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Breaking in a New Slut

At the end of my freshman year, I was elated because I knew that my time in that horrible little college in the middle of nowhere was at an end. I had been accepted to another college and, while still small, the college was in the middle of a large city.
Of course, there was a downside. Jaime and I had grown very close that year and he would not be coming with me. My nights exploring the pleasures of man-man love made the time in that shithole more bearable and I had fallen pretty hard for him as he had for me. Jaime had transferred to a large university in his home state and, despite our plan of spending the summer together…it wasn’t going to happen. He was on a fast track to law school and he wanted to get out as soon as possible so his summer was going to be taken up with school.
It was probably for the best. The emotional attachment that I had developed was very dangerous since we were both relying on our very conservative families…so despite promises to the contrary, that June we parted ways…permanently as it turned out.
I often revisited those times we spent together in my head but in my real life, I resumed my heterosexual life for the next year. I dated lots of girls and even started seeing someone pretty steadily, but I missed the touch of a man. I needed to find myself a nice, discreet bottom with whom I could carry on a relationship. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a carbon copy of Jaime!!! I knew, however, that lightning didn’t strike twice so I decided I wanted to find someone who was a virgin and curious. I wanted to be his first since that was such a mind-blowing experience for me.
Enter Mark…Mark was actually the LAST person I would have thought of. He was a slightly skinny, very snarky little rich boy. He was in my fraternity and I could hardly stand him. I tried to avoid him for the most part, but he seemed to like to hang around me…probably because I had a filthy sense of humor and came from money, myself. One day, while walking by his room, I see his door open and notice there are a couple of guys in there watching a porn flick, never being one to turn down the chance to watch some porn, I went in and sat down.
It was your typical eighties fare and it was OK, but it really didn’t do much for me in a room full of guys (who weren’t blowing each other). Everyone cleared out and it was down to Mike and I. I asked him if he had any more and he said “this is the only one I have, I don’t know where I can get any more.” I suggested one of the several adult stores in the area and he had no idea there was such a thing. Offered to go with him to show him where they were so we went to his car and drove to the first one.
Upon seeing the doorway to the video booth area, he asked what they were. I told him that they played porn in booths and you could go watch and jack off in the booth. He whipped out his wallet immediately and went and bought tokens. Being broke at the time, I stayed in the store and waited for him to come out. Strangely enough, the thought of taking him to the dirty bookstore was turning me on. By the time he came out, I was starting to look at Mark in a different light.
That was the end of things for a couple of weeks, but I often found myself thinking about him and wondering if he was curious.
As luck would have it, a friend of mine came running up to me a few days later with some gossip. Apparently, one of her friends, while helping Mark move to another room (he and his roommate were not getting along…no big surprise, Mark could be obnoxious) had come across a stack of Playgirl magazines. I laughed but in the back of my mind, I knew that I would take him from magazines to the real thing.
Two weekends later, my parents (who lived about an hour away) were going out of town and they had asked me to watch the house. As I had said before, my parents had some money and their house was a large home on a lake and they owned a beautiful boat. I decided to invite Mark to the lake house for the weekend for some boating and partying. I told Mark to bring some porn and he gladly agreed. I bought some lube and waited for the weekend. I had also told mark that several other people were coming and it was going to be a big party but not to tell our fraternity b*****rs since I didn’t want a lot of u******e people drinking at my parent’s house.
On the appointed day, I drove to the house and waited. About an hour later, Mark arrived. He asked where everyone was and I told him that some people were not going to be able to make it due to last minute conflicts, but the others would get there later. I showed him to his bedroom and asked if he wanted to take the boat out.
Out on the boat, I saw him with this shirt off for the first time and he was certainly different from Jaime. He was hairier and skinnier, but he had the makings of a decent body and I figured that sliding into his virgin ass would make it all worth it. I decided to step things up and I took the boat to a secluded cove. I told him that I always liked going there because it was private and I liked skinny-dipping. At that, I peeled off my clothes and stood in front of him completely naked. I was proud of my body and I could tell he liked it too since he kept stealing glances at my cock and chest. I looked at him and said “well?”
