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My wife, the hooker (repost)

My husband gets turned on by fantasizing of me having fun with other men. It started several years ago, when my husband took me out to get fucked by my first stranger cock. Well it so happened that the meeting fell, the gay that was supposed to come, didn't show up. But I was so horny and was getting sexually frustrated as the build up was very big of sexual tension. On the way home we stopped at a large truck stop and while he went in to get something to drink I sat and looked that the big trucks and started to get hornier if that was possible.

When my huband got back to the car I told him I was feeling really horny and ask him what he suggested i should do. going to get fucked by one of those truckers. He just look at me and said "I dare you to fuck one of these truckers". Well that was all I needed. I got out of the car and started to walk towards the line of big rigs. I found a guy who was sitting in the drivers seat and walked up to the rig and knocked on the door. He rolled down the window and I said " would you like some company". He said "I am broke and can't pay for anything". I said " well you are in luck tonight I am free". He told me '"go around to the other door and I will unlock it for you".

I did as I was told and chimbed up into the semi. We talked for sometime about nothing then I opened my blouse and ask him "do you like ?" He just smiled and said yes. He then said that we would be more comfortable in the back of the rig so I moved back there right away. When I got to the back I immediately took off all my clothes and laid down on the bed. He came back and was getting his clothes off as I was laying down. He climbed onto the bed and he started to play with my nipples and fingering my pussy. He commented on how wet I was and how much he wanted me. While all this is taking place my huband is waiting for me in the car. I knew I would have to tell him about that happened when I got back to the car but all I wanted now is to have a cock in my hot wet pussy. The driver quickly got on top and stuck his big cock into me.

I was ready to cum I was so horny. He fucked me long and hard. I was having several orgasams. He was so much larger then my husband and he could fuck me hard and fast for quite awhile. We were too hot and horny and fucking like wild a****ls. When we finally came together we just laid there for a few minutes. He told me that he wanted to try to see me on his way back through and he would pay me double what I charged. I just smiled and told him we would have to see. I got dressed and left the truck. As I walked back the the car another trucker stopped me and asked if I wanted to come to his truck. I said no I had to go. As he walked off I started to get pissed at myself. Then I came up with the idea that I was not going to be a whore at this truck stop now and then. When I got back to the car I told my husband everything that happened. Then I told him he was going to be my pimp. I would sell myself and give him the money. When we got home we fucked again and again as I talked about how I was not going to be a whore. That was the start of a great page in my sex life.

A couple of weeks later my husband and I went out for dinner. On the way back home we stopped by the truck stop at my urging. I wanted to see what I could do and the thought of being paid to have sex was very arousing to me. I told Tom to wait in the car and I would be back later. I smiled and said "I would have something him for waiting for me." I then walked across the truck parking lot and came upon a trucker sitting in the driver seat. I went up to the drivers door and asked if he wanted company. I had on my pink sweats which I had unzipped to show most of my tits. He said he was not sure but the we could talk about it. He said "go over to the other side and I will unlock the door for you." I did as I was told and chimbed into the cab of the truck. He asked me what I was doing out so late and I told him "I am looking for a good time".

We start chatting about the weather and how nice the truckstop was. After awhile I said "well do you want some company". He said "you aren't a cop are you?" I said no and unzipped my top the rest of the way. He mouth seem to drop and he said how much. I really had not thought about what I was going to charge. I said "how much do you want to pay and what do you want." He said " how about $30.00 for a blow job." My response was to hop into the back of the truck and take off my top the rest of the way. He quickly followed and in no time had his pants off and was laying on the bed. I quickly wrapped my mouth around his rather large cock. I was licking and nibbling his rock hard 7 inches. Then I asked him to take a picture of me giving him a blow job. He agreed and as I was throating his cock he took a picture. I told my husband I would bring something back to him. I continued to lick and pump his cock with my mouth. I was really getting into this and was horny as hell. I really wanted to get fucked but I would try another trucker after this one. I was bobbing up and down his raging hard-on. Then I started to play with his balls he shot his cum hard down my throat I thought I was going to gag. Yet I didn't I swallowed the whole load. I hate to waste it. I was putting my top back on and the guy gave me $40.00. He said " thats a tip for doing a great job." I thanked him and grabbed my things and got out.

I walk down three more semis before I found another driver. I went up to the door and knock. He said down at me and said " what can I do for you pretty lady". I said "I am looking for some fun. Do you want some company tonight?" He immediately said he did and opened his door and he got into the passanger seat. We chatted about the weather and how hot the night was. After a short while I unzipped my top and opened it to reveal my tits. He said "my god you a beautiful. How much?" I said "how much do you think I am worth" then I gave him a sly smile. He said "how about $50. I really want to see the rest of that body." I nodded my head yes and chimbed into the back of his cab. Before He could get back there himself I was naked and laying on his bed. He just stood there a few minutes before he started to get undressed. He laid down beside me on the bed and started to suck on my nipples and was fingering my pussy. He said " my god you are so hot and wet. I wanted you the moment I saw you get into the other truck." He got on top of me and I spread my legs wide open so that he had easy access to my waiting cunt. He started out very slow but quickened the pace quickly. I was in heaven. His cock was not long but it was very thick and he was stretching my pussy lips as he pumped. I was cumming and he told me " your pussy feels so good I could fuck you all night long." I looked up at him, smiled and said "that would cost extra". To which he said it would be well worth it. A short time later he was pumping my pussy so hard and then he came and filled my cunt with his load. We laid there a few minutes.

He got up and started to get dressed. I then said "would you take a picture of me?' He said sure but he wanted one also. Which I agreed to. After he took the pictures I got up and got dressed and he handed me my cash. I quickly left the truck. I then went back to my husband and gave him the money and the pictures and told him I was a naughty girl. The whole way home I told him over and over what I had done while I had him wait in the car. When we finally got home we fucked like crazy after he inspected my pussy. As we were fucking I told my husband I really enjoyed my new job and I was going to make us alot of money while having the time of my life.

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