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Me & My American History Teacher

This is a true story. The names and facts have been changed to protect the guilt.

It all started back in High School. My Senior year would be a year that will be remembered. Miss Hall had graduated from College and started to teach American History at my High School. What makes her special was she had graduated from this same High School just a few years earlier. Miss Hall was not a teacher of History but she taught me the facts of sex, in a practical way. That I use today many years later.
Miss Hall was just 8 years older that I was. She had the beauty to add light to any room. She smelled like a rose freshly picked that day. As she leaves her aroma everywhere she goes. Her clothes enclosed a body that would turn any head. Her white skin was always perfectly toned by the sun (any time of the year). Her blue eyes had to ability to melt the uncaring heart. Her black hair surrounds her smooth skin. Her tits were perfect shaped to the teenager. They were not to big but just right for the plucking. She was indeed one gorgeous woman. I had a serious “crush” or “puppy love” for her. I would do anything to try to stay close to her. But I kept this a secret until this day.
When Miss Hall came back to town she moved into a house not far from where I lived. From time to time my mother and Miss Hall would meet at the grocery store. At 1st I was afraid of them meeting so often. Scared that there topic would turn to my infatuation with my teacher. But they had something else in common. They both loved to go camping and talked about the 3 of us going camping sometime.
It was my senior year of H.S. and I had Miss Hall as my History teacher. I have to get at least a “B+” in History be on the honor roll. Before I saw Miss Hall just passing but now I saw my sex goddess every day in her classroom. There were days I was should of been listening to her instead my mind was fantasizing holding Miss Hall with the green grass all around joying her company on some hillside. At the end of the class I was surprise when Miss Hall gave me a “A”. I was so happy I could of fucked her on the desk. HONOR ROLL HERE I COME!!!
My mother had said if I was to make honor roll there would be a special camping trip. After graduation my mother caught the chick- pox. She did not want to spoil this promise or cancel the trip. Also she did not want me to catch the chick-pox so Miss Hall agreed to take her place. Alone at last with my goddess!!!! Every teenage boy’s dream to be alone with his fantasy woman.
The first night I was seating by the fire when Miss Hall came to join me. The glow from the fire lighted up the darkness around her. As the fire was the only thing separating us. She was wearing a red oversized sweater. This allowed my young eyes to gaze at her long legs, well toned arms and her womanly figure. I have never seen anything lovelier (then or since). The light from the fire allowed me to see that she was not wearing a bra or panty.
Her sweater was down to her middle thigh. When she sat down it got even shorter. We talked for a bit about my plan to go to college in the fall. She also told me her name was Samantha Emma Hall, but since you are not my student anymore you can call be “Samie”.
We continued to talk mainly about small things. I do not know how the subject changed. But soon we were talking about my love life. Which was a short conversation for sure. Then she was talked about her love life. She said she had just separated from her boy friend. She continued to explain her boy friend had been cheating on her. That it was time for him to go. While I listen to her sweet voice explain about her cheating boyfriend ways I wonder what a fool he was to cheat on Sammie.
I could not help but lusting at this specimen of womanly beauty, my ex-teacher seating just a few feet from in front of me on the other side of the fire. Through the fabric of the sweater I could see her nipples. My cock was starting to pump at what lies in my view.
Eventually she saw me lusting at her but at first she seem not to mind the attention. Samie seem to lean further back to open her legs even wider for me to have a view up her legs even farther. At that point I wanted to “grab for the gusto”and take this angel down. As I was falling into a deeper sexual trance that this woman was putting me in. But I could not pull my eyes from lusting at Samie. Finally she asked “are you enjoying the view? Do you want to see more?

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