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Characters: Hank and daughter Sissy, et al
Hank's wife dies in a car crash; daughter replaces her as Hank's slut.

I just started my senior year in high school exactly one month after my 18th birthday and one year after mom died in a car crash. She and my dad, Hank, were returning from one of their "adult parties" (that's what they called them but I wasn't sure what they were) when they got hit by a d***k driver.

Dad's trying to be a good parent but is not particularly knowledgeable or attentive to many feminine things. He knows some things but not others, like buying female supplies. He doesn't understand bras for instance other than what they are for.

"You are developing nice little titties, Sissy," he would say. "A bra only distracts. You'd be better off with no bra. Your titties would be more prominent and it would help your popularity without causing trouble."

I was a little uncomfortable with the way he talked. He would tell me he meant nothing from it, and that men naturally talk grosser the women. He did often talk nasty to mom. "Just get used to it, hear their male thoughts, but pay their words no mind," he said. His words did lessen my teen-age insecurity, and I felt good about that. I have been self-conscious of my budding breasts even though they're already large-sized for my age at 35C.

Dad said, "You remember how your mom never wore a bra and she looked great. She was proud of her beautiful tits and had no interest in hiding them behind a bra. She dressed to make them more conspicuous with tight sweaters and blouses two sizes too small with a few buttons undone. Remember? I loved seeing their outline as did my friends, many who told me they wished their wife was as free.

"So you're better off without a bra and with tops that are one size too small to show off your titties. I'm sure your friends would like it. I know your dad would. Your tits remind me of your mother," he added as he looked closely at my chest. He went on, "I have to admit I haven't paid enough attention. You no longer have titties but real adult tits, like your mom. That helps you take over for mom," he intoned as he lightly stroked a finger across a breast and a nipple still hidden behind my school blouse and bra.

His action took me aback but I couldn't focus or say anything because of the electricity shooting through my breast and my vagina as he touched me. "Before you head off to school go upstairs, take your bra off and put on a top from two years ago," he commanded. Like a dutiful daughter I did as he told. I returned in five minutes and headed for the door but was interrupted by dad. "Let me inspect before you go." I walked back to him and he put his eyes within one foot from my breasts now straining against a very small blouse. "You did good. Those are nice. Your friends are going to appreciate it. I bet some of your teachers will too, though they'll stay quiet about it. I like your tits. You're a beautiful grown up daughter. Now off to school for you." I left with my rational brain arguing with my electric feelings.

The school week went fast and I was looking forward to a lazy weekend. I strolled into the kitchen wearing a bulky sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. "You dress nice for your school friends during the week but not for your dad on weekends?" dad asked, but more of a disapproval statement than a true question. "Go upstairs, take your sweats and bra off, and put on a nice tight blouse and a short skirt." I did as he said and returned.

"Much better, Sissy. You look hot. I like that in a girl," he complimented. "Go enjoy your day, but be back by late afternoon: I have a little chore for you."

"But I was going to see Will tonight," I protested.

Dad replied, "Make it tomorrow. I need you tonight. The wait will be good for him. Or, feel free to ask him over here if you want."

"O.K.," I groaned. "What do want me to do?"

"I'll let you know," he answered, and we both went about our Saturday business.

About 5pm I returned and asked dad, "What's up?"

"For the first time in over a year I'm hosting my semi-weekly poker group. I've shopped for goodies and drinks and want it to go well. In the past your mother would act the hostess for our poker game when it was here, and I want you to do that tonight. You'll need to put on some makeup. The blouse you have on is good but undo a couple of buttons, and you need a freshly pressed skirt that's five or six inches shorter than the one you have on."

While I was trying to process all of that, dad went on, "You probably need some instruction on how to mix drinks, so go change and then I'll give you a couple of lessons. I'm sure you can handle everything else. You just have to be natural and make sure everyone has munchies and drinks if he wants and just do a general hostess job, which means smiling at everything, laughing at their stupid jokes – even if they're a little raunchy – and being very civil and friendly at all times. Like all gross men they'll get a little pushy, just don't let it bother you and let me be responsible for keeping them in line."

Still trying to sort it all out I went upstairs to get ready. While dressing I anticipated my duties and wondered how I would do. I put on my makeup before dressing and absent-mindedly glanced at my breasts in the mirror. They really are nice I thought and complimented myself, and wondered if the older guys would appreciate me as the drooling boys at school did. I finished dressing and went downstairs for my waitress lesson.

"You look great, daughter," dad said, "Just one minor error: when you wearing a blouse unbuttoned you have to undo the buttons before you tuck it in." I turned to go back upstairs when dad commanded, "We can fix that in a minute. Loosen your skirt and I'll fix the blouse."

"You want me to take my skirt off right here?" I asked with surprise.

