, she never really said, and that doesn't matter either! I want you to help me out with this, get Anna happy again, with herself, with her sex life, whatever.

"And look .. if you do .. if you do have to make out with her, fuck her even .. well, that's okay. Whatever it takes. Maybe getting attention from someone else will ease some of the tensions, okay? Make her more confident, feeling better about herself. Every woman likes attention! So if it meant you and her, you know, getting it on .. that would be just fine with me." He nodded and patted me on the shoulder.

"Well," I responded, "I'm not as young as I used to be. But I think the world of Anna, and I'll have to agree with you: she's one hell of a sexy woman! So I'll do what I can. But .. well, thirty years ago I could make her cry for mercy, wear her totally OUT! Now .. well, like I said, I'm not young."

Allan nodded sympathetically. "I'm realistic too. I know you're no young stud. But whatever you can do. Maybe just the attention, being admired, feeling desirable, maybe that's all she needs. And if it takes more ..."

He took a breath and looks away. "Hell, even if you have to get help, okay? I don't need to know the details, just so it's all .. discreet, you know? I wouldn't want to be embarrassed by people knowing my wife was fucking around on me! I know I can trust you, you're private as hell anyway! But if there's some other guy helping .. well, you just have to be careful, okay?"

"Whatever it takes, just help yourself, you decide what to do. I don't mind, really, do anything with her you want, anything at all. I know you won't hurt her, you're a decent guy, and I can depend on you to make sure she doesn't get hurt either, to stay in charge, keep everything under control. We've been married a long time and I know I can trust her, really, in the end. This is just a passing thing and I know we can work it out. I guess I just need to get out of some bad habits, and make sure she's getting what she needs." He lifted an eyebrow and grinned wryly, "Even if it's your cock that's giving it to her!"

I nodded, trying not to show my relief. This was working out even better than I thought! I didn't really expect him to fall for The Big Lie. I thought he'd at the very best run me off, never to darken his door again. But instead I'm being given an invitation to make his wife happy .. and pretty much to help myself to her!

"Well, I'm off again, work to do, I had just dropped by to get some papers" he said. He nodded toward the bedroom. "Go on back there, talk with her, maybe play around a little, and see if you can't work out some good ways to help her have more fun. Maybe if you get inventive and sexy enough, I may end up enjoying this as much as she does, eh? If she comes up with any new kinky stuff that I might enjoy, be sure to tell her to let me know. Oh .. and if there are any expenses, you know if you want to take her out or buy things, sexy clothing or sex toys or porn movies or stuff .. just let me know and I'll reimburse you."

How typical .. handing the problem, even one with his wife's sexual satisfaction and self-esteem, off to someone else. I decided not to let my conscience bother me any more.

Allan started to walk away and then turned back. "Oh .. I just realized. The k**s: they'll be coming back from school pretty soon, around three. I don't want them knowing anything about this, okay? They need to think this is a perfectly normal happy f****y, daddy, mommy, grandpop. I wouldn't want them to come home and find you running around the house with your dick sticking out!"

He grinned at me to take out the sting. "And I certainly wouldn't want them to come home and find their mom being fucked on the couch by some Mexican gardener!"

I nodded. "Yep, goes without saying. I hate Mexican gardeners anyway!" We exchanged grins, so manly, so worldly. On a whim, I threw in a wild pitch: "So I guess having the entire high school football team pull a train on Anna every Thursday after practice is right out then?"

He stared at me for a second, startled, and then grinned as he got the crude joke. "Well .. if it takes the football team .. whatever! But no, really, that would hardly be discreet, right? Damned k**s would blab to everybody about Anna the Great Local MILF! They'd be handing around pictures and videos and everything! Nope, couldn't have that!"

He continued, "Plus I really don't think she would need a gang bang to keep her satisfied. She seemed to be doing fine just rubbing her cunt up against you, right?"

I kept a straight face, wondering if he really did buy that "just rubbing against me" story. But no matter: I'd just been given a ticket to heaven here, a heaven waiting naked in the bedroom right down the hall!

"But if a gang bang every week is what it takes to keep her happy, why I'm sure you're just the guy to arrange it, right?" Another cheery crude comment, such a guy this was. What a buddy, what a husband.

Waving, he went down the stairs, and I returned to Anna's bedroom. She was still sitting on the bed, concern obvious on her face.

"What happened?" she asked. "What did you talk about? Is Allan angry? What is he going to do?"

I reassured her everything was fine, and that she and I were going to work on finding new ways to make her feel better, sexier, happier. Rediscover games and fun sex things her husband and she would enjoy. Or, if nothing else, things SHE would enjoy!

And she and I were going to try them all out first!

She stared at me. "What? You and I? We are going to ..." Her eyes glanced over to the bed where she'd just been so rewardingly fucked (and so embarrassingly caught) and then back to me, her face flushing again.

I nodded. "That's right. And Allan knows it, and it's all right with him. He wants you to be happy, he wants to find out what he's forgotten, what he's been missing for so long. But he mostly wants you to feel good, feel sexy, have fun. Lots of fun. And he's asked me to help." I decided not to tell her about my open ticket to bring in other studs to fuck her. That would come later. I needed to test her limits before we opened her up to everything I have in mind.

"So first .. you need to tell me about some of those games and things you and Allan did when you were first together! It sounds like you were having quite a good time then!"

I interrupted myself, glanced at her, looked down at her body, and casually reached out and squeezed her full breast in its sexy gauze brassiere. Running my thumb over her hardening nipple, I leaned forward and ran my tongue up her cleavage and then nuzzled and kissed her soft neck. Sighing with pleasure, she pushed her breast out against my hand, turning her head away with her eyes closed to enjoy even more the feel of my lips on her.

"No, I have a better idea. First I'm going to get undressed and take you to bed and see just how wonderful an orgasm I can give you! We have an hour before your k**s come home from school, and that's going to be for you and me! And this time I'm going to take my time and fuck you thoroughly, so you can feel me coming inside you as well!"

I smiled at her staring eyes, and nodded with satisfaction as I saw her tongue dart out and lick her full lips. She arched her back a little, pushing her breasts toward me even more, obviously welcoming my touch.

"I may not be so young any more, but I'm as good once as I ever was!" I smiled lecherously, unfastened my trousers and let them drop to the floor again. My cock, fully erect, jutted out satisfactorily and I saw her eyes drop to stare at it. My hunger for her was obvious, and it was apparently just what she needed! She took a deep breath and then reached out with both hands to cup my balls and grasp my cock shaft. Then, moaning softly, she leaned forward and took me right into her full wet mouth! What a great surprise! It wasn't what I actually needed; I was hard and ready to fuck her already. But apparently it was what SHE needed, her way of accepting and welcoming our new relationship. Yes, I thought this was going to work out well indeed: the lovely and horny Anna was going to be MY sexual creature, to enjoy as I will. For an old man, this was truly a dream come true!

I stood and enjoyed her expert sucking for a minute or so. Then I pulled away, pushed her back onto the bed, and lowered my face between her thighs, nibbling on her labia, then tweaking and spreading them with my fingers and thumbs, running my tongue up her sensitive inner lips and tissues. Puff, puff, puff of breath into her hot sensitive cunt depths, smiling as she gasped at each exquisite sensation. And then twitching my tongue up, higher up her cunt until it found and excited her clitoris. I heard Anna gasp with pleasure as her hands reached down to hold my head in place, wanting, demanding pleasure and excitement.

Yes, first her orgasm, a long exciting one, holding her right at the peak for as long as possible, continuing the unbearable stimulation as she came over and over again, refusing to obey as she begged me to stop, holding down her convulsing body as she came, forcing her to another and yet another orgasmic peak! Then a fast heavy fucking, totally selfish, totally for my own pleasure, to get me off.

THEN we would talk about her sexy good times.


I coordinated with four men I know who were neighborhood firemen. They were late 20's to early 30's, very fit and muscular, good friends. They shared a bachelor pad, and were notorious for their parties and sexual activities. Their specialty was bringing in one or two especially horny women, sharing amongst themselves, and recording the entire episode. They also had a great collection of sex toys to add to the fun.

They were immediately attracted by the appeal of this young MILF that I described. "You're sure she's okay with what's going to happen, right?" one of them asked. "I mean, we're all going to be fucking her, one or two at a time, but over and over again. Heavy sex, nothing painful, nothing extreme, but some serious fucking! Lots of toys, bondage, our special sex swing. Anal, oral, anything goes, right?"

I nodded. "I'll have to double-check with her, but I'm pretty sure she's experienced with all that and ready for whatever you got." I looked at them curiously. "The sex swing? What's that?"

They exchanged grins. "Oh, you'll see. It's not anything bad, it won't hurt her, just kind of exotic. An imagination turn-on more than anything else. But we always get a kick out of it. In fact I'm pretty sure she'll love it; all the other ladies always have."

I met with the sexy Anna that afternoon, and the two of us played out one of the fun games she and Allan used to enjoy when they were first together. It involved for her mild bondage (arms and wrists bound behind her, a ring gag, a blindfold) and a pretend **** by a stranger. I'd bought the necessary accessories, all stocked in a special sex toy drawer in her bedroom, and the unwrapping and trying out of those were the highlights of several fun days. She'd shown them to her husband, wanting to share her new adventures and sexual excitement with him, but Allan hadn't really shown any interest in playing with them and her. But she and I got regular use of them, much to her pleasure and mine.

The pretend fear (despite the silliness of the r****g stranger scenario) was wildly exciting to her; she loved being blindfolded, being able to imagine whoever she wanted as her irresistable assailant; and she came repeatedly as I slowly and thoroughly stimulated her with mouth, dildo, and finally cock.

Sated, my cum settling in her thoroughly fucked cunt, I freed her and we lay on the bed relaxing. She'd get up and clean herself soon, but she liked holding my cum inside her, knowing it was there deep in her cunt, the affirmation of how sexy and exciting and satisfying she was.

I decided to double-check her experience and likes before I told her about the upcoming date with my four friends.

"So, tell me, I know you like oral sex, you're a GREAT cock sucker!" I smiled at her and stroked her naked hip, and she smiled with satisfaction at the compliment. She enjoyed any compliments about her sexual abilities, the cruder the better I was surprised to find, and I kept them coming. "How are you for anal sex? I know you seem to enjoy it when I slide a finger inside your ass when we're having sex. But can you take a man's cock there?"

