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Threesome Fun

I come home to you horny as hell but tonight you are going to take
charge. You sit me down in a chair and tell me not to do a think with
out your persimmon. So I sit there hands at my sides fully clothed as
you strip down to just a tight black bra and panties. You can already
start to see an erection forming even before you slide your hand down
under the lace of your panties. As you stair at me and rub your self,
you can feel your self getting wetter and your nipples harden and you
can see me erection grow harder. After a while you slide one strap of
your bra down your shoulder and reveal to me your fantastic tit. Your
lean in and let your breast brush my lips, and you whisper suck. With
out moving the rest of my body I wrap my lips around you hard nipple
and suck, and as I flick my tongue up and down you cum for the first
time. You lean in again and tell me to start to jerk off. I unbutton
my pants and take out my rock hard dick. You lean down and kiss the
tip as I start to wrap my hand around it. For a minuet or two we stair
at each others body's touching our self's. Then you sit back down on
the bed and slide your panties and bra all the way off. Come eat you
say and I berry my face between your legs. But something does not
taste right, I relies that you taste like cum, another mans cum. This
half excites me and half infuriates me. You are only allowed to fuck
other men if you ask for permission. You have been bad, very bad. I
hold on to this information for a moment because I can feel you start
to cum and I want to taste you. After your cum has run down my face I
pull my head back and stand up. You look at me and tell me to keep
going, yo have not told me I may stop yet. I slap you hard across the
face and spin you over on the bed and start spanking you. Yelling at
you and demanding the truth. I dont tell you that I am not all that
angry, more just turned on as hell. After you have told me everything
and begged for forgiveness I stop. You ass is bright red, but I can
see on the bed that you have cum again a I was spanking you. I tell
you that I have just the punishment for you. I grab what I need and
come back to the room. First I tie your hands behind your back, then I
put a dog collar on you neck, next I attach a leash to the collar on
one end and to the bed post with the other. Then I stand in front of
you and tell you to craw to to me. As you do I keep stepping back tell
you were at the end of your leash. Then I strip down to nothing, and
standing just out of reach of your moth I tell you that from where you
are you need to suck me off tell I cum in your mouth. You move head
forward and take me in your mouth but only then do you realize that
you and only just reach the tip. You will have to choke your self in
order to take me all the way in. Part of you is scared but mostly the
idea of this just makes you wet again. So you start sucking me off.
Going a little farther each time. Letting the collar first just put
pressure, then to press in to, and then to cut in to your neck. You
cant breath at all as you fell me press all the way in to your
through. I let you go faster and faster then when I am getting close I
grab your head head and hold it forward so you cant breath at all and
start fucking your mouth hard and fast. You can only hold on to
consciousnesses because of how excited you are. As I cum I let go and
you fall back to the ground, gasping for breath. You lie there for a
minuet catching your breath and feeling the hot cum drip out of your
mouth. I undo the collar from the leash, and pick you back up and set
you on the bed. Still tied up, still gasping, still covered in cum, I
resume where I had left off my head was right back between your legs.

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