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Beach Vacation I

---------------- The Close f****y: Beach Vacation I -------------


Stepfather: Fritz
Stepdaughter: Ellen
Grandson: Mark

Fritz had taken his young stepdaughter Ellen and her teenage son Mark to the beach for a holiday. On the drive to the beach, Fritz had suggested that they take a single motel room to save on expenses. Enjoying the wonderful weather, excited about her first vacation in months, Ellen agreed without hesitation. She hugely appreciated her stepfather taking her and her son on this vacation, and was more than glad to do whatever he suggested. She'd traveled with her son before and was used to staying in the same room with him. And, the two of them living in a very small mobile home, they were used to more casual levels of modesty than most mothers and sons perhaps.

The beach was crowded, and the small model they found had just two rooms left. Both had only one double bed, and there were no cots available. Fritz reassured his daughter and her son that they'd do just fine. They wouldn't be spending that much time in the room anyway! When the three of them entered the room and looked around, it seemed pleasant enough: a very small but clean bathroom and the one main room with a dresser, a television, and the big double bed.

"Well, we'll just manage. No worries!" Fritz cheerily said. "The beach is waiting, we can do some shopping, get a good meal! Let's get settled in."

At first it was very awkward and cumbersome, with the three of them taking turns to use the tiny bathroom to change into bathing suits, etc. They still had several hours of sun, so they all went to the beach and enjoyed themselves. Then back to the motel room, and the awkwardness of taking turns showering and changing into street clothes for a meal at a nearby restaurant.

Tired from the long drive and the sun, the f****y returned to the motel room, all three ready to get to sl**p early. Since no one had proper night clothes, Ellen suggested that for modesty's sake the grandfather and grandson would sl**p in shorts. She would sl**p in her underwear, hiding her body with a towel until she got into bed.

That worked well enough, and the three of them squeezed into the big bed without any problems. Fritz suggested the mother sl**p in the middle, where she snuggled up to her son's back. The three of them quickly fell asl**p.

The next morning Fritz frowned as he saw Ellen get out of bed, trying to hide herself with a towel. He shook his head. "Look, this is silly. We're all f****y, we know one another, but we're acting like a bunch of strangers on a train!" He looked from his daughter to her son. "Let's just go nudist, okay? You two have seen each other naked, right?" Mother and son glanced at each other and then back at the stepfather and nodded. "Okay, so all you have to do is get used to me! Let's jsut strip and stay naked when we're here in the motel room. It will save a heck of a lot of trouble."

He smiled and winked at his stepdaughter. "Besides, it's been a whlle since I got to be around a pretty naked woman like you. It'll be the best part of this vacation!"

With the two still staring at him, unsure if he's serious or not, Fritz took the lead. He stood, undressed, and then turned slowly, displaying himself to the other two. "I want both of you to do the same, show yourselves off completely. There's nothing wrong with looking at one another, and it might even be fun. Stimulating even!"

"But .. being around Mom with her naked .. what if I get .. you know ..." the son asked nervously.

"Hard? Get an erection? So what? It happens, and your mom knows it happens too! It won't be any surprise to her! Men get erections all the time, looking at or even thinking about women, especially a young man like you. That's nothing unusual. Besides, it's just a natural reaction, what they call 'the gallant reflex.' It's not like it's going to f***e you to jump on your mom and **** her or anything; she knows that, I know that. Just let it happen and don't worry about it. That's what they do at nudist colonies: just ignore it. The woman may even be complimented ... and she doesn't have to respond unless she wants to!" Fritz didn't mention that's why nudists usually carried towels with them, both to sit on and to hide themselves when necessary. He was looking forward to this nakedness more and more!

Mother and son hesitated and exchanged glances again. "Well, all right .. if you think this would be best," Ellen replied. "I guess it might be kind of fun after all, our own little nudist colony! She smiled shyly at Fritz, intentionally ignoring her staring son, and began undressing. Shrugging, Mark started stripping as well.

