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My GangBang Fantasy

The following is just a fantasy but everyone who is willing to make it happen should talk to me about it!!

I am a total bottom! I've tried fucking guys several times but it just doesn't feel right for me. Also I never had group sex or a gang bang but it is something i find very attractive and this is how i picture it for my first time:

I don't want just any men - I want real Daddies. For me a real Daddy is a big muscular man with lots of bodyhair, a beard and a big cock. I really don't get why so many men with hot bodyhair shave it completely but if a guy is smooth by nature it's okay.
So all in all I want to get fucked by men over 35 who are hairy, muscular and well-hung!!
For the sake of Story-Telling and for you get to know the type of men i am into here are 4 men i'll be mainly writing about in this gangbang fantasy

The Pig Buck

The Bear Dave

The Black Stallion Jay

The Arab Fucker Rahim

But those four men will not be the only ones banging me; I want at least ten others there, all in a way similar to one of those fuckers, all muscular, hairy and well-hung daddies.

The gangbang will take place in a sleazy motel room.
I arrive at around 5pm, hop in the shower and douche myself. Freshly cleaned i put in a black jockstrap, lay myself on the king-sized bed and wait.
At 6pm I hear someone knock at the door, eagerly I get up and open the door. Out there are standing 5 Daddies. One of them is Buck, all dressed in leather. His leather jacket is far open so that i can see his hairy chest and the pierced nipples. A cigar is hanging in the corner of his mouth, he just looks so hot. The others look fairly normal, but the crotches i can see are already bulging.
As they enter most of them slap my ass, Buck enters last and i already have my back turned to him when closes the door. He grabs my crotch from behind, turns me around and pulls me to his chest. Buck's hard grip on my cock and balls turns me on. He is about a foot taller than me, so i have to look up to him.
"Did you get us booze?” he asks. Beforehand i only spoke with him, he'd organized the fuckers and i got beer and whiskey.
"Yes, it's in the fridge", I answer.
"Good Boy" He kisses me deep with his long tongue and fondles my ass. Then he lets go of me and gets himself a beer, meanwhile I start to make myself familiar with the others. We laugh, we kiss, and they fondle my nude body. I really love all the attention I get from all these manly b**sts.
As next arrive Rahim and Dave along with a couple of other men. I instantly love Rahim's look, his caramel skin, the muscular body covered under a layer of curly black hair which is all too good visible as he is only wearing a tight tanktop and shortpants. He has a nice face and an even nicer bulge in his pants
Dave on the other hand doesn't seem to need clothes at all. No T-Shirt is covering his massive and massively hairy torso and his muscular calf’s are in very shortpants exposing more than covering.
I get up to greet them and bring some drinks. As Dave kisses me passionately I enjoy the great smell of sweaty manhood exhaled by him.
After ten more minutes or so the last guys have come in, even Jay who was the so called Black Stallion of the group. The group itself knows each other for years, they meet for regular gangbangs but never had a bottom slut like me. Soon everyone undressed and I saw as many big cocks at once as I had never seen in my entire life.