She nodded and smiled, "Of course! That was one of the things my mother had my s****rs and me practice when we were young. Sex in a cunt, a woman need not practice. But with the ass, it is better to know what to expect, how to relax, you know. Especially if the woman wants to really enjoy it. Except if you want to fuck me in the ass, I should wash myself out, have a .. what's the word?"

"Enema?" I responded, still digesting the comment about her mother.

"Yes, enema. I always want to do an enema before sex in the ass, so everything is nice and clean there, you know?"

She smiled and squeezed my hand where I'd slid it up to cup her breast.

"Actually I usually do an enema anyway when I know you will be coming to see me. You know, just in case? Even if just with the finger. It is good to always have everything ready, my mother said that too."

I asked her about this mother business; this sounded like more than the usual mother-daughter relationship. It turned out her mother at one point in her younger years was a professional courtesan, a high class hooker. She finally married one of her customers, but passed on as much of her professional talents and knowledge to her three daughters as she could.

"She wasn't .. I don't mean to be insulting but .. your mother was only telling you these things? She wasn't .. a madam for you, bring customers to you and your s****rs, was she?"

Anna wasn't insulted at all; she took the possible insult surprisingly calmly. "Oh no, she wanted for us never to have to be prostitutes, whores like that. She didn't mind it so much, but for us she wanted better. So she made sure we had education, good schools, meet nice people. Not like when she grew up, poor, no opportunity except with her body.

"But she would explain everything to us, show us on our bodies what things were, how things worked. And she had pictures in dirty books she kept from years before, from where she worked, that our father always enjoyed and had her keep. So these pictures showed us what men would do with women, positions, games. And other important things, how to have fun with sex, how not to get pregnant usually, how to have men do what you want. She was a very good teacher. My s****rs were older and to them some things made more sense. But I always paid attention, and sometimes my s****rs would tell me more things from their own experiences. So I was very happy knowing these things. Not every young girl gets such an education!"

That was a fact! I marveled again at how wonderfully fortunate my stepson was to have found this woman: young, smart, a good mother, and now it seems with all the talents and knowledge, and attitude even, of a high-class hooker!

"So you're okay with anal sex, that's good. You seem to enjoy being tied up, so that's okay. And I expect you'll be okay with dildos or vibrators, right? I mean, you take almost my whole fist with no discomfort at all!"

Anna frowned, "I like dildos although I gave ours away when Allan quit using them to play with me. I didn't want the c***dren to find them, you know, not when they're so young anyway. I never had a vibrator although my girlfriends tell me about them, how exciting they can be."

I nodded, making a mental note to hit Allan up for some more money to buy some new toys for his wife and him to enjoy. After she and I checked them out first, of course. If he wanted to be bothered, of course.

I ran through the things I knew about the four friends and their bachelor pad; anything else I needed to worry about? I still wondered about that sex swing thing, but we'd just have to wait and see about that. I decided to go ahead and break the news to Anna now.

"We're going to a party Friday night," I told her, continuing to fondle her full breast.

"A party? We? You mean you and Allan and me?"

"Nooo .. just you and me. Friday night, you know, when Allan usually goes out to party with his friends? I figured you'd enjoy a night out. A special night." I grinned lecherously at her.

"Special? What makes it special?" She looked thoughtful, distracted, going into mother mode. "I'd have to get a babysitter ..."

"Special because you're going be meeting four friends of mine who are going to play some new games, some ways to make you feel pretty and attractive and desirable and sexy and ..." I paused.

Anna looked back at me, interested now. "And ...?"

"And very very very thoroughly fucked!" I grinned at her. "Because these four friends of mine are all young, in really good shape, they're all firemen you know. And they really like sharing a girl, taking turns with her, playing lots of games with her. Games I know you're going to like!"

Anna stared at me. "Four? Four men!" But I saw her tongue dart out to lip her full lips, and I felt her nipple harden beneath my palm as I continued to fondle her breast.

"Yep, and you're gonna love it. Oh, I'll be there to watch and learn ..." She looked at me suspiciously. "But it's mostly going to be a night especially for you!"

I felt her shift her body over against mine, rubbing her other breast against me. "Okay," she responded, "so let us say we go to this party. And I meet these four friends of yours. And I do what they want. You say it will be good for me?"

"Oh yes, very very good." I glanced at her and squeezed her breast harder. "I'll make you a bet: if you don't agree it was the most fun evening ever for you, I'll .. I'll be your slave for one whole afternoon, to do anything you want!"

She grinned lecherously; we'd played that game before too, and she could be very imaginative and demanding indeed!

"Well, all right then, we will go. If you think your four firemen will enjoy me, they can have me all they want! Four men is not so many!" I heard her trying to be confident, but I saw just the hint of concern in her eyes. She was game enough though, no question. And trusting in me too, I know.

She nodded and continued, "And it serves Allan right for going out with his friends and not coming with us. I wonder what he would think if he had to watch me at this party .. with four men all wanting me! Doing whatever they want with me!" She rubbed up against me harder, and I felt her hand slide down my stomach toward my groin.

"But what should I wear?" she asked. Always the woman.

"Ah, well I've thought about that too. You're going in a special outfit. Remember that leopard spot dress you wore to that party you had with your other Swedish girlfriends?"

"THAT dress!?" she gasped. "It made me .. it made me look like a cheap whore! I mean, it was so short! And so thin! You could see EVERYTHING through it! And it barely covered my nipples, but it didn't matter because you could see them too! I know all the men at the party loved it, but it was .. making me to be a slut!"

She paused and then glanced at me flirtingly. "But .. if you think that's the right dress, I still have it. I will wear it, just for you. And your firemen." She slid her fingertips teasingly over my cock. "Do you remember that party? That dress?"

I laughed. "Oh yes, I remember that too well! But your girlfriends were all just as bad! And you girls had arranged the whole thing! None of their husbands knew anything about it; neither did Allan! When I came over for that drink he offered me, I thought I'd walked into the cheapest whorehouse in town! Except all the women were way too beautiful for that, of course!" I smiled at her and tweaked her nipple lightly.

"Well, that was one different party, for sure," she smiled. "I don't know where my friends got their dresses. And nobody was wearing any underwear, and everyone had too much makeup and cheap perfume! And we would sit down and not be like ladies, and the husbands across the room could look up our skirts and see EVERYTHING! I thought the men were going to go crazy, especially when all the girls wanted to dance with the other husbands and not with their own!" She glanced at me mischievously. "And you too! I saw you look up my dress, I knew you were looking at my cunt! And my breasts and nipples too! You were looking the whole time!"

I grinned, "Well, sure, I figured that's what you wanted, that's why you girls all wore those dresses! But it wasn't just you; I was looking at all the women! You think you were the only sexy woman there?" I kissed her pout away. "Although I thought you were the only woman there I would never be able to fuck, since you were my daughter-in-law and all. I'm so glad that turned out untrue." I squeezed her breast again and kissed her harder.

I remembered something else about the outrageous party. "And then you made Allan announce that any couple alone in the kitchen could play with each other's bodies all they wanted!"

Anna smiled. "Yes, that was a good idea. I think every man there played with my breasts that night." She gave me a hard look. "And you! You lifted my dress and squeezed my bottom! With both hands! And someone, who was it? Oh yes, Ingrid and Joanna's husband came in and he was already playing with her tits, you remember Ingrid with the really big tits? She was wearing that yellow dress, very short, with the top cut all the way down to her waist, so her tits were almost falling out! And they saw me standing there with my dress up around my waist and no panties and you squeezing my bottom! That was very embarrassing!"

Anna squeezed my cock shaft hard as a reminder of my evil ways.

"I thought maybe you would move your hand around to my front, to, you know, play with my cunt? Since I was so naked and my dress was so short. But you just squeezed my bottom." She shrugged, beginning to slowly stroke my hardening cock. "But that's okay I think, it would just make you horny to feel my cunt and you would not be able to fuck me either."

I grinned shamelessly. "Yes, that was quite a party. I thought of staying, because I wondered what was going to happen with all that fondling and those naughty dresses. All the husbands were very turned on, you know! And I think the girls too!"

"That's true," Anna nodded. "It was a very exciting evening, an excellent idea. Even if we were all very much without shame."

"I wondered as I was leaving, if perhaps it was going to go, you know, beyond dancing and fondling and kissing? To maybe beds and people swinging?"

"Swinging? Oh, you mean where husband and wife exchange with others? No, I didn't think that would happen. Swedish girls like to have plenty of fun and excitement, to be without shame sometimes can be very fun, but they don't just let anyone have sex with them, you know." She glanced at me coyly, her hand still stroking my cock. "Unless it is special occasion. Or special anyones."

I slid my hand down and gave Anna's shaven cunt a friendly stroke and squeeze. "That's true .. just fathers-in-law and horny firemen. And, if I tie you up to this bed, the next six teenage boys who come down the street?" I slid several fingers into her thoroughly wet cunt as I stroked her hardened clitoris with my thumb. I heard Anna gasp at the sudden sensation and knew she was going to want sex very very soon.

"Well, no one went to bed with anyone else at that party. Although I'll bet not all made it home without something happening in the car that night! I know Allan was very excited, we had the best sex in a long time that night, he wanted to do everything! And over and over too!" She pouted, "I'll bet he was thinking about that slut Ingrid and her yellow dress. I think he DID have sex with her one day, not that day but another day. But no matter, that was a very good party. And I DO like that dress, even if it is too thin and too small and shows my tits and cunt to everyone. I am glad I kept it."

She smiled at the memory. "So, you want me to wear THAT dress, you say? Okay, I will, no matter how cheap it makes me look. You think the firemen will like it?"

"Oh yeah, they'll like it fine, for the short time it will still be on you!" I grinned at her. "And so will all the people down at the coffee shop when we stop there on the way to the party!"

Anna gasped. "You're taking me to the coffee shop? The one you took me to when we went shopping for toys? In public? In that dress? They will all think I am a whore!"

I grinned lecherously. "Yep, that's right. A very expensive whore at that! And I'll have another surprise for you too."

"What surprise?" she frowned.