"I assume your wearing panties and there wouldn't be anything wrong with removing your skirt, but no, you don't have to, just loosen it," he answered. I loosened the skirt but it couldn't help dropping a little below the top of my panties. Dad didn't seem to notice but directly pulled my blouse up, commented that three buttons undone is better, pulled the blouse straight down tightly and told me to tuck in my skirt. As I rezipped the skirt it was clear that dad's method spread the opening in the blouse at least six inches further. Now, not only are my nipples banging to get out, the sides of my breasts and the cleavage was clearly visible.

"Aren't my breasts too.... open?" I asked.

"No, this is fine; your a beautiful hostess," he replied. Then added, "By the way, when you're a hostess, your not my daughter – like your mom wasn't my wife, and they're not breasts, they're tits. When being a hostess, showing a little skin helps as long as it isn't too much. But if they get a little peek at your tits, the better hostess you'll be. For instance if you accidentally spill some drink on the front of your blouse... like this...," and he spilled a tablespoon of water on the front of my blouse making it transparent and showing my nipple for the world to see.

"Daddy!" I shouted

He responded, "It's O.K. Remember, when you have great looking tits and nipples it's sometimes good that others admire them. Your mother loved the attention her tits got at my poker parties." When he said "nipples" he again sc****d a fingertip across the exposed one, sending another tingle through me. Before I could react he went right into the cocktail lesson as if nothing happened.

Dad spent an hour showing me how to mix drinks and carry a tray. He said the guys would be here shortly and suggested I add some lipstick and put on some short two-inch heels. The latter was helpful since that was all I had.

All five guys arrived together. Three looked about 40 and were strikingly handsome and trim with full dark hair. One looked over 50, was a bit on the fat side with a balding head, and dressed roughly. The fifth looked in his late 20s and was quite a stud with a trophy-winning physique, long modish blonde hair, and hypnotic deep blue eyes. I wondered why someone so young was in dad's poker group.

There was a lot of welcoming talk, shaking hands and backslapping. Then dad introduced me, "Boys, meet my daughter, Sissy. Sissy is going to be our hostess for the night."

Everyone enthusiastically said 'hi' and said they were glad to meet me. There were a couple of comments about such a good-looking young filly being their hostess. One asked dad, "Do we have to view her as a daughter or can we assume she's a full-fledged hostess?"

"No problem," replied dad, "She knows the difference and tonight she's a hostess, not a daughter or a student."

"Well, in that case, get me a stiff whiskey to get me started, sweetie," one directed me and gave my ass a little pat. That startled me but I kept my cool as dad taught me and paid it no mind. I went to make his drink, returned, and offered the glass on the tray. He took the glass with one hand, put his other around my waist, patted my ass again and said, "Thanks, sweetie. But don't forget the others."

I took the other orders. There was nothing major but two patted my ass after taking their order, one rubbed my ass while taking his order and one lightly petted my arm as I took his order. I took dad's order and he said I was doing real good... and he too patted my ass a little. I had been a hostess for 30 minutes and already touched by a man more than in the past two years!

I first brought in the munchies and put them on the table as dad put out the cards and chips. Only one gave my ass a little rub as I bent over to set the table, but though this was different: the earlier pats were part of my taking an order. This was a straight-out ass grab, of sorts. The men were seated when I returned with their drinks. Every one wrapped an arm around my waist as they thanked me for the drink. They didn't thank me to my face but looking right down my blouse as I bent over. When I served dad, he too wrapped around my waist and whispered in my ear, "See? A little peek goes a long way and causes no problem."

The game went on. The betting got louder as the liquor and beer was consumed. The serving got a little freer. The arms around the waist got lower and were unabashedly now wrapping around my ass. Most didn't thank me just peering down my blouse but pulling one side of the blouse aside to get a better view. It wasn't long before one or two sc****d a nipple as the spread my blouse. Then one, thanking me for his beer, wrapped my ass and pulled me tightly into him, thanked my chest, pulled my blouse apart to get a better peek, and went one step further, sliding his hand under my blouse and directly squeezing a tit. I pulled back and quietly told him to not do that, but with a smile as dad taught. I think he misread that. He announced to the group, "I know you guys have been sneaking peeks, but you haven't lived until you actually touch these beautiful tits." He returned to me and as he again placed a hand on a tit and pinched a nipple said, "Now make sure everyone gets a good feel. You have the best tits of any hostess we've ever had."

I left and walked briskly to dad. "You said you would stop things if they got out of hand."

