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Penile implant sex

This is a true story

I hope that men with erectile dysfunction take this information to heart.
Well let me start by saying I'm a 44 year old man that's been dealing with the fallout of a couple heart attacks and as a aside effect of my various medications that I'm on my Dick at first would work but I noticed that I could fuck for as long as I used to before my heart issues. I tried the pills, the pump, the muse system, all with no solid maintainable erection, so things with my wife were starting to get strained, and my confidence was shot. I told my doctor about my home issues with the wife and he suggested that I look into implant surgery, I was curious and he gave me a DVD and some other info. I took it home and watched the DVD with my wife and after it was over, my mind was made up.
I called my doc back right then and there and had him schedule my procedure, the following week it was over, a simple outpatient procedure with hardly any pain at first, nothing that a Tylenol wouldn't handle. After about 5 weeks I was ready to go.

My implant is the Titan ams 700 model, it has three pieces, a reservoir, the cylinders in my erection chamber, and my pump located in my scrotum in between the boys.
Let me start off by saying it's completely unnoticeable, it doesn't give you any extra length, but it does give you some extra thickness, but you'll never have to worry about shrinkage again, also if you try to keep an erection for four hours you have to go get a shot to get soft again. Not me,I just hold a button. But the true beauty of my implant is that I can fuck for as long as my wife can handle it, I don't even think about trying to start hard after I cum, and to answer the question YES I CAN STILL CUM, But now I can cum, and keep cumming as long as I want.

Now for the fun stuff
Guys in the gym won't shower next to you unless they're gay, because even soft your bigger and fuller than every one else.

To pump it up takes one hand, you feel for the pump which is about as big as a medium sized g****, my cock is fully hard after about 45 seconds, gentlemen I've not lost ANY SENSATION WHATSOEVER, if anything I'm a way better lover because now I don't have to concentrate on staying hard, so I can focus all of my attention on making fucking mindblowing for the both of us. My sex life has improved more than I could have ever imagined.

My wife says when I touch her it went from No, Stop, Don't

I hope this has helped someone out there, if you have any REAL questions drop a message in my box. This thing is amazing.

Later guys.

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