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Fucking Tammy's Daughter..Sasha &Mike.

It was a hot summer’s eve when Sasha received a call from her c***dhood friend Tammy. Sasha covered in sweat raced to her cell that was sitting on her coffee table. Out of breath from running, she answered the recognized ringtone. “Hey girl …What’s up?” “Well girl you know I don’t usually ask for favors but I really need a big one this time.” “Girl just spit it out! What is it?” Tammy finally replied.” Well you know my daughter Cameron just graduated and ….well she just was accepted to UNC. I was just wondering …. Well with Mike, being in law enf***ement and all…uh… and you know she is studying law…. Well could she stay with you guys for a week while she tries out for cheerleader and gets her housing in order?” “Is that it? I thought you were asking for a lung or something. Honey it would be a pleasure for us to take care of your baby. You know we are like f****y. Tammy knew they were like f****y but it was not so long ago that they all were fucking each other like rabbits. Still yet, she trusted Sasha and Mike with her life and she knew that they would not let anything happen to her Cameron. Sasha wished her longtime pal a goodnight and finished the meal she was cooking for her and Mike.
Later on that evening, Mike came home from a hard day at the office. “Babe this case we are working is a fucking nightmare!” “Well baby that comes along with the job.” Mike had to agree but she did not have to remind him of that shit. Mike settled down in his favorite recliner as Sasha entered the kitchen to retrieve his dinner. Mike’s nostrils flared as the aroma of meatloaf, and mashed potatoes filled the room. “Damn babe you sure now how to please your man.” “In more ways than one baby.” She giggled. Mike smiled and started to enjoy the meal Sasha had prepared for him. “Hun I need to run something by you tonight.” Sasha shared. “Well babe lets hear it.” He mumbles with a mouthful of meatloaf. “Tammy called to ask a favor from us. She wanted to know if Cameron could stay with us for a while, before college starts. She has to wait for her room and she is trying out for the cheerleading squad as well.” Mike gave her a nod in a yes motion and continued to consume his dinner.
Mike kissed Sasha on the lips as they settled into bed for the night. It wasn’t too long before Sasha was dreaming and looking like a perfect angel as she nestled in the sheets. Mike lay in bed with his mind in a whirl. The last time she had the pleasure of seeing Cameron, she was attending an all girl school. The poor c***d had braces, and unruly hair and the worst case of acne that he ever laid eyes on. “I hope that poor c***d purchased some Proactive and a perm.” He snickered to himself. Finally, Mike grew tired and drifted off into a deep sl**p.
The weekend was finally upon Mike and Sasha. They had the guest room prepared and they went all out to make sure that their new houseguest would have all the comforts of home. After all, Tammy was f****y and she had one of the best pussies they ever encountered. Sasha could hear footsteps approaching the door and within a minute, her doorbell rang. Sasha took off her apron and checked herself one more time in the mirror before answering. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. There stood Tammy. She was as beautiful as ever. Her dark locks all tucked up in a bun and her shades hid her wide sexy eyes. The two embraced and embraced again. With a kiss on the cheek, Tammy turned around and Cameron was standing there with a smile as wide as the sea.” Hi Sasha," Cameron said with a grin. Sasha stepped back and stared at the grownup girl that stood before her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This didn’t look like the fucked up looking teen her and Mike remembered. This c***d was a full-grown woman with perky tits and a nice round ass. Her face was blessed with beauty and her hair trailed down her back to the curve in her back. Cameron smiled and all three entered the living room. Sasha told her new houseguest to put her bags in the guest room and to make herself at home. Tammy and Sasha sat in the living room sipping on wine and reminiscing on old times. The whole time they talked both had reflections on the sex life they shared for a bit. Soon Tammy told Sasha she needed to catch her plane back to WV and with that she gave her a kiss on the cheek. Cameron ran into the room to give her mom one last hug and as the tears fell from the both of their eyes, Tammy knew that her daughter was in good hands. She looked back and then closed the door behind her.