Dad scolded, "They're a long way from being out of hand. Nothing major is going on, only light banter. And I said I would be responsible if things got out of hand, not that I would necessarily stop it. In any case I certainly won't stop it until I, not you, decide it's out of hand. Now quit acting like a young student and start being a real woman hostess. People just seeing your tits is far from out of hand. Neither is a little feel now and then." Before I could say anything, dad asked the group, "Is just looking at tits going to far for a hostess?" There was a cacophony of Nos. He turned back to me. "Look. I expect you to be a good hostess. Let's start by removing your blouse." He quickly grabbed the sides of my blouse and pulled it out of my skirt band.

Then he turned to the young guy. "She has her hands full with the tray and stuff. Come up here and help get this blouse off her arms." He came up and pulled my blouse off one arm as I balanced the tray with the other. Then he told me to change hands and I soon was balancing a tray totally naked from the waist up. Dad went on, "Whadda ya think, Johnny? Nice tits or what?"

"Really nice," he replied and sc****d a fingernail across a nipple. I thought I should scream, cry, or run out. But I was afraid to go against my dad. And I was starting to feel electric currents flowing through my body that I've not felt before.

Dad said to me, "It would help if you partook just a little," and he handed me a glass with a little straight vodka. "Drink this!" I gulped a couple of ounces and my throat almost exploded. I heard both laughing and clapping. "Now go around and take everyone's drink order. Even if you see they have a full drink, lean over right in their face and ask if you can get them anything. Let them ogle your tits as long as they want. If one or two want a short feel, let 'em."

I tentatively started for the table with my mind in a fog. Dad stopped and pulled me close to whisper in my ear. "You're doing very good. While you still have a ways to go, you're well on your way to being as good a hostess as your mother. Now go!"

I again started for the poker table. My mind was fighting with itself and I was too flummoxed to clearly figure it out. Part of my brain knew that this was at best shaky and at worst wrong for a young girl like me, even as mature as I am: I shouldn't be playing with an older man or certainly cavorting with a bunch of older men, especially if dad is one of them. I certainly shouldn't do any of that topless. On the other hand I liked being helpful and enjoyed being a hostess. I liked the attention I was getting, even how they admired my breasts... er, tits. But most important, it felt good... really good. Just with the few times I was touched by these attentive men I felt a tingling never felt before, much more exciting than the few times my boyfriend touched me. One little sc**** on a nipple sent shocks and shivers throughout my body from my hair to my toes. I can't imagine how much more thrilling it could get. But I had to find out. All of the negatives paled against the ecstasy that probably awaits.

I was most conflicted over dad. I'm sure there was something taboo going on but I really wanted to please him and I liked his interest in me, even if half of my brain was saying 'no, no,' including while giving me those last words of advice he held me close and made no bones about rubbing and squeezing my ass ending with his hand actually just under my skirt petting the back of my upper thigh. Dad or no dad, that felt great. The topper was, as he talked about my getting a small feel now and then, his other hand unabashedly massaged and squeezed a tit. My mind was reeling. But at the moment I didn't care – it all felt very naughty and exquisitely good.

I stopped first at the younger man dad called Johnny, bent over to put my face in front of his, and asked, "Can I get you anything?"

He sneered, "There certainly is, honey, but it will have to be later and maybe when there's not so many other guys around." I immediately got the double meaning of the words dad had suggested and felt myself blushing. "No need to worry, sweetie. You and I will get it on soon enough. For now, all I need is a look at your beautiful tits." He gawked at my tits from no more than six inches away. "Wow, baby. These look good enough to eat," he said and gave a nipple a pull with his puckered lips.

I felt overwhelmed as I went to the next man and another guy from across the table yelled, "How was it, Johnny? Taste as good as it looked?"

"It was fantastic," Johnny answered just as I bent over the second man. I seemed to be acting nonchalant in a zombie sort of way, but was starting to wonder if I will make it all the way around the table.

"I'll have what Johnny's having," said the second player, and with no hesitation clamped his mouth over a tit. He chewed on my tit for a few seconds and I just stood there dumfounded not knowing for sure exactly what was going on (though I had a pretty good idea!) He removed the tit and clamped down on the other saying, "Does your other tit taste as good?" He pulled me tight and suckled this tit for a good minute. Johnny grabbed the tray and said he didn't think I would need it for what everyone wanted. Far beyond the two ounces of vodka, I was feeling intoxicated with all of the lavish attention and, as long as I set aside the fact that it might be wrong, the grand sexual sensation I was getting on my tits.

The second man grabbed my arm and directed me to number three who had turned around in his chair so his back was to the table. I was e****ted between number three's open legs and without so much of a 'hi' he had a tit in his mouth. Number two rubbed my ass hard and said good-bye and that we would get together later. I was about to speak when number four rose up, walked to me, turned my head and kissed me hard and full on the lips. His tongue f***ed open my mouth and began a deep exploration of my mouth. I was taken aback but my tongue reflexively began exploring his mouth and tongue. I moaned through my closed and full mouth and made an attempt to pull away. But it was a feeble attempt.

