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The first time i was fucked in the ass by a gay ol

I was 17 when i was first fucked in the ass. It happened when i was waking from my collage to the bus stop and when i sat down an older man aged 51 sat down net to me. I could see him looking at me and when i turned away i could see himmoving closer towards me and he then started to speak to me and asking me where i lived and i told him and he said he live on the other side of the village where i lived. he then started saying that i was attractive and he then asked if i was single and i said yes and then he asked if i was had lost my virginity and i said no then a smile appered on his face. after about ten minites of talking he then grabbed my leg and my hand at this point i was a little turned on then the bus came i got on first and when to the back of the bus and then he followed me and sat next to me again.

When the bus was coming up to my stop i got up and started walking to the doors and the man followed and then i could feel his big hand start to rub my ass this time then he pinched it and i felt a sensation im my ass then the doors were open and we both got off. when i got off he said to me if i wanted to come back to his place and drink some beers iand i say yes because it was a friday so i followed him back to his house and we went in. it was a big house and i asked him who else lives here and he replied no-one just me and then he lead me to his sofa and we started drinking for about and hour at this point i wasnt drnk but tipsy i then became uneased when he got up and ocked the front door and said theres something upstairs that i will want to see so he took me into his bedroom and said side down on the bed so i did he sat down next to me and started rubbing my leg and putting my hand on his leg. he then started to kiss me on the neck and then moved up to my lips and i could feelhiswarm tounge in my mouth i tried to push him away but i was tipsy and he was strong after about 10 minites he stoped and then went outside to room and i stayed sat on the bed wondering what was going to happen he then returned fully naked and he then stood in front of me and all i couldsee has a biglong old hard cock i then felt sensations all over my body and he then said get naked now so i did i had a semi because i knew something was going to happen my dick was nothing compared to his monster cock. he said get on your knees and open your mouth so i did and he then stuck his cock into my mouth i started to rub it then i really started to suck his cock i could tell by the sound he was making tells me i was doing a good job at sucking my first cock so i tried to get his cock deeper into my mouth i started to tickle and rub his ball sack at the same time then i took his cock out of my mouth then replaced it with his balls which tasted really salted and warm but i loved it and so did he. he then told me to stand up and get on the bed with my ass in the air so i did i then felt a warm tounge run up and down my asshole it fekt so fucking good i never wanted it to end and i begged him to do it more so he did and then he stuck his tounge in and started to give me a rimjob i was moaning louder and louder then he stuck his finger in my ass and started to finger my asshole for five minites when he finished my asshole was gaping he then started to spit inside my ass and i could fell his warm slimey spit in my asshole.

he then went to his bedside table and pulled out a condom and i said no because it was my first ever time and i wanted to feel his bare cock in my ass and he agreed. he told me to lie on my front so i did then he was lying flat ontop of my back and i could feel the end of his cock penitrated my ass then the whole thing went in and i grabbed the covers and bit a pillow as he continued rubbing his cock in my ass and after about 30 minites he exploaded in my asshole i moan so loud it was un-real i will never forget that day.

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