"There you go, we'll be just fine! Now turn around, you two, let everyone see everything and get it out of the way." Smiling reassuringly, he let his eyes rove over his stepdaughter's voluptuous body as she gracefully turned around. He noticed Mark was getting a good long look at her body as well as he made his own turn. The boy already had an erection, but no one said anything about that, ignoring it as Fritz had suggested.

"Okay! We're good to go. We'll just stay naked whenever we're here. But let's get ready for the beach! We have a full day ahead of us, and your b*****r may be coming in today too if he can get away."

As they dressed in bathing suits, Fritz noticed the son looking at his mother's body perhaps a bit differently than usual, and knew the images of her completely naked body were probably imprinted in the teen's memory. He smiled to himself; no problem with that: he expected the teen would be seeing a lot more of his mother, and in a lot different ways, than he or she had expected.

He saw Ellen was putting on an old-fashioned one-piece bathing suit. "Honey, why don't we go shopping for a new suit for you? Something more modern, more attractive? Hell, that looks like something a grandmother would wear!" He let his eyes run up and down her full figure. "You have a great body, really nice breasts! You'd look great in a bikini, or at least a nice two-piece!"

"Oh no," Ellen responded, flushing but pleased with the male attention. "My butt is way too big .. I wouldn't dare .. people would stare!"

"Heh heh, your son is staring at you right now! Damn straight, they're gonna stare! Don't k** me, that's why women wear sexy bathing suits anyway, for the attention!" He grinned at Mark, "What do you think, boy? Does your mom have nice breasts or what?"

"Well, sure .. I mean, I didn't think I could say ..."

"Sure you can. Go ahead and tell her; every woman likes to be complimented!"

"Sure, Mom, you have great tits! You'd look great in a bikini! And I don't think your butt is too big; in fact I think your whole figure is super!"

Ellen blushed and glanced at the two males. "Well, if you think so." She pulled at the faded suit's material. "I suppose I could use something new .. if it's not too expensive ..."

Fritz grinned. "We're doing great with the budget, thanks to our nudist colony here! No problem!"

They went shopping at one of the big beachfront stores. Mark stared at some of the more extreme bathing suits on the female dummies, while Ellen smiled with pleasure at the wide selection of beach clothing. Pulling her over to one rack of suits, Fritz lifted a hanger from the rack. Ellen stared at the two tiny pieces of fabric. "I .. I can't wear that! It's so .. thin, so small!"

"So everybody sees if your nipples get hard?" the stepfather smiled teasingly. "So what? Half the women out there are showing off everything they own! Hell, you can tell when _we_ get excited! What's wrong with that working both ways?" He lifted the thin bottom, hardly more than a strip of V-shaped fabric and thong. "Besides, I noticed you shaved yourself anyway, so there's no bikini line to worry about. You'll look just great!" He looked at the size tag. "How do they size these things anyway? Come on, at least try it on!"

Shyly Ellen agreed. "I guess they use bust size and waist size," she said as she examined the rack. Pulling out another hanger with an identical suit, she said "This might do." She looked at the two thin triangles, all the suit gave to hold and hide her breasts. "Well, there certainly won't be any problem with cup size, like with bras! There isn't any cup to this at all!" Caught up in the excitement of a new suit, enjoying the flattering attention of her stepfather and son, she accepts her new image. Looking in the mirror in the dressing room, she blushes. She'd never imagine going out in public in something as skimpy as this! Her breasts would be fully exposed, with the nipples barely covered! And the bottom: the bulges of her labia were visible! She was almost naked! But she took a deep breath and nodded to herself: she'd seen other women out there, on the sidewalks, on the beach, with suits like this or even skimpier! Besides no one here knew her, just her stepfather and her son to see! She smiled to herself: and they both were lechers and just loved looking at her body! Well, they'd get an eyeful now!