The kiss went on forever and number three was vociferously sucking back and forth on both tits and nibbling on their nipples. Then the older man, number five, walked behind me and started kissing the back of my neck and blowing in my ear. He whispered, "I know what you can get for me," and I felt a hand slowly lift the back of my skirt and rub and squeeze my ass through my sheer panties.
I was now being heavily kissed, both tits were being sucked and both nipples were being tweaked – and now pulled and pinched hard – and my ass was being massaged with no subtlety. There was still a little voice saying this might be wrong but I was now so hot and bothered I couldn't care less. I knew they were old men but they knew how to make a girl feel good, and that was fast becoming the dominant principle.

I saw dad approaching out of the corner of my eye. Maybe this will end now, I thought. He whispered in my ear, "Baby, I said that I would be responsible if things got out of hand. But I'm not going to stop it. You're looking more like your mother by the minute and I want to keep going. The guys think this is one of the best poker parties ever and it's all because of you." He addressed the guys, "I want you to appreciate my beautiful daughter without stuff getting in the way... like a skirt." I felt daddy unzip my skirt and slowly pull it down. "Lift a leg," he told me and I hypnotically raised my right leg and dad removed the skirt. "Now the other foot." Within seconds my skirt was on the floor across the room. He addressed the men again, "I know she has great and lovely tits. But I don't think they are her best parts. Johnny, come over here and do the honors with her cute little panties."

"Oh! Shit!" I thought. Then I felt the cool air wafting over my bottom and pussy. The hand returned to my ass, my kiss resumed and my tits went back to being suckled. Within a minute I felt a hand, I guessed Johnny's, rising on my outer thigh, then around my naked waste, and finally dropping down to my pussy. A finger entered my pussy and began a slow in and out motion. I was ashamed to admit it but I was in seventh heaven, panting uncontrollably and moaning over a tongue through a closed mouth. GOD, it felt like nothing I even imagined.

Johnny announced, "She likes it. She's sopping wet." Their ministrations continued unabated with the addition of a finger sliding up and down my ass crack and poking at my asshole.

The kiss was broken and number four said, "You like this, don't you, Sissy sweetie?" I didn't answer yes or no, just panted and moaned with glazed-over eyes. He went on, "I concur with Johnny. She likes this and is getting hot as a pistol." Johnny now had three fingers reaming my tight pussy, way more than my boyfriend ever did, and I was building up to a release. I couldn't help it. It continued for ten solid minutes and I was going crazy in front of all these old guys. Teeth clamped on a nipple and stretched it out an inch or more, the searing pain succumbing to the exquisite feeling. Simultaneously and coincidentally a finger invaded my asshole for the first time and started pumping. I was thrown over the edge and came like an erupting geyser, rumbling and shaking and shooting cum all over Johnny's hand.

I gradually calmed but the guys kept going, now quadruple finger fucking my pussy, chewing and mauling my tits, tongue fucking my mouth, and finger fucking my ass. In less than a minute they had built me up again and I again came all over again. All of my previous orgasms were at my own hand and they were always 2 or 3 days apart, if not weeks. Now I had two in a minute and the guys didn't even slow down. Another immediately built up and I came again, this time harder than ever.

Dad returned and said in my ear so others could here, "I think a fucking would do you good, sweetie. Have you ever been fucked before?" I roughly nodded I hadn't. "Well, I'm your dad and I think you're mature enough and it's time." He looked at the guys, "Do you think you all can treat her nicely?" He got a chorus of accession. "Two of you grab her arms and help her to the bedroom." All seven of us, me held up by two, marched to the bedroom. "Lay her on the bed," dad said, "and put a small pillow under her hips. Also, I don't want her to see or maybe even know who's doing her, so someone put a blindfold on. Then, for fun, two of you tie her wrists to the headboard posts."

I though I was in another world and lay there in a complete daze as they stretched me out, raised my hips, blindfolded me and tied me down. I was lost in wonder, I had never had intercourse before. (Don't tell anyone but I did give my boyfriend a blowjob a few weeks ago.) Now I was going to get screwed five times all in one night. They finished their work and I heard dad say, "Is that about the best pussy you've ever had or what?" Again a chorus of agreement. Dad said to me, "They like and appreciate you, Sissy – just like they used to with your mother."

One piped up, "Not a bad looking cunt, either." A chorus of laughter.

Another asked, "Who's first?" I heard dad call everybody together. There was some quiet mumbling. What I didn't hear was dad telling them that a father gets to take a daughter's virginity.