He hesitantly took off his swim trunks revealing a smallish cock and a very obvious hard-on. I pretended I didn’t notice and jumped in the water. When he jumped in, we floated in a shallow area and talked. I steered the conversation toward sex, chiding him for liking porn so much and asking him how often he jacked off. He admitted to doing it a lot and I asked if he ever jacked off in front of another guy telling him that I knew that’s what went on at the viewing booths. He claimed to never have done it to which I replied “Too bad! It's fun! Hell, I’m jerking off right now! And I lifted my body out of the water to show him my very hard dick. He looked at me trying to act disgusted and failing terribly. Suddenly I came (more loudly than usual) and then said “come on, lets go back.” I climbed back in the boat and he followed. It was getting dark so I didn’t bother to put on my trunks and took the boat back to my parents’ dock naked. I was happy to see he didn’t get dressed either and just as happy to see that he was trying to rub his very hard cock without me noticing.
When we got back to the dock, I went and took a shower and he did too. He met me in the theater room in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and I asked him where his porn was, he asked if we weren’t going to wait for the others and I replied that there was no one else coming until tomorrow, the other people had called and said that they got a late start.
He looked at me strangely and went to get his porn. All straight stuff of course, but I wasn’t planning on watching long. When he came back, we put in one of the selections and started watching. At this point, I decided to go for broke and got naked and started stroking my cock. I looked over at him and said “relax, man, you know you want to. Just go ahead!” He opened the fly on his boxers and started playing with his cock.
When he was good and hard, I made my move. I got up and kneeled between his legs and tried to put my mouth on his cock. He pulled away frantically yelling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?” I looked up and said “I know this is what you want. I know you’re curious. I’m a safe person to experiment with, just relax and let me make you feel good. No one ever has to find out. I put my hand on his cock and he resisted slightly but relented when I started stroking. I lowered my mouth to his cock and ran it up the underside then engulfed his cock to the hilt. I puled my mouth off and licked his balls, then returned my attention to his cock.
It was a nice little cock…about 5 inches total, nicely shaped and cut with a pronounced head. I could hear him moaning and as I gained speed, I knew that he wouldn’t last long so I stopped and pulled off his boxers and shirt. I pushed his legs up and started rimming his asshole. He tried to stop me again but this time, I f***ed it and he gave in with a sigh. I looked him in the eyes and then kissed him deeply, probing his mouth with my tongue, all resistance was now gone and I knew he was now mine. I went back to his cock and sucked him again and I heard him grunt and felt his cock pulse as I got a mouthful of sweet tasting cum. I sucked as much cum as I could out of his cock and then backed away.
“What did you think?” I asked. He just sighed. I grabbed his hand and stood him up and said “now, its my turn” and walked him to the bedroom. I made him get on his knees and started talking him through his first blow job. As he got the hang of it, he began enjoying it more and I could see his cock was standing proud again so I stopped him. It was time for the moment of truth.
I said to him “In every relationship, there is a top and a bottom. The pitcher and the catcher. I’m a top, I don’t bottom so that means you’re going to be my bottom from now on, understand?” He protested a little, but I knew I had him. “I am going to fuck you now and I want you to take every inch of my cock.” Again, he tried to protest but he didn’t fight me when I turned him around and put his face on the pillow with his ass in the air. I put some lube on my hand and started stroking his cock and balls while tonguing his ass. He sighed and I asked “You like getting your pussy licked, baby? Are you ready to be my girlfriend?” He swallowed and nodded “yes.” I inserted a finger and then two into his ass and tried to relax it while I stroked his cock. It was so tight, I knew it was going to be rough on the poor guy, but it was time. I positioned myself in front of him and made him lube my cock, then I generously lubed his ass and stood over him and guided the head of my meat into him. I eased my cock in about an inch and he tried to push me back but I moved his hand and told him it was going to hurt, but he would love it once the pain was over.
I eased in a little more to the widest part of my cock and I heard him sob into the pillow. I whispered “It's okay, baby, you’re doing great, daddy’s proud of you!” Finally, I managed to get my cock all the way into him and rested for a second before starting to slowly pump my cock.
I said “you like that cock in your ass you little pussy? Are you a little whore?” He nodded “yes” but he had changed and had started pushing back into me. Subtly at first and then harder until he was slamming his ass into me for all it was worth.
I pulled out and flipped him over and put his ankles on my shoulders. I wanted to see his face when I came. I pushed my cock back into him and every thrust was met with a grunt from him. I pinched his nipples as I fucked him then kissed him violently and he said “don’t stop fucking me!” I asked “Are you daddy’s little bitch?” and he said “Yes, fuck me daddy!” At that, I couldn’t hold back any longer and pumped spasm after spasm of my seed deep into his ass.
I pulled out and watched my cum dribble out of his poor little destroyed asshole.
We spent the rest of that weekend teaching him the joys of life as an alpha male’s sub. Life was good again.

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