She stepped out of the dressing room, to be greeted by two staring males and two soft whistles. "Wow, Mom, you look great!" her son exclaimed, his eyes fixed on her almost naked body. She saw her stepfather's eyes on her as well as he smiled in approval.

"All right," she smiled in return. "This is what you wanted, right? Now hand me my beach robe! I may wear this on the beach, but I'm not walking through town looking like this. My god, this suit doesn't hide anything!"

With her new suit and body hidden by the beach robe, they returned to the beach. After spreading their blanket, the two males eagerly watched as Ellen nervously removed her beach robe. They flattered her outrageously, and she seemed to enjoy the admiring stares from the other men on the beach. She decided to stay on the towel, not wanting to draw too much attention to herself. She was still shy at the almost complete exposure of her body, especially since her nipples seemed to harden at the slightest excuse! And the bottom: if she got the thin fabric wet, she was sure it would look like she was completely naked! So she relaxed behind her shades, enjoying the stares of passing men, as her stepfather and son enjoyed jumping in the ocean waves.

Returning to the motel, the three stripped and showered. Son and mother were still a little shy about undressing together, but seemed to relax after the shower. Sitting around naked, watching television, the stepfather commented that perhaps the woman ought to shave again: the bikini was much briefer than her old suit, the least bit of stubble from her pubic hair was immediately visible. Ellen blushed and explained she hadn't thought to bring a razor or foam. Fritz shrugged, "No problem, you can use my razor. I'll admit it's never been used in such an .. intimate fashion ..." He grinned at his blushing stepdaughter. "But it'll do fine."

He glanced over at Jimmie, interested in this new aspect of women's hygiene he hadn't heard before. "Tell you what, let's let your son do it!" Ellen glanced at her son, "Well, I don't know .. I can do it, really."

"No, it'll be a great experience for him!" She looked at her son, to see the extreme interest and excitement on his face. Mark exclaimed, "I don't shave much myself, Mom, maybe once a week? And I've never shaved a woman, that's for sure. But I sure would like to learn how .. if it's okay with you?" He smiled at her reassuringly. "And I'd be careful, really really careful," he promised.

Getting his shaving kit, Fritz showed the son how to lather up his mother and how to use his razor to shave the woman's groin clean. She flinched nervously at both the thought and touch of the razor, but also at the even closer intimacy, her son's fingers touching and pulling at her labia as he shaved her bare. The stepfather watched the two, seeing the mother's lips get more swollen as her nipples turn into rock-hard lumps on her full breasts. Obviously her son's touch, and the obvious sexual intimacy, was affecting her, and it was not all bad!

The son was concentrating on his unfamiliar task and hadn't realized how intimately he was touching his mother, how sexual the entire situation was becoming. Finishing the shaving with a few careful strokes, he gently wiped his mother's cunt clean with a damp warm washcloth and admired his work.

"There, now you'll look even better than before in that new bikini!"

Glancing at his mother's face, he smiled. "You know, Mom, this the first time I've even seen a cunt close up, much less gotten to touch one."

"Well, I'd say the experience certainly won't hurt you," the stepfather grinned. "Your mom has a beautiful cunt, just as nice as any I've ever seen!" Casually he reached over and stroked her now cleanly-shaven cunt, expertly sliding a fingertip the full length of the cuntal slit and giving her clitoris a quick rub. "And shaven like this, all bare and naked, it's just as nice to touch as it is to look at!" Ellen gasped at the unexpected sexual sensation, but she didn't pull away or close her knees or move her hand to push his away; instead Fritz saw her instinctively spread her knees and lift her hips, pushing her groin toward his stroking finger. But he said nothing. He was encouraged by her physical response and by her lack of any protest to his intimate touch; no need to bring special attention to the even greater sexual intimacy developing among the two males and the single, ever more sexually sensitized, mother.

Looking down at her body, Ellen pushed a finger against her firm belly and frowned at the white mark left on the redder skin. "I think I've had a bit too much son!" she said. "That suit doesn't cover nearly as much as my old one, and I haven't had much sun this year anyway.