The bed creaked and a man was over me. He gently lowered himself, then reached down and directed his penis toward my pussy. He put it in slowly even though four-finger fucking I got earlier made it easy, and soon a penis was in my pussy for the first time. It felt huge and I had to groan. I wondered if dad was watching (having no clue that he was doing far more than that.) I felt it slowly start to reciprocate in and out and I was feeling even more than the four-finger action. The feeling was totally new to me, and absolutely fabulous. One of the on-lookers wrapped my legs around his back. I guess I was a natural born fucker. I got into it, driving back hard as the penis... er, cock pummeled my vagina... er, pussy... er, cunt. He fucked me for five minutes and rebuilding a head of steam for the earlier session, I exploded more cum juice over the cock as I felt a warm stream of cum hit the back of my pussy. Wow! Oh! Wow! I thought to myself.

The first one got off and the second was in my pussy in a flash. With such a short break I came again within a minute and then again in maybe three minutes the same time that a second load of man cum filled my cunt. The third immediately jumped me and damn if I didn't cum within seconds of his humping me. Then I was cumming almost immediately one after the other, probably helped by the guy now tweaking my nipples, or maybe it was the finger now in my ass. My whole body was in a constant state of trembling and electric tingling shocks. I thought I might pass out from the sheer sexual arousal which was fast becoming a craving. I was in nirvana!

Soon the fourth was about to enter me and I could hardly wait for more orgasms. But dad interceded with some teasing, "Are you sure you want more, sweetie?"

"Um huh," I mumbled.

"Maybe you've cum enough in one night?" he chuckled.

"Huh uh," I mumbled.

Dad continued, "If you want more you're going to have to ask. Men like to be asked... begged, actually. So, let's hear you beg to be fucked. Beg loudly so we all can hear. Beg earnestly so you sound sincere. Tell him you'll do anything if only he fucks you. And use that word."

After cumming umpteen times already and been fucked many times in many places I was too far gone to care. In fact it seemed a little naughty even if in front of my dad. "Whoever you are, or whoever wants, would someone please please fuck me. You can fuck me as hard as you want. Just do it. Fuck me. Please"

Dad kept it up and sweetly asked, "Tell us with dirty words where you want it and with what."

I was totally hooked. "I beg you. I want a cock fucking my cunt." To lots of applause number four stuck what was by far the largest cock of the night in my cunt and rammed it home to the hilt. "Oh! God!" I screamed. The others snickered. Finally number four and I came together and he pulled out with a loud slurp.

Getting into the scene and oblivious to any rationality I yelled, "More! More cock." And at last number five fucked me. I was getting worn out but still too far gone to care. Number five filled my cunt and retreated. The end of a surprising but perfect night, I thought. Then cock number six entered my now very sloppy cunt! That could mean only one thing: Dad had fucked me, too! I was in a tizzy as number six fucked me, wondering when dad got his. Dad saw my perplexed face. He got close. "That's right, sweetie. I had a piece of your ass, too. And it was great. I'm proud of my daughter."

I responded, "But is that right??"

"Of course it's right," he replied. "You have a great looking pussy and a warm tight one at that. That's all there is to know. If there's a pussy around, it's perfectly right that I fuck it."

I lay there in a total daze without answering while still getting humped by number six. Dad went on, "As a finale I'm going to introduce you to something. My cock is still covered with your cum juice and I want you to clean it off." He grabbed my head and turned it to the side. I felt a cockhead against my lips. "Open up, sweetie." I half opened and he half f***ed his cock in my mouth. "Now get the taste of your dad's cock and suck all your cunt juice off it." I sucked his cock and it went further and further into my mouth. I sucked on it for a good two minutes when number six filled my cunt with a bellow and pulled off.

Dad kept his cock in my mouth. Then he pulled my blindfold off, untied one wrist, and removed his cock but kept it within an inch of my lips. "Tell your dad, you love my cock. Tell me sweetie. Tell me you love it and want to suck it more. Do what your dad says."

I was too spent to think otherwise. "I love sucking your cock, daddy. I want to suck it some more." Then I absent-mindedly really got into it. "I love you fucking my cunt with your cock, too, daddy. And I love your friends fucking me." He smiled and put his cock between my lips and into my mouth. With a wrist untied I could maneuver better and bobbed my head up and down dad's cock with gusto. He kept me at it for another two minutes. Then he grabbed a fistful of my hair and started pulling my head further over his cock. With every four or five bobs he would pull a little harder. "Suck it all, baby. Get my whole cock in your mouth," he cajoled. He started to control the action yanking my head back and forth over his cock while pulling it deeper and deeper. Finally, my lips and nose were pushed against his pubic hairs. He held my head there even though I was having trouble breathing. "There ya go, sweetie. That's it. That's my whole cock. Get used to this." He resumed what I later learned was called face fucking. Another two or three minutes of hard pumping. Then he again removed his cock, again an inch from my lips. "This is the icing on the cake of a great evening. Open your mouth and keep it open," he commanded. I opened my mouth and could see him running his fist up and down his cock. In a few seconds he said, "Keep it open and do not spill any and do not swallow." A torrent of warm goo then shot into my mouth. Then another shot. Then another. I tried to do what daddy said but I had a mouth full. Some dribbled off my chin and some I couldn't help but swallow. He pulled his cock back a little more and one last shot hit me square between the eyes and dribbled down my nose.

