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Happy Ending Switch

I have been seeing the same massage ther****t for the better part of a year now. She is in her mid to late 30’s and fairly attractive. While she is a state licensed ther****t she does occasionally make exceptions to the state laws pertaining to Happy Endings for very few clients. And I just happen to be lucky enough to be one of those few clients.

Over these last few months I have k**ded with her about turning the tables on her and offering to have a session with her where I massage her instead of her massaging me. Well, when I called her for my last appointment she asked me if I was serious about my offer and I told her yes. So she said she would take it one step further and make it a “dual massage” … where we each massage each other. Well, hell yeah, I was all for that. So, we made the appointment and I was all pumped up for it.

I showed up for it at her shop and we moved into her massage room. The room was nice and dark with only small corner lights casting small amounts of lighting in the corners behind tall stalks of bamboo and a couple of candles flickering on a table top. Soft music played in the background. She asked me who was going first. I told her it was her choice so she said she would let me massage her first and she would help me along by giving me some helpful instructions. So, she slipped behind a little divider and got undressed, then wrapped in a towel quickly moved onto the massage table, face down. She then suggested I strip down so it would be quicker for the transition later on. So I took off my clothes, slowly and nervously, like I had never been nude in front of her before.

Grabbing the massage lotion, which was in a warming tray, I started on her shoulders. As I began she softly gave me little suggestions on how to move my hands. I worked slowly down her shoulders over her back. My hands moved slowly but deliberately down her sides where the bulges of her breasts met the table. At first my hands just barely touched them before retreating to her upper back but with each return they became bolder feeling more of each one. I could swear I could feel her chest cavity raise a little as I pushed against her fullness. She suggested, “Softer and slower” I didn’t want to take too much for granted so after two or three more times I returned to her back and continued working that area.

As my hands approached her buttocks she reached back and removed the towel she had covered herself with and threw it to the floor. I watched as she parted her legs placing her feet over the edge of the table. Nervously I edged down the table to work that area. I wanted so to take a look and see what was waiting for me between those nice long legs but instead turned my attention back to the massage and began to work her nice and round firm cheeks. As I encircled them I could feel her hips rising to their touch and could see her cheeks spreading a bit. I took my hands and slowly wrapped them down and around the bottom of each cheek and then pulled them up and outwards. She told me, “A little firmer” (And with that suggestion I got a little firmer!) This firmer rubbing caused the crack of her butt to open, exposing her crack to my view. Though the room was dark it was easy to see that she had a very nice clean looking tight little butt hole. I could also see that there didn’t seem to be any pubic hair in the area. I didn’t want to seem too anxious and also didn’t want to presume too much so I moved down to her legs. After working her legs I asked her to turn over and as she did I reached for the towel to give it to her so she could cover herself. She told me not to bother so I dropped it back to the floor.

Though she normally has her clients move down the table after they turn over and place their head directly on the table, as she turned over she removed the head rest and then d****d her head over the edge of the table. Once again she placed her feet on the edge of the table and also her hands along the edge of the table with her palms face up and open. She closed her eyes, took a deep long breath. I was a little perplexed and a little more nervous and excited at the same time. Thoughts raced through my mind and yet I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Since I was already at her feet I started there and worked up her legs. I didn’t’ spend too much time there before I got to her thighs. Starting at her knees and moving on the inside of her thighs my hands alternated little circles, moving her skin from the sheet to the top of her thigh as I moved closer to her groin. Each stroke got slower and deeper. Then as I got into the depth of her groin I pulled her thigh outwards so I could get down deep into the crevice of her thigh where it meets her pussy. My hand, wet with lotion slid from down deep next to her butt hole right passed her lips to the top of her mound. With each alternating stroke of my hands I could see moisture building up on the lips of her pussy and could even smell her sweetness.

Moving one hand higher to the top of her mound, while the other continued sliding against her inner thigh, my fingers parted so that they formed a “V” and slid over the opening of her pussy. Her clit stood tall between my fingers as they slid down forcing her lips downward and the clit upwards. Her clit must have been close to three quarters of an inch, or more. I moved my hand up and down like a woman does when she strokes a guy’s cock only I was doing it flat against her mound. Her clit looked just like a little cock as it seemed to grow even more. Looking up at her I could see she was enjoying this immensely. I could also feel one of her open hands had now taken hold of my cock and was milking it for me as I milked her clit. Switching hands, I reached up and started to massage her tits with one hand as my other hand continued to massage her clit. Then suddenly she let go off my cock, pushed my hand away from her clit and started to feverishly rub it on her own.

I moved up the table towards her head and watched as she grabbed her tit with one hand as her other hand stroked her clit like a little cock. My cock was now standing straight up and I couldn’t help but move it close to her face. Her eyes would open once in awhile but seemed struck in the back of her head as she moaned deep. She tilted her head back even further and I then took advantage of the moment and slid my cock into her open mouth. She gladly took it and devoured it as she continued stroking herself into a massive orgasm while I unloaded a huge load down her throat. My legs started to buckle and I bent over her onto the table moving her hand aside grabbing her clit into my mouth and sucked every drop of her juice from her as she did the same for me.

Sadly, I didn’t get my massage that day, but what the hell, who’s complaining.

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