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Masturbating in the car

So i was driving home from work along the usual back roads to avoid traffic. It a nice day outside very sunny and warm. I start thinking about the busty girls i had seen at the beach the weekend before. My cock starts to get hard. I rub myself a bit through my pants and decide im going to jerk off when i get home. since i havent done it all day i knew i would shoot a nice big load. After another few minutes i cant take it anymore. My cock is throbbing in my pants, straining to get out. I unzipped my pants and my dick flew out right away. It slipped through the hole in my boxers. I didnt waste any time and began stroking myself hard. If only i had a little slut to suck my cock while i was driving.
that turned me on alot, thinking about having a girl to give me road head right here. So i continued playing with my stiff member, knowing that i was going to cum pretty quickly. I was so horny and i just had to get off right then and there. I though about the busty girls i knew from high school and who ive jerked off to many times before. Thinking about their large round breasts made me so horny i couldnt hold it anymore. i Jerked my shaft and squeezed my balls as best i could until i finally moaned loudly and came all over myself. I shot so much thick sperm all over my hand and balls it felt so good cumming like that... Then i realized how close i was to the center of town. I quickly cleaned myself up and tucked my softening dick back in my pants, just as i rolled to a red light in the center of town.
Masturbating like that made me so excited i jerked off again when i got home. I plan to do it again soon;)

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