"Now open wide and let everybody see your mouthful of my cum," dad commanded. Having no comprehension of what was really going on for the past couple of hours, I dutifully obeyed. The guys ogled my mouth full of milky heavy cream. "Now you can swallow it... and swallow all of it," dad continued. I swallowed all of his cum. When it first hit in the mouth it tasted acrid, but as I swallowed it there was a faint sweetness to it. "That was great sweetie. You've just done want pleases a man most. Coupled with what you just accomplished here, I'd say you're well on your way to making your mother proud. I know I am," he said.

"I don't know what you mean," I inquired with puzzlement.

Dad answered, "I'll explain it to you later tonight." Then he answered an unasked question I had. "Come on guys. The night's still young and we need to get a few more hands in. Sissy you can take some more drink orders and get back to your hostess job. But do not either clean up or get dressed. Just your heels. And you should make yourself a drink to relax."

The balding guy muttered to no one in particular, "Wow! That will be a sight for sore eyes... our beautiful hostess serving wearing nothing but high heels and sporting cum juice running down her legs and face."

I learned that thinking or even stewing about anything about tonight is a waste of time. It has been all too new and all encompassing (not to mention felt continuously stupendous.) I had decided some time ago to go with the flow and not concern myself with anything, at least maybe until later. Ignoring the aches that have now taken up in my pussy, I got up, quietly put on my heels, brushed the hair out of my face (being careful to not disturb anything dad would have wanted), waddled to the kitchen and fixed myself a regular vodka and tonic, then went about straightening the poker table as I drank my drink. It did flash through my mind that this is the first time I have had two drinks, other than beer, in the same day. Dad was right: it did remove the tension and I agreed with myself to have another soon, and quickly downed this one.

The men sat at the table and started playing poker as if that's all they have done all night. I took their drink orders with little fanfare other than a few light taps on my ass and a couple of pecks on my tits. While they played, I served and imbibed myself. After four hands I was working on my third vodka tonic. At the seventh hand I started my fourth but was getting woozy and thought I should drag this one out. Other than an occasional hostess service for them all I now did was sit and nurse my drink and watch the poker play.

Somewhere around the ninth or tenth hand dad announced that it would be getting late soon, and since there were no big losers or winners tonight, it's a good place to stop. Then he broke my relaxed state with, "If we keep playing then it will get too late and we'll miss the second round of fucking the hostess." Another chorus of agreement rose up. He went on, "As the hostess is still in training I want to do it a little different. I'll count off the order for you guys to lie down on the floor with your pants off." Dad counted 1 through 5. Then he turned to me. "Here's what you do sweetie. Go over to the man on the floor and if his dick isn't hard play with it, maybe kiss it, until it is. Then straddle him. You'll be doing the work. Ease your pussy over his dick then bounce up and down with long strokes and fuck him until he fills your pussy with jism. Depending on how well they recovered, your fuck might be over quickly or take a long time. Whatever. Just fuck away. When done, hop off and give his cock a couple of slurps to clean it up. Then wait for the next guy. Do you understand all of this?"

"Uh huh. Yes I do, daddy," I answered in a whisper. It was clear. A penis hadn't been within one foot from my pussy for 16 years before tonight. Now, in one evening, I will have had my first, then 11 (or might it be 12??) not just within a foot but in it. I will have more fucks than any girl in my class or even school does in a whole year (not including Barbie, the class punch.) I gulped down my drink for fortitude and walked toward the naked man twice my age already on the floor. I wasn't concerned, though. I have a few of my own orgasms left and I really can't wait.

I bent over and held his cock in my fingers, squeezing and rubbing. This is the first time I have held a cock or seen one up close. It looked neat. I was enthralled to watch it grow right in front of me as I played with it. Then dad came over to supervise. "Get on your knees and straddle him. Then take hold of his cock, aim it at your cunt, and slide it in." I did as he said and felt as if I was being filled by a balloon.

"Oh, baby, that's right. Fuck me. Work it up and down," the man intoned. It was beginning to feel good for me, too. It was immediately obvious why this position is good: It gives me freedom to do what I think best without holding up the weight. I could get to love this. While still hesitant to admit such things, my hesitation is fast losing ground to the state of rapture I was getting into. Then it hit me like a brick! From dad asking me to do a simple chore, in less than six hours I've gone from a prim virgin to a full-fledged sex-loving slut and father fucker. The worst part? I like it!