"You'll see. Friday. Meanwhile ..."

I rolled her over and kissed my way from her full soft lips down to her breast, nibbled and sucked on a nipple in passing, and then continued down her soft stomach. "But for now .. it's time for you to enjoy yourself!"


Friday I arrived early evening to pick Anna up for the party. Allan had already left, on his way to his favorite bar and his night out with his own friends. I knew he wouldn't be back until very late, and he'd sl**p on the couch rather than come to bed smelling like drink (and possibly perfume). So the evening belonged to Anna and me, and her four new friends, and all their toys and games and entertainment!

But first I had to introduce her to my own little surprise.

It was a butterfly vibrator, designed to hang down from a waistband to clamp on to and vibrate against her clitoris. But this one was integrated with a vibrating butt plug. That plug held the batteries for both vibrator motors. I'd modified it with three large beads spaced along the power cord connecting the butt plug battery case and the butterfly. The beads should let me draw the power cord tight, ensuring the butterfly stays pressed snugly against Anna's clitoris .. and they'd slide inside her labia to give her even more stimulation as she moved and walked.

I caught her coming out of the shower and complimented her beautiful body and freshly shaven cunt. I had to admit she kept herself in great shape, and again envied Allan for his luck in catching her.

Following her into the bedroom, I showed her the new toys. She didn't recognize either. First I lubricated the butt plug and then gently slid it into her anus. She gasped slightly at the exciting sensation. "You'll be wearing that inside you, at least until we get to the party."

She nodded. "It's .. kind of exciting," her eyes distant as her mind focused on the new sensation in her anus.

"That's the idea. But this part is the real important part." I held the butterfly up. I fastened the thin waistband around her slim waist and pulled it down low over her hips until the butterfly was positioned exactly over her clitoris. I pressed it down in place and heard her gasp as the gentle touch of the device rubbed against her sensitive clit.

I then took up the slack in the thin power cord leading to the butt plug, sliding the cord through the beads until it drew up tight. I pulled it even tighter and then slid the beads between her swollen labia and into her cunt. Checking the position of the butterfly on her clitoris, I made minute adjustments until the fit was perfect. Then I had her stand and walk around, to ensure it stayed exactly where I wanted it.

She looked down and wiggleed the butterfly slightly. "Well, that's all right I guess, those little beads feel very nice inside my lips .. but what is it for?"

I grinned at her. "Go ahead and get your makeup on, and then that cute dress. Oh, you can wear that garter belt and your black stockings, but no bra, no panties, okay? The stockings are great though."

She continued her preparation for the party, enjoying my admiring eyes as I watched her naked body in the dressing table mirror as she put on her makeup. I smiled to see her add a touch of red lipstick to her nipples and gently work it around over her areola, highlighting their normal pink tone. She enjoyed displaying herself as she put on the sheer black stockings and smoothed them on her shapely legs. Then the garter belt, snugly around her full hips with the old-fashioned straps running down to the top of the stockings. High heels came next, and I complimented her on how amazingly sexy she was, almost naked like that. She smiled with pleasure, and then shook out the thin leopard dress. Pulling it over her head, she tugged on the sheer fabric to adjust it over her hips and breasts. It was as I remembered: cut very low to almost expose her already hard nipples; the bosom tight, lifting her breasts up and together to emphasize their fullness and cleavage.

And it was short, even shorter than I remembered. She'd have to be very careful when she sat and rose, not to flash her naked cunt to everyone in sight. Her full round bottom was covered, barely ... but I'd have to check her when she gets out of the car to ensure the dress skirt hadn't ridden up to expose her completely.

Finished, she gave her hair a few final strokes, did that pursing lip thing that women do with fresh lipstick, and then turned around for my inspection.

"Do I look okay?" she asked, eyes gleaming with excitement. I smiled in return, "Fantastic! Absolutely wonderful!"

"So, we are ready to go then? Do you think your friends will approve? Oh, that's right, you said the coffee shop! I hope I don't get arrested! They arrest prostitutes in this country, don't they?" She grinned at me wickedly. "You will have to be my, my pimp and bail me out of jail? After all the police have had their way with me? I hope you have lots of money, becauseI haven't made any yet today!" She batted her eyes sexily and pouted at me.

"Actually, thanks for reminding me. That WILL be part of our game, you see. Tonight, when we get to my friends' apartment. They know you're a friend of mine, a lady, not really a whore. But I want you to pretend you ARE a whore that I've brought to them to enjoy. And they're going to pretend they're hiring you from me, that they'll be paying for you."

She looked at me doubtfully. "I don't know .. why should I be a whore?"

"Because you're going to do everything they want, they're going to help themselves and have their pleasure with you. Oh, they'll make sure you have pleasure too. But they will want you, desire you, find you exciting and sexy. And they'll PAY for their pleasure!"

"Well, all right." She nodded, smiling again. "I will be YOUR whore, and you can sell me to anyone you want! And I will do anything they want too! You'll see!" She cupped one full breast through her slinky dress and pouted at me again. "I will be the best whore you know! So when we are done and I have fucked all those men, and you take their money, you will be happy with me? You won't beat me, okay? Or bring a dog to fuck me, just to be mean?"

I grinned back at her, a new game! And a dog? Did she just suggest sex with a dog? Where did THAT come from! I'd have to remember this for later.

I then revealed my final surprise. "Just one last thing: that butt plug inside you?" She nodded and I saw her eyes go distant as she put her attention back on her new intruder. "It has a switch, and I have to turn it on."

"A switch? But but ... " My hand slid up beneath her dress, across her buttock, down between the cheeks, and my middle fingertip located the pressure switch set into the protruding top of the anal vibrator. I pressed lightly and felt the vibration begin.

"What is the switch .. Aaaaaahhhhh!" Her voice disappeared in a gasp as the two most sensitive parts of her sexual anatomy were hit with the vibration.

I could only imagine what it must feel to Anna: the plug vibrating in her tight sensitive anus, and butterfly vibrating against her ever-so-sensitive clitoris!

"Ohhhhh .. ohhhhhh .. oh my my my!" Her gasp turned into moans of pleasure and I saw her face flush with pleasure. Her nipples were now rock-hard, sticking up through the thin fabric of her dress and I saw her work her knees together and then apart again as she reacted to the tremendous sexual stimulation. Her hands moved down toward her groin, snatched away, stroked her stocking-covered thighs, and reached toward her groin again. I sympathised with her: all that sexual stimulation, and nothing she could do about it but accept it!

"Ohhhh .. I never felt anything like ..." She sagged a little as her knees gave way, and I quickly caught her and sat her down on the bed. I was having second thoughts now; I had no idea her body would respond to the double vibration like this, and I wondered if I'd be able to take her out in public at all with those things running.

I saw her hand run down between her slim thighs, pulling her dress up away from her groin. She instinctively started to rub her clitoris, and then moaned even louder as her finger encountered the vibrating butterfly and pressed it harder against the sensitive clit.

I saw her hips begin to buck, lifting up. Moaning, her fingers now moved down to her cunt, pushed past the beads and power cord running up the inside of her labia, and deep into her cunt. She began a hard deep stroking, finger-fucking herself with all four fingers, moaning louder and louder, and then suddenly her entire body bucked and shuddered as she exploded in a massive orgasm!

She lay there, quivering, her hips rotating to shift her cunt upwards as if she were fucking. Her fingers slowly stroked in and out of her cunt as she slowly recovered from the sexual blast. I leaned over and kissed her lips, stroking her breast through the fabric, helping her come down from the orgasm. But I knew the vibrators were still running, as her moans continued.

I lifted her to her feet and she tottered a second on her high heels. She bent over slightly, moaning as a fresh burst of vibration sends sexual arousal through her body.

"Oh my god! I cannot go out .. I cannot go into that coffee shop! I feel like I am coming any second! What do I do if I have an orgasm on the sidewalk or in the shop? Can you not turn it off for now, until maybe after the coffee shop, okay? Please? Ooooooooohhhhh" Her eyes closed as a fresh surge of stimulation rushed through her.

I shook my head. "No, sweetheart. You're going to stay stimulated, excited from now until the first cock pushes into you! Just think about something else, something besides your tingling ass, your clit driving you crazy!"

I grinned as she flushed and pushed against me with a moan of excitement, just the reminder being enough to set her off again.

"Can you .. can you fuck me just once? Now? Hard? It helped, my fingers, when I came just then, it was like fucking, only not so good I know. Maybe if you fuck me?"

"No, no fucking," I responded. "You need to stay nice and fresh for your new friends. Tell you what though ..." I smiled at her and squeezed her full bottom. "I'll finger you in the car before we go into the coffee shop, okay? Let you have an orgasm in the car?"

She nodded and I saw her take a breath, trying to gain control of her betraying body. "All right .. you promise? In the car? I can do it then, I can take this feeling for a little while. I think."

She looked at me. "I don't know if you are good or bad with this. It feels SO good, oh my god it is good. But then you make me go out like this, embarrass me. But yet I think I like it too, I like being so excited. Even if people see me come, I think not so bad, orgasm is SO good with this thing you put on me!" She shivered and I saw her hands reach, and then pull away again from her groin. "I want SO bad for somebody to fuck me!" She looked at me again and her eyes widened. "Hah! THAT is why you do this! You want me ready to fuck anybody, true?"

I grinned at the overwrought woman. "Well, maybe. I like you excited, and I'll bet your new friends will like it too. So all you have to do is get there, okay?"

"Okay, I try. But if I come again, I will be very noisy and you too will be embarrassed!"

I managed to get her down into the car although she was still very distracted by the sensations. Movement seems to help a little, but once in the car she couldn't sit still. She finally masturbated herself to one orgasm as I was driving, her moans and gasps of pleasure very distracting in traffic. Then, as promised, I fondled and fingered her thoroughly in the coffee shop parking lot, and she orgasmed again. She was even louder this time, getting curious stares from several nearby customers.

She seemed wobbly and her face was very flushed going into the coffee shop. She was very distracted as I had a cup of coffee (she didn't touch hers), and almost needed my arm to steady her as we return to the car. Several patrons in the shop stared at her while we were in the shop, and the waitress looked at Anna curiously. However I think that was from the low neckline, with her hard nipples bulging through the thin cloth, and her heavy makeup than anything else.

