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Me & My American History Teacher Pt 2

Then I just knew I was dead meat like that pig they had on the 1st thanksgiving. I did not know what to do or say I was caught lusting at Samie. She knew I was guilt as charged. She took me by the hand and lead me inside her trailer. I thought the camping trip was over and I was in a world of trouble. She left me in the dinning area as she went to her room.
A few seconds later Samie called me to come into her room she has to show me something. When I walked through the door not knowing what to expect. She was at the dark end of the room. When she walked into the dim light she was totally nude. Immediately I gasped with unexpected pleasure and surprise as my mind began to process what I saw, my first fully nude woman. “If you promise to tell no one you can come closer ... I’ll be gentle ... I promise” she said. As two of her fingers made a cross. Then she open her arms inviting me for a closer inspection. As I approached her aroma became stronger and stronger. Until I was captivated by it’s spell.
My ex-teacher gave me a private lesson on sex. “In College you are going to meet a lot of girls. Some good some bad I want to show you how to enjoy having sex with a girl” she said. As her blue eyes stared deep in my soul. She continued,“I’ve been noticing you when you were in class but your mind is far away. I can only wonder where your mind is certainly not in History”. As she took my hand on put them on her naked tits. It felt as soft as cotton and as warm as sunlight at midday. As a warm sensation ran from the top of my head to my toes and then back up again.
I cupped her breast in my palms and then my finger tips played with the nipple’s. I bent forward and licked all around her breast..licking in a full circle till I reached her nipple...I could see she wanted me to take my time playing with her breast. And that I did until she quivered and wanted me to sucked harder. I took the whole nipple into my mouth and sucked to my hearts content. From the moans she was uttering Samie was enjoying the job that was preforming on her. She tasted like something undescribable sweet as her scent envelopes my mouth.
Meanwhile Samie had unbutton my pants to expose my cock. While I was fucking her tits. She had a grasp of my bulging cock. I could feel heat flowing through my cock into the palm of her hand. This made my untamed mind go wild with lustful thoughts.
We went to the bed where she sat me down. She told me to lean back and relax but in that condition my young homo’s were running like a run away freight train. It seem like Samie understood because she gave me a wink. She kneaded down and gave me a blow job to remember. This just made my inexperience homo’s wanted my sex goddess more.
Before I had cum from Sammie’s mouth enveloping my dick she backed off and climbed upon me with expertise as a lioness. Until she face was so close to mine that I could feel her breath upon my face. I did not know this but she position her pussy just above my wet dick. Her weight was balanced on her hands that was position above my shoulder and her legs that were besides mine legs.
Then she slowly allowed her pussy and my swollen dick to meet. It did not take long for me to release a wad of stringing sperm into her warm and wet pussy. This is how I lost my virginity with Sammie in the dim light of her bedroom.

The next day walked together on a trail. While remembering what happen the night before we both was glad we had sex. As we listen to the birds in the trees on our lonely walk. We would softly bump, held hands, laugh and kiss as we walked. This was the last day on our trip. Why does this have to end I thought as she put her head on my shoulders.
Samie asked “are you ready for your sex final examine tonight ?” “Yes, I am ready willing and able to show you what I learn plus some extra TLC I have saved up for my sexie Sammie.” Oh I can’t want for what you have in mind ... this could count for extra credit!” she said. By the time we made it back to the camp site it was mid afternoon. When we made it to the inside the camper. I processed to take Sammie’s clothes off then she proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. After I heard the shower I tipped into the bathroom. There was Samie showering behind a glass shower curtain. She was facing the wall of water and her back was to me so she did not see or notice me enter. “Can I wash your back” I asked. She turned quickly, realized it was me and said “Yes I would like that”.
I took the wash cloth and hopped into the shower with behind her. As I lathered her back I heard several deep moans from Samie. Apparently she was enjoying it, honestly I was too. “This is nothing I taught you ... Are starting to work on the extra credit project before the test” she said. With her back clean she asked if I could later her front too. “ Of course ” I said as she turn to face me. Looking at her all lathered up, this began my homo’s to work again.
After rinsing her body I lead her out of the shower. Standing there I could see all her beauty shine forth as the late afternoon sunlight hits her awesome body. I shook my head several times to wake up from the trance I was falling into. She pulled me closer and extended her tongue to enter my mouth (my 1st french kiss). While wrapping her arms around my head. I gladly open my mouth to receive her tongue. I once again felt her soft warm tits pressed against my chest.
Then I picked her up and sat her on the vanity. I kneaded and fucked her pussy with my mouth. While Sammie lean back against the mirror. With soft gurgling sounds as she open her legs wider to allow me more access to her pussy. As I glanced up to see the expression on her face she enjoyed each second.
While Sammie had cum several times there on the vanity with my mouth sobering the hell out of her pussy it tasted better with each sexual lurch she body made. I could feel her fingers behind my head as it tighten on a fist full of my black hair almost pulling it out from the root. Encouraging me to go deeper. I could not of escaped if I wanted. As I could hear her other hand rubbing against the corner of the vanity. It was clearly she was enjoying it as I could hear her breathing getting heavier and louder.
“There will not be a need for a final examine you have passed any examine I could give ... I have never orgasmed so hard !!!” she said. As she tries to catch her breath. As she weakly came off the vanity. I had to hold her limp body until her legs regain strength. As I left my mark on the side of her neck.
The last night of our trip we spent together in bed. It was a perfect way to end a perfect time with Samie. Who started as my School Teacher. Now she is my sex teacher, and sexual goddess (all in one). The one who showed me the way of sex and how it could be an enjoyable experience. If I knew where she was I would tell her how much her sexual knowledge has helped me be a man. I’ll always remember her.

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