I fucked three guys in 20 minutes, and cum was streaming out of my pussy. I was becoming a fuck machine. I was about to impale number four when he turned to dad and asked, "O.K. if I got a little ass action?" I wasn't exactly what that meant but had a good idea and was getting anxious.

Dad replied, "No, save that for later." For a fleeting moment I wondered what 'later' was, but got quickly lost when the cock entered my cunt. Another 15 minutes and I finished my hostess fuck duties, including cleaning the cocks afterward, and was completely spent. I could barely move as I watched the men dress and say good-bye to dad.

"Come with me, sweetie," he said and led me back to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed, sat next to me, and started questioning. "I know you've masturbated, but, before tonight, has anyone else finger fucked you? It's O.K. You can tell me. Remember, tonight your not my daughter and I'm not your father; tonight you're a hostess providing services to my poker game. So, anyone else?"

"Uuuuuhhh, Will, once, briefly," I answered meekly.

"Any girls? Ya know as experimentation? Any girls ever play with your pussy?"

"No, daddy."

"Have you finger fucked any other girls?"

"No, daddy."

"Has anyone ever kissed your pussy?"

That question took me aback. After a brief pause I truthfully answered, "No. No one has ever done that."

He continued, "Ya know you being a hostess is about pleasing men, but you should get pleasure from it, too. When you hostess for me I want you to enjoy it as much as the men do. Do you understand that?"

"Uh huh."

"First, I'll show you real pleasure. I'm going to kiss your pussy, and kiss, lick, and suck it for a long time. You'll find out how out of this world that is. It's called eating pussy. Next I'm going to fuck you. Not make love to you as a daughter, but fuck you as my hostess. Keep those two things separate – they're not the same thing. Making love is not fucking. I'll fuck you slow because while my cock is working in your cunt I'm going to tell you about your mother and me. I think that will give you more understanding and respect for your mother and clear up the difference between being my daughter and my hostess."

Without waiting for my response, he crawled between my legs, pushed my legs far apart and bent them back toward my head, and planted a kiss on my pussy. Then he sucked on it. Then stuck his tongue deep into it. I then remembered that my pussy was chock full of cum from many men, but I had no idea what to make of that. He sucked some more on my pussy lips. He rubbed a finger in tight little circles over my clitoris. He continued variations of all of those things. He must not have cared that my pussy was full of cum; a couple of times he stuck two fingers up my pussy and spooned out bits of cum which he ate right down. Made me wonder if he had ever sucked on a dick. Once in a while he would insert a finger in my asshole. That always sent an electric tingle through me. Dad noticed, looked up and said, "You like that don't you? You like my finger up your ass, huh?" Without waiting for any answer he added, "Soon you'll feel triple that pleasure when a cock first fucks you in the ass."

He tended my pussy for a number of minutes. He was right. I lay there enjoying it so much I thought I might die any minute. An orgasm began to slowly build and I could hardly stay still. My legs flopped left and right and I found them squeezing down on dad's head. I was aware I was panting and could hear myself moan and whimper. Then this orgasm swept over me like a tidal wave. My body shook. I could hear squishing in my pussy, and dad was eating everything he could. It took 30 seconds for me to calm down into a state of bliss.

Dad asked, "Did you like that?

"Yeesss!" I mumbled back.

He cooed, "I bet I can do that to you anytime I want from now on, huh?"

"Uh huh,"

He went on, "Men like eating pussy almost as much as having their cock sucked – especially when it's like yours – beautiful, young, warm, juicy, and tight, everything a top pussy should be. Having your pussy eaten is a great way to get yourself off, and either boys or girls can do it. It's perfectly O.K. for girls to eat pussy. Men love to watch one girl eating out another. When they do it to each other at the same time it's called a ඍ."

As I basked in my glow and though about dad's words, he slipped a pillow under my hips, spread my legs again, and slid his cock into my cunt with ease and a squish... sounded like a little boy jumping into a pool.

"Do you want me to fuck your cunt?" I heard him say.

"Oh, yes," I replied. And recalling my earlier lesson added, "Please fuck my cunt with your big cock, daddy." And I meant it. I really wanted my dad's cock in me. The earlier thought returned: 8 or 9 hours ago I had never been screwed and now I'm a sex-craved teenaged hussy slut, and, not to forget, a father fucker, and enthralled with both.

He pumped my cunt slowly. I wrapped my legs around him and he kept his body off mine by pushing up with his arms. He began to talk to me. "Learn to separate love and sex. Love is what a father and daughter do, or what a husband and wife do. Sex is what men and women do... like now.