It wasn’t long before Mike came home for the evening. He threw a paper on the kitchen table and began to complain about how fucked up the world is and the fucked up people that lived in it. Sasha was hoping he would have come home in a better mood but she knew how to smooth him over. She sighed and in her own seducing way walked behind the recliner that Mike had planted his ass. She slowly massaged his aching neck and worked her way down to his shoulders. Soon he began to calm down and give into the special treatment he was receiving from his wonderful wife. “Hey babe, our houseguest is here. She is in the bedroom napping.” Cameron was worn out from the flight and she had fallen asl**p while waiting on Mike to come home. She and Sasha had already had a couple of slices of pizza and the leftovers were in the box for Mike to eat. Sasha walked into the kitchen to warm up Mike’s pizza and talk more about Cameron. “So does she still have those braces and acne,” laughed Mike. Sasha told him to lower his voice and it made him chuckle even louder. The laughter had awakened Cameron and she decided it was time for her to reintroduce herself to Mike. She threw on some booty shorts that she had too much booty for and a half a t-shirt and stumbled into the living room. She stood there in all her glory. Her hips were thick and her body resembled the shape of a coke bottle. Her long ponytail dangled down to the crack of her ass. Mike sat there with Sasha still massaging his shoulders, now his mouth was wide open and watering. This was not the girl he remembered either. She was a young goddess and his eyes were filling up with lust as he looked toward her. “Well hello there young lady, I hope you slept well,” Asked Mike. All the while, he was looking at the young beauty up and down her curvaceous body. He could feel his cock come alive in his pants. The relaxing feeling of Sasha’s massage wasn’t helping matters in the least. She explained to the couple that she wanted to take a shower soon and finish catching up on her rest. They instructed her on where to find the towels and waved her goodnight. Both of them watching as her ass swayed from her sexy strut.
The next morning Cameron awoke to the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs. She could smell a fresh pot of coffee on and her flat little tummy began to growl. She sat up in her bed and tried to gather her thoughts. She wobbled into the kitchen to find Mike there cooking breakfast for the two sexy women. Sasha was still hugging her pillow tight as her breakfast was being prepared. She loved to sl**p in on the weekends and Sunday was her favorite day to relax. Mike had left her door slightly cracked so she too could wake up to the aroma of his culinary skills.
Cameron made her way to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. Mike had his back to her so he wasn’t able to see the sexy, mess that sat at the table waiting on her food. This gave Cameron the opportunity to check out the older male that was housing her for a few weeks. She admired a man that loved to cook for his woman and he wasn’t bad on the eyes either. His hint of gray that was peeking out through his coal black hair made him look so distinguished. His 6’7 stature was a little overwhelming but hot at the same time. An older man could teach her a few things and that thought ran through her mind as she waited so patiently. “Good to see you finally decided to get out the bed baby.” Mike said. “Breakfast smells so good Uncle Mike, Commented Cameron. Mike whipped his body around to see the attractive young woman sitting at the table. She had a bad case of bed head and bottom of her perky tits were exposed at the bottom of her half cut t-shirt. Mike’s jaw was ajar as he eyed the sexy young thing. He has her smile and she returned the greeting. “Do you need any help with anything Uncle Mike?” she asks. “Uh well can you get the glasses out of the top cabinet if you don’t mind?” “Oh I don’t mind at all. “She answers. Cameron stood up and walked over to the deep walnut cabinet. She reached above her head and pulled the doors open. The picked up two golden stained glasses and placed them on the table. This gave Mike a fantastic glance at her gorgeous athletic body. He could feel his prick become rigid in his pants with every movement she made. She sat down and he joined her to chow down on the delicious spread that lay on the table. “Oh I forgot the milk,” he tells her. “I need that Uncle Mike. You know it does a body good.” She says laughingly. “Shit baby, you must drink gallons daily.” He tells her jokingly. The two of them started eating and engaging in a little chitchat. Her big green eyes batted in a flirtatious manner as he talked about his job and she about school. The two seem to be hitting it off and the attraction between this 46 year old and this 18-year-old student was more than just a f****y friendship. Mike gazed at the beauty as she talked and talked and talked about her life at the all girl school. He laughed and found it delightful to listen to her go on and on about it. His mind was in a different place all together. He was thinking of how he would love to shove this food to the floor and dive his face into her youthful cunt. Cameron also gazed at him as he spilled his life out about his crazy job. She thought about how meaty his cock was and how wonderful it would be to put it in between her pouty pink lips. Their imaginations were getting the best of them as they finished their plates. Mike’s cock stood at attention at this point. It was from all the rubbing he was doing underneath the table. In addition, Cameron’s pussy was dripping from her playing with her clit as they shared in conversation. Both of them pushed away from the table to place their dishes in the sink. Cameron found it hard not to notice Mike’s cock standing at attention. He stood behind her and let it brush against her fit thick thighs and ass. She felt her pussy get even wetter than before and she scurried off into her room. She giggled to herself and decided that soon she would have to make it happen. She preferred sooner over later. She gathered up her shorts and bikini top and headed to the bathroom to take her shower.
