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So here's the story of the particularly shitty day I had yesterday. Went to class as usual, made it halfway through my first class before vomiting 4 times. So I naturally walk about a quarter mile to my car (as close as you can get to the campus without sharking lots at 10am) then get in my car and try to drive home. I feel like I'm about to sick again so I was in a hurry to get home and not get sick and throw up in my new car.

Well that went well for all of 500 feet. Right as I get on to the freeway there is a construction zone. Speed Limit is 45 right. In my u*********s haste to not get sick, I was doing about 70 mph and went right through a cop holding a radar gun. Bam. Cop car pulls right behind me and turns his lights on. So I cross 4 lanes of freeway to get all the way off the highway and onto the side.

So the cop pulls up and does the whole license and proof of insurance deal. Found my license card but I couldn't find my insurance card. The cop gives me time to find my card so he can go back to his car and look me up. After about idk 5 minutes he comes back. Driving without insurance is a crime here in Ohio, so if I don't show him proof I get arrested. I checked behind my SS card and there it is. Give it to him and he gives me the whole speech about what to do.
Thank you sir, have a nice day be careful pulling out.

I get home after finishing the rest of the trip with cruise control set at 60 on the highway and vomit some more. Miss the first night of bowling league. My team only gets a single point out of 4 possible. Can't hang out with a FWB.

What a miserable day.

It gets better. I am trying to pay the fine and stuff so I can not go to court, but looking online for the ticket it doesn't show up. I hate my life.

Pic of me and my ticket added. =(

Laugh at me all you want.

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