Buck, dressed as in the picture, orders me to him: "Get here boy and suck my fat cock so that we can get this party started!"
I do as I am told and kneel in front of him, opening my mouth wide. With one move he buries all of his 8 inches of uncut cock in me. Because I am starting to gag he slaps me in the face: "You wanted a real man's cock now take it like a man" He grabs my head and starts fucking my skull, as i am trying to cope with his monster in mouth. At this point all the other men form a circle around us, stroking their fat pricks as they are watching.
Someone holds a little bottle under my nose. I inhale the Poppers and already feel my throat loosen up. Buck now withdraws his cock from my mouth and the others come closer. I suck one cock after another, having my skull fucked by most of them. All of the men are moaning, some of them spit on my face, others slap me when i have their fat dicks in my mouth. As I start sucking Dave's cock he f***es his coke can thick cock in my mouth. His pubes have a fantastic smell of man sweat. "Yeah bitch, take my fat dick!" he grunts "This is what you need, boy" I love the dirty talk. Dave fucks my mouth for a while and then pulls out. "He's all your's Jay!" Then Jay steps up to me and it's the first time i see his fat black dick in full glory: It's like a snake, 11 inches of pure black meat, uncut fat as my wrist and with real big and low hanging balls. When he starts fucking my face I take another big whiff of Poppers. His big balls slap against my face as f***es the monster deeper inside. It makes me gag but he doesn't care and even holds my nose closed. I try to catch another breath but this only f***es his 11-incher all the way in. "Yeah bitch, take my big fat rod all the way, you slut" When Jay let me catch a breath he instantly starts to fuck my face as hard as he can. This is when I notice someone playing around at my hole, licking it and probing it with two fingers. "That's a fuckin' nice hole you've got there boy. Nice and Tight!" Rahim grunts "I can't wait to fill it with my big arab cock" And his cock is big, 9 inches and reasonably fat, I love it when he facefucks me, fuckin' my ass will be even better.
Jay now let’s go of my mouth, grabs me under the arms and drags me onto the bed.
Now it’s Buck’s turn again. He is the boss so he has the privilege to take my ass first. I am on my hands and knees, sucking Dave’s cock as Buck kneels behind me and slaps my ass with his huge, flaccid hand a couple of times. Buck spreads my ass apart, exposing my tight, smooth fuck hole and starts to lick it. His tongue penetrates my and it just feels awesome, the thick moustache tingling on the outside. It makes me groan. He tonguefucks me and eats my ass out for a couple of minutes while I still suck Dave’s cock.
Buck pushes Dave away from my face and turns me on my back. I spread my legs wide and some daddies come and hold them so that I can relax. Buck then bends over me and kisses me long and passionate. At the end he spits in my mouth “Now it’s time for the real party to start” he grunts. And without further warning (and without any lube) he rams his fat fucker in my hole. I cry out in pain but Buck slaps me hard in the face. “Shut up, Bitch! You wanted us to fuck you, now take it!!!” As he starts fucking I take a big whiff from the poppers and try to relax. I ease up, the pain is almost gone and the pleasure rises. Buck fucks me hard, he changes the rhythm of his thrusts constantly so that it’s pure pleasure for me. Two daddies try to stuff their fat cocks in my open mouth, making me gag in the process. I try as hard as I can to pleasure them. After a couple of minutes of hard fucking Buck and I are both covered in sweat and he grunts: “Fuck yeah, boy!! I am so close! I’m gonna seed your tight fuckhole good!!” After only a couple more thrusts his cock explodes inside me, Buck seed is gushing out and filling me up but after that he keeps his pace of fucking and spreads his semen in my fuckhole. For another minute he fucks me just as hard but then slows down. Buck pulls his fat dick, still hard as rock, out. The daddies fuckin my face retreat and Buck comes close to my face. His fat cock is covered in sperm and I take it in my mouth eagerly to clean it. It just tastes fantastic. I suck Bucks cock for about a minute then he pulls out and kisses me passionately. At this moment another man rams his dick in my hole, but now it’s already lubed with Buck’s sperm and starts fuckin me. “You are a good addition to our group! All my friends are goin to love your tight manhole as much as I did!” Buck says to me. Now one daddy after another fucks me while another is fuckin my face. At one point Rahim starts to ram his big fucker in my already well-bred hole, doggy style, and Dave starts fucking my face. By now I only feel pleasure, the pain has completely disappeared and I feel lightheaded, thanks to a lot of Poppers. But Rahim fucks me as hard as no other Daddy before that day and he talks me dirty (sometimes in Arabic) while continuously slapping my ass. All the evening I haven’t touched my own dick once but his treatment brings me close to cummin. Rahim now turns up the pace and finally unloads in my ass “Take that load, bitch!!! Take my arab semen in your fuck hole!!” he shouts. After he has finished shooting his huge load, he smacks my ass again and pulls out. Now it’s Dave’s turn. He goes down to my ass and licks up the cum dripping out of it. With his mouth full of fuckjuice he kisses me and for the first time I get a taste of all the goodness in my hole. While we are kissing he f***es his fat cock in my hole and starts ramming it. His cock feels amazing and he keeps kissing me while he fucks me. For me it is the best fuck upto this point. Dave’s hairy body is soon covered under layer of sweat and his manly smell gets even more intense. While he keeps kissing me he fucks me even harder and with one hand starts twisting my nipples. As he shoots a huge load into my ass Dave grabs, holds me close to him so that I can feel his hairy torso on my back and he kisses me even more passionately.
After that I get fucked by the rest of the daddies, all seeding my hole, not a single one pulls out before. Last in line is Jay!
Without hesitation he rams his ass in me completely! 11 fuckin inches of pure black meat. My hole is stretched to the max as he starts to fuck me. It feels awesome but it’s just so huge. I enjoy it as best as I can. Jay’s ruthless fucking gets harder and faster. We both moan and grunt all the time. “I am so close, bitch! I am gonna seed you with sperm from my big black prime meat! You want that?” he grunted. “Yes Jay, I want your fat load deep inside my with boy ass!” and the moment I said that he unloads huge spurts of cum deep into my hole. After he pulls out his black cock is covered with sperm of the previous fuckers so I clean his cock eagerly.
But there’s no break for me, I get fucked by all the men at least 2 more times. The best fuck I get from Dave, he fucks me 4 more times before Buck send most of the daddies home. Only Buck, Dave, Rahim and Jay remain. Each one fucks me another time as hard as he can and then unloads in my creamed ass. Then for the first time I get pleasured orally by Dave while I suck Rahim and Jay’s cock. After two seconds in Dave’s mouth I shoot already, the biggest load of my life after not cumming the whole evening. Dave spits my cum into a cup. With Buck he felches the cum out of my sore hole and spit it in the cup, I do my best to push it out myself.
Exhausted I get turned on my back and Buck leans over me and kisses me. “You’ve been a really good boy! I have never seen anyone taking us daddies so long and hard!” he says to me. “And to get better after this marathon of fucking you need protein, so drink this” he hands me the cup which is full to the brim with a mixture of cum, ass juices and spit. I drink it, loving the taste of the cum of 15 or so men. A few drops run down my chin and onto my chest but Dave eagerly licks it away.
After that Buck, Jay and Rahim leave. Dave stays behind to make sure I am save, so I lay down in his big hairy arms and onto his chest and sl**p instantly.