Mike finished cleaning up the dishes and swept the floor. He was still waiting on Sasha to wake up but she was still in a deep slumber. He made her a plate and put it inside the microwave and headed toward the bedroom, He could hear the shower going in the guest bathroom as he went to check on his wife. He opened his cracked bedroom door to find Sasha still catching up on some well due rest. He thought to himself about how angelic she looked and closed the door behind him. He was on his way to read the paper when he caught a glimpse of Cameron’s curvy body in his peripheral vision. He grabbed his cock….” Down boy,” whispers. He began to tiptoe into the room to get a closer view of the lovely young woman. Through the glass that shielded her body, he could see a fuzzy view of the vixen. Her body covered in suds as she carefully washed her full firm tits and reached the washrag between her legs to clean her pussy. He just stood there frozen with his prick hard and his eyes focused. She reaches for her razor and begins to groom her tiny cunt. Mike was so into the event that he was not even aware that he had pulled his cock out. He was not about to let this go without it being to his advantage. “Damn Sasha sure did the right thing by letting this sexy pussy stay with us.” He thought. “Oh... oh ... oh fuck yeah…. he moans, wash that sexy pussy. Damn I need to taste that at least once.” He continues stroking and staring into the steamy room. She began rinsing off her sexy body and her dark long lock. Mike quickly put his cock in his pants and rushed out of the room.
“You almost ran me over baby.” Sasha claims. Mike’s heart jumped inside his chest. He did not even know she had awakened. “Hey baby, I didn’t see you or hear you coming down the hall. I was just about to tell you that I put your breakfast in the microwave.” He tells her. “Why are you coming out of the guest bedroom?” she asks. “Uh well…well I was going to tell Cameron not to worry about washing her dishes.” He tries to explain. Sasha really did not believe his lame story but she played along with it for the moment. She walked down the hallway and into the kitchen to heat up her meal. Mike gave a big sigh and reached down at his dick. “I swear you are going to be the death of me ole pal.” He chuckled and walked to his bedroom to get ready for the day.
Cameron put on her clothes and entered the living room to watch some T.V. She looked to the side and saw Sasha sipping her coffee and polishing off her toast. “Hey Auntie Sasha.” She yells to her. “Hello honey, did you rest well last night? She asks her guest. Cameron told her yes and reclined in the big cushioned baby blue chair. Sasha washed her dishes, came into the living room, and started a convo with Cameron. She could not help but to look at the skimpy white bikini top and tiny red skirt that Cameron was wearing. She gawked at the outfit and the site of Cameron’s thick legs and manicured toes. She thought that this hot young nymph is going to give her a run for her money. Should it be a competition or should she just go with the flow. She knew how horny her man always was. She just gave it one last thought and tuned into the television show that happened to be one of her favs. All of a sudden, Cameron jumped to her feet and ran off to the bathroom. She passed Mike in the hallway on his way to the living room. “I saw you jacking that fat cock of yours.’ She whispers so softly. He gave her a sinister grin and tried to play it off as he walked to greet Sasha. “What should we do today babe?” “I’m going to chill today baby. I have been working all week and I need to catch up on this housework. I would like you to take Cameron out by the school and maybe on a little tour around town.” She exclaims. The thought of having Cameron in the close quarters of his vehicle was a little too much for him to handle. He was beginning to have those perverted thoughts of fucking his old friend’s sexy daughter and it was going to happen if he could help it.
Cameron reentered the room and Mike told her of the plans for that day. She was excited as she retrieved her purse and flip-flops. “I’m all set.” She says. “Well let’s go girl and see the town.” Sasha smiled and told them goodbye as they walked out the door. Mike opened the convertible door and Cameron slid inside on the leather seat. “Ouch! The seats are a little hot!” she yells. “Not as hot as you are Hun.” Mike growls. She gave him a coy look and asked him to put the top down on the car. They started down the street: her hair blowing in the wind and the two enjoying the weather. They drove along the busy streets for a while and soon grew hungry again. Mike decided to grab a couple of sandwiches and drinks and head off to the beach for a few. He pulled out the blanket that he always kept in the trunk of the car and the two of them found a nice secluded spot on the beach.