Back in the car, Anna pressed the butterfly against her clit and came again in another heavy lengthy orgasm. I'd never seen her orgasm last so long; her body convulsed and trembled, her moans so long and loud. The vibrators were obviously a tremendous hit! And she hadn't asked again for them to be turned off; obviously the pleasure was exquisite but tolerable, now that she'd seen she could actually move and behave fairly normally if she concentrates.

We drove to the large apartment where my four friends lived. One opened the door and his eyes widened in pleasure as he saw the very attractive woman with me. Another friend came up behind him and the two of them ran their eyes up and down Anna's voluptuous body and its tight dress. They hadn't noticed her total distraction just yet, her attention still focused on her tingling anus and clitoris as the tormenting vibration continued to stimulate her.

"Hello boys," I greeted them cheerily. I wrapped my arm around Anna and pushed her forward through the door. "Here's the baggage I promised. Her name is Anna, and I can guarantee you she's all hot to trot!"

I'd already briefed them on the little whore game, and they were grinning with delight. These guys loved games, they really did.

"Okay, she looks good enough, I guess. Cute enough. Nice tits too!" I'd also told them all how much she enjoyed compliments and flattery, even the crudest kind.

"Yeah," the other man said. "But she'd better really put out! We're paying you plenty!"

"Not to worry guys, little Anna here is gonna do anything you want, and twice over!" I reached around her and blatantly fondled her breast in front of the staring men. "Right, honey? They're all gonna fuck you any way they want, do anything they want, right?"

It was obvious that Anna was almost overcome again with the pleasure of her vibrators; her attention was totally inward and certainly not on what we're saying. But my hand squeezing her breast finally got her attention.

"What? What" she said in a dazed voice. The two men looked at me curiously, a hint of worry in their expression. What was going on, I could feel them wondering. Was she d**gged?

"Agree with me," I whispered to her. "I promised these guys you were a real expert, a professional, you could do anything! Tell them they can do anything they want!"

"Uhhhh ..." I could feel her trembling, quivering, another orgasm obviously on the way. "Yes, yes, you can do anything you vant! All of you, no matter! I vill make you all happy!" Her accent was coming through as she became more distracted.

I looked around: the apartment was as I remembered, but picked up nicely, clean, ready for company. And there were my four friends, but dressed for the occasion!

One of the two who opened the door was in a kind of kilt; not a full Scottish woolen kilt, just something lighter that resembled one. He was barechested, well muscled, barefoot.

The second was wearing a long sort of house jacket, not as long as a bathrobe but well below the hips. It was tied around the waist, and I suspected he was nude beneath it. He was wearing house slippers.

The third had a form-fitting strapped undershirt that showed off his physique nicely. Glancing down, I see he was wearing what look like Speedos, a tight brief bathing suit. There was the expected bulge of his testicles in the front, but a huge bulge slanting up to one side! It took me a second to realize that it was his cock at almost full erection. If he'd positioned it vertically, half its shaft would have stuck out of the top of the Speedo! So that was why he slanted it to the side, I thought. Clever. Glancing at the size of that cock, I thought to myself, oh lordy, wasn't Anna going to love that! He must be twice as long as I was, and thick as my wrist!

The fourth wore a full length house robe. Not a simple terrycloth bathrobe, but the fancier English dressing room style. Again, I suspected he was naked underneath; and a bulge at groin level seemed to indicate he approved of my voluptuous daughter-in-law.

Anna sagged against me and moans again. The man nearest me looked concerned and reached out to support her, his professional instincts overcoming his horny expectations. "What's wrong? Is she all right?"

I gave them all a reassuringly evil grin and pulled her dress up above her waist, revealing the waistband and the glittering little butterfly covering her clit.

"A butterfly vibrator. And another in a buttplug! They've both been running since we left the house."

The men all smiled in relief, their eyes fixed on Anna's cleanly shaven groin. The garter belt and stockings were sexier than ever, given the nude flesh and the swollen labia that so clearly signaled her sexuality. Her labia were gleaming from the lubrication seeping from her overexcited cunt.

"I think she's come maybe three or four times since we left. I wanted to be sure she was all nice and warmed up for you guys, but maybe I got a little carried away?"

The nearest two hurried forward to grab Anna by the arms, holding her up as she moaned with pleasure.

"Ohhhh .. ohhhhhh god .. I have to come again!" she gasped.

"How about you turn these things off now?" one of the men suggested. "They'll just be in the way. I think we can keep her aroused from here on, okay?"

I nodded in agreement. Sliding my hand back behind the beautiful woman, I located the butt plug button again with my finger, and a gentle push shut it off. I grasped the butt plug's top and gently wiggled it until it slid out of her tightly clenched anus. Anna moaned again and sighed as her anus tightened up to its normal size. I then unclipped the waist band and gently pulled the butterfly and the beaded power cord from her cunt.

I lowered her dress and looked again at the four staring men, back in my pimp/procurer role again. "There's just the four of you gonna be fucking her, right? I gotta charge more if there's more than four of you."

"Yeah, yeah, just us four." The men were all distracted now, their eyes fixed on the luscious Anna, their immediate memory of her delicious shaven cunt locked in their brains.

I grinned and pushed her gently toward the eagerly waiting men.

"Anna, here are your new friends. Now you just let them introduce themselves, play nice, have a good time. I'm just going to get a beer and then watch, all right?"

I looked at the group as they continued to stare dumbly at the sexy woman standing before them. "Go ahead, strip her! You can see I didn't sell you any old bag. She's prime stuff!"

Grinning, two of the men pulled Anna's dress over her head, leaving her standing virtually nude before their lecherous stares. The sight of her almost naked body being revealed, as she extended her arms over her head and the dress came off, was truly stunning. The four men seemed to agree. As she stood there naked, their hungry eyes were locked on her body, their mouths gaping.

Anna blushed and I saw her hands start to lift instinctively to cover her naked breasts and groin. But she collected herself, looked at the four large, partially dressed men, with eagerness and desire apparent in every inch of their bearing. She glanced back at me nervously, licked her lips again, and nodded. I saw her take a deep breath; she lifted her head and threw her shoulders back, sticking her chest out, proudly lifting and displaying her full hard-nippled breasts for all to see.

"I'm Anna! So you vant to play wiz me? You know how to show innocent Svedish girl a good time, yah?" I grinned at her pulling the "innocent Svedish girl" bit; that too was one of our games. These guys were going to be at her mercy. But looking at them, knowing their history and experience .. maybe not. They had their own agenda for my young luscious little lady, and it wouldn't be with her in control!

I waved to everyone (with no one paying the least bit of attention to me now), went into the kitchen, opened myself a bottle of beer (the guys at least knew to buy good beer for their guests), and returned to the living room.

The four men were standing closely around the almost naked Anna, erotically sexy in her black stockings, garter belt and high heels. Obviously they'd already started to get to know her: one was kissing her hard, her full lips pressed against his, with one hand holding her head firmly, and the other hand squeezing one of her breasts.

The kilted man had discarded the kilt. Moving behind the unresisting Anna, he was sliding his long rock-hard cock up between her legs and buttocks. I saw her instinctively bend forward a little, spreading her legs farther apart to ease his entrance into her obviously eagerly waiting cunt.

The other two were already waiting at the door to one of the bedrooms, apparently the location of the bed they'd be using to pleasure the more than willing Anna. They were both naked now, the housecoat and Speedo gone, with long thick cocks jutting out unashamedly.

I heard Anna moan around the mouth covering hers. The man kissing her pulled away but held her breast firmly as he smiled into her face. "Ah, you like his cock in you, do you? Does it feel, good?"

"Ahhhhh .. oh yes, it's so good, so big ..." I heard Anna moan in response. Her eyes were closed, her head tilted back, as she centered her attention on the cock now buried completely inside her.

Grinning, the man in front released her breast, reached down, and placed his hands beneath her thighs to lift her feet off the ground. Turning around, he carried her toward the bedroom, with his partner supporting her body with his arms beneath hers, his cock still firmly planted in her cunt.

I watched while they pulled her off the first penetrating cock. One man placed a firm cushion in the center of the bed, and then they lifted the unresisting Anna onto the bed, laying her down on her back with her buttocks centered on the pillow. With one man holding her hands and arms extended together over her head, her legs spread wide and held by two of the others, she was helplessly spreadeagled on the bed, open and vulnerable, perfectly positioned for their first round of pleasure. The fourth man then climbed onto the bed, moved into a pushup position over her waiting body, and guided his stiff cock into her waiting cunt. He fucked her hard, heavily, deeply for a minute or so, and then pulled out and climbed off to change places with one of the waiting men, who then took his turn the exact same way. The object for each man was obviously not to fuck her to his own climax, but to simply get her well and thoroughly fucked by all of them, no relief, no pause, no consideration. Totally, helplessly fucked.

Anna seemed to love this treatment: she was moaning almost continuously, her heavy breathing in time with the muscled bodies and cocks hammering against and into her. I heard her come once during the heavy repeated fucking, but the men gave her no respite and continued their taking of turns until she came a second time, even more noisily. It didn't seem to be them having a specific number of turns; the key event seemed to be her second orgasm. So they WERE thinking of her, I concluded, and were adjusting their activities to match her own excitement and pleasure! Well, that was good, I thought. I wouldn't have any problem with the four men just fucking her to total exhaustion for their own pleasure; I was quite sure my exciteable daughter-in-law would get a good deal of satisfaction and pleasure from that. But this plan would be even more fulfilling for her.

I noticed that there was a large plastic squeeze bottle with some sort of creamy white lotion inside. The men were using the lotion regularly to lubricate their cocks prior to fucking the helpless Anna. I was curious about this: she was obviously excited, she'd never had a problem with a dry cunt, so it was not a lack of her normal lubricant. This must be something special. I knew my friends were organized and methodical, but I didn't realize they'd have a special lotion or lubricant prepared. I made a mental note to ask about that later. If my plans for Anna added other forms of heavy sex, I might need something special like that to protect her from chafing.

The four men continued to show their planning and organization for which they were so infamous. The last man pulled out of Anna and climbed off her body. She was still orgasming, and I heard her moan as she instinctively pusheed her hips up, seeking the cock that had just penetrated and satisfied her so thoroughly. Her cunt must be achingly empty at this moment, I thought, after the many minutes of unrelenting cock strokes.