Fritz nodded in sympathy. "Yep, we'd better be more careful to keep you protected! Going to his bag, he pulled out a full bottle of suntan lotion. Teasingly he fondled and touched her intimately as he spread the lotion on her naked body. She giggled but accepted it, shy in front of her son. "Come on, Mark, give your mom a hand with this. She needs to get over being so shy around us males anyway!" he said teasingly. He handed the lotion to Mark, and both males thoroughly stroked and fondled the now-excited woman. She made no protest to their touches and strokes, turning and moving as they directed. It was obvious her cunt and breasts didn't need all the cream and attention they were getting, but she said nothing, only making soft sighs and gasps as a particularly intimate touch stimulated her.

Looking at his mother's naked body, gleaming now with the lotion, Mark said "You know, Grandpop, I'm not really experienced with women. I guess .. well, this is the first time I ever really got to touch one!"

"Really?" Fritz replied. "You haven't made out with a girl, had one naked before?"

The teen shook his head, "No .. not really. So I'm kind of .. you know, unsure of myself?"

Fritz caught Ellen's eyes. She was lying there, relaxed, stimulated, excited, but listening to her son.

"Ellen .. shouldn't you be helping your son with things like this? It's great that he's been able to see you naked .. but you could do more, you know."

Without any warning Fritz leaned over, held the woman's face with his hands, and thoroughly, intimately, passionately kissed her. She was surprised at the passion in the kiss, but u*********sly responded, pressing her naked breasts against his chest as she kissed him back.

The stepfather pulled away, smiling. He nodded at the staring son. "Now, kiss HIM that way. That's what he needs to learn, what he needs to get expert at!"

Smiling at her son reassuringly, the woman leaned over and repeated the intimate kiss, holding her son's face with both hands as she gave him a long, full-lipped intimate kiss. Again, instinctively, she pressed her body against his, her nipples now rock-hard with excitement. After long exciting seconds, she pulled away and looks into her son's eyes, suddenly aware of a new level of intimacy they'd discovered.

"Wow!" the boy gasped. "Wow, Mom, you sure never kissed me like THAT before!"

"Well, most mothers don't kiss their own sons that way."

"And too bad," Fritz smiled. "If boys were closer to their mothers, more familiar, there'd maybe be a lot fewer problems."

Ellen frowned. "Well, you mustn't get TOO close ..." She could still feel her son's lips on hers, the tension in her tight nipples, the heat in her groin. It had been quite a kiss, and she was surprised at how it had excited her.

"Bah," Fritz scoffed. "You'd be surprised how close some mothers and sons are these days, especially with the small families, all the single mothers. People may not say much about it, but I think some sons and mothers are a lot more intimate than you might expect."

"Do you really think so?" she asked. "You mean ..." she hesitated at the negative word that was so obvious to them all. "i****t .. you think it's that common?"

"Darn right! When you think about it, what's the down side? The mother gets to train herself a young horny stud, doing everything she wants exactly the way she wants it! And her body, sex with her, gives her a powerful control over the boy and his good behavior!"

"Besides," he smiled, "just think about it. Your son's the typical horny teenage male." Fritz grinned at Mark and then returned his eyes to Ellen's face. "Now if he got to have sex with you every time he showered and cleaned the kitchen .. how often do you think that would happen?"

The mother smiled. "Okay, I see what you mean." Her son's dislike and carelessness with personal hygiene and his hating to help with housework were a constant argument and hassle in the home.

"Yeah, Mom! A dozen times a day! I promise!" The son grinned at his mother, his eyes bright at the thought of sex being that available. She glanced down at his cock, now really rock hard, and unthinkingly, reached down and patted his erect cock.

"Down, boy, don't go getting too many ideas. I'm still not so sure about the idea."