“Uncle Mike would you mind if I slip off this skirt for a few, I have my bottoms on underneath and I want to get a little sun.” Cameron shares. “I have no problem with it at all Cam. Do you think you can call me Mike instead of Uncle Mike, it makes me feel so old?” They both cracked up in laughter and she agreed. Mike began to take off his shirt and Cameron stared at the tats that he had on his arms. He explained to her what they meant to him and how she may want to get a small one. Cameron eyes fluttered and her body language let Mike know that his guest was a beginning to get a little hot in the ass. She kept rubbing her thighs together and sighing as they spoke. Mike gave her that look that a man gives a woman that he is lusting. Before they knew it, they were engaging in a long deep kiss. He caressed her beautiful face and played in her hair as he held her close. He knew this was so wrong. She was supposed to be like a daughter to him and Sasha. His hands wandered along her body and he could feel the heat escaping from her bikini bottoms. Her tongue began weaseling down his throat, as he pressed his lips tightly against hers. The breathing became heavier and faster as they continued to fondle one another. Mike could feel Cameron’s legs gape open and he slithered his fingers up her thigh and into the outer lips of her cunt. She let out a gasp and opened her legs even wider. She was letting the older man get to her honey pot and her honey was beginning to drip on his fingers. He pulled them out and raised them up to his lips. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the taste of his newly found nectar. “Mmm ... Baby this is just as sweet as any fruit that God ever created.” “ Yee…ssss… yeeeess. Play with me. Play with my pussy. I wondered what it would feel like. Having an older man, I mean. Please… give me more.” He gently pulled her soft pussy lips apart and slid down on the blanket until his face was at the entrance of her now juicy cunt. He put his nostrils to the small tuft of hair that decorated the top of her pussy. He took a deep breath and embraced the aroma of her young cunt. The smell was intoxicating as his tongue started to explore her orifice. “Sweet lawd, do you have any idea on how good your pussy is?” Mike inserted a single finger and pulled it out. He put it up to Cameron’s lips and pressed it with his pussy stained fingers. She opened her mouth to receive it and she sucked on it like a cock. With her eyes shut, she asked him for another taste so he gave her what she wanted. The older Italian gent was pleasing to his youthful lover. “Deeper Mike, deeper inside my hot lil puss…ooooh fuck, cuuuuuming.” She screams. She clamped her legs around his neck and began to rock with such f***e that he thought she would snap it in half. He rose up and smiled, his face glazed in her sweet young pussy juice. She giggled and sighed as he spread her legs open again. He slapped his cock with his rock hard cock and she moaned in pleasure. “Please… can I suck your cock? It’s so fucking beautiful.” The words were comforting and explicit to his ears. He pulled her face close to his thighs and smacked her face with the mushroom head of his prick. Her face began bobbing back and forth trying to retrieve the cock into her mouth like a hungry bird after a worm. He traced her lips with the tip and with one thrust pushed two inches deep inside her warm waiting mouth. She used her right hand and quickly grabbed at the length of his cock, as she begins to take her time stroking it up and down the shaft. His head tilted back and his mind was focused on the sexy nymph that was sucking his cock like a champion. He began massaging her tits and playing in her long hair. He grabbed a handful of her locks and began f***e-feeding his cock to her. She did not hesitate to gobble up the length and pump the girth of his rigid dick. He was about to blow but he did not want to waste it in her mouth. He was not quite ready yet. He had to feel that velvety cunt with his cock. He wanted to stretch the walls of her juicy pussy and he was going to bend her body in many directions as he could. If he could not finish the job on the beach today, he would try another time. He was hoping it would be more than a couple of hours the next time. He hovered over her body and his eyes scanned her from top to bottom. He began kissing her luscious lips again and moved his hands up and down her full hips. He used his knees to pry her legs open and he dug his them firmly in the sand. He scooted her ass close to and tickled her clit with the head of his throbbing cock. He gave it a few slaps and his cock made the juice splatter onto her thighs. He moved forward a bit and the head of his dick came to a screeching halt. “Are you a virgin Cam? Your pussy is tight as a drum.” He spit on the head and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, lubricating her pussy for easy access. She took a deep breath and he pushed the thick member deep inside her. It was all or nothing as far as he was concerned. That sexy bitch took it all. The thick seven and ½-inch dick stretched her walls with his 3-inch girth. He pushed again deeper this time, and penetrating her walls even further. “OMG! You feel like your splitting me in half!” She cried. He put his finger to his lips in a motion for her to hush. She obeyed and started rocking her hips to meet his rhythm. “This isn’t going to work baby. I want you on top. I want to have the pleasure of watching you ride my cock.” He explains. He helped her up and he took her place on the blanket. The stood over top of the gentle giant and he gazed up looking straight up her body. He could see the juice seeping from her pussy fold and he licked his lips. What a yummy site for a horny man to see. She stuck her finger in her cunt and playfully teased him. She rubbed her pussy and stuck her fingers deep inside. Mike loved the playful little bitch. It was turning him on watching her tease him while he waited for her to saddle up to take a ride on his cock. She finally bent down and he gripped her hips. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips as she planted her feet sturdy in the sand. She reached between her legs to claim the erect cock that was sticking upright between her thighs. She spat on her hand and began stroking his cock. She settled the cock head into her wetness and lowered her tight cunt a little at a time. She pumped up, down .and rotated the cock, and slowly began to rock on it. “Holy Shit!” Mike began to wail. Is this fucking happening to me? Is my best friend’s daughter riding my fucking cock with an incredibly tight cunt of hers? Fuck yes she was and he was enjoying every freaking minute of it. Mike clinched her waist and gritted his teeth as he drove his cock deep inside her pussy. “Oh fuck yea! Hell fucking yeah! F...UUUUUCK! WORK THAT FUCKING COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY! FUCK ME YOU MIKE! I LOVE THICK ITALIAN DICK AND I WANT YOURS! I HAVE WANTED TO FUCK YOU SINCE I WAS A TEENAGER! DON’’T FUCKING STOP!” She continued to scream. She loved the feeling of an older man being buried balls deep inside her tiny cunt. Her athletic body continued to pump up and down on his throbbing thick dick. She couldn’t get enough. She began to shudder and scream and Mike had to cover her mouth with her hand. She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead but she didn’t care. A real man and not a little boy were fucking her. So she wanted to make it last. Mike grabbed Cam’s hips tight so she couldn’t move and trusted upward a few times. She pulled out his cock out and pumped it up and down. It began to spew out streams of white cream and she let it shower her face as she continued to stroke him. She then placed her pussy on his face and rocked like a rocking chair back and forth on his face. It was soon covered, in a glaze of sexy hot young pussy juice. She collapses on top of her newfound lover and tries to slow down her panting. She knew she had just opened a can of worms, but it didn’t matter to Cameron. “I think it’s time that we head back to the house.” Mike tells her. Mike had just had a fantastic spontaneous fuck and he loved it. They headed toward the car and were soon zooming down the highway. Cameron began to have that tingly feeling between her legs as she thought about her afternoon tryst.
The car pulls in the driveway and Mike opens the door for his young lover. “This is between us Cam. It would hurt Sasha if she knew I fucked her best friend’s daughter.” Mike reminded Cam. Cameron gave him a nod in agreement and they entered the foyer and walked into the living room. The house smelled of bleach and Lysol. It was obvious that Sasha had been cleaning her ass off. She loved the smell of a clean house. Mike walked to the back of the house to find his adoring wife sl**ping in their satin sheets. She looked as angelic as he listened to her light snore. What a curvaceous gorgeous creature that lay before him. He was such a lucky man to have a woman that loved him so much. He kissed her on the forehead and walked to clean himself from the fuck he just had on the beach. He knew that he needed to rinse of the fresh smell of young cunt off his face and cock. He grabbed a towel and entered the shower, letting the hot water beat down on his face and back thinking of the sweet young pussy. Meanwhile Cameron sheds her clothes and decides to take a gander on what was going on in the couple’s room. She enters room and she hears the shower running and steam coming out from under the door. On the right, she can see Sasha looking oh so precious and in a comatose state. Her naughty little mind wonders if she can get away tasting Sasha’s mature cunt, just once. She pulled the sheets back slightly until Sasha’s bald pussy was exposed. Cameron knelt down by the edge of the bed and used her fingers to trace the inside of Sasha’s thigh. The motion made her open her legs just enough to show her clitoris. “Mmmm that is exactly what I want. She positioned herself so that her tongue could reach and play with Sasha’s pussy. Cameron watched as Sasha’s pussy came to life. It made her own cunt get a little moist as she continued to lick it. Sasha began to spread her legs further apart and moan lightly. The thought of turning her mom’s friend on was so exciting for Cam. She felt like the porn star she wanted to be. Mike thought he heard some movement and stepped out of the shower for a second. He cracked the door to find Cam between the thighs of his Sasha. His cock immediately jumped to attention. He had no problem looking and stroking his sudsy cock as he watched Cam rubbing her clit and licking Sasha’s. Cam was a little leery of sticking her fingers inside Sasha’s pussy but she couldn’t hold back at this point. She inserted her index finger deep inside of Sasha and moved in a very slow motion. Sasha moaned in a sexy sensual manner. Soon Cameron’s finger was soaked in juice and she began to lap it up. Sasha had an orgasm in her sl**p and Cam was the source. Mike hopped back in the shower and finished off stroking his cock, with the image of Cam sucking Sasha’s clit in his thoughts. He cam fast and rinsed his body and cum soaked cock off. Cameron tiptoed back into her room and into the shower. It was a long day and she knew that the couple was going out that night on the town. She would have her day with Sasha and that day would be one to remember.
