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The Adventures Buck and Rachel

I have this friend Rachel, whom I worked with for years. We were just that - friends without benefits - but there was always some sexual tension. Let me tell you about Rachel - she was 5'10", brunette, lovely full lips that I fantasized about, a nice figure - full breasts, a nice curve to the waist, and a wonderful butt and just fantastic legs. We traveled for work - a lot - and spent many a night having a drink after a long day with clients.

One night in a Hotel outside of Boston, we were in the hotel bar having a drink - no else there but the bartender - who told us that they were closing early. We decided to buy a bottle of wine and go upstairs to Rachel's room to have a couple glasses and rewind from the day - and get ready for the next.

As we were going to the room, I couldn't keep my eyes off her wonderful butt in her tight blue jeans. When we got to the room, I opened the bottle and went to the bathroom. Rachel then told me she was going to go to the bathroom and would be right back. As I sipped on the Cabernet, I heard her come out of the bathroom - with nothing on but high heels and black thigh highs. My mouth gaped open and I got out of my chair - feeling my cock harden as I got close to her.

I grabbed her and kissed her full on the lips - my hands cupping those fantastic buttocks. I moved down to her breasts - taking each nipple in my lips, sucking on them and gently biting them. I then kissed my way down her belly, through her bush to her wonderful pussy. My tongue licking her pussy lips and working inside her, searching out her clit. She moved to the bed and laid on it and I dove back in - licking her clit and sucking on it like it was a small cock - gently nibbling on it. I put one finger, then two in her wet pussy and she started to grind against my face - she told me she was going to cum - and with a gush she did, her pussy juices wetting my face and soaking my beard and mustache.

I kept at it until she came again in a shuddering orgasm. My fantasies about Rachel were come through - and the night was just beginning.....

More to cum in the part of the Adventures of Buck and Rachel....

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