"Well, why not ask him? Son, what can you think that would be bad about a teenage boy having sex with his mother as much as he wanted, pretty much? Can you think how that would be bad for him? Even if she did make him do chores or homework or something before he could fuck her?" The stepfather intentionally used the coarse word; he wanted this in the open, frank, blunt, in the language that spoke of passion, excitement, physical pleasure.

The teen's eyes were big and bright, his face flushed, at the thought. "Heck no! That would be great!" He glanced at his mother, one thought obvious in his mind. His erection was stiffer than ever. "I think .. that would be a great idea, Mom!" The stepfather could see the teen's brain working, coming up with excuses. He'd caught on to the drift quicker than his mother, but that could be expected that from a bright, horny teenage boy.

"Besides ... something like that would give me confidence so I could be better with girls my own age! That's the problem now: I just don't know what I'm doing. Oh sure, I've been watching all sorts of porn, so I know how to do everything, I guess. But when I get with a real girl, I just freeze up; it's just not the same."

He reached out and squeezed his mother's naked thigh, and then gingerly squeezed her breast, fondling it like he'd seen his stepfather do. "This time here, like this, being naked with you and all .. it's going to be a great help, I think. But I sure could use some more practice!"

"Well ..." the mother hesitated, obviously deep in thought herself. She made no attempt to push her son's hand away from her body as he continued to fondle her naked breast. "I suppose some more practice wouldn't hurt. You're right: I'd feel a lot better if you were dating girls too. You sure haven't had much luck there. Just as long as you understand, it's just practice. It's not like this is going to be going on all the time, okay?" She tried to look sternly at her son, but the stepfather saw her nipples were just as hard as ever, her lips swollen, her face flushed.

"That's right: just something special while we're at our nudist colony," the stepfather interjected as he smiled to himself. No matter what this woman said, she'd been the naked center of attention for two aroused males for the past two days. He was pretty sure sex was now the main idea in her mind as well. He'd been fairly confident he could seduce the exciting mother; but he'd wanted to make sure she'd be open to accepting sex with her son as well. He had no intention of the excited boy missing out on anything, and in fact looked forward to lazily watching the boy fucking his mother .. after he'd taken his own pleasure in her, of course.

Fritz moved to put his arm around his naked stepdaughter, to continue with a more advanced makeout session. But she surprised him.

"No, you just stay over there, Fritz. You had some fun with me already! Mark and I are going to be busy here." Smiling, she snuggled up to her son and kissed him fully on the mouth. Then she squeezed his hand where it still cupped her breast, encouraging him to fondle and squeeze it. "Now when you make out with a girl, she isn't going to be naked like me, of course. So you'll have to figure out on your own how to get underneath her clothes to touch her. But fondling her breast is always nice, not too hard of course, and especially squeezing the nipple, pinching it a little even. Ahhhhhh ..."

She sighed with pleasure as her son pinched and rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger. "Ohhhh yes, that's it!" Smiling, she nuzzled his neck, slid her hand down to stroke and squeeze his naked thigh, and then continued her teaching.

"And once you get some of her clothes off, be sure to suck her nipples. Women like that." She pulled his head down to her breast, encouraging him to suckle on each of her full breasts. The stepfather watched with pleasure and satisfaction as she rolled her head from side to side, her eyes closed, her full lips open, lost in the sensation of her son's excited sucking on her nipples.

Then she showed her son how to stroke and fondle her cunt: first the labia, then the clitoris, and then stroking with a single finger inside her now thoroughly wet cunt. Soon he was stroking her deeply, his fingers gathered into a four-finger spear, penetrating her vagina and pushing deeply into her cunt, and she was moaning with excitement, pushing her groin up against his stroking hand, her legs now spread wide, opening herself completely to his pleasuring.