Sasha woke up from her long nap to find Mike sitting in the living room watching sports. She eased her way over and gave Mike a sensual kiss on the lips. “Babe, you ready to hit the town.” she asks. “Oh baby I can’t wait to get you d***k and take full advantage of your sexy ass.” Mike k**s. “You don’t have to get me d***k to fuck the hell out of me baby.” She laughs. Mike smiles to himself and thinks about how Sasha had no clue that Cam was fucking her pussy with her tongue earlier. Cam had no idea that Mike saw her with his wife, licking and sucking her clit. That was his little secret.
Mike and Sasha looked great that evening for their night out. Cam was in her so-called pajamas chilling out on the chaise, eating a bowl of popcorn. She licked her lips at her Uncle Mike and blew him a kiss while Sasha’s back was turned. The couple headed out the door and was soon off for the evening.
Cameron decided it was time for her to explore the couple’s bedroom. She began to pull out drawers and look into the closets. She soon realized that she was really living with some highly functional sexual freaks. She found her a ton of porn DVDs, put one in the player, and began to watch. She made sure she had her favorite vibrator, as she rubbed one off to the threesome video she found inside the nightstand. She made sure that she had orgasm after orgasm and then drifted off into sl**p.
Mike and Sasha were getting a little tipsy as the evening was ending. She was turning her man on with her sexuality and the flirty way she kissed and touched him. It was time to end the night and head home. They pulled into the driveway kissing and fondling each other in the car. They made out for at least 15 minutes before deciding to go into the house. On entering their home, they found Cameron in the chaise with her vibrator by her thigh and her hand covering her pussy. “Looks like our little house guest has been very busy and horny.” He chuckles. He walks over to the DVD player and takes out the disk. Sasha decided that they had just better leave her in there so she wouldn’t be so embarrassed. The couple headed off into their bedroom and started a night of lovemaking. Mike and Sasha began fucking like two teenagers and their headboard began to bump against the wall. The sound of the bed knocking awakened Cameron and she stretched her arms out and took a big yawn. She giggled to herself as she realized that she fell asl**p fucking herself and Mike and Sasha found her with her vibrator. She picked it up and went toward her room. The screams from the couple’s bedroom was over whelming to Cameron. She started getting that twitch in her pussy again. She could hear Sasha yell out about how Mike’s cock was ripping her up inside and she thought about how he widened out her coochie earlier that day. She lie in bed and began playing with her pussy and wanting oh so bad to join the couple. Maybe one day she would. Maybe even sooner than what she thinks.

The next week flew by as the couple went to work and trying to fit their new roommate into their schedule. Cam managed to try out for the cheerleading squad and actually making it. She was always practicing in the backyard and it often caught the attention of the male as well as female neighbors. Her curvy yet athletic body was a head turner. She often worked out in tiny outfits with her ass cheeks hanging out. She jumped about and tumbled around giving her neighbors sexy and flirtatious looks. She finally began to meet people her own age but she still wanted to dabble in the mature aspects of sexuality. She wanted to fuck her mom’s best friend Sasha. She had already fucked Mike and she wanted to have Sasha all to herself one day. Soon that day came and Cameron took full advantage of it.