"Your mother and I loved as husband and wife and we had intercourse. But our sex lives were different and we both fucked. Your mother loved sex, pure sex, and I fully supported her as she did me. I could fuck anyone I wanted and she would support me, even find girls for me to fuck.

"Ya know our poker group has been going for almost five years. At any given time there are 5 to 7 guys in it, but members come and go over time. There's probably been two or three dozen over the years. And your mother fucked every one of them. Most she fucked many times. When we met here we played very little poker. She was the hostess like you were tonight. Instead of poker your mother fucked every player usually twice, sometimes three times, with occasional cock sucking included.

"Sometimes she would assist the hostess when we played elsewhere. Instead of serving she liked to get under the table and suck cock as we played; or take a guy or two to the bedroom and let them... no, beg 'em, to fuck her. Sometimes for our entertainment she would eat out the hostess' pussy while we watched. And it was not uncommon to jack off a man or even two as she licked and sucked cunt. She helped me and the others fuck the hostess, by guiding our cocks into her cunt.

My idea was to not let the f******n days between games go to waste; she thought it was a great idea. She would arrange for a guy to come over for an afternoon or evening of fucking and sucking. Other times she would go to the guy's house and fuck him there. Sometimes the guy would invite one or two of his friends to fuck her, too. Once, I remember, she met two players and a bunch of their buddies at a hotel suite. For twelve hours she was gangbanged by twelve different men, fucking most of them twice and concluding the night by sucking off every cock as they lined up in a row.

"She loved cock and fucking and couldn't get enough. She loved getting fucked in her cunt and in her ass, often at the same time. She was adept at the ultimate group fuck: cocks fucking her cunt and asshole, sucking off another cock, while jacking off two others. She would try to get two cocks at once either in her cunt or in her ass. She wasn't very successful though she desperately wanted it. I was so proud of her.

"She supported and abetted my fucking around. She was always pleased if I found someone to fuck, or when I joined in and fucked other hostesses. She would even help point out possibilities, even invite girls over for me to fuck. Sometimes she participated, maybe rubbing her pussy in the girl's face while I pumped her cunt. Once, I recall, she held down a young girl that was less than willing while I fucked the shit out of her.

"None of this had any affect on our love life as husband and wife. If anything it made it stronger. We had a strong marriage and I miss her terribly.

I quietly listened, absorbing all that dad said. He went on, "You can't replace your mother completely, but I'm going to see to it that you come close. I expect you to remain a good daughter and a good student. I'll also expect you to be by hostess, which means satisfying my poker buddies and maybe some of their buddies, even maybe their wives or girlfriends, by fucking or sucking them any way they want. And when you're in that mode I'll fuck you anytime or any way I want. Your reward will be the abject admiration of all those men, and all the cock you can handle. I hope you got all of this. Now tell me you'll try to make your mother proud and be as good a fucking slut as she was."

I answered clearly, "Yes, daddy. I'll try to be a really good hostess. I'll please you and your friends, or anybody you want me to. You and all you friends can fuck me all you want."

Dad responded, "That's great, sweetie. I know you'll do me proud. Now there is one last thing I have to introduce you to, and I've recovered enough to do it." He turned me over on my hands and knees but pushed my face into the mattress so my rear was sticking in the air. I felt a finger enter my asshole and pump in and out. Then a second finger. Then three. Then I felt his cock at the opening. He told me to reach back and spread my ass cheeks. I did. Then I felt pressure on my asshole. The pressure would come and go. Soon I could feel a small part of his cock getting beyond the surface. After three more cyclical pushes he pushed hard and I could feel my asshole open and make room for his cock. Dad slowly pushed his big cock completely up my ass in a single thrust. The pain was intense and I screamed.

Dad whispered and he slowly pumped in and out of my ass, "You will find that in about a minute or two the pain will turn to pleasure. Until then you just have to handle it. Scream if you have to; actually men like to hear you scream in pain. When I'm done you'll be a complete three-hole slut for me: cunt fucker, ass fucker, and cock sucker... able to take a cock in all of your holes at the same time. You'll be able to fuck dozens of guys three at a time in one night as I watch and marvel at your skills."

Dad was right. The pain was soon gone and replaced with a feeling that might've been as good as a cock in my cunt! I got that same wonderful feeling and felt another orgasm building up! I long ago lost count but I came more than I thought possible tonight. Then I thought of the days and nights to come. Of dad fucking me hard and often and me sucking cum out of his cock. Of me being at the beck and call of dad, all of his friends, and maybe their friends, and their fucking the shit out of my cunt, ass and mouth. It'll be a brand new life. And a great one. I can't wait. I looked up to see if mother was smiling down on me.

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