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Book Store Bop By Cumhunger

A lady friend of mine Kelly had been riding to work with me for the past week
and every evening on the drive home we past an adult book store.I mentioned
something to her in passing that the lot always seemed to be full.She looked at
me with a mischivous grin and said... yeah all the guys who's wifes won't suck
their dicks frequent the place.

I've been there a few times to suck a few myself she giggled,what I said to her
in shock? Not straight laced Kelly,she's the demure type I never would have suspected to frequent this type of establishment.What about your boyfriend?
What about him?What he doesn't know won't hurt him!Don't you get enough at home
Kel?Yeah our sex is good and all but I'm the kind of girl that enjoys a little
variety in my sex life.The book store was about a half mile up the road.Kelly
looked over at me and said she had this wild fantasy about me watching her suck
some anonymous guys off at the book store...

I felt my dick starting to press hard against my trousers,she looked down and
noticed the bulge throbing and placed her hand over my now stiff cock,you know
I never wear underwear I said to her.. is that so? She unzipped my pants and my
erection sprang out to greet her. Oh that's a nice cock you have there as she
gripped it in her soft hand...

So how about it, wanna pull in and watch me suck some cock? I was breathing heavily by now and said why not as i steered into the lot. We made our way in
and my eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the dim lighting.I saw the managers
car out in the lot said Kelly,follow me,I walked behind her as we made our way
through the main part of the store where all of the magazines,dildos etc. were
displayed to the back half of the store,she knocked on the door and the lady inside greeted her,wait here she said as she stepped inside and shut the door.
About 30 seconds later she came out and said her usual room was empty and we
proceeded down the dark hallway and stepped inside.

I looked around the smallish room and noticed a tv screen on the wall.There was
a video playing.Kelly began to take off her nice business skirt and unbuttoned
her white blouse tossing them on a small table.Go ahead and take your clothes off she said.I put my clothes on the table with hers. The sountrack from the video was loud and mixing with the assorted moans of pleasure emanating from the
other rooms.Looking over at one of the walls,I noticed a hole a little less than
3ft. above the floor,Kelly reached her hand in as far as her wrist to signal the
guys waiting on the other side of the room she was ready for action,she pulled her hand back out and soon a hard cock was poking through,I sat down on one of the chairs and watched as she dropped to her knees and swallowed it whole.

My cock was once again quickly stiffening as I watched her manipulate that cock
with her mouth,within 90 seconds he filled her mouth with hot spunk,she stood up
and walked over to me and we shared a passionate kiss,it was so hot tasting that
big fresh load of cum in her mouth...Soon a new cock poked through the hole.Go ahead she urged me I know you'd like to try.Kelly kneeled down beside me sloshing her fingers in and out of her wet pussy she pulled to fingers out of her snatch and held them under my nose as I breathed in the sweet musky scent of
womanhood while sucking that cock, it was truly a feast of the senses feeling that cock fill my mouth while inhaling Kelly's pussy juices,soon the guy was filling my mouth with pyroplastic eruption of semen,I hungrily gulped down the thick white gravy...

Another guy's cock appeared through the hole,I told Kelly that it would be nice
to fuck her pussy doggie style while I took the new guys cock up my ass,you're bad.. she smiled as she pulled a condom and some lube from her purse,good thing I always carry the essentials where ever I go,you never know when the next opportunity will arise!

She opened the condom and rolled it down the cock in the hole and rubbed a generous amount of lube on as I rubbed some on my eager asshole.I squeezed hard on the guys cock with my index finger and thumb at the base as I guided the head of his missile against the opening of my asshole,as I pushed backwards he entered me.Kelly assumed her position in front of me and I gripped her soft round ass cheeks and slid my dick balls deep in her pussy.Reaching forward I grabbed her 38D breasts one in each hand as the 3 of us fell into a rhythmic trance of ecstacy,soon I could feel the condom covered cock in my ass fill with
hot cum as I began to spasm and fill Kelly's sweet pussy with my own cum.

Kelly and I sat down on the two chairs and composed ourselves as we put on our clothes and exited the store in a dream like state.As we drove down the road she looked over and said... "friends with benefits is a great thing!"

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