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Another Vacation

Have you ever had that friend that you imagine what they look like naked? Well my s****r's mother-in-law is a woman I wanted to see naked. She is 62 years of sexy, soft silky legs, reddish brown curly hair, nipples that poke your eyes out with pleasure. As we spend Labor Day weekend at a Resort. Relaxing in the indoor water park, watching her float on the lazy river all spread out on a tub. OH... how I like to feast on that camel toe, she was sporting. I had to get a tub and float on my stomach and catch up to her as she floats on the back side through a tunnel. She had her back to me as I paddled to her. The current turned her around as I drifted up to her. Just as I reached her tub I dunked myself splashing her. I raised up slowly and she is laughing at me. I stood up and as I roused out of the water my swim shorts fall just on my hips. Showing my happy trail leading to my pubic patch. Her eyes dropped instantly to my crouch. She had this look of hunger with a bit of surprise. I reached out and grabbed her tub and gently spun her around. As I leaped onto my tub my shorts fall some more now showing my ass, as I lay on my stomach on the tub. She now is turning back around to me and see's my ass. She says to me laughing "you are having a hard time keeping your shorts up". I told her that my shorts don't seem to stay on when there is a sexy woman around.

We float out of the cave and her husband is on the over look. Saying lets hit the slides to us. I tell her I'm going to float some more. As I make another pass I get out at the slides pool. Standing there watching people plummet out the slide. Her she comes making a splash. Stands up and looks at me with a smile, my eyes are popping out of my head, mouth drops open and cock gets hard. She has a pussy wedgie from the slide. Her bathing suit was pulled tightly up between her pussy lips. OMG............ she slowly pulls them out from that tasty looking camel toe as her husband splashes out of the slide behind her. I tell them, but directing my comment to her that looked like fun.

Riding the slide a few times more. She says lets cruse the river some. Her husband says he's going to the hot tub. We float back around to the cave, when I spin her around and tell her that I loved the camel toe wedgie. She says "you like that"? OH..YEA I do. I can dive right into that snatch and tickle your belly button with my tongue from the inside out. She says OH.MY. I reach out grab her tub and pull her right up to my face. And gently run my tongue across her suit. She about jumped off the tub. I winked at her and said I'm going to the k**die area and shoot some k**s with the water cannons.

Later that night after dinner I was on the porch and noticed that her bedroom blinds were closed but facing inward. So being out side you can see in. NOT sure if that was intentional or not. But inside getting ready for bed, she says I going to take a bath, good night all. I step out on the porch and stand next to the window. Watching every thing they are doing. She stands next to the window and undresses. Again I have no idea if they know that I can see in or not. But what the hell I don't care at this point. She stands with her back to the window and bends over while taking her panties off. All I could think of was putting that pussy in my face. She walks over to the Jacuzzi tub which was right in the bedroom; AWESOME FOR ME.She turns around and OMG I like what I see. She slowly gets in the tub splashing water on her hard nipples. Grabs the soap and starts scrubbing her pussy. I reach down and pull my cock and balls out and start jacking off to her bathing. WOW... this was exciting peeping on my s****rs mother-in-law. I shoot a load all over the window watching her dry off and getting her pj's on.

Can't wait till next vacation ;)

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