Sasha was in a pair of cutoff jeans and a halter doing laundry. She was bent over the laundry basket when she heard Cameron say,” I hope I still look as good as you when I get your age.” It made Sasha blush and she thanked her for the compliment. Sasha put in a load and decided to start dinner. It was Spaghetti and wine night for the f****y and she was putting the water on for the pasta. “Do you need any help Sash?” Cam asks. “Not really, I think I can handle it. So how was your day Cam? You meet any nice young men?” Sasha questions. Cam decided it was now or never to make her move on her sexy older f****y friend. She stood up and walked over to Sasha. “It’s not nice young men that I’m looking for.” She tells her. She stares deep into Sasha’s eyes and they can feel the sexual energy ooze from their bodies. Cam leans over and gives her a kiss that any man or woman would die for. It was sensual, sexy and made Sasha’s knees buckle. She couldn’t believe that a young teen like Cam made her feel like this. “I’m sorry Aunt Sasha. I don’t want you to think badly of me.” She hung her head down low and Sasha took her finger and lifted her head up by placing her finger under Cameron’s chin and lifting it. “I am so flattered that you find me attractive Hun and I feel just as attracted to you but I don’t know about this.” She tells the beautiful teen. “Does this make you feel uncomfortable and leery? She took Sasha’s face, pulled it to hers, and began kissing her deeply and lovingly. The two women began to burn with desire and with that, Sasha took her young lover by the hand and led her to the bedroom.
Cameron stood back as she watched Sasha slowly strip for her. Her eyes never left the much older woman as she looked at her curvy hips and nice full breast. For Sasha to be in her 40’s she was stunning and Cameron liked what she saw. Soon it was Cameron’s turn to exit her wardrobe. Cameron started with her blouse but stopped at the top button. “I want you to undress me Sasha.” She gave her a wink and Sasha walked over and started unbuttoning Cameron’s blouse. As she unbuttoned her blouse, she kissed her lover all over her firm breast and caressed them as she made her way down to her skirt. She unzipped the side and let it fall to the floor. They both fell onto the bed and began engaging in kissing and exploring their bodies. Sasha, being the older of the two took charge immediately. She took her time as she wrapped her legs around Cameron’s and played with her clit. She stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her all over her face. Cameron was being made love to by an experienced older woman and she was enjoying every minute of it. Sasha slowly lowered her body until her face was at Cameron’s muff. She took a deep breath and dove in her pussy with her tongue. Cameron let out a moan of satisfaction and opened her legs wide as she Sasha dined on her pussy. “Oh yes, you are so good Sasha, you feel so good to me.” Cameron moaned. Sasha continued to enjoy Cameron’s sweet snatch, she spread the lips open until she her love button was exposed. She took it in between her lips and began to suck with f***e. Cameron clinched the sheets and her toes began to curl. She had no idea who she was dealing with. Sasha was an old pro at turning on a woman and she was going to make sure that Cameron loved her experience. “I want to taste you too Sssaaaashhha.” She said stammering. Sasha took her legs and swung them over Cameron’s face and the two engaged in a face fuck fest. They were sucking and finger fucking each other until they had one orgasm after another. The two finally finished, very satisfied and promising each other to keep their little secret.
Mike opens the front door to find the two women laughing and watching a reality show on T.V. “Look at the two of you all involved in those crazy housewives.” He teased. The women got up and planted a kiss on each cheek. He was glad to be home after a long hard day. The sight of two sexy women greeting him was something that turned him on. How he wished that he could have them both at the same time. How he would love to have Sasha’s tasty mature pussy and Cam’s tight cunt riding his thick cock was more than he could even imagine. He put up his things and joined the two women at the kitchen table for spaghetti night and some wine. The conversation was all about the week they had and what they were going to do for the weekend. It was Cameron’s last week before school started and they wanted to make the best of it. They were planning to go on a picnic and maybe catch the concert that was going to be on the beach the next evening. They all agreed and after dinner, they all went to their rooms for a good night sl**p.


The next morning Sasha was up preparing the food for the picnic. She had fried chicken, potato salad, chips and their favorite wine and beer. The three had a big breakfast and then headed out to enjoy the day. Sasha in her white bikini and Cameron in her hot pink string bikini were giving men an eyeful. The two women cackled as Mike sped down the Ocean blvd, their hair blowing in the wind and men whistling at the two. Mike wasn’t the least bit jealous. Shit, he was proud to have such beauties in his presence. He knew that later on that evening he was going to have his way with one of them, but was planning on it being the both of them.
Mike found a place to park the car and then the three walked to the beach. The weather was perfect and the ocean was cool to the touch. They lay the blanket down and positioned themselves on the blankets, to take in the sun. It three were covered in oil and taking in the rays. As the day went on, they played some volleyball and did a little boogie boarding with some other beachcombers. Through out the day they ate and drank beer and wine. Soon all three were intoxicated, the band was setting up and they got out their chairs to get ready for the festivities. Soon the beach became a little more crowded and the three consumed more and more beer. They women were hanging onto Mike and tugging on him, almost making his shorts fall down. He just laughed it off and warned the women about public intoxication and he would hate to have one of his buddies haul all three of them downtown. The concert ended and it was time to go home. They climbed in the car and started down the highway. As they approached the house, Cameron d***kenly thanked the couple for the wonderful time she had for the last two weeks. She appreciated everything they have done for her and she enjoyed fucking them both. Mike and Sasha looked at each other a little puzzled. They gave their shoulders a hunch and stumbled into the house.