The next morning Dave wakes me up with a raging hardon but my hole feels way to sore for another fucking, so Dave pics me up from the bed and carries me to the bathroom, he puts me in the bathtub and we shower together. With his big hands he carefully cleans my body and I do the same to him. For the first time I grab his muscular hairy butt and massage it a little. “Boy, I think I need to clean your hole a bit from the inside out, so face the wall and show me you asshole”, he demanded. I do as I am told and Dave goes down on his knees and kisses my sore hole, probing it a bit with his tongue. Then he gets up and slowly f***es his everhard dick into me. I expect him to start fucking but instead he stays like that, after a few seconds I feel warm liquid pouring out of this cock. “You like me pissing in your hole baby?” I do but I can’t say anything as he now starts to piss with full power, filling all of my insides with his hot piss. “OK Baby, I am going to pull out now, but I want to drink the piss so try to keep it in you for as long as possible. “Ok, Dave!” He pulls out and I f***e my manhole to close as soon as I can. “Now Boy, open your little fuckhole for me” Dave demands as his mouth is directly behind at hole. I feel the piss gushing out but most of it disappears in his mouth at the same moment. He swallows all he can get so only a bit runs down his body. When he is done he gets up and kisses me passionately, his mouth tasting of piss, cum and ass.
We clean each other of another time and then get out of the shower. Dave is and after we get dressed, Dave again just wearing his hot shortpants, we head out. He follows me to my home and then places himself naked, as the big spoon in my bed and we both fall asl**p together.

This was my Fantasy about a GangBang with a bunch of Daddies. Please comment, rate and favorite it as much as you like!!
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