Then, in an obviously rehearsed move, they released Anna (who was still moaning and gasping from her heavy orgasm), turned her over, pulled out and discarded the cushion that previously elevated her hips, and positioned her in a doggie position, face and chest against the bed, rump high, with knees spread wide to open her cunt to the maximum.

Seeming to know her fondness for restraint, one of the men moved her arms behind her back and held them there, keeping her motionless and helpless, while the other three men each took a turn heavily fucking her helplessly open cunt from behind. One of them then took over holding her arms, while the fourth man took his own turn fucking her.

Again, each man fucked her for a minute or so, long hard deep strokes, their balls slapping noisily against her labia as they buried themselves to the hilt in her hot wet cunt. But apparently none of them were the least bit ready to fuck to a climax. They obviously planned to stretch this evening out! And again, each man thoroughly coated his stiff cock with the white lotion before penetrating Anna's cunt. I noticed that Anna was able to take all four of the men's large cocks completely inside her with no problem at all; I was a bit surprised at this, since at least one of the men was easily 8 or 10 inches long. I imagined the lotion may be helping too.

Anna came twice more during the heavy fucking, and was obviously enjoying every minute of it. The men didn't even hesitate when she convulsed in an orgasm; they just kept right on hammering into her body, carrying her from one orgasmic plateau right into another.

When the fourth man pulled away from his second session doggy style, the men relaxed. One rolled her back over on her back and slowly stroked her body and breasts as he kissed her deeply. More kisses on her breasts, and then he pulled away to let her rest for a minute. I was pleased to see the display of affection and attention, letting the poor heavily fucked woman know that she was not just a cunt or body for their pleasure.

"We have a little toy we like our women to enjoy," one said softly to Anna. Dazed by the heavy sex and stimulation, she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"What? A toy? What is it?" she mumbled.

Smiling, the men lifted her to her feet. One handed her a tall glass of water. "Would you like a beer? Something to drink?" Anna drank thirstily from the glass, cold water spilling from her lips and dribbling down her naked chest. "No no, this is good, so good!" She spread her knees and looked down at her groin. With two hands she spread her labia and peered at her sensitive inner tissues. Then she looked up at the nearest man and smiled. "I was wondering .. you have fucked me so hard, so long, I wondered if I would be all sore, raw inside. But everything is okay." She smiled and looked over at me. "I mean, I like all the fucking, really, so many wonderful hard cocks, so much orgasms. But I am never fucked so much before, so long. So I worry a little." She smiled at the other waiting men. "I think you enjoy me okay? You like fucking me? I am doing okay?"

The men all grinned and nodded. "Oh yeah, baby .. you're doing just great!" one responded happily.

When Anna was done with the water, they led her down the hall to another room. I tagged along, curious as to what would be coming next.

I then saw what they hinted about: the sex swing. It was a set of straps coming from hooks firmly set in the ceiling. Two broad straps hung like swing seats at about waist height.

Anna stared at the slings, not understanding what they were for. Smiling reassuringly, one man stepped forward with two soft ropes. The men gently pulled her arms behind her and again bound them firmly, wrapping the rope around her wrists and then just below the elbows to hold her arms helplessly behind her. Another showed her a ring gag.

"I know what that is," Anna said to him. "I have that used on me before. That, and a ball, and one that looks like a short cock. I think I like the ring best, it is easiest to breath when I am very excited." I raised an eyebrow: I'd bought her a ring and ball gag, but didn't have any cock gag in the inventory. I wondered where she'd encountered that! Well, no matter.

Nodding, he gently positioned it in front of her mouth. Obediently Anna dropped her jaw wide and he placed the ring gag inside her mouth, holding it open. He then fastened the rubber strap around her head and beneath her hair to hold it in place. I was always amazed to see how sexy she looked with her mouth gaping open like that. Of course I realized the consequence of that open mouth, the uncontrollable drooling, wasn't so attractive as I was sure we were going to see shortly, but it certainly was sexy!

With her gagged, bound and helpless, the men carefully lifted Anna's body from the ground. They moved the two slings down over her body until one sling was positioned across her upper chest and under her arms, just above her full breasts that were now hanging straight down. The lower sling was positioned across her hips. They carefully lifted Anna's feet, still with their high heels and stockings, and pulled them up toward the supporting ropes where two soft straps wrapped around her ankles to hold her legs high and her knees spread wide.

Another man used a soft strap across Anna's forehead to lift her face up, bending her head backwards. He then fastened that strap to the two vertical ropes, holding her face upward. I could already see saliva drooling from her mouth since she was unable to swallow with the ring gag within her teeth extending her jaw and holding her mouth gaping.

One man squatted beneath her swinging body and gently secured a nipple clip to each of her nipples, adjusting each screw tightener until it was firmly attached. I saw that a chain led down from each nipple clip to a central ring where a heavy fishing weight was attached; the weight pulled Anna's nipples down, stretching her full breasts almost into cones, adding to the helpless, almost obscene position poor Anna was now in.

I saw one of the men had a video camera out and was filming the entire operation. He slowly turned her hanging body, getting full slow views of her naked body in all its helplessness as the other three continued to add to her predicament. I realized I've seen the camera before, recording all of the sexual activities Anna had been experiencing. I'd just been concentrating on her and the men fucking her, and hadn't noticed the camera before. The men were unhurried as they carefully prepared the helpless Anna in her sling, giving the cameraman all the time he needed for long loving views of her naked body.

One man brought out two plastic objects; I recognized them as large paper clamps, each about two inches long. Carefully he positioned a clamp on each of her labia, their size spreading their pressure along most of the length of her sensitive cunt lips. He then pulled each outward, pulling her labia open, exposing the pink inner tissues and labia minor inside her already well-fucked cunt. A long piece of common duct tape held them out toward her thighs, spreading her cunt open for all to admire.

I began to realize: Anna's position was sexy and bizarre as could be .. but not very practical when it came to actually fucking her! Even with her ankles pulled high and her knees spread, a man just couldn't get in there to reach her cunt with his cock! Was this just for the recording? For her mental state? For the men to admire her total sexual submission and helpnessness? This was not a practical sexual position, for their pleasure or hers!

But then one of the men brought out the final toy and I realized how it this was going to play out. He had a sturdy pole perhaps 4 or 5 feet long .. and mounted on one end was the largest, thickest dildo I'd ever seen in my life! It was huge, easily a foot or more long, maybe three inches in diameter, obscenely black, a bloated head, exaggerated veins, ribs ringing the bottom third of its length, and a rim at the very bottom.

Carrying it and the bottle of white lotion around to Anna's face, he smiled as he liberally lubricated the huge plastic cock in front of her staring eyes. I could see Anna's eyes bulge as she stared at the unbelievable cock. She was making sounds, muffled and garbled around her gag. Protests? I couldn't tell. But the guys seemed to know what they were doing, and the cock wasn't THAT large: I was sure if Anna could take my four speared fingers, almost my whole fist actually, during some of our more energetic sex, she could take that obscene shaft. But it certainly was evil looking: I could understand her concern.

Leisurely, they spun her body around on its slings until her cunt was properly positioned, the camera man filming the whole time. Then the man carefully positioned the head of the massive dildo at her wide-spread cunt. Slowly, carefully he wiggled it, keeping on the pressure, turning the pole slightly to turn the massive cockhead inside Anna's open cunt. I could see Anna trying to move her hips, spreading and closing her knees, trying to avoid the pressure on her most sensitive parts as the massive tool pushed against her, but there was no escape: she was unable to move, unable to resist, totally vulnerable to the relentless pressure and penetration.

Then, slowly, her body spread and opened to accept it; the bloated head disappeared inside the pink tissues of her cunt! I could hear her moaning, I could see her spreading her knees even wider now, resigned to the dildo's ****, trying to open herself to the inexorable pressure ... and it continued to press in until the full length of the obscene tool was buried in her body, the rim at the bottom firmly pressed against her groin, pushing her stretched labia even tighter!

I remembered to breath again and took a deep sip of my beer, thoroughly turned on by the sheer obscenity of Anna's full voluptuous figure hanging there. Nipples and breasts pulled and distended. Legs lifted and spread helplessly. Arms tied. Mouth gaping and drooling. And now her sensitive cunt completely filled, penetrated, ****d by this donkey dick of a dildo!

Slowly two men began swinging her in her sling, with the third holding the pole steady, forcing her body back and forth, pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt. Soon she was swinging regularly and the massive cock was taking a full 8-inch stroke in and out! Every dozen strokes or so, one of the men sprayed a liberal coating from the white lotion bottle onto the obscene cock shaft as the bulk of its length was exposed, to ensure it remained lubricated.

Anna was moaning now, her voice distorted by the muffling ring gag, but I didn't think in protest. It was more like a long drawn-out "Aaaaaaaaah!" as the dildo penetrated her, and then a long whimpering sigh as it pulled back out again.

Then I heard the distinctive sound of her moans as she built to an orgasm, louder and faster, her body starting to buck and twist as the sensations built inside her. And then her back arching, helpless to stop the rhythmic stroking that continued as she came again and again and again!

Her body finally relaxed and she lay there in the slings, exhausted, stunned and numb from her repeated orgasms, almost unresponsive to the thick dildo making shorter and shorter strokes as her body swung to a halt.

Carefully the man pulled the dildo out of Anna's cunt and left the room, presumably to clean it and put it away. I looked carefully at the helpless woman's vagina, expecting to see a gaping raw cavern. But everything looked perfectly normal, the thin delicate inner labia lips, the actual vaginal opening: all were just fine, just as I remembered them! The remaining three men unlashed Anna's ankles and head and let her sag in her slings for a moment. One man reached beneath her breasts and unclipped the nipple clips, letting her breasts and nipples spring back to their normal size and formation. Then they lifted her body up between them and carefully turned her over until the two slings were beneath her shoulder blades and mid-hip. Again they lifted her feet high, right to the vertical with her knees straightened, and secured her ankles with velcro straps to the two ropes suspending her hip sling.

