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Group Sex With Aunts

Lst Friday Was a great day for this person.he and his aunt only at home.

Aunt went to town for buy some vegetables for us.he waiting for her aloe at home and watching some porn movies.she came home within 1 hours.I get shocked to see her. she bring her 2 friends with her.I know them very well they are my aunt best friends.Madum*** is one of her friend she is 39 years old and she is a single women.The other friend is shr*** is 35 years old she is married women her husband is abroad.

his aunt come to me and told me bring some wine glass to them.and she told me they come to enjoy with us.I got surprised to hear that and i feel happy.i bring 4 wine glasses and join with there conversation.My aunt had told everything to them by phone.When i them they wish to me to have sex with their friend(my aunt).

Maduma*** is thin and tall women.her skin is little dark.shr*** she has fair body.maduma*** has Droopy Tits and her cup size should be B. shr*** has ptotic breast and her cup should be D.

During they drinking they want to see my cock.they ask my aunt to say me to show cock to them and his aunt ask me to do that.i didn't shy to do that cause they know everything about me.I lose his pants and put his cock on the table. they got shocked to see his 7inches cock for this age.They ask him permission to touch his cock.he told yes.maduma*** take 1st chance her hand was smooth.And shr*** also do that. she told my cock bigger than her husband ones.

After that his aunt brake the party and invite all to her room and she locked the main door.everyone moved to her room and they ask me to nude.and my aunt also remove her clothes and ask her friends to do that.and told then to don't be shy in front of my c***d.maduma*** remove her clothes 1st she has a shaved pussy like his aunts one and shr*** also remove clothes but she is hairy. he ask her why are you hairy. she told him because of her husband.

I ask his aunt have you ever had sex with your friends. she told him no and told her friends have lesbian for some times.then he ask his aunt do you like lesbian. she say some times. Maduma*** takes his cock to her mouth and that time shr*** eat his aunt pussy.we did it for 5min and we change partners.shr*** suck his cock and maduma*** eat his aunt pussy.we try to do this like porn movie.after his aunt ask him to put his my cock into her pussy and she eat shr***'s pussy and shr*** eat madum***'s pussy. he fucked his aunt real hard she got tears in her eyes and start to scream.i stop fucking quickly and ask her did u hurt.she said much. her friends come to her and did makeout and she became fine.hismy aunt came to him and thanks him to fuck her hard.after that shr*** open her pussy to put his cock.he ask her can you take hard. she said yes and told fuck me like a bitch. his aunt and maduma*** going to siccor position in lesbian turn come to madum***.she also ride fast. but not hardcore. then he put his cum on those three faces.

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