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The Knight and the Horny Mage Chapter 1

"A quick walk INDEED!" complained Jack. "Well it WAS!" responded Sally.
"You aren't wearing 50 pounds of armor, MS. MAGIC"
"Neither are you, MR. HOLY ORDER"
"I hate you!"
While they bickered, they approached a town known as Kimp. In this town of Kimp, there was an inn, which they will both sl**p at and well, the second part is a surprise. Either way, as our heroes entered the inn...
"I'll pay for the rooms and dinner... (You biggot)." grumbled Sally as she approached the counter. "Thanks... (You biggot)." Jack said in response. After eating their dinner, our heroes decide to go to bed. Little do our heroes know, they won't be getting much sl**p tonight. Sally wakes up in the middle of the night, hornier than ever. she looks at jack, but she doesn't see a guy, she sees the salvation from her horniness. she crawls in bed with him, and wakes him up. "Ughh... wha i it?" he says. She responds with a horny, "Hello.I have some GREAT NEWS..."
"What is it?"
"My pussy, ass, tits, and mouth belong to you now. Let me pleasure you day or night.Nowww... I am gonna have you... FUCK MY PUSSY!!!!!"
She shoved her wet pussy down on the heroic knight's hard, but not impressive cock. He was shocked. Shocked I tell you! He was afraid of impregnating her, for he was aware of his P.E.. As her hips shook up and down, Jack was having so much pleasure, he had cum, like, twice before Sally'd had enough sex for one night."Remember what i said" She told jack. "Oh, and uh, if you look down, you'll see my virginity on the sheets."

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