Anna was silent, limp, during this move and I was beginning to be concerned. I'd never heard her come like that before. But one of the men tweaked her nipple, pulling her breast out into a cone again. He lifted her head and looked into her face. "Hey, little darlin' You doin' okay there?"

She moaned and opened her eyes, still dazed. I heard her trying to talk around the ring gag, but she could only produce muffled broken sounds.

"You okay? You ready for more?"

She focused on the face above her, and then raised her head more to look down at her body and the men standing by her.

"Oooor?" I heard her mumble.

"That's right, honey .. more. Lots more."

"Ooooo-gay" I heard her mumble. I thought to myself, well, she was certainly game enough!

"We're going to use a special lotion now," the man at her head said as he released her nipple and gently massages her full breasts with both hands. He used his hard stomach to hold her head upright so she could continue to look down her naked body in its slings.

"It's something we make out of aloe and some other things, very soothing, very slippery, very good for a poor cunt that's suffered the abuse yours just suffered, don't you think?"

"uhhh-huhhhh" she muttered.

"We've been using it all along, every time we fucked you, and with that big donkey dick too. But now we'll use it to massage you, to make sure everything is nice and soothed and happy. Plus we get to fondle your cunt, which is always nice too!"

She watched as one of the men brought out the large bottle of whitish lotion. A few squirts in her still-gaping vulva, I heard Anna gasp as the cool lotion hit her sensitive inner tissues, and then he slowly, carefully massaged the lotion into her flesh. I saw him unclip each of the broad paper clamps, and gently work lotion into each of her swollen labia. But then he clamped them back again, pulling her vulva gaping wide again. Obviously they had more plans for her poor sex.

Then he gently began rubbing her clitoris as he slid his fingers up and down her cunt tissues. I saw one of the other men join him in fondling her cunt, stroking fingers into the vagina, and one began sliding a finger in and out of her tight anus. Soon she was moaning with pleasure, her eyes closed, totally absorbed with the sexual sensations emanating from her groin.

They stopped and stepped away, and I heard Anna moan in disappointment; I knew she was getting excited all over again.

The man at her head stepped away from her as well, and she let her head fall back. One of the men moved up between her legs, pushed forward, and guided his jutting long cock into her gaping cunt. I heard Anna moan with pleasure as he penetrated her and began slowly swinging her again, using her own swinging body's weight to slide her cunt back and forth on his stationary cock.

I realized this must be working the soothing aloe oil mixture deep into her body, for he took his time and just slowly let her slide on his cock.

But after a minute or so of that slow gentle stroking, he picked up the pace. Two of the men hold still her body and the slings supporting her, while he pumped his cock its full length, fucking her hard and deep, faster and faster until, with a groan of pleasure, he came deep inside her body.

I could see Anna lifting her hips, trying to pull herself even deeper onto the hammering cock. She was moaning wildly now past the muffling ring gag, excited yet again by this heavy merciless fucking! When he came inside her, I heard her cry in disappointment and frustration: she must be close to another orgasm! Well, I had a feeling she wouldn't be waiting for long. I realized that despite all this time, all this sex, this is actually the first time any of the men had come inside Anna! And they were young and fit; surely they were all good for at least two or three more climaxes! I shook my head: at this pace that meant a huge amount of fucking still to come for poor Anna!

A few seconds to enjoy the exquisite sensation of her cunt pulsing around his softening cock, and then the man withdrew, to be immediately replaced with the next waiting man. I noticed that each man had heavily coated his cock with the aloe mixture; they obviously wanted to get her thoroughly soothed and lubricated after that previous heavy fucking.

It only took a few seconds with the new cock hammering into her before Anna came, hard. The man didn't stop though, and her moans and cries hardly slowed down as he continued to fuck her to his own climax. I heard Anna orgasm at least twice more during the long heavy fucking, and I could see thick streams of milky cum and lubricant dripping from her gaping cunt onto the floor. The men ignored the mess and concentrated on their pleasure, on finally coming inside this exciting woman's body after the long tittilating delays.

When all four had come in her, one of them glanced at me, pointed at her spread legs and gaping cunt, and shrugged questioningly. I smiled, shook my head no, and saluted them with my beer bottle. This was their show; let them keep her for themselves .. for now. Which reminded me: I was dry, so I went to the kitchen to get another, after a quick stop in the bathroom to relieve myself.

When I returned with my fresh beer, I found all four men and Anna back in the living room. She was still in her garter belt, black stockings and heels. Her ring gag had been removed, her arms were untied, and she was kneeling on the floor by the couch between one man's knees, her head bobbing up and down as she energetically sucked on his cock.

I was surprised she had that much energy, really. I saw her turn her head a little and glance toward me as I entered the room. She lifted a hand away from his groin and gave me a little wave, but then she returned her attention to the cock. One of her hands was cupping his balls, the other wrapped around the base of his cock, and she was taking the cock deep into her mouth and throat. I could see the man watching her closely, smiling with pleasure, obviously enjoying the sensation. The other men were sitting around, sipping on beers and resting. After several minutes, the man she was servicing lifted her face away from his crotch, stepped away, and his place was taken by another of the men.

I saw Anna turn and drink more water from a glass on the coffee table behind her. Obviously she was doing all right, and apparently ready for more sexual action!

After all four men had her suck on them, apparently the agenda presumed them ready for more sex. The oral interlude was just to let the men get their wind, to ensure everyone was erect and ready for the next stage, and to test yet another of Anna's sexual skills.

The four men guided Anna back to the bedroom. One man lay down on the bed, had Anna straddle and mount him, and had her fucking him from above. She'd regained quite a bit of energy and was doing fine. After several minutes, the man stopped her, and was replaced by another man. The first man then knelt behind Anna, thoroughly lubricated himself with the familiar white lotion bottle, and then slid his cock down her ass crack. Surprised, Anna looked back but then nodsed "You can fuck my ass," she said, "especially if you use that lotion. I think that will feel good!"

The man smiled at her and patted her rounded buttocks. "Honey, that's an excellent idea. In fact, tell ya what .. how about we ALL fuck you in the ass?" I could see what he was doing: reestablishing command, making sure Anna knew that the men were in charge, not her.

I saw her face fall for a second, and then she swallowed and nodded, bravely smiling again. "That's good too. If you all want to fuck me there, I can enjoy that too!" She looked down at the man beneath her as she slowly rocked back and forth, moving herself on the cock buried in her cunt. "But I like a cock inside me this way too. You will all be fucking me both ways then, all right?" She looked challengingly at the men waiting. "And if you do it good, you do it right, you can make me come, feel my orgasm, with both of you inside me! I think you would like to see that, no?"

"Sounds like a winner, sweetheart! You really know how to please a guy!" Smiling, he pressed his cock against her tight anus and slowly, gently worked the head of his cock inside her. Anna stopped her movement on the cock beneath her and remained motionless until the man had penetrated her ass. Obviously she was concentrating on relaxing and opening her tight anus to give him painless entry. He slowly continued to push and I saw her reach up and squeeze her breasts, obviously enjoying the sensation as the second cock penetrated deep inside her. I moved around and aw shed lowered herself completely onto the cock beneath her, so now she was penetrated to the hilt with the long hard cocks of two men.

"Oh yesssss," she sighed. "I am so full of cock now, that is wonderful!"

Then she slowly started rocking and moving on the cock beneath her, as the man behind her slowly began sliding in and out of her tight ass.

It didn't take long: with a groan of pleasure, the man behind her stiffened and I saw his buttocks clench as he pumped a load of cum deep into Anna's rectum. I heard her moan with pleasure as well, a long series of soft "Aaaaaah!" sounds as she came, apparently triggered by the swelling of the thick shaft imbedded in her tightly stretched anus or the feel of each shot of hot cum he was pumping into her rectum.

She slumped forward on the man beneath her, and the man in her ass remained kneeling, his softening cock still imbedded in her tight sphincter. Then he slowly pulled his cock out.

The man beneath her lifted her up and, sliding out from beneath her, was replaced with a third man. The second man moved behind her and took his place. After lubricating with the lotion, he too penetrated Anna's ass, and the double fuck repeated itself. Anna didn't come this time, but she did on the next man.

All four men had now come in her ass, and Anna appeared exhausted by her own orgasms and the energy needed to fuck the cock in her cunt. She lay slumped on the naked man beneath her, oblivious to the slow movements in and out by the cock still buried inside her ass. The man had come already, for the second time that evening, but he enjoyed savoring the sensation as her tight sphincter and rectum continued to squeeze his softening cock.

I noticed one of the unoccupied men was still carefully recording with that video camera. Apparently there'd been a running camera for all the action this evening; and quite a video that must be too! I'd have to ask them what they do with the videos, to ensure nothing like this was going public. I wouldn't want Anna humiliated by this sort of thing getting out .. although it was more likely she'd be offered porn movie contracts judging by her performance this evening.

The man finally slid his softened cock out of Anna's ass as she lay exhausted on the man's body beneath her. He was tired too and made no attempt to hold himself in her as she rolled over to the side to get a moment's rest.

The men went to the bathroom to wash up after the anal sex. Anna gratefully accepted their suggestion to use the bathroom to cleanse herself as well. "I love having your cum inside me," she said with a smile. "It makes me know you have wanted me so much, found me desirable, to want to fuck me so much and come inside me! But I will feel so much better being nicely clean again."

We all met back in the living room again. The men all got a beer, sat on the wide couch together, and invited Anna to join them. "But .. there is no room!" she said. Standing almost completely naked in front of them, she looked extraordinarily sexy.

"You just lay down across our laps. That way we can ALL play with you! And then if any of us want more of you, we know right where you are!"

Without protest Anna lay down across their laps on her back and cushioned her head on the padded end of the couch. I had checked out the men's crotches before she lay down across their laps; there wasn't even a half-hard cock among them, so I figured any talk of more sex was just so much bravado. I didn't quite get it: they'd only come twice, maybe somebody three times, that evening. Worn out already? With all THIS stimulation? I seemed to recall having far more endurance than that in my prime. The k**s today, I thought to myself!

But they seemed happy to have Anna right there, shared among them. They all casually fondled her body, playing with her nipples and labia, stroking her belly and thighs and bottom, enjoying the luxury of her voluptuous body so handy for all of them.

"I want to ask," Anna said. "That dildo you used, the one on the long pole? The really big one?" The men nodded and smiled. "Where could I get one like that?"

