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Naughty stepdad

My name is Steve.
I am fifty five overweight and bald (I know it’s not fantastic). I work in an office and sometimes from home.
On the day in question I was working at home, it was about two o’clock and I heard the front door close.
It must have been my stepdaughter Katie, she is s*******n and at the local unit she has blonde hair and is quite chubby but has very large breasts, anyway I carried on working.
After about an hour I decided to make a cup of tea and decided to see if Katie wanted one , I knocked on her door , but there was no reply after trying a couple more times , I opened the door and peaked in , my mouth dropped open in shock.
My step daughter was lying naked on the bed, she was wearing headphones and her eyes were closed, she was kneading her big breasts and fucking herself with a large dildo.
I went to my office (a room in the house )and received my old instamatic camera , then I went back and took a picture of her and went back downstairs.
A little while later she came down, when she saw me she blushed “how long have you been in she said “I replied “a while “and patted the sofa next to me and told her to sit down.
She was wearing a short skirt and a blouse.
When she sat down I asked how was uni ok she said and I put my hand on her thigh and rubbed her leg, “don’t do that Steve “she said.
I think you should be nice to me I replied
I don’t think so she said
I said take a look at this and showed her the picture I had taken.
She tried to snatch it, I got up and put it in my safe, then I sat next to her and said if she wasn’t nice to me all her friends at uni would see the picture and I put my hand on her leg and slid it up her skirt, she squirmed an wriggled about but didn’t move my hand after a little bit I started rubbing her pussy through her little pantie, they felt wet.
If I let you, will you give me the picture straight back today, yes I said I promise.
She lay back on the sofa, I told her to unbutton her blouse and take her tits out.
You know I don’t want this Steve don’t you, I do I replied.
She removed her blouse and bra, I started sucking her little tiny nipples, they went hard and I pulled her panties to one side and inserted my finger.
After a while I stood up and told her to unzip my trousers she pulled out my cock and started wanking it , I told to kneel on the chair and I rubbed my cock against her mouth , she opened it to breath and I slid my cock in and started fucking her mouth at the same time squeezing her big breasts , it wasn’t long before I came in her mouth , I kept my cock in her mouth until it finished twitching , she tried to spit out my cum but it hung from her mouth in a long strand, she tried to flick it off which caused it to stick all over her face and in her hair , she looked at me and asked for her picture , not yet I said I’m not finished yet .
I took her upstairs into the bedroom and told her to strip , she lay on the bed naked and I told her to open her legs , her pussy was wet and her little patch of blonde curly hair was wet through, my cock was soon hard again and I rubbed it up and down her pussy lips before sliding it in to her , laid on her and bucked my hips backwards and forwards , then she whispered in my ear please stop Steve , but I carried on , I said don’t pretend you don’t like it I can feel your cunt contracting round me and she let out a gasp .
I carried on fucking her and after a few minutes she climaxed and I came inside her.
I got off her and she lay there for a few minutes, her legs were open and my cum was running out of her.
I told her to lay on her back and I knelt over her face and told her to lick my balls, after some protesting she did and I started wanking myself off, I moved forward and made her lick my arsehole , her lovely tongue round anus sent me over the edge and I came all over her face .

I got off the bed and went and got her picture she sat on the bed her face and breasts covered in cum, I gave her the picture and she ripped it up.
Little does she know I took two pictures and the other is in my safe?

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