Fully aroused now, totally involved in the sexual play, Ellen had no further thought of i****t, of anything but the exciting young male body that was pleasuring her. She stood and, taking her son by the hand, led him over to the big double bead. Lying down, she spread her legs wide and pulled her son down to lie on her body full length. Pulling up her knees, she wrapped her ankles around his legs and rocked her hips, rubbing her cunt against his rock hard cock. She encouraged him to excite her more, moving his arm and hand between them to control and move his cock, first just touching the head of his cock on her labia, and then a little penetration. The son finally penetrated fully, his fully erect cock sliding its full length deep into his mother's body. The stepfather had moved over to lie on the bed beside the couple, watching with great interest as Ellen moaned with pleasure.

He interrupted the copulating couple. "Just a second there, you two. I know this is the worst possible moment ... but I want you to put on a condom!" He heard his stepdaughter softly sigh in disappointment, "He doesn't need a rubber! Don't make him stop!"

"I know, I know ... but it's good practice, good rule," he insisted. "Plus, we want to keep your mother's cunt nice and clean. This is going to go on for a good while tonight, and we don't want everything all gooed up."

The son groaned, "I gotta do that NOW? I just started, my first time in a cunt ever! And you wanna make me pull out?" Fritz insisted, standing by the bed until the teen resignedly pulled himself from his mother's cunt and lifted himself up, kneeling over her naked body. The mother's eyes were fixed on her son's hard cock jutting out from his crotch, its shaft and head shiny with her lubricants. Her face was flushed, her lips full; it was obvious how hungry she was for that cock to be back inside her. But she nodded, "Yes, son, your stepfather is right. It's good practice, something you must always think about doing."

Fritz returned with a packaged prophylactic from his suitcase, and handed it to the son. "Know how to put it on?" he asked the son.

"Yeah .. sometimes I ..." he glanced at his mother and blushed.

"Go ahead," Fritz encouraged. "We're all being honest here, there's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Well, sometimes I would put on a rubber when I wanted to .. when I was, you know, jacking off? In bed. I didn't want Mom to know, you know, with cum on the sheets and all? So I'd put on a rubber and when I came, there wasn't a mess."

The mother asked, "You'd masturbate in bed? I thought you only ..." She blushed in turn. "Well, I mean, I wasn't spying on you or anything, that's entirely your business, and I know that teenagers get horny and masturbate all the time. The boys did when I was young too, you know!" She smiled at some distant memory. "But I thought .. you did it when you were watching porn on the TV or your computer. Or when you were taking a shower."

"Well, yeah, then too. But sometimes I just liked to lay in bed and daydream and imagine stuff, not the hardcore porn movies, but .. you know, my own ideas? And then I'd get excited and it just seemed natural to want to come during my imagining stuff."

"Imagining? What kind of stuff?" She was interested now, curious, still aroused, and wanted to learn more about her sexy son's daydreams and fantasies.

"Oh, just stuff." The boy avoided the subject; it was obviously too personal, at least for right now.

The boy finished adjusting the condom on his still hard cock and gave his cock a stroke or two to make sure it was properly in place. The mother's eyes were fixed the entire time on her son's cock as his hands prepared the condom and then rolled it over the exposed cockhead and down the long hard shaft. She had been irked at first at the interruption, but now licked her full lips in excitement and anticipation. Then, staring at her son's sheathed cock and then at her stepfather, she got an impish idea. She was thoroughly excited now, that long hard slim cock looked just unbelievably inviting and exciting, accentuated somehow by the new latex sheath and the little bulb at the tip, ready to catch the hot cum she knew would soon be spurting out of her son's dangling testicles.

A rush of warmth flooded up from her groin and through her stomach and breasts, and she got this sudden uncontrollable impulse, to be mad, daring, totally open!

"Ohhh ... I know what you two are up to! You had this planned all along!"

Stepfather and son stared at her in surprise.

She extended her arms over her head, and spread her legs invitingly.