They stared at her. "You want one? For yourself?" one asked. She nodded, smiling. "Yes, I think so. At first, when I saw it, it was almost scaring me it was so big, so thick, so long! I did not think for sure I could ever take something like that inside me. And then you fucked me so long, so hard with it! Even with that magic cream you use, I thought I would hurt! Or I would be so big, so stretched by that monster cock that you all would feel small, loose, tiny when you fucked me again!"

The men grinned at one another: they kneww they're all larger than average, and they knew how thoroughly this woman enjoyed their cock AFTER her experience with the dildo.

"But it felt so good, and I came so hard I thought I would die! And yet when you all were fucking me again, your cocks still felt good too!"

She nodded, "So I think I would like a dildo like that for me. The color does not matter, just the size, that big. Plus my husband ..." she glanced at me, her link back to her husband and the world outside of these four greedy men. "My husband would talk about wanting to see a really really big cock fucking me, he thought it would be exciting to watch. So although I do not think any man has such a big cock, no one I know anyway, I think he would maybe like fucking me with that cock. Especially if it is empty inside? If he could put it on over his own, you know? So it would be like his when he fucked me?"

The men grinned at each other. "Oh yes, I think he might like that! Especially the way you got turned on being fucked with it; yeah, that would drive him nuts!" One of them nodded to me, "Tell ya what, Fritz: we'll buy another one and give it to you just for her, as our little gift, okay?"

"Great, guys, that's really decent of you!" I checked the time. "Look, we gotta go. It's getting late and I think little Anna here has earned herself some rest, don't you?" I glanced back at the four of them, "Unless you have some other surprises for Anna, some more fun for yourselves?"

The men all smiled as they helped her to her feet. "No, I guess that'll be enough for now," one replied with a grin. One located her dress and helped her slip it down over her voluptuous body. She gave a sexy little wiggle as she smoothed the thin fabric over her hips, and then gave the helpful man a long deep kiss as a reward, pressing her body against his naked frame. Surprisingly her garter belt and stockings had come through the heavy sex, the sex swing, everything, with no damage at all! Her makeup would never be the same though.

I double-checked to ensure the anal plug and butterfly set were still in my jacket pocket, and then remembered our little play acting.

"Oh .. speaking of earnings .. you guys ready to pay up? I guess I should've gotten it in advance, but it being her first time here and all, I gave you a break. You could'a fucked her a lot more and I wouldn't have charged you more, you know. Not my fault if you guys wore out so easy."

I grinned at them teasingly, my hand extended palm up. "Fork it over boys, just like we arranged. Ten bucks each."

"Well .." one of them frowns, pretending to complain. "She didn't even suck me off, but I guess that's my fault." He pretended to pat nonexistent pockets; all four of them are still completely naked of course. "Look, I'm kind of busted right now. How about we catch up with you tomorrow, okay?"

I saw Anna staring at me, a shocked look on her face. We had joked about her earning money this way, but had I really meant it?

"Well, okay guys, I guess you're good for it. But little Anna here ain't coming back here until you're all paid up, understand! These Swedish girls may be hot, but they sure aren't stupid!"

I led Anna toward the door, waving goodbye to the four men. She was stomping a little, angry, glaring at me. When we got outside in the hall and the door closed behind us, she pulled her arm out of my hand and hissed at me, "Ten dollars? Is that all you had them pay for me? All that fucking, everything I did, all those orgasms, and you only ask ten dollars!"

"Well, honey, that's ten dollars EACH, you know. Forty bucks total, if they pay up, and I'm sure they will. That's .. lessee .. thirty dollars for me and ten for you, not bad for a couple hours easy work, huh? Plus you had fun, didn't you? That oughtta count for something!"

Anna was speechless now, glaring at me, and I could't stand it, couldn't keep a straight face any longer. I burst out laughing as I pulled on her arm and led her down the hall. She stared at me in amazement and then I saw it sink in. She began laughing too. "Okay, you terrible terrible pimp you! Ten dollars, how you cheat me! I don't know vhy I vork for you!" I had to grin as she put on her thick Swedish accent again. "But NEXT time .. you vill ask for twice that much money, understand? These are rich Americans, they haf plenty uf money! If they vant to fuck a cute Svedish girl like me, they haf to pay, you betcha!"

I laughed again. "Anna, you are truly your mother's daughter! I wish I could have met her, what a woman she must have been!"

She smiled at me. "Yah, she vas. And I think if it were her you brought to those firemen pigs, only vanting to fuck a nice Svedish girl and make her all tired from so many orgasms ... she vould haf demand two HUNDRED dollars! Each! And they vould haf paid, villingly! And she vould haf left them too tired to efen stand!"

Laughing, we found our way to the car, ending a most interesting evening.


The men came through with their promise for one of the obscenely huge dildos for Anna. I didn't let her see it; instead I met with her husband Allan and showed him the huge toy. He was amazed at its dimensions. "And you say Anna asked for this? She wants us to USE this on her?"

I nodded, noting him using the word "us". He was apparently quite comfortable with my managing and enjoying his sexy wife now. I hadn't told him about her Friday night party yet; time for the details on that later. I thought he'd be interested in what had happened to his beautiful wife, especially with what I'd learned about him from my latest conversation with her.

Anna had asked me, the day after the Friday night party, "Do you think .. those men, would they want me to come back again?"

"Would you want to?" I asked her. "That was some pretty heavy sex. I know you enjoyed it, but is that really what you want to do? I thought this was about making you feel better about yourself, and getting you and Allan interested in each other again. And not so much how many times you could get fucked, have orgasms, how many men come in you?"

"Well, yes, that is true. But I think those men, those firemen, were very good for me. I felt good the whole time I am there, knowing how excited I am making them, how much they want me. I feel much better now, knowing I can please FOUR men like that, all at once! And they even pay for it!" We exchanged teasing grins. I still hadn't gotten my forty dollars from the firemen.

"But I think of something I think I was learning about my husband. Like that party you were at, when all the women dressed like whores, you remember? And they paid attention to the other men and not to their own husband? And I was doing that too?"

I nodded, remembering the party well. I got some of that attention, from some very exciting women, and to an old man like me that was flattering indeed.

"Well .. I think, the way Allan was acting then, him watching me and other men, me teasing them, some things he said then and other times .. I think he would like it if some time I was fucking other men .. and he watched."

I stared at her. "He's never said anything like that to me! I suppose I could've set up something like that if he'd asked, but I didn't get any hint ..."

"Well, I just think something like that is what he would like. Many years ago we would watch porn together, you know? Porn movies he would buy or rent or borrow from friends, before it was everywhere on the Internet like today. We would watch and laugh and maybe do what they were doing, and get very excited." I could see her face flushing, her nipples hardening. Obviously that was something she had enjoyed as well, and I made a mental note of that.

"And one movie, it showed a husband and wife, not really you know, they were only actors, but in the story it was like that. And there was a storm and they stop at this small house in the mountains. And this f****y was there, hillbilly people, you know? The father and many b*****rs and one s****r with this impossible figure and huge breasts!" She glanced at me, embarrassed, and continued.

"Well, they take the husband and wife prisoner and tie up the husband to a chair so he cannot move. And then they take the wife's clothing off and hold her while the father ****s her! I mean it wasn't really ****, because she was very excited before he even hardly starts fucking her, although she makes very bad faces when he squeezes her tits at first, but she was still a good actress and it looked very real!

"Anyway, after the father ****s her, then all the b*****rs take turns r****g her, over and over. And she is not complaining any more but doing anything they want and very happy with all this heavy sex with these horrible hillbilly men! Some of them are barefoot, but others they put their boots back on so they fuck her naked with only their boots! It was very silly, really." Anna laughed and continued. "Anyway, she sucks their cocks and rides on them to have orgasms, whatever they want her to do, she will do!

"And then the s****r comes over and starts playing with the wife's body and soon the two women are having sex. Which was very awful because you think how many times her b*****rs and her father had come in that wife's cunt, and there the s****r is licking it! And the father fucks his daughter too while her face is in the wife's cunt, it was all very silly!"

I laughed at Anna again; she turned into quite the chatterbox when talking about sexual things. And her slight accent and choice of English was sometimes just delightful.

"Don't laugh at me, I try to tell you something important here!" she pouted. "Anyway, Allan is watching this movie. And I'm making fun of it like I tell you before, how silly all this is, no woman would be enjoying r****g like that, no matter how much she likes sex. And with her husband who she loves sitting right there? And then enjoying wonderful sex with a woman when she has never ever had sex with a woman before? Even with two of the b*****rs fucking them both at the same time the two women are kissing? It was so silly.

"But I see Allan is not laughing, is not thinking it silly. He thinks it very exciting, to be the husband tied and helpless like that and watching all those men when they fuck his wife and make her do shameful things. He said it would be even more exciting to watch if she would keep trying to make them stop, if she is not having a good time and liking all the fucking, so they have to f***e her every time, holding her, spreading her legs, maybe tying her to a bed or whatever. He was sure that watching a wife being ****d and her not having a good time, or having orgasms even though she didn't want to, that would be even more exciting!

"So I'm thinking .. those four friends of yours. Maybe they would have another play with me, a special performance? Where maybe they tie up Allan in a chair, and a gag so he can not say anything but just watch. And he will have to watch while those men do anything they want to me, just like at our party? Except maybe I am not a whore this time like when you take me there, but a wife they k**nap and are making me do these things? Tying me up? r****g me?"

She chewed on her lip meditatively for a second. "I think I could pretend pretty good to be ****d by those four men. Except I couldn't make too much noise or protest, or the neighbors would call the police and we would all be in big trouble then, I know!

"But maybe it is not a ****, not really. Maybe they make me fuck them all because they promise they let me and my husband go, they don't hurt us, everything will be okay, if I fuck them good and do everything they say? Even though my husband is watching me do these things and it is so shameful. So they don't have to **** me, maybe. Maybe I am very cooperative, even have orgasms just to show my cooperation, to save my husband! That might even be fun!"