Cameron started to strip as she d***kenly walked down the hall. With each step, she took off a piece of clothing. Soon she was butt naked and standing in Mike and Sasha’s room. “What is taking you guys so long? I am ready to get this party started!” she yells. Mike and Sasha walked back to their room to find her completely naked, on her knees and stroking her clit. She was ready to give them a thank you they would never forget. Mike looked at the curvaceous teen and felt his cock grow in his shorts. “I see you are ready for my Mike.” Cameron exclaims. She spreads her legs and beckons for him to join her. Sasha stood there in shock at first and then sat in her chair and watched what was transpiring before her. Mike was lying on his back and stroking his dick as Cameron sat on his face. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he darted his tongue in and out of her cunt. She was thrashing about and fucking him with everything she had. “Ohhh Mike I missed your tongue. Sasha seemed a little confused. What did she mean she missed it, had she had Mike before? Sasha sat back in the chair and played with her cunt as she watched Cameron and Mike in a little 69 position. Mike loved the face that Sasha was getting off watching he and Cam fuck each other. It was a big turn on to him and he couldn’t wait until she joined them. Sasha got up and Cameron leaned back. She crawled down the length of Mike’s body and gave Sasha a kiss. Then she took a hold of Mikes cock at the base, and hovering her pussy over top of it, she teased him. She began to lower herself and slowly grinded her tight youthful cunt up and down his shaft. Sasha made her way to his face and began to rub her pussy all over his face. She and Cameron began kissing as all three fucked each other with such passion. Soon it was Sasha’s turn to ride that familiar cock... As she moved over toward his dick Cameron said to her,” Sasha you always taste so fucking good. Can I have you in my mouth again?” Sasha moaned out a yes. Mike was soon figuring out that their little house guest was a very busy girl. Sasha stood up and let Cameron eat out her cunt as Cam rode his cock. The view was making Mike’s cock harder and harder. He began fucking Cameron faster and faster. He was almost at his peak but he wanted a little anal action from the both of them. He put both women on all fours and began fingering their pussies. He watched as they touched each other so softly and sucked each other’s nipples. He stroked his cock and then spit on the tip. He looked at Cameron and took his knees to pry her thighs open. He leaned down and buried his tongue in her asshole. She flinched and sighed as he dug his tongue deep inside her brown hole.” Sweet Jesus you are driving me crazy!” she screams. He smacked her on the ass and rubbed the head of his cock around the hole. He slowly moved it forward until he the entire thing was in her ass. She held her breath and slowly rocked back to meet his wanting thrust. Sasha stroked her back to ease the tension and gave her gentle kisses down her back as he plowed into her ass. Soon it was Sasha’s turn. Mike wasted no time burying his meat deep inside her. Sasha was use to the size of his cock and she enjoyed being anally fucked by her husband. She bucked on his cock like a rodeo star and her cries of pleasure filled the room. Mike was about to blow his load, both of the sexy women turned around to lavish in the creamy shower he was about to give them. Mike jerked a little and rubbed the fat mushroom head of his cock. He let the girls take turn sucking his knob and rubbing their hands up and down the shaft. Soon he cried out and a stream of cream shot out over the two kissing women. They began taking turns sucking him dry and licking the leftovers off each other’s bodies. Exhausted from all the fucking the three lie in bed with the sound of panting echoing through the room. “What did you mean about having Mike and then having me Cameron?” Sasha asks. She finally admitted that she had skillfully planned to fuck the both of them. They admitted that they loved having her for a sexual partner and they hoped she learned a lot from the both of them. She told them she appreciated everything that they did for her and that she would visit them from time to time. Cameron crawled out of their bed and went to her room. All three called it a night and dreamed of all the sexual encounters they had with their houseguest.
The next day Cameron was packed and ready to head for the dorms. She gave Sasha and Mike a kiss on the cheek and her new roommate pulled up to take her to school. Cameron looked back and said,” By the way, mom will be here next week. She said she can’t wait to reconnect with you two.” Mike and Sasha looked at each other and winked. They were looking forward to that visit. It was long over due as far as they were concerned and maybe Cameron can join in on the fun this time.

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