"You got me here just so you could both take advantage of me! You're gonna both take turns fucking me until I plead for mercy, aren't you?" She looked up at the two challengingly, arching her body to shove her naked breasts toward them. "No matter how much I beg, you're both gonna fuck me over and over again, aren't you?" She pretended to glare at the two men, and then dropped her eyes to their groins. Two stiff cocks were ready to use her, and she couldn't think of a single reason to deny them! Her cunt was tingling, almost aching, hungry to be filled, excited. She spread her knees even wider, tilting her hips to display her cunt even more openly, a blatant invitation to be fucked.

The stepfather smiled, finally understanding the game. "That's right .. and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Kneeling on the bed beside Ellen's head, he reached out and pinned her arms down firmly.

"Go ahead, Mark! Get back on her. Stick that cock of yours inside her and fuck her just as hard as you want! Don't worry about her pleasure, just fuck her hard and fast until you come inside her! Then I'll take my turn!"

He looked down, saw eager desire in his stepdaughter's eyes as her tongue darted out to lick her swollen lips, and decided to take it to the next level.

"Meanwhile, woman, you're gonna put that sexy mouth of yours to work!" He saw her eyes glance toward his erection right in front of her. "That's right: your son's cock will be filling your cunt! And my cock will be filling your mouth!"

Leaning over, he guided his swollen cockhead toward her lips, smiling in satisfaction as he saw her turn her face toward him and pick up her head to meet his advance. Eagerly she opened her mouth and moaned as he slid his cock into her wet mouth.

Glancing over, the stepfather saw Mark stare with fascination as his mother began eagerly sucking on the stepfather's long stiff cock. But the boy hesitated only a moment, and then lowered himself back down onto his mother's naked body.

Supporting himself over his mother with one arm, Mark used his hand to guide his latex-sheathed cock to her cunt. He rubbed its head against and then between her labia, opening her vulva up for his entrance. A push and his cockhead slipped into her vagina. The sensation was wonderful, just as exciting as the first time he'd penetrated her only a few minutes before. But this time, he knew, there would be no stopping. Nothing would stop him. He could fuck her, stroke in her, use her cunt just as he'd always dreamed he would!

Holding himself above her now with both arms, he looked down between their bodies to his cock, half of its shaft still bare. He could feel her cunt clenching, squeezing down on his cockhead and the inch or two of shaft within her, and he smiled with pleasure and eagerness. One long push, a deep stroke, and his cock buried itself completely in his mother's cunt. He groaned with pleasure, how wonderful that felt, how intimate, how close! He was fucking her, he really was! "Oh god, Mom!" he moaned. "You feel so good, oh god, I can't believe it! I'm fucking you! This is what I would daydream about! My cock inside you just like this!"

Unable to pull his eyes away, he began an excited fucking, watching every stroke as he hammered his cock as hard as he could into his mother's hot wet cunt.

Then with a long groan of pleasure, his body stiffened and convulsed as he came for the first time inside a woman's cunt.

The stepfather continued his slow stroking in the mother's mouth, listening to her moans of pleasure as she continued to push her groin up against her son's penetrating cock. But he knew she hadn't come yet; she was close, he was sure, but she wasn't there yet.

He gave the boy a few more seconds to savor the wondrous feel of being buried in a cunt after coming in it, and then gently pushed him away. With a groan of pleasure the boy rolled over to his side, letting his condom-wrapped cock drag across his mother's naked thigh. Thick whitish cum bulged in the reservoir at its tip, but he was still fully erect, still hard. Breathing hard, the son didn't mind the break however. His eyes went to his mother's face, her full lips squeezing as she moved her head back and forth, moving her mouth along the stepfather's cock shaft, opening to let the bloated head slip from her mouth, and then forward again, sliding her lips over the head and then over the shaft as it disappeared back into her mouth.

The stepfather knew the boy could probably continue right on, fucking his mother again without even a pause for recovery. But he decided there was no hurry. The boy could enjoy the sensations and memory of that first wonderful fuck, watch what was happening with her, and then just enjoy her all over again in another turn.

With a smile of anticipation, the stepfather pulled his cock from his stepdaughter's mouth. "Now it's my turn. You were right: you're going to be fucked again and again tonight. I hope you're ready for it!"

"Oh god .. yessss!" she gasped. "Fuck me! Oh god, I need more!" She moaned as he got off the bed and went back to his suitcase for another condom. "No, don't mess with that! Fuck me now! Nooooowwwww!" Her voice cried out in frustration and need like a cat in heat. Fritz ignored her hungry demands and pleas as he prepared himself. She would keep, he knew. He watched her now-free hands dive to her groin, fingers pumping into her vagina as the other hand desperately stroked her clitoris. Her son, still relaxing beside his excited mother, watched her actions with great interest, obviously amused by her desperate hunger and need for satisfaction. Ignoring her demands, Fritz stood by the bed, expertly slid the condom over his hard cock, and rolled its slick slippery latex down his shaft. He could see Ellen's eyes locked on his groin, on the stiff cock he was preparing for her, the cock she needed so desperately. Then he climbed back onto the bed and his stepdaughter's naked body, positioned himself over her, and guided his cock to her shaven cunt.

"Ohhhh .. yesssss .. do it!" she demanded as she felt the first intimate contact to her sensitive sex. Slowly, teasingly, he slid his hard cock tip up and down her swollen labia. Groaning with frustration, she reached between them and, grasping the long thick shaft of his cock in her hand, pushed his cockhead to her vaginal opening, pushing her hips up again, trying to get his cock deeper into her. "Fuck me! Now!" Obviously her son's fast fuck and too-quick climax had excited her; she was close to an orgasm and wanted her pleasure too.

Slowly the stepfather slid into her, listening to her sigh of pleasure as he entered her. Then a quick withdrawal and a full slamming penetration brought a gasp of sheer pleasure from her passion-swollen lips. "Aaaaahhhhhhh!" she moaned.

Moving her hands to give him access, she lifted her arms over her head again, stretching her body, lifting her breasts. He could feel her hips lift again, pushing toward his cock as it touched her depths.

"Hold your mother's arms," he directed the watching son. "She likes to be held, restrained. Hold her arms down, stretch them out, keep her helpless. That way she can't stop us as we fuck her!" It was all a pretend thing of course, but he knew the words, the concept, the thought of her helpnessness would excite the passionate woman even more. The boy grasped her wrists, pulled them up to the top of the bed, and pushed them through the headboard bars, extending her arms completely. Then, with one hand and a forearm holding her arms stretched, he slid his other hand across her chest and began squeezing her breasts, moving from one to the other, squeezing and then pinching a rock-hard nipple. The son looked at his stepfather questioningly. "Like this?" he asked, and the stepfather nodded in approval.

"That's it, boy, you're doing great." He looked down his stepdaughter's full body: she was really very sexy, and he savored the moment. He'd been looking forward to fucking her for quite a while now; this was going to be just great. And, he knew, just the beginning of a new full exciting relationship.

Expertly he began a slow stroking, letting her savor every inch of his cock as he moved in and out. After a few minutes, he changed the pace. Rising to his knees, he lifted her legs and pushed them in front of his chest. Then he guided his cock back into her cunt, pushing its swollen head through her labia and deep into her body. She moaned with pleasure at the new position. Then he began a rapid stroking, timing it to match her own moans of pleasure.

Suddenly she began quivering as her body tensed. "Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh I'm coming, I'm coming!" The woman's body convulsed as she exploded in her own orgasm. Not changing the pace a bit, Fritz continued to stroke into the hot wet cunt, savoring the squeezing motions her orgasm produced around his cock.

Then with a rush of pleasure, he came himself, spurting jet after jet of hot sticky cum into his own condom. He regretted not being able to fill the deepest recesses of her cunt with that cum .. but he knew he'd prefer her cunt clean and wet for the sex he was determined would follow.

Yes, he and his grandson would fuck this woman for all she was worth. This was one night she wouldn't forget, no matter what decisions she might make later about letting her son continue to have sex with her.

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