She looked at me and then presseed her body against mine, her nipples hard with excitement. "Maybe we could go to bed, I could get you nice and hard and inside me, and you could fuck me some and maybe play with me or use that nice vibrator and get me hot? And we could talk about your friends having me visit them again? But my husband comes too? He could just watch the first time, no tying up, no r****g the first time, just watch like you did, drink a beer, be friendly, be happy I am enjoying all the cocks and sex and fucking. And once your friends know he is okay with this, he is no problem, he wants this for me and for him .. maybe we can do the big **** play?"

I considered her surprising suggestion. That would be quite a trip indeed. I wondered if Allan was up to it. Well, it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask.


Anna and I spent a lot of time in her bed. I'd have spent more of it in active sex with the voluptuous woman, since I enjoyed her passionate exciteable nature very much. But at my age I needed significant recovery time, so she often amused herself (and she knew I liked to watch) by playing with herself, using a dildo to pleasure, etc.

When she was aroused, she liked to talk about sexy things and, as I'd noticed and described before, became quite the little chatterbox. I always found it amusing, and often arousing, bringing me back to the ready (and into her wonderfully exciting and waiting cut or mouth or ass) sooner than I'd have ever expected.

I remembered something Anna had said when getting ready for her first Friday night party with my four firemen friends, something about me bringing a dog to have sex with her if she misbehaved.

"Anna, that time we went to the firemen for that party, you remember?" She smiled, of course she remembered. "Well, when you were getting ready, I was teasing you about being your pimp and how you had to be a good whore for me. Remember that?"

"Oh yes, that was very funny. You make a wonderful pimp. No, a TERRIBLE pimp! I work so hard for that money,and you let those firemen cheat us!" She frowned at me coyly. "Next time you don't drink so much beer, okay?" She spread her legs, displaying her sexy shaven cunt even more to my gaze, as she slowly stroked the obscenely huge dildo in and out of her body.

"Well, you said something about a dog, how you didn't want me to bring a dog to fuck you if you were bad or something like that. What did you mean? I didn't expect you to know anything about sex with dogs!"

"Ah .. that. I was only joking, I knew you would not bring a dog. In fact I was not sure even if you knew about dogs and women, although I know you are very smart about all sex things."

I smiled and gave her clitoris a special stroke in appreciation of the compliment.

"Oooo, that's very nice!" she gasped, her body shivering from the unexpected sensation. "You keep doing that, okay? You keep making me hot, and I talk all sorts of dirty things to you to make YOU hot, and then maybe we throw away this big old dildo and you fuck me good?"

"That's a good idea. But tell me about this dog business first."

"Well, that is something our mother taught me and my s****rs, among many things of course. She said that often men would want very strange things, you just never know, and pay well for them too, just because these things were different or uncommon or perhaps even shocking! Like for a woman to have sex with a dog.

"Actually, Mama made it very clear. When that happened, the dog had sex with YOU! He was always in charge, it was his nature. You did not fuck the dog, the dog fucked you! And you just had to accept whatever he was doing, until he was finished!

"And although men maybe didn't know this, many women know all about dogs fucking women, how it is not uncommon or strange at all, and how many women like dog even better than men! But of course it is not good to let the men know this."

She glanced at me coyly, and then continued.

"Anyway, men would be wild to watch a big dog fucking a woman, because the dog's cock is so big and long and pointed and red, very ugly looking! And when the dog is excited, he fucks very hard and fast, or so Mama said. I have never seen this, you understand, only knowing what Mama was saying. Oh, and what my older s****r told me. She actually knew the truth because she did it!

"Oh yes, don't be so surprised, yes, my s****r fucked a dog. More than one time too! She was curious after Mama told us about dogs and sex, and she had this boyfriend who had a big dog. So she had Mama tell her more about dogs, although she didn't tell Mama what she was thinking of doing. And then she went to her friend and told him she wanted him to have his dog fuck her!

"He was quite surprised, of course; he had no idea she knew anything about that. And he wanted to fuck her instead, 'You should fuck ME instead of a dog!', but she said he would only be able to fuck her after she learned what it was like with a dog. Then he could do whatever he wanted. So then he wanted to watch her with the dog, and of course she agreed because she wanted him there just in case there would be a problem. If the dog was fucking her, she would be helpless and would need her friend to pull the dog away or whatever.

"Anyway, my s****r told me all about it. She got naked, and her friend again wanted to fuck her but she would not let him. So he brought the dog, and she got down on her hands and knees in front of the dog but he would not do anything! She knew how dogs fucked, she had seen this many times, one dog fucking another. But this dog would not even get on top of her! So she remembered Mama say you had to get the dog excited because a woman never smells like a female dog in heat and for a dog, smell is everything. So she used her hand to feel the dog's cock, you know? To masturbate him? And soon he was very big and hard, with this long red pointed cock sticking out. And she got him up on her back and put his cock into her cunt from behind. And once his cock was inside her, the dog understood what to do and started fucking her really hard!"

I was watching Anna: her gaze was distant and the big dildo was moving faster and deeper into her cunt, gleaming with her body juices. It took both her hands to move it that fast and hard into her, and she was obviously getting quite excited. But she kept talking.

"My s****r said the dog's cock was feeling very good: although it wasn't as thick as a man's cock, it was much longer and went very deep into her. She could feel it hit up against her ... ah, what do you call it, oh yes, her cervix, the very bottom of her cunt, every time he pushed hard inside her. She was getting excited, so she was using one hand to rub her clitoris while the dog was fucking her because she didn't want to be excited when he was finished and would not fuck her any more! And she was not sure that her friend would fuck her after the dog fucked her, even though her friend wanted to fuck her very much indeed!

"And then the dog howled and growled a little, and my s****r said she could feel this really hot cum coming out, very hard, very fast, deep inside her! Much faster, much hotter than any man's cum! And the dog was holding her very hard with his front legs around her waist and was scratching her with his side claws too! And then she was feeling something get really big inside her cunt, swelling up, and she remembers Mama talking about this 'knot', like the knot you tie in a rope? When the dog's cock swells into a big ball in the middle, right inside your cunt! And it swells and locks the dog and the female mate together, so the mate cannot get away and all his sperm stays inside to make the mate pregnant.

"She knew the dog couldn't make her pregnant, but there she was, locked to him just like a a female dog, a bitch, would be! He was very very big inside her then and that was exciting, much bigger than a man, I'll bet even bigger than this dildo, oh god, I love this dildo!"

Anna was almost panting with excitement now, forcing the huge vinyl cock in and out of her heated cunt, closer than ever to an orgasm.

"So my s****r was still rubbing her clitoris and the knot inside her cunt was very exciting with the dog's cock still very deep inside her, and then she had an orgasm that she said was just as good as any with a man! But the dog stayed locked together with her, with his big knot stuck inside her cunt. And her friend was worried and then angry because the dog was still fucking her.

"So after maybe twenty minutes, she said, my s****r finally felt the knot start to get smaller and then the dog pulled his cock out of her and went away to lick himself clean.

"She said the dog's cum started dripping out of her after a little while, but it took longer because it was so deep inside her. And her friend was disgusted and didn't want to fuck her any more, which is what she expected really. Men are so silly that way! Well, not that day anyway, because she said he finally fucked her later on. But she made him let her keep using the dog, because she said it was really good sex! And she liked the dog more than her friend, because the dog would just fuck her and have a good time and not be jealous or silly about things. It was only about his cock and her cunt, and sometimes that was all she wanted too.

"And that was a lesson Mama had also taught us: that many women thought it nasty or uncivilized to have sex with an a****l. But once a woman tried it, she usually found it was very good, very exciting, and very simple. The dog just fucked you and then he was done! Of course Mama said many men were like that too, but many women preferred the dog.

"Except once the men realized the woman liked the dog as much as them or maybe more, they would get very angry and call her an a****l or a slut. Which never seemed very fair to Mama.

"Ohhhhhhh ... aaaaaaaahhhhh!" I watched with pleasure as Anna slowed the stroking of the huge dildo to a halt. Her body arched and shook as she exploded into an orgasm. She was pushing the dildo as hard as she could deep into her body, holding it there as she shivered with pleasure. I heard her sigh and whimper with pleasure as she slowly, gently stroked it in and out of her hot wet cunt several more times, drawing the last tingles of exquisite pleasure from her overused cunt.

Sighing, she finally pulled the dildo out and set it to the side on the bed. "Oh my, that was wonderful!" She leaned across and fondly squeezed my cock. "Are you going to be ready soon? Don't you want to fuck me while I'm still excited? Did my talking about that dog fucking my s****r get you excited?" She glanced up at me and smiled coyly. "Maybe you would like to watch ME and a dog? If you wanted, I think we could do that. If you knew someone with a nice big dog. And if you promised to fuck me when the dog was done with me. Otherwise, no, I will not let a dog fuck me, no matter how much you beg me!"

She was stroking me faster now, wanting me hard, excited again.

"Yes, I think a dog would be a fun thing. And even a big dog with a big cock, his cock could not be any bigger than that one fireman friend of yours." She glanced up at me. "Oh, you think I did not notice that one really big long cock? The one that almost chokes me when I suck on him? That pushes deeper in my body, in my cunt, in my ass, than any other. Well, except the big black donkey dick, which I have one now of my very own, thank you very much. Yes, I know that one big fireman cock: it was very good, very exciting. Except maybe a little too long. I think shorter ones are more fun, they don't push so deep which is sometimes not comfortable. But a big dog and his cock: I could do that, I think. So maybe you can look for a nice dog for us?"

Not waiting for an answer, she moved her head down to my groin and took my slowly hardening cock into her mouth. It was wet and warm, and her lips squeezed down on my shaft as her tongue expertly pushed and rubbed against it. It only took a minute or two of that wonderful sensation before I was fully erect and ready for her.

As I energetically fucked my beautiful daughter-in-law, I couldn't get the image of a dog fucking her out of my mind. She and her mother were right: it was really the perversity, the almost obscenity of it, that attracted me. But maybe that was all right: why not indulge myself in a perversity, especially if it was a curiousity she would enjoy satisfying. Perhaps that would be our next experiment. Anna was obviously not adverse to the idea; indeed it even seemed to excite her as she masturbated herself with the dildo. And that invitation of hers might not have been a joke, making fun of me. Yes, it might just be time to help her satisfy a life-long curiousity: what it felt like to have a dog fucking her!

-- end --

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