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Tuying around with my husband (4th story from my w

Even though my girlfriend (Tuy) lives with me and my husband (Sam), they have never slept together. I’m not saying we all haven’t shared a bed, nor to say Sam hasn’t touched her bare skin. In the year that Tuy has lived with us my husband has never penetrated her with so much as a finger. Well, that is until last weekend.

I’d been giving Sam little winks and touches all day Friday. Every time we were in the same room I would lean in close and whisper to him about how I couldn’t wait for bed. After dinner I told Tuy that I needed a little husbandly attention tonight. Though a little pouty she said she understood. Saying good night, Sam and I rushed off to bed. As soon as our door was closed, I told Sam that I had been thinking about pleasuring myself with his body all day.

Understanding my desire, Sam stood still as I undid his pants letting them drop to the floor. I kneeled down so I could slowly suck and massage his dick with my mouth and tongue until he grew so hard that I was gagging myself. Grabbing his hand I led him to the bed, asking him to lie down. I explained I wanted to fill all of me with his warm juices. Sitting between his legs, I rubbed my hard nipples on his thighs as I fucked him with my mouth. Not ready for Sam to cum; I sat up and straddled him. Sliding the tip of his thick head into my tight pussy and then slowly pushed myself down his shaft feeling him stretch me more and more the farther in he goes, until I have taken every inch. Rocking back-n-forth, grinding in circles so that I knew even his balls were getting sticky as I have my first orgasm.

Sliding back up and off, I stop as Sam grabs my nipple with his teeth. Even though I am enjoying the feel of his teeth gently tightening, I stop him by saying “I really want to clean all of my sticky juices off of his hard cock and balls so that when you cum I will be able to taste both of us.” Doing exactly as I said, I started sucking his balls then licked my own cum off of his base before putting him in my mouth and blowing him until he came down my throat. Smiling, I said “two more holes to fill.”

Letting Sam rest for a moment I went to the kitchen for a glass of ice water. Tuy was there getting a snack. Saying goodnight again, I give Tuy a deep kiss knowing I smell like my own juices, but taste like Sam. Pushing away I simply whisper, “He’s waiting for me”. I grab the glass of water and head back to my room.

Apologizing to Sam for it taking so long, I explained how Tuy was in the kitchen and that she really like the goodnight kiss. Using oil, I stroked Sam while telling Sam about how Tuy disappointed that I left so quickly. Sam got instantly hard when I suggested maybe it was time that he should join us, thinking that she is starting to want more. Climbing back on top of Sam, I tell him how when I’m with Tuy I spend a lot of time telling her stories about us and how he can do anything he wants to my body. Fucking Sam hard and fast as I describe how she wants me tell her about he usually brings me to gushing orgasms over and over while she eats me and fingers my holes. Sam and I came together.

Before Sam could get soft I said, “One more darling” and ever so slowly pushed back so his hard cock was poking my ass. I poured a little more oil on my ass so that I was able to work his head in without too much pain. Knowing how much Sam enjoyed me talking about Tuy, I described to him how I always start of slow with her by kissing and caressing her nipples before slipping my hand up her gown.

Before I knew it I was taking all of Sam up my ass and fucking him pretty hard. Sam grabbed my hips and stopped me. Looking me straight in the eyes he asked if I wanted him to fuck Tuy. I said, “No, I want US to fuck her.” Slowly moving my hips back and forth I explained how I was thinking about how much I would like to get her ready so that we could DP her.

Turning us both on with my words, Sam rolls me over and takes my ass deeper than before. Straining to catch my breath I continue to explain how I’ve used toys on her before and she really enjoys them, but she has never had a man inside of her. Sam slowed his thrust to tantalizing strokes as I tell him how I’ve been teaching that there is pleasure in a little pain. I’ve been able to work 2 toys into her pussy while I was nibbling and sucking on her clit. That was enough that we both exploded one last time, we snuggled until Sam fell into an exhausted sl**p. Still turned on by all the Tuy talk, I slip out of my bed.

Lying on her side, I snuggle in behind Tuy whispering in her ear about how Sam filled of me while I told him about her and I. Moaning in her sl**p I sliped my hand between her thighs to find that her pussy is already wet. I wet my thumb and rubbed her juices to her ass while my fingers massaged and teased her pussy.

