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FemDom pt 4

"Raise your plugged hole up to me slut."
those words meant that Mistress wanted me to move myself from the flat laying down position i was in, into a more bent over, position. Mistress had just filled my asshole with a rubber plug and i had no idea what was in store for me next.
i said "yes Mistress" as i did as i was told.
i only raised my ass up to meet Mistress, my chest and face remain on the floor. my arms out to the sides.
"I like the way your hole looks when its filled like this bitch."
"thank you Mistress"
CRACK! Mistress spanked me with the riding crop in her hand, very near to the plug in my hole. i let out a small moan.
"You like being a filthy slut for me, don't you bitch?"
"very much Mistress"
"Maybe it could be a job for you bitch, maybe I should pay you like a fucking whore. This IS all for MY pleasure anyway isn't it?"
The thought of leaving Mistresses place with a dirty hand full of money made my cock jump
"yes Mistress, i am here to be used for your pleasure. nothing else."
"You might earn some money tonight whore."
Mistress grabbed my balls from behind, I could feel her attaching something to them, but i had no idea what it was until she released her grip and let the apparatus rest on me. Mistress had locked my balls in a Humbler (please look it up for a visual). my cock ached at the thought of what was to come next.
i could hear an unzipping sound followed by the sound of items dropping to hit the floor.
"Lick them!"
Mistress had taken her boots off and wanted her toes and feet cared for orally. i was only to happy to oblige
i raised my head up only a small way to let Mistresses foot be beneath my face and mouth and i began to lick her toes.
i started at the small toe and licked everything my tongue could. Mistress began to raise her foot ever so slightly while i got toward the big toe. i stuck her whole toe in my mouth and sucked it like it was her rubber cock. Mistress continued to raise her foot upward, letting me pleasure her foot with my mouth until she heard me let out a small painful groan. Mistress had lifted her foot up far enough that the Humbler began to cause my bound balls pain.
"Do your balls hurt bitch?"
"yes Mistress" i replied without removing any toes from my mouth.
"I don't care bitch, do not stop, no matter how much pain you are in. i want your balls to ache"
with that Mistress switched feet and pointed the sole of her other foot toward my mouth. i was happy to lick it fully ad it continued upward. Mistress began jerking the huge rubber cock between her legs. this turns me on very much. with the Humbler causing much pressure on my balls, it caused me to whimper in pain. when i felt i was damn near upright, Mistress pushed her big toe in my mouth and pulled my face back to the ground. it felt as if i were so upright, but i was no where near it. the Humbler caused that much pain and pressure in only a few short inches.
"Face down whore, that's how I like you"
Mistress positioned herself sitting on me, near my ass facing away from me. Mistress swung both her hands at my ass cheeks. i was not expecting this at all. i flinched which made the Humbler grab my balls and tug. i let out a moan.
"Shut up and take it bitch"
"yes Mistress"
with that she smacked my balls. not hard, just enough to cause me pain and to cause me to flinch which causes the Humbler to pull my balls a bit more. my cock throbbed. Mistress slapped the base of the plug that was protruding from my asshole. i moaned loudly.
"What did I tell you bitch?" Mistress dismounted me and quickly gave my leash a tug. "Open your fucking mouth whore." a ball gag was inserted into my mouth. i felt like such a dirty slut. Mistress quickly tightened it and resumed her position on me. Mistress began slapping my balls, my plug, and my ass cheeks with her hands and the crop. Mistress would occasionally slap my cock as well.
Mistress reached behind her and with one hand undid the gag in my mouth. Mistress slapped my balls one last time. this was the hardest slap of them all. i moaned in pain.
"Sometimes I like to hear my slut in pain. Roll over bitch, i want you on your back."
i did as i was told. because of the Humbler, i could not lower my legs down. Mistress knew this and enjoyed watching me squirm.
Mistress stood upright over me, over my face and took her mid piece off, revealing her massive breasts. Mistress was now naked with the exception of the huge strapon cock between her legs.
Mistress began to rub her pussy. the strapon had a hole for just such an occasion. after a few short seconds, Mistress shoved her fingers in my mouth, deep
"Taste my pussy slut. I want you to taste me."
i eagerly lapped up whatever i could from Mistresses fingers. Mistress got on her knees and hung her huge tits over my face.
"Suck on these till I cum you filthy fuck toy."
i felt my cock stiffen and the plug in my ass wiggle as Mistress hung her huge tits over me and allowed me to lick and kiss and bite her nipples. Mistress would alternate form nipple to nipple. from her body language and the sounds Mistress made, i felt that she was close to cumming. i wanted to help give her the best orgasm i could, and use my mouth to help her cum.
"That's it whore, just like that. Make me cum."
i continued doing what i was doing when suddenly Mistress let out a loud and fast moan. Mistress began convulsing somewhat. i kept her nipple in my mouth, until Mistress stopped thrashing around.
Mistress looked at me and somewhat tugged her nipple from my mouth. Mistress took her hand from her pussy, and rubbed it all over my face, i was soaked.
Mistress looked down at my cock and saw that it covered in precum. Mistress gave it a good what with the crop.
"You dirty slut, I'm going to fuck you in the ass. Tell me you want me to fuck your bitch ass!"
"i want you to fuck my bitch ass Mistress."
"On your knees slut"
i rolled over and got on my knees, and braced to take her huge strapon cock in my ass
i could hardly wait for it to fill my fuck hole.

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