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[b]How I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and t

How I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and turned her into my Fuck Toy
Chapter 1
Have you ever had an experience that was so hot that you can still feel the persons breath on your neck long after the sex has stopped? This story happened many years ago but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.
Linda and I had been dating for a few months. We had meet at a Fridays in Woodland Hills. I can still remember seeing her for the first time. She took my breath away. To my utter amazement she was standing alone. In hind-sight I think it was her beauty that must've intimidated the men around her and, if I had thought about, it should of done the same to me. But I was to smitten with lust to think of anything but fucking her right there, at that bar, in front of everyone to care. So I walked right up to her and said,"...Hi." Original, I know. But it worked.
We talked most of that night and the following night. I'd like to tell you that I fucked her into an orgasmic bliss that very night but that wouldn't be true. All I did was give her a peck on the cheek that night, on the lips the next. I can't say exactly why but it felt right. Linda was very open and pure but there was a lust, a neediness in her eyes that made me want to take my time with her. When we finally did have sex it was fantastic. She was eager to please and in being so made me want to please her all the more. Gradually I introduced my naturally dominate side to our relationship and she ate it up. As the months went by I increased the kink level, pushing her boundaries, increasing the sexual tension. Soon I had become the Master and she, my willing sex slave in the bedroom. It was time to leave the bedroom.
A week before the story of how I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and turned her into my Fuck Toy I took her to an Irish pub on Ventura Blvd near Topanga Cyn. I had gone to her apartment and she had met me at the front door as I had instructed: in high heels and make-up...nothing else. I had lingered at her entrance as she stood there waiting for me to come in. I was curious how long she would stay brazenly showing herself to anyone who might pass by for me. I ran my eyes over her delicious body and then entered. The door closed and she greeted me with a kiss of pure fire. She had enjoyed being naked outdoors, of almost getting caught.
Later at the pub, we were playing darts, drinking, and enjoying each other's company. The place was crowded but not a mob, noisy but the din was not so loud that she couldn't hear me whisper, "Take off your panties."
"What?" Her eyes opened wide in disbelief.
"You heard me. Take off your panties." I said in a calm but stern voice.
She hesitated, unsure of what to do. Then she said the last thing I had expected, "oh god, I'm so wet."
"I like that but you still haven't taken you panties off." She moaned slightly and I sensed an opening. "Linda you are my slut. When I tell you to do something I expect it to be done. Now take off your fucking panties before I reach up your skirt and rip them off myself," I growled.
I realized then that I had not said where to take off her panties. I had just assumed she would go the bathroom, slip them off, and then walk back out. I was pleasantly surprised when Linda reached under her skirt and dropped them to the floor in one fluid motion, picked them up and placed them in my hand.
"Yes sir," she whispered. God my cock was hard.
The rest of that night and the next week was a sexual blur. I was like a k** with a new toy, literally. From that point on she was mine to command and she loved it. We couldn't get enough of our new dynamic. She loved it when I showed her off in public. She also loved it when I f***ed her to do things. We quickly opened up even more about ourselves and our fantasies. She told me that she had secretly yearned for a man to take control of her sexually, that she couldn't always do what she really wanted to do because, inside, she felt it was supposed to be wrong. But that with me she was free to be a woman who enjoyed sex of any type. She told me of how she was raised to be a "good" girl but she had always had these "dark" fantasies, some she still couldn't talk about yet. I told her she was the best fuck I had ever had and that I cherished her. I told her that I was going to continue to open her world up, explore her limits, f***e her to be the slut she secretly craved to become.
That is how we found ourselves at the doorstep of my good friend Andre. Linda looked stunning in the same Red Dress I had first met her in, high heels, and no panties. Standing at the door I turned to Linda and said, "Your safe word is Red Sox."
"I said your safe word is Red Sox."
"I don't get it," she said.
"If at any time you are not ok with what's going on I want you to say Red Sox. "
"What do you mean? What are we doing?" Her nervous tension was easily evident in her voice and eyes.
I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and asked," Do you trust me?"
"When we walk in there I want you to sit across from Andre. Where ever Andre goes you sit across from him. If he moves you move. You will continually show him your pussy as if by accident. Do you understand?" I gave her hair a firm tug for emphasis.
"Yes," she hissed.
"Let me be clear. I want you to turn him on. I want him to want to fuck you. Understand?"
"God, yes" I reached under her flimsy dress and squeezed her pussy lips together. I could feel her juice drip onto my fingers.
"Are you going to make me fuck him?" She looked up into my eyes. I have never seen such a mixture of innocence and lust in a woman's eyes as I did that night as she whispered those words.
I starred deeply back into her eyes as I whispered, "yes."

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