Stirring Tuy started waking up as I whispered how much I wanedt to clean her with my tongue. I asked her if she remembered how much she enjoyed Sam’s taste when we kissed in the kitchen. She answered with a deep moan and pushed back on my hand so that my thumbs slipped into her ass. Sliding my free arm under her head, I reached around and massaged her breast until her nipples hardened. Kissing her neck and shoulders I described how I used Sam to pleasure myself, while explaining how I wanted both of them tonight. Tuy is now matching my rhythm as I finger both of her holes. The more I talk the wetter her pussy gets, so I ask her if she remembers the time when her and Sam ravaged my body together. Asking her if she remembers how I screamed and squealed with pleasure for hours. Deep moans of pleasure was the only answer I was given.

Gently I moved my hand up, pausing on her throat before turning her tilting her chin so I could turn her towards me. When I was able to see her eyes I said, “I want Sam and I to take you to a new level of pleasure. I want to pleasure you until you are exhausted. I want you to know what I feel when you and Sam pleasure me together.” Letting go of her head, I rolled her on to her back so I could kiss her. I leaned back a bit and asked, “Do I make your body feel good?” “Yes”, she said. “Do you want me to treat you to a new type of ecstasy?” “Yes”, she said.

Fingering her deeply now with two fingers, I asked if she would enjoy eating me even though I’m full of my husband’s cum. This got an “Oh YES please” and she moved out of my reach and lay between my legs. She ate my pussy while testing my ass with her fingers feeling all cum Sam exploded inside of me. Tuy made wonderful noises as she cleaned every drop of Sam’s juices out of both my holes. The incredible feeling of her warm mouth and fingers combined with her moaning with pleasure and excitement had me cumming all over her face.

When she had finished I got up for a drink of water and toys. I nudged Sam to let him know Tuy was excited by the idea of us using her body. I told him how she had just finished licking up all of his juices off of and out of me and that if wanted she would be ready for a good fucking in an hour.

Back in Tuy’s room I offered her a drink of water before getting comfortable between her legs. It didn’t take an hour to have her open and filled with small rubber dicks. I think her squeals of pleasure may have brought Sam down early. I’m not sure how long he had been watching me/us but I do know that when he tired of just watching Sam took me fast and hard until I came.

Moving to Tuy’s side I opened her legs in order for Sam to get a better view of her filled holes. Taking a breast in each hand squeezing her nipples I kissed her and breathed “are you ready for ecstasy?” Sam replaced the toy in her pussy with his hard cock. The look of pleasure on their faces turns me on even more. I straddled Tuy’s face so again she was swallowing my husband’s and my mixed juices. I lay down on her licking Sam’s dick with each stroke while I reached under her so that I could wiggle the toy in her ass side to side. I came in her mouth when she screamed in my pussy with her own orgasm.

Sam came deep inside of her, but didn’t lose his hard on. Knowing he wanted in her ass, I asked Tuy to roll onto her hands and knees so I could lie underneath her and clean up all of Sam’s cum and taste their mixed juices. Once on her knees I rubbed oil on Sam’s cock and on her ass before I slid below her to eat that sloppy well fucked pussy of hers. Sam started slow because the toy he took out was much smaller than his hard cock. Tuy took a sharp breath as he stretched her ass farther than even before. It didn’t take long before Tuy was pushing back forcing Sam deeper up. Unable to hold herself up with her hands Tuy rested her stomach and chest on me while resting her head between my knees. Mine and Tuy’s bodies became so sweaty that Sam would slide Tuy up and down my body with each stroke. When Sam started fucking her ass as easily as he did her pussy Tuy relaxed and wrapped her arm under my leg and started fingering. Tuy and I moaning with pleasure seemed to increase Sam’s strokes to thrust until he was fucking her deep and hard. The harder Sam fucked her ass the harder Tuy fingered my pussy and the harder I sucked her clit and ate her pussy. We stayed this way until we all had one last explosion of pleasure
What an incredible weekend filled